"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


Penguins discuss Polotics with Skull N Bones over Eggnog

It was December 12th.... About two days or so sense I was first introduced to the idea of The Black Hole (Black Star) a Galactic Centre comparable to a pearl. Like sand in a oyster that becomes the Pearl. The Black Star gathers the pearl of the Galaxy around it.... Black Pearl. Thanks Jim at Centre Portal. The weirdness started happening right after. My mind monkey's around with these ideas, and then suddenly..... I start noticing all the Skull and Cross bones flagging me down in everyday life. Pirate this and Pirate that. So here I am on the 12th of Dec at a Christmas party. I'm chiLLining with my wife next to the Liquor and I notice another Skull and Crossbone. NOw I understand that every T-Shirt company out there is hoping on the Skull Cool phase right NOw in POP culture, so I am only talking about the Straight Forward pirate looking shit.The Red Line shows itself again. The amount of symbolism attached to the color red is staggering. It is extremely achetypical and basic. To make it simple, and not have a dozen or so links to 15 different bloggers and a "book reference", I'LL say that Red tempts you.... Makes you think of Death, and Blood, and then of course... Sex. It literally speeds up your Heart rate. The blade making the Skull and Crossbones on the tiny icon is congruent to the one to Johnny Depps neck. More on Johnny Siccorhands here. We also see he's a Gun Slinger(all cowboys are gunslingers, look around my blog there all over the place) and that he sports a Hexagon Bandanna (Which is odd because Hexagons usually give off a Futuristic Vibe). The intuitive translation would be sacrifice by Beheading. The Hexagons attached to the Hexagonal shape seen on Saturn. Saturn in turn leading to the connection of Death as well.

Who sent this guy here to fuck with me.... This could not be intentional so then I had to be just over thinking the situation..... Regardless I've noticed way to many weird coincidences to believe in such a superstition as everything in the universe being random so I took out my phone and acted like I was sending a text to camouflage me taking a picture of this guy.... Anyway my next curious task was to find out who this guy was talking to, could there be bunk significance in me seeing this Skull and Crossbones?


Absolutely NOt.... One By One The Penguins Steal My Sanity! Jake Kotze had alerted my attention to the Penguins. The penguins are everywhere.... Think about it. In his post on the link above. I see this as a key point in my own evolution because this is the post that made something click in my head. This post was a big post that ushered in the changing style that Kotze presented himself. Up to this point there had been a real focus by him to show POP relative synchronization, NOt to say he didn't drop a little personal sync here and there through out his adventures, but this marked the advancement of him teaching us that this is happening in our own heads anyway. The way we interrupt information as far as what we see changes over time. You never watch the same movie twice. You can't step in the same river twice, your consciousness flows in the same style, everything you see can not be trusted. Therefore to change reality does not invovle forcing your will upon it, it involves instead changing your perception of it. If you stump your toe, then it has been stumped (time does not eggxist so the stumping can not be extracted from the NOw), but if you change your perception you could possibly realize that the pain from the stumping is only a thought in time and therefore dies. Everything in time dies. You however continue throughout time.

Everything you here and see is as important as everything else. I had played with synchronicity earlier in my life. Most that were close to me saw that it got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore. If I had a strain on my state of consciousness (IE I was goofed up on some chemical or other) everything made sense and was connected to everything else. People would say things to me that had such complex hidden meaning that it could not be what was happening or what they were saying.... In short I was going crazy. At one point I snapped and saw everybody as my own face. That sounds egotistical but the effect was quite scary.

John here in the scene above finds himself in this situation disguised in a Hat and SUNGLASSes. The hat exclaims I love New York or I Heart NY or I am the Heart of OZ.

Latter I read a Buddhist description of satori....

I saw faces coming towards me
But all were the same face
All were my face
I was not the center of the cosmos
I was the cosmos itself

These are words that describe the indescribable. These were my thoughts at that previous experience. That 's where my name Satoriallme comes from. Satori all is me. It's not a egotistical statement it reminds me that I'm humble, all has to be treated as if it were me.

I slowed down had kids and relaxed.... Slowly the fear of everything subsided and my attention adverted to making a living. Synchronicity was there but not a focus. When first making movies and bloggs I had decided to stick to the hardcore evidence I saw in movies. That strictly went out the window after my little out burst in the comment box of the penguin post and my subsequent realization of the elephant and peacock.There are six Penguins in a circle, I saw NO real.... Perfect sync.... Until I noticed three on each sleeve. Making a total of twelve zodiacal penguins. I sat there seeing the conversation in my head between Jake's Penguins and Jim's Pirates. Was this a product of my imagination? You bet your ass it was. The Imagination of myself was the only reason I could understand what I was seeing, however I witnessed this due to my attention. The whole "AH HA" moment was brought about because of an alchemical mixture of my attention and imagination. The Attention is the male aspect, it is the one eye of Odin or Horus. The one eye or all seeing eye is the origin of modern medicine and science. It is the yoga of focusing your attention on something until you harness it. This attention has lead to the modern age we find ourselves in. This place being where we are surrounded by machines built through our observations on the world around us. The imagination is the female, or night aspect. She is the queen to the phalic king. If you see the planet Jupiter in 2010 with it's single eye.... That is the king. The monolith can be seen as the entrance of vaginal portal to using the imagination. It was used of course to create the use of tools in the primordial beginning of the movie. Even the space ship that bowman is in, resembles a penis with little ejaculate pod coming out of the front. The Mother Monolith and Poppa/Zues/Jupiter combine to make Lucifer. Or in 2001 the Star Child or Moon Child, which happens to be a composite of Bowman and Hal(man and machine). Alchemically this is the King and Queen making Hermes.... The Wolf Man of Flow. Hermes like Sirius is the advancement of the "ZONE". Attention and Imagination create the FloW.... Which in Hip-Hop is the perfect stream of consciousness. That's why so many MC's call themselves Dogs.

