"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


Flight 23 pt 2; A Storm is Brewing, Expect Turbulence

Recently, I was invited to join an expedition to the Bermuda Triangle. I declined because of other commitments, but “the crew that never rests” (Sir Walter Scott’s name for the Intelligence – or idiocies – who keep pestering us with this kind of phenomenon) refused to let me off the hook that easily. A few days after the expedition left, I turned on the television and caught an advertisement for the new film, Airport 77. The advertisement began with an actor shouting “Flight 23 is down in the Bermuda Triangle!” -Robert Anton Wilson 1977 article from Fortean Times 23...
Same year as he did the interview. Actually this is the last in a string of Airport disaster movies. They started with one in 1970 starring Burt Lancaster simply called Airport. The over all series became a showcase for new expensive fads such as laser disc, rich people, and new cool airplanes like the 747. Of course because of this the series lost a shit load of integrity as it went along. The most superior film was the first and had a realistic edge to it, in my opinion at least. The final one '77 above had guys changing disguises as too hijack a prize plane filled with a one of a kind art collection by filling said plane with knock out gas.... The plane crashes into the ocean and the survivors lay on the ocean floor. The crooks flew it under radar and into the Bermuda Triangle before flying into an oil rig... No one can pinpoint where they are... Gist. Anyway, there's a big clump here seeing that 23 (as in the airplane number that crashed into the Bermuda Triangle in the poster above) is the number, according to Burrows, of the dead.

A week later, Charles Berlitz, author of The Bermuda Triangle, claimed he had found a submerged pyramid “twice the size of the pyramids of Cheops” in the waters down there. You will find that monstrous edifice described in Illuminatus!, and it is specifically said to be “twice the size of the pyramid of Cheops” – but Shea and I thought we were writing fiction when we composed that passage in 1971. In 1977, Berlitz claims it is real. -Robert Anton Wilson 1977 article from Fortean Times 23...

The Area called the Bermuda has been said to be everything from a time disturbance due to the Atlantean generators still churning under the ocean, to it truly being a backdoor to the land of the dead. It's an electric magnetic thingy whoop whoop that people puzzle over.The movie Triangle, which is little more than a B horror flick, was an excellent suggestion to me by Richard Arrowsmith.

According to Burroughs, he had known a certain Captain Clark around 1960 in Tangier, who once bragged that he had been sailing 23 years without an accident. That very day, Clark’s ship had an accident that killed him and everybody else aboard.-Robert Anton Wilson 1977 article from Fortean Times 23...

We see here that unrealized by RAW there was a relationship between sailing and flying. In my own personal syncs this shows itself to be true. You can think about it everytime you get on a plane... Except your gonna be in hours where sailors waited months to be. So in a way sailing and flying are a form of time travel, just at different rates. I mean basic physics really, time is just the measurement of an object through space... A ship through the ocean.... The word ocean meaning space/heaven at the root anyway.
Also interesting is that a triangle can be a pyramid.... So crashing into a triangle....

Well I'm getting ahead of myself.

The plot of Triangle deals with a lady who crashes at sea with friends while on a sail boat. Picked up by a cruise ship she and her friends quickly realize that it's a ghost ship. The queen of the damned becomes our chick and endlessly destroys anybody on the ship.. .
Over and over again. Whats striking from my point of view, and I ask that you at least temporarily see it as well, was the fact that another form of entertainment intervened on my interpretation of this movie at its viewing. That is to say I watched this movie, Triangle, and then read this book right after.The front of the book... Oh, Duma Key by Stephen King I mean... The front of Duma Key featured an interesting similarity of the movie poster for Triangle.

Might be slight seeing that all horror involves lightning, however Duma Shares a Ghost Sailboat. Maned by the damned and Captained by a queen of the dead named..... Persephone. Or Perse for short. Now that name alone haunted me for a while before I really understood how to even pronounce it correctly. I watched as Persephone kept getting closer to me until I fully caught her meaning.

I make no rigid distinction between the book and the movie anymore in my head. So if Duma Key has a Ghost Ship Captained by Persephone then so does Triangle.

