"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


Caught Red Handed

1998 and I'm jacked up beyond belief. I'm only a few months out of high school and so poor that I can only afford a one bed room apartment in the suburb of Denver called Westminster with my brother as a room mate. I was most certainly drunk and a little stoned off Plant Konciousness. I'm sitting there sprawled out on the futon which played the role of my bed at night and the couch during the day. I stare up at a Sublime poster on the wall depicting the lead singer(who had died prior to the release of the last album due to a Heroin overdose) with his back turned showing off his tattoo of the bands name. Underneath it had the name of the self titled album in red. When my eyes meet the red I quickly noticed in my stober that my heart rate increased. I wondered what was going on here. I consciously was not aware of the feelings origins I just knew I was excited. I liked the band, and still do, but not to that extreme, and besides we had other band posters up at the time and I was getting no twitter of the heart from all of them. One of those posters was Korn's Follow the Leader album, which featured the art work of Todd McFarlane, who was one of my favorite comic artist at the time. It was pretty much devoid of color as well..... Except for a little bit of red, when my eyes passed over the red I felt an increase in my heart rate again.

Korn's follow the leader album cover... Average album, great art work. Now I see that the
cliff can be seen as the abyss (Jump Fool) and that the numbers 1,2,3,4 split making the
2 lead into both the 3 and 4 making 23 and 42.

I realized it was red..... That's what did it.... Red got me excited. My brain had to be numb to experience it, but it was true. The next day I rode my bike to the nearest book store(that's what people did before World War 3. It took a couple of hours to figure out that Blue is associated with the peaceful deities(which I've only recently have begun to understand) and red with the war ones like Mars and Aries. In the psychology section I found that they've actually done experiments on the colors effect on the body that validated my own experiences. They even made the comparison that most successful companies put red in their logo to stimulate a response in the customers.... Think McDonald's(Jupiter) and Coca Cola(KK). Also noted that it cost more to insure a red car.

The Bullseye is a symbol of the pineal gland, basically self. The red speeds up
your heart rate. The pineal has connection to the same chemicals released in your
system while having sex. Unavoidably on a subconscious level, this logo makes you
expect sex at this store. This happens at an unperceived level an will not go away
until consciously perceived(sometimes after).

1999 The Matrix comes out and as Morpheus produces the red and blue pill I sit in the theater wondering if anyone else knows what just happened. I remembered telling a friend about the previous experience to his scoff while we were closing the Bennigan's that I worked at the time, one night. He said that he understood because he had experienced a similar break through while listening to Bob Marley(whom I personally love)..... I remember him saying that "Bob doesn't sing, he Preaches".... Latter I learned to agree with him, and he actually came back to me after The Matrix and said "Maybe your right". The weird thing is that he noted a completely different scene than the pill one..... I still have been unable to spot the blinking red and blue lights behind Neo's head that he mentioned, but I feel that that is besides the point. The fact is that he came to me about the same exact movie that I felt proved my theory. It started something in me that kinda got out of control for awhile, it validated me. I went then to my brother who simply asked "are you in a cult?". I then went to a old friend who has been pegged a genius sense we were kids(IQ 180) to see what he thought of the "red blue thing" he listened thoroughly, smirked, and said "they're both prime colors, you know".... Poof! Deflated again. Now, latter, however, I understand the fact that if any colors would be archetypal, prime colors would be.
I'll tell you what I've known for awhile to try and get us back into the floW here. Above are the Chakras. First I'd like to illustrate that the Chakras do not exist in a physical form. The diagram that is pretty much standard above works as a meditation device much like the meditative images of deities in so many religions. Like the deities the Chakras reside in the mind of man. They are usually shaped in a lotus blossom because like all Plant Konsciousness they unfold. They are an illustration of the energy blocks they need to be unplugged, if you would, to release the true potential or consciousness of the individual. There are two kinds of konsciousness that we are dealing with in this discussion, the one in your head, and then true consciousness, that penetrates all form, time, and being. The red one over the privates is considered the Chakra of doing. If you think about it it makes sense considering that that area is what spawns all doing anyway. The Blue one marked by the 5 is considered the Chakra of being. Now like the Hebrew Tree of Life the Chakras aren't really a problem that can be solved(as Jung said) they are a state of mind that needs to be transcended. Meaning that things might not make sense to you at some level now, but latter that will change.