"What up Dog".....
It was almost Christmas.... And I still couldn't find a Wii(WII).... It was 2 days after the Friday Christmas party where I found the Skull and Bones and Zodiac Penguins chit-chating in front of me while I drank my EgoNog(spiked with Captain Morgan's of course, arr matie). Target Pineal Gland Parking lot a SUV decked out tire to tire in Skull and Bones. I fumbled for my phone and clicked it right when it passed. The Skull and Bones where covering this vehicle it had them in front and in the windows and of course numerous flags.
At work and bingo another skull and crossbones.... This one again with the pineal gland reference... Directly in the middle of his forehead a black star.
Like a single star the ego is represented as an eagle. It is a sign of the demiurgus. The all seeing eye or third eye in the tales of the cyclops. Oldest tells call it's eye not as one but all seeing(. The Odyssey sees the sun god Odysseus go through his twelve zodiacal chores before reach the heaven of home. He does not make it home until the ego(Cyclops) is pierced. The Odin connection is one that brought this all in to perspective for me. Odin is the demiurgus and gives his eye to know himself. But he is the Mind and can know everything through the attention of one eye except the mystery of it's own self. That of course would take some imagination.One eyed Tommy Cruise in the Valkrie named after the daughters of odin.
In Garden State(Eden) 2004 written and directed and staring Zach Braff we see him come into his fathers office(DNA stair case) his father being of course.

The Alien Tin Man Freemason Billbo Bagins. With a vaginal fish bladder on his desk. Zach's having lightning storms in the center of his head(Lightning another sign of ego(aren't all signs the ego)). The center of his head would be right between the eyes in the optic nerve tissue of the pineal gland. His father sends him to a head doctor....
Where he meets the WaRRior goddess MOM of the serpent twins Luke and Leia.... Largeman(Zach) shows his alignment to the LL/77 pan connection again on his forehead. Natalie Portalman tells him latter that kicking Dogs in the Balls is the best way to get them off of you.
Of course the letter A can be seen as the all seeing as well as pointed out by Rik Clay.
The All Seeing eye in LOTR an almost unhidden and obvious ego. And most importantly is the fact that this accounts for money(at least the American doLLar) having the most ego driven symbolism ever.
The word ONe the Eagle The stars the Eye....... The evaporation of the ego due to the coming of the black star begins with the most common of ego symbols. Money being the thing that we judge all acts of virtue and evil against but truly being nothing but paper. And, why does it say in god we trust on it.... Is that to say don't trust money, but god, or is it to claim that the doLLar is god? Lets put our sync glasses on to see.......

John Goodman who also played Sunglass sporting Blues Brother(BB), as well as blue pan like Sully with (cyclops) BiLLy Crystal (Lucifer stone), played Big Dan T in Oh Brother Where Art Thou..... Some of your minds are burning with inspiration just of the cast of that particular film. OBWAT was admittedly lifted from the Odyssey. Making JGoodman the cyclops.... Notice the stress on Money and the religion of the Demiurgus...... Father this and father that.
In Raw's The Illuminutus Trilogy we're taking on the Yellow Submarine to the climax of being face to face with a Being called the Leviathan. It is a organism that never split in to separate cells sense the beginning of time.... It just got bigger and bigger(is this humanity's ego itself?).... It had a single eye in it's swastika shaped body and the sight of it makes the characters in the story realize that they are in a book. The same twist was used in The Gunslinger Series by Stephen King. Hail Discordia! The other reference the RAW gives the single eye symbol is that it stands for the true meaning behind the Zen Koan "what is the sound of one hand clapping." He teaches that this is really about the mind and not a hand. Most go through their day split in mind. RAW points out that there is no past or future so you have to be NOw. Being of single eye.

"You can not piss and whistle at the same time.... Because then you would not be pissing or whistling."-Hagbard Celine paraphrased
I was looking to move during all of this.... I needed a new spot.... While walking in the back yard of a possible new pad I came upon some trash that had blown in to the yard. I simply picked it up, put it on the air conditioner, took a picture, turned to the guy, and said.... "I'll take it". Note that one is Red and the other Blue we'll talk more about this soon.

While moving my wife cleaned us out of all filth. She gave me an freshener for my truck.
It's gotta be a girls thingy because it has a heart for a nose.....

Love and Thanks.

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