Ever Onward.
Both take place in Florida.

The main character of Duma after a severe accident takes a break in Florida on the Gulf side, however that means it's not really near the real Triangle. Persephone uses her magic, and the gentlemen's latent ability to paint, to bring herself into full materialization so she may stock her ship of the dead. Long story short.

So read it.

The Gentlemen in question, an Edgar Freemantle, lives in a place called BIG Pink. His house on Duma Key is highlighted by being extremely Pink. He gives it the nickname Big Pink. Very vaginal in a slightly perverted viewing. The word BIG meanwhile was already catching my attention, and soon after this discovery, others in the syncsphere started dropping hints about the color Pink's Significance. I started thinking about all the Pink references I could and immediately jumped to the 23 number game that haunts Jim Carrey, or Synchrist Carrey as i like to call him.

"Pink is my favorite color. Do you know what pink is? Red 27, white 65 - 65 plus 27, 92 - 'Pink' has four letters - 92 divided by four, twenty-fucking-three!"

That's a quote as the 23 crazy bitch in the movie passes the virus over to Synchrist Carrey. It's completely random and nonsensical. How in the fuck does Pink equal 23? It's an experiment by the makers of the movie and they play the Pink card often, dropping it in the dialogue and revisiting it and such. I now like the fact that 23 is still floating with "my ships" then. Via Duma Key and BIG Pink. Somehow that is fitting as if a message in a bottle just for me. Robert Anton Wilson popularized the number 23 enigma in The ILLuminatus Trilogy as mentioned in the first Flight 23 post. Now whatever you want to see it as is up to you. I just follow threads and come to my own conclusions. It seems to me though that there is an art and enlightenment that comes with making obscure connections to previously separated objects or ideas in ones own head. So I take The Illiumnatus as a flag for how 23 might be understood. Robert Anton Wilson also introduced us to the paranoid head space via Discordianism. Discordianism is watched over by the Goddess of Discord named Eris. So I just class 23's and Eris together as well. We'll get back to Eris shortly...

Needless to say that Robert Anton Wilson by popularizing the 23 phenomenon has influence authors, actors, directors, scientist, and crazy people of the like.
Adam Sandler for instances... Besides Jim Carrey is too easy. We need another BIG star to show us that the craziness is wide spread. Note the sailboat in shot with Sandler here in Mr Deeds.
Funny People shows him actually touching the number. Not only that but it's a movie inside of a movie... It's like Adam Sandler is seeing a sync in an Adam Sandler movie... Totally stupid.
It's everywhere in Chuck and Larry. Predicting that your gonna see a 23 in a Sandler movie is a given. It's gonna happen.
Some are a little harder to see than others. 23s are probably on purpose for Sandler for what ever reason. You see more at The 23 Gallery or a more recent post called Just My Luck (Siriusly Pt 1 and 2 with Richard Arrowsmith) which shows the beautiful number above 237 become 42 by multiplying the individual digits together. Adam Sandlers movies show a fantastic gradual change from the number 23 to 24 or 42. Jake Kotze made the point while we chatted once upon a skype that he felt that 23 has given way to 42 now as sort of a next step. This feels secure to myself, 23 is the fear of death, 42 is the absence of it. Showing many times it's relation to the non fear of the dead. I feel that 237 is an in between flow from 23 to 237 to 42 or 24. The movie Triangle again shows a vivid liking to 237 shown here above our Persephone... And again.This time on the room where she does most of her killing.

RedRum 77
Uploaded by jfdk1982. - Independent web videos.

Above is the little talked about by high crafted Red Red Rum by The Accidental Alchemist Jon Kidd. It highlights the same theme of Dark Mom if you're as clever as me and make it work. The movie The Shining was most certainly the inspiration for the use of the number in Triangle, or it could be a global agenda handed down by the elite for mind control purposes, both point of views possible and dependent of personal head space.