There is so much work spanning centuries on the Tree of Life that by no means do I want you to take what I say as from an expert. In fact to some levels it might be damn right contradictory to what you may know yourselves. However, widely excepted is that 5 or Geburah(on the tree of life above) is associated with red. It acts as a balance to the other side of the tree which is 4 or Chesed which in turn is associated with Blue. Geburah is Judgment, Justice, Severity, Mars, and Scorpio the Back Stabber. Chesed is Love, Mercy, Jupiter, Sagittarius which points to Galactic Center(age of Aquarius). Geburah equals 216 through the numerical equivalent to the Hebrew letters. 216 of course is 6x6x6. The fear that one might get from those numbers should be dealt with because we have 666 appearing everywhere in the bible form Salmon's temple to the Ten Commandments, it's a sign of accession, through destruction, but it takes on a deadly symbol for a reason. It's the Anti-Hero. The one that shatters ideas and thoughts of reality like Jesus, Dyonis, or Alister Crowley. It has a Balance with the one that receives in(Chesed) while it pushes away(Geburah/5). Everything in the tree of life is about Balance, but there is a reflection here.

Above is the Tree of Life presented with Mercy(Blue/Chesed/4) and Severity(Red/Geburah/5) switched. In fact everything gets confused because it crosses back and forth so much that you don't now what's good or bad anymore. Think of the brain stem. Your left brain actually controls the right hand. Even everything you see gets turn up side down and turned around before translating what it means. It is widely excepted at this point in mans symbolism(meaning wiki) that the "left hand" is Severity/Red/Guburah. Interesting facts about the left hand is that it is said that all Atlantians were left handed. Meaning that in the past everything was done with the left hand. In the golden age so to speak. Don't roll your eyes I don't right this shit, I'm just the messenger. Also most magic spells call for the gestures to be made with the left hand.... Now in current events would be the fact that 6 of the last 12 Presidents of The United States of America have been left handed.... And so is Obama.... Or so I here.The reason there is a reflection is because when you are looking at the picture above you are suppose to be looking at a mirror reflection. so the 5 would be your left hand and the 4 would be your right. The picture below would be you looking at the archetypal man or Adam(think Atom, Atman, Aton). And guess who that archetypal man is? You. In the Matrix the Mirror effect is stunningly used.
Morpheus holds out the blue pill in his Left hand.... Wait that's wrong, Blue is not left?
However what the archetypal man sees is the right hand. There in the reflective sunglasses. Hold out your hand like it's you(the archetypal man) in the mirror. It's your right hand. Ok lets see that other pill Fishborne(?).
Now lets reflect....Now it seems that when we are faced with red and blue no matter what the cause is we get confused. In fact wither intentionally or not it seems to be used against us, speaking for the layman. However what needs to be striven for and what we hold to be most high(I'll explain latter if you get what I'm saying before hand, please allow me some slack and don't blow it) is the balance between the two.

Also looking back on the past we need to notice the fact that that Red and Blue correlate to the White and Black polarity. Jaquin and Boaz are polarized. Like the police lights here in America the entrance to most Egyptian and Hebrew Temples were flanked with a positive negative form of symbolism, basically both confuse the hell out of us and then causing a need to reorganize the subconscious mind. One was Black the other is White and the priest's hands had to match that polarity while entering and exiting the place of worship(put your hands on your head and back up! Get on your stomach, your under arrest). Your red hand had to be against the matching monolith and opposite your blue hand.Please understand that if you look at cards like this one and write small things off like the Crest Moon at Isis feet and the Pomegranates behind her, as being mundane and unimportant, the symbolism will have a very potent effect on your decision making at a latter date.... 80 percent of our decision's are made on a subconscious level meaning that 80 percent of our decision making is made with information that we are not consciously aware of!