King once again off the starboard as the room for his The Shining "death" is 237. Written of course in 1977. Rememeber 1977.... Big year. So Stephen King wrote the Shining in 1977 and the room number in the Hotel's room number 237 Jack has all the problems.The movie The Box also features the same themes putting Cameron Diaz in the running for resembling our current Persephone motif. The address of her house is 7321 same combination to equal 42. The numeral 1 or repeat numbers seem to mesh with "magic' number combinations. So 7321 or 7322 for instance is the same as 723 and of course 237. A key as the World Trade is seen on the screen she is watching for New Years in the movie as they see 1976 turn to 1977. You can tell by the decor that this bitch is retro as hell. Sailboat visible.The number comes up instead of 7321 or 237 as 7:23 as the camera lingers on the clock during the intense decision making scenes in The Box. When I saw this I realized it could be seen as a date and not a time. Making the clock kinda say July 23rd.
That gives Sandler a real mind fucker. He sees the numbers 7/23 in the movie Anger Management(with Jack N. from The Shining you know room 237 he's in Anger Management too. in the biz we call that there high weirdness) seen above. Judge looking like she has a halo. Thanks to my homie Jake Kotze for the still. If you don't know who Jake Kotze is, and you have made it this far into the mind fuck... Please google and enjoy.

But yet again this could be Sandler being a sync head, or it could be signs that some ancient cult worshiping Sirius influencing you on a subliminal level. 7/23 is the ancient ceremonial Dog Days of Sirius by the way.

Yet again bringing up Robert Anton Wilson for witnessing to an event that happened to him on that very date. July 23rd. That's when RAW experienced communications that he was convinced where coming from Sirius. Robert Anton has influenced cartoons for kids as well. Starting in 2002 The Grim Tales of Bill and Mandy show Eris from Wilson's book interacting with Death. In fact Death was in love with her in some episodes. Just one year real time after 9/11/01.
She leaves hidden' little clues so they can figure out that she is the one behind the discord. I feel like this is a good linear frame of mind towards what Wilson knew as Eris' relation to 23. Mark the lightning bolt again.

Then there is Mr King.... Who RIPS of Anton Wilson directly. In Wolves of the Calla... (A very ominous closeness to Kali a host archetype of the Dark Mom.) We are introduced to a pregnant woman who is actually split into two separate personalities. One is Susannah and one is Mia a demon coming through Susannah's body to give birth to a Werespider....

I know wacky right? It gets better.

Mia is a word that means Mother, seeing that's her whole existence is to give birth..... To the spider baby, I mean. And she goes around the whole couple of next books in the series saying.... "Hail Discordia".... The original greeting to all worshipers of Eris in the novels de Illuminitus by Robert Anton Wilson. King was referencing Wilson as an influence and at least in my eyes completed the myth. Eris is the other mother.

And yet so is Persephone.

As explained in the myth laden blog An Experience of Being Alive we find Persephone wife of Hades giving birth in hell to the Dying God of Wine. Jesus is this god with very few connections having to really be made, so Persephone is the Other mother to Jesus in a weird way. She is the "Born again" second mother.The Other World as referenced in the Coraline movie is an ancient concept describing what could be considered Hades or Hell discussed in my posts For The Dead or Dying pt 1 and 2. It is the land of the dead or fairies. "The Other World" "Oz" or "Land of the others". Sometimes known as the Secret Commonwealth were the angels and man co-mingle. That concept actually borrowed by Philip K Dick in Divine Invasion.

In the movie we find that Coraline discovers a small portal to the Other World. The theme of a door way to the other world AKA stargate is seen in Stephen Kings Dark Tower series as they go back and forth between worlds through multiple doors. Hence why you may find a Key Hole in the book cover for Wolves of the Calla a few pictures above. The portal to the other realm is in a little inn called The Pink Palace. We're looking at Coraline again.

Pink giving us a clue due to it's reference in The Number 23 via nut ball Jim Carrey. The connection to King's Other Mia is vibrant with Teri Hatcher's character in Coraline named The Other Mother.Teri Hatcher's other mother becomes very spider like in Coraline nodding again to King's Mia who gives birth to a Werespider.... Remember? Sheesh.
Teri having the majority of her fame from her Desperate Housewives roll. Whose intro features the Temptation of Eve by the Serpent. Theology being so vast a lot of different and conflicting depictions other than hot as fuck "Housewives" have been made. The Sistine Chapel above shows Michelangelo slightly hidden nod to a more esoteric version than just your run of the mill talking snake. It's of Lilith. Adams first wife in ancient lore and tempter of the apple to Eve... Always with the apple and/or snake skin in Renaissance paintings.

Lots of good talk about Lilith... I know I've got some but what comes to mind most vivid is...

From the Belly of The Whale again and...

Virgins, Vampires and Vagina Dentata

The last by Stygian Port which is just drenched in info.When Coraline is finally faced with the fact that her Other Mother plans on eating her she happens to be in a Apple Orchard(Garden of Eden).In Arabic lore, Karina is considered Lilith’s equivalent, mentioned as a child-killing witch. An apparent node to identify Lilith resonators, I mean child-eating. Karina a nod to Coraline strengthening Teri Hatcher's other mother role. Hermes was dispatched and upon the rescue of Persephone, it was learned that she had eaten from the fruit of the Underworld, the Pomegranate. It was only a little though, but this married her to Hades nonetheless and made her the Queen of the Underworld. It was determined by Zeus that she could spend part of the year with her Mother on Earth, but that she must also spend one month with Hades for every pomegranate seed that she ate. - db Exit the Matrix

An interesting twist to this tale is that of the role that Dionysus played in it. Due to Hera’s jealousy of her husband Zeus’ cheating ways, she had the Titans persue and destroy Dionysus, the illegitimate son of Zeus. Finding and retrieving the still beating heart of his son, Zeus transformed it into a pomegranate, which Hades fed to Persephone who then became pregnant. Dionysus was born again in the Underworld and later returned to live in the light among men as the God of wine, madness, and ecstasy. - db Exit the Matrix

Vivid relationship between and the pomegranate and apple.
Other modern views hold that Lilith is a dark moon goddess on par with the Hindu Goddess Kali. - Scene India

Lilith is believed to have originated as a female Mesopotamian storm demon associated with wind. - Scene India

Asmodeus and Lilith were believed to procreate demonic offspring endlessly, spreading chaos. Many disasters were blamed on them, such as causing wine turning into vinegar, men becoming impotent, women unable to give birth, and death of infants. -Scene India

Richard Arrowsmith dives into plenty more detail on who all of these ladies represent in his post Beware the Bearded Lady. Also sighting that The apple shown above features the world Kali.

He reveals that Eris is Indeed Lilith and that somehow that Mythology has latched itself onto a fairly newly discovered heavenly body in the night sky. That of our tenth planet and largest dwarf planet in our solar system.... Named Eris of course.
Now we can also see, by following Wiki... Be it true or be it false.... That This Dwarf Planet has had many names tagged onto it as it was becoming accepted as a planet. Among the names used at one time or another are Planet X, Lila, and Persephone. They even called it Xena for a short time.

The name in part reflects the discord in the astronomical community caused by the debate over the object’s (and Pluto’s) nature, while the name of its moon, Dysnomia ("lawlessness"), retains an oblique reference to the dwarf planet’s old informal name Xena, portrayed on TV by Lucy Lawless. -Wiki
The Ancient Egyptians viewed reality as multi-layered in which deities who merge together for various reasons, whilst retaining divergent attributes and myths, were not seen as contradictory but complementary.[6] In a complicated relationship Hathor is at times the mother, daughter and wife of Ra and, like Isis, is at times described as the mother of Horus, and associated with Bast.[5] -Wiki for Hathor