Blue=Dark. Red goes with White. The polarized game was played while both entering and exiting the Temples. When Neo is faced with entering the real world, therefore closer to god and the truth, his priest as Lawrence Fishborne presents him with this same confusion.Right hand in the Mirror corresponding to the reflected Archetypal Mans Left in the picture below. Hold out your hand on the same side as Neo's reflection to see who the Archetypal Man is.The Material World of Neo is symbolism by the Mirror in the same connotation as the Myth's of Dionysus and Narcissus. Both the ancient Myths are symbols of the Hero(Immortal Mortal) becoming infatuated by the material reflection of them self. Easily enough the symbolism is very basic and bland. All most makes you giggle. However it's correlation to the Looking Glass(first the rabbit hole now this) is straight up fucking well played.Slowly Neo's material world view becomes unbroken and reality presents itself. ....
Once again we are digging on Balance and the 5 Geburah and 4 Chesed dueling it out. Remembrance 5/Geburah/Red/Left..... 4/Chesed/Blue/Right. It needs to be pointed out that the Left would be considered the Masculine/Factual/Lion side. The Right would be the Feminine/Imagination/Unicorn side.
The Geburah side although not necessarily bad is the side that pushes away. The Left had basically is severity like mentioned above and pushes against. The Blue is the one that pulls in to itself. It's the feminine, that receives the pushing. It seems that England would probably have alot of nuts up there in to bondage as the coat of arms might suggest.... Just saying. Now this pushing and pulling with the hands is where we get the phrase...

"The Left hand doesn't know what the Right hand is doing"

Or the title of this post. But, oddly enough there is a correlation that has been excepted in modern science. This is unbelievably perfect in the MiRRoring of the ancient symbol. It is called the Doppler Effect or Red/Blue Shift in the spectrum.
We use this in Astronomy to know if objects are drifting towards or away from us in space. If the light from the object shifts towards the red side of the spectrum then it is drifting away or pushing against us. If it is blue then it is drawing closer.
How the ancient knowledge, that most would find boring or mundanely insignificant, can be so unnoticeable but immaculately parallel to modern science is beyond my guessing. Unless everything is exactly the way it should be.

The balance again is being addressed and in the Star War Trilogy Anikin Skywalker(a name reminiscent of the Aninaki, Loki, and therefore Lucifer the fallen angel) is one who shall bring Balance to the force.
Seen here in Episode 3 holds a X shape crossing of Light Sabers to Count Doku's neck. The Red Light Sabre is held in Anakin's Left hand, the Blue his Right perfectly representing the Archetypal Man. If we can see him as entering a temple then this would be a sacrifice in church basically. The head being found right above the X making a skull and crossbones. The X is everywhere really mainly because of Generation X. These individuasl I categorize as Indigo Children because the birth dates for both categories fall at about the same range.... 1977 to about 97 or around there. Indigo Children are titled as such because their Aura supposedly emanates blue.... Making them blue gods. Drawing inward. Kali also is all about Balance. In some stories is said to unmercifully(severity) cut of the heads of her own children to Balance the universe or something like that. Notice that there is another crescent on her husband Shiva under her feet. Mentionable is that sacrifices are equal to offerings to gods, like a tenth of your tobacco to acknowledge that balance of energy injected in to the human machine(spirit) to produce said tobacco.The peep hole becomes a pineal gland. To see behind the door of the unknown.

The No Sign becomes the world OZ the land of the dead or place where spirit dwells. A sacrifices or offering of tobacco. Basically you can see Spirit demanded reward for it's "hand" in making our produce. We have abused that so Cancer arises as does a growing "No" smoking policy. The "No" sign as modern symbol of Z inside an O comes from Ghostbusters resonating the Spirit Realm as well.Double Kotze shit just to fuck with the Rhythm.
Also noted is the relationship between which hand of Anakin is Mechanical.... That being his right and therefore his "Blue" hand. As is obvious the blue is associated with the spirit. Above we have Hellboy 2. Johann Krauss is a pure Tin