In the book Divine Invasion by Philip K Dick we meet a Character named Zina Pallas. Zina acts as a surrogate teacher to the now born messiah. This was a concept that Philip K Dick may have been convinced was a true statement and he saw signs, or at least may have, seen signs, confirming that a savior had been born. These signs manifested themselves in the media around him. On TV and in movies, just like how we are viewing them now. Zina Pallus he latter calls out as the "second" part of god. Saying Zina(Xena) is the word for fairy(otherworld) it's linked to Ziana or Diana the moon goddess in line with Hathor the Egyptian moon goddess. Pallas, her last name, comes from Pallus Athena(Pink Pallace) the goddess of wisdom and also daughter of Zeus like Eris. The two interlace with these relations. The goddess Athena is also seen with Owls as illustrated by Stygian Port.
Athena, Lilith, Isis surrounded about with Owls in this picture showing us that all goddesses resonate all other goddess.

I'm having a hard time with that.

But wait. That shows up in Robert Anton Wilson's Illuminatus, too.... Eris ends up being every female character in the book.... You can see the pun, I'm sure. But, literally every female is Eris in our myth thread as well as Wilson's book.

Now this is where your left brain bucks. That's all. It does not want to be told that everything is everything. It wants to partition off everything until sense can be made. But your dealing with too large of a time table. Goddess have been around at least 10,000 plus years.... At least. And reigns of influence have collapsed before collapsing again. It's like having a new Spider-Man reboot movie every 10-15 years, after even just 1000 years you'd have a shit load of mythology and story line changes.... Throw the actor factor in and it would be a confusing mess. Character lines would blur and mesh. There is no difference. The Human writers would have new motivations just like every new generation creates new slang to express things that they're pretty sure the previous generation was clueless about.

What I see happening at this time is this enormous wave of archetype colliding with the acceleration of media from which it expresses itself. Archetype can not hide any longer because the stress we have created for our self far out reaches our nature built in ability to cope with it. In short don't be scared this has to happen. We freak out and the gods are shown to us by us.

All Goddesses resonating all other Goddesses is best simplified in the more basic frame of Eastern philosophy. The underlining Masculine Feminine motif of the Yin-Yang. The Yin is the Feminine receptive or "Dark" aspect.

I remember the time I myself was driving into Boulder and thought of the sun as a blank spot in the sky I was not to look at.

Of course I was high....

Why else would I be going to Boulder.

However even sober Boulder is beautiful (and besides where the Shining takes place) and spacious on the drive in from Denver. You have a great view of the mountains and city.... But the Sun is an item in the sky that we have been told to not stare at. In my head while I gorked out over the Rockies white knuckled on the steering wheel, I realized the sun was black.... At least blacked out in my vision, metaphoricaly speaking of course. That makes a perfect picture in your head as the whole world becomes a Yin-Yang. The bright day, black hole sun, dark night, bright white moon. The day is pop with the black spot being mom on his mind, she holds a piece of him in her womb.... Sun reflected off of her. Really simple insight, extremely powerful to me at the time. In ancient Roman the average Roman believed that the dead went to the moon first. The moon has obvious visual relations with a pregnant mother. As the dead accumulate through out the month the round white belly of the moon gets bigger and bigger until the dead are born again to be with the sun. Then the process would start again. "Other Mother" connotations implied.

Hence why the moon is attached to so many feminine archetypes. We can chalk it up to our list of hints. Eris=Persephone=Pallus Athena=Subconscious=Moon/Night. Once again already pin-pointed by Richard Arrowsmith. Alot of what I'm doing is just highlighting the way I got to where he got through different avenues. However nothing is wasted because I'm really just setting up for topics to be discussed later down the road.The Important thing now I think would be to see how it's not just one single theological system that is being portrayed here but a blending of all, or at least most, of them up to this point in time. A synthesis brought in part by the fact that most of us in this day in age are, or at least have been outside of our knowledge, influenced by multiple ideologies. We are becoming a race with a unified mythos, transmitted instantaneously through the airwaves via 3G. The stock pile of Myth is so vast and the factors of subconscious influence, as well as mutha fuckers fucking with your head intentionally, become so overwhelming uncountable, that they collide together and become one. It doesn't matter if even some of it is on purpose, because some of it just can't be. Therefore blame has no place, otherwise it just becomes a witch hunt based off of assumption. It doesn't matter if your brain automatically wants to divide what is serendipitously on accident by nature and what is mimicked to look like such by whatever nefarious group you what to give a name to. After some thought you find that even the mimicking is another product of nature. As an example Crop Circles are said to have "true" Circles which are a product of some unexplained natural (or otherwise) force. But some are mimicked by humans. However the mimicking of humans for either communication or personal glorification/gratification is a psychological natural response... In other words if Crop Circles existed on a natural basis, some god damned fool is gonna figure out to make his own... It was bound to happen. Putting hidden symbols purposely or unconsciously in your work is a product of art itself. It is of art after all. The thing is, the more you try to slide under peoples radar, the bigger sync head you become. And then, the more shit you have that swirls around you that you didn't intend or plan to be there. That is my experience.... You can argue all you want. But all I know is that I ain't never seen anyone turn in to a lizard, or werespider, or any other weird motha fucker.The Kabbalah tree of life, which has a more complex interpretation of the Yin-Yang theme. The tree seen as a polarity of Left and Right is usually taught, and covered in the Shaman post Caught Red Handed. Yet there is another more subtle view point as shown by Philip K Dick calling our Pallus-Athena-Zina-Xena-Eris chick in Divine Invasion by the name of Malkuth.

Kether although mostly hinted as being above sex is usually seen as the crown on the king. It's at the top of the Tree. Malkuth the one on bottom, seen to the right in the crooked version above. She is mother Earth. Malkuth is the trees root or where the seed grows. So basically the tree has a masculine feminine polarity from left to right and top to bottom. Represented usually divided into fours as shown above. Most spheres in the tree have one color. Divide in a cross like pattern Malkuth shows similarities to the description of the Garden of Eden in the first books. Which was crossed by four rivers. It's the cross hairs and shows up in symbols of Earth from North American Indians to Jesus' tree that he hung on(the cross).Natalie Portalman.... In Mr. Magorium makes me likin' the concept of Malkuth being the host of reality to the door of rooms she operates in the movie. Turning the nob she controls what she finds behind it. Dark mom motif with the doors again. And yes I got Portman drenched in Dark Mom themes, they're just a little obscure due to the fact that she is influenced by so many other conscious themes... She admittedly likes weird.
Hayao Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle from 2004 has the same concept of a door that opens to different wants. Sophie Hatter is the main character. Her name reminiscent of Sophie from the bard's tales. Just another symbol for wisdom or Pallus Athena, seeing that those two are synonymous on a iconic basis. So the name of the Character being Sophie means she is Athena. She is Eris. She is... Oh you get it already.Sophie lives as Philip K Dick's savior in VALIS, or part one of Divine Invasion. And in Divine a character identified as the same helps the messiah. Reminds the messiah if you would. She is in K Dicks world both young and old, this portrayed on screen in a way that would make Dick himself harold syncro. K Dick also expressing his connection to the "Door" in both VALIS and A Scanner Darkly. You get the feeling that you need to ignore the fact that all of these topics discussed where contrived by different people... And instead as if they were discovered and disclosed by one people. That you are an anthropologist some where in the future discovering that pop culture like the pyramids has vast meaning and seems to you to be on purpose.

But what value does it have for you now. That if your wrapped in sex you'll knock down the two towers and and eat the big apple, anyway? Unveil at the wedding and soil yourself?

I guess maybe.

But what if the whole interpretation of the "Eden incident" needs reworking in the common modern programing.Eris drops the gold apple in the old myth into a party that she wasn't invited to. Read here for a summary of Robert Anton Wilson colorful explanation. Anyway on the apple is printed Korhhisti, to the prettiest one. Or Kallisti. Every god becomes infatuated with the fact that the apple is for them... Every god mind you, not just the females. They all see themselves as the prettiest for the apple... In that new edition in their environment they see a reflection of themselves. Here is the reason that Eris is associated to puzzles in the environment, because she is the riddle maker and the answer is you.

Adam and Eve become god like when they eat the apple.... They figure out the riddle. They become not so concerned with God and start looking at each other's erogenous zones. The key to sex magic is finding god in your partner. Of course sex magic is a specialty of Lilith.

Lilith is listed as one of the Qliphoth, corresponding to the Sephirah Malkuth in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The demon Lilith is described as a beautiful woman, who transforms into a blue, butterfly-like demon, and it is associated with the power of seduction.- Scene India

So the defense mechanism for becoming gods is Lilith who is a symbol of the subconscious. The eating of the apple in a way suppressed a part of our collective mind. Hence why the connotation of being both male and female.

It is in all of us without us knowing.

Not wanting to be looked at because it can't be.

You can't see it because it's you.

In Eris the discord didn't come from her tossing the apple, it came from the minds of the gods in the interpretation of the apple. Who's the pretty god? It smacks you in the head and your like... "Where the fuck did that come from?"

Clear connection to the apple and mans march to the heavens. To the land of "God". All hail Newton.

Climbing the Snowy Mountain Only a couple of reasons to climb... One is to talk to god.

Lavender Will

Those two post are on the apple, the second is The Wrong Way Wizard.... So good!

This light became hidden and the Holiness became surrounded by a husk of evil. “A husk (klippa) was created around the brain” and this husk spread and brought out another husk which was Lilith. -Scene India

The split in personality.... The forgetting of who we once where. Seems in some weird way 9/11/01 was known and perhaps even perpetrated by Eris and therefore all of us. A riddle to figure out, just to discover the answer was us. 911 was a human act, a landmark to say this is humanity. An EV3NT so that we may see ourselves.
The word Millennium is usually used to describe the time period of 1999-2000. Hinting at the Y2K phenomenon and very much akin to the double M and double K nodes looked at in the first Flight 23 post.
It stars Kris Kristopherson an actor whose name is a resounding double K.... Like Captain Clark. A double C or even a KC would work sense both are phonically the same. However we don't even have to try hard in this case. The fact that David Icke has already pinned Kris Kristopherson as some kind of Reptile blood sucking alien just adds to the discord. Once again however how you take this is your argument, the association to the WTC EV3NT is almost solidified with a little syncro gymnastics in my opinion though.This bitch is from the future. She and others open a "gate" on the back of doomed aircraft in KK's present to extract the soon to die passengers. They do this to populate the desolate time line on down a ways that they are from. They are basically filing the airplane/sailboats with the dead and taking the really living passengers to "hell". In her future no one can have children and she is accompanied by a tin man with a glowing heart. I only mention this in passing and marvel at the personal deep connotations that the actors name in the part is Robert Joy most recently featured in the Zombie movie Land of the Dead. All scenes invovling the "gate" hint at said gate on top of a pyramid type structure. The WTC being synonmous with pyramids is reinforced by all the triangles and door/gates we've noticed. It's like Judy Woods video in the first Flight 23 post is true, at least symbolically related.Althought the scene where Kris Kristopherson is seduced by the lady from the almost literal future land of the dead, has some intentional symbolism, I'm sure they didn't expect me to do what I'm about do, with it. He goes over and gets an apple from the bowl of fruit. Strolling over he presents it to her.Then they fuck like rabbits.... Later when all hells breaking loose and all the supposed to be dead people have to hop in a gate to populate the future we see a scene where the perspective is all wack. It really doesn't set well because people are not the sizes the should be.The reason of course is because it's not the relationship of where they are physically in the shot but what direction they are going. Which is up to the capstone or all seeing eye.KK's new girlfriend is the only one from her own time to survive with the passengers of flight 23(35). Mainly because even though she is supposed to be sterile due to her life in the poisoned future Kris Krisophersons potent illuminiti sperm has knocked her up... They become Adam and Eve on a true probably intentional basis.... But we already know that that really makes little difference. Don't we?

Stay tuned for Flight 23 pt 3; In a Spin

Notes; the movie Triangle stars an actress named Melissa George. Compare feminine with masculine name like George... George Melissa.... Beard Woman?From Caroline the Pink Palace...


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i have knowledge of a false flag terrorist attack on america in the year 2012 backing with some sync notes in hollywood movies ... would you like to know

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Well hell I ain't gonna stop ya.. By all means.

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Freaking amazing to the extreme. Did I say spot on! Fantastic synchs, resonating,real. This is what syncromysticism is all about. Dennis from up-river.

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I was hoping this Nuc guy would blow my mind... He's got me wondering.

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i think you should give me the time to collect some materials from the movies ... i think i had a pattern of word play , numbers , watchs and clocks referring to a nuclear attack on Washington DC on the independence day in the year 2012 and they gonna blame iran and muslims and begin a real thrid world war to block the energy of the christ conciousness coming from the center of the galaxy ... i were not a guy who care about this stuff of aliens and evolution of conciousness but these hints and tips in the movies i can see something no one else can see ... now i remembered something there is a song called " washington is next " for a metal band called " megadeth " you can check it out it is just the beginning

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Good post. I was watching Hannah montana season 3 episode 2 (23 ??), and captured this towards the end of it


Her license plate shows "Expires" 11-23-13. Note that 11 and 13 makes 24 (42). and 23 is central to the expiry date

Dennis/87 said...

Reading this again, the synchs here are so potent. This post is why I have become a synchro mystic. The stuff of a spiritual quest. Dreaming mind in a reverie of truth. Hail to the Shaman! Dennis

Marc said...

I love how you coined the term: syncro gymnastics"...

i just watched Event Horizon... and found that it resonates a lot with gateways and hell and perhaps lilith seducing the crew members.

The rescue crew's ship is named Lewis and Clark... could that be sorta like similar to adam and eve? total guess here... i'm pretty clueless

probably reading it wrong...

MK Ultrasound said...

'your students kill each other & their teachers. They are angry at not being taught that pink and floyd were blues singers quarantined from the source of power that would project their image as well as their sound, and those who do not know their history are bound to repeat it. ' -Saul Williams
...Today is a sirius scorcher, here is the secret eye can't hold just for credit:
1: Pink Floyd's Animals & Charlotte's web.
Start album as soon as the Paramount K2 fades.This particular album does not seem to do nearly as well the 2nd run.
2: Pink Floyd's A Saucer Full of Secrets & The Dark Chrystal.
Start album as soon as Universal fades. Play on repeat 3 times, but make sure there is absolutely NO lag between runs, Eye am Sirius about this stuff.
3: Pink Floyd's A Momentary Lapse of Reason & The Land Before Time (original).
Start album as soon as Universal fades, repeat when album ends.
4:Pink Floyd's The Division Bell & Children of a Lesser God.
Start album when Paramount fades, repeat.
5: V.A.S.T. Visual Audio Sensory Theater debut self titled album w/ Fantasia (original version, not the new director's cut) Start album after the conductor fades to red, and wait for the music to fade as well. This one is amazing although it aligns better the 2nd time thru. I would even recommend checking this out initially. After the dinosaurs die the camera will pan and zero in on a brontosaurus skull. Between the time of the zeroing in on the skull and the eclipse it is exactly 7 seconds. The bass should drop exactly as the water is released. You'll see what I mean if you try this.
6: V.A.S.T. The album is called NUDE and Eye am positive it goes in sync w/ David Lynche's DUNE. This is a recent discovery, play w/ timing, and if you wish, let me know yore feyedings.
7: Believe it or not, and even if you're not a fan you gotta try this: Marilyn Manson's Antichrist Superstar w/ Jesus Christ Superstar. Start the album EXACTLY when the blue bus' door opens. This was one of the most challenging syncs to find the right timing, but believe me it is well worth it. Repeat.
8: Marilyn Manson's Holywood & Holy Mountain. Start the album just as Alejandro Jodorowsky's name at the end of the credits disappears. repeat. The 1st time thru is the best.

There are only a few more, but this will hopefully keep you busy. My connection to these syncs are so intimate that they feel like my children, but it is time to share them with the world, Eye hope you in joy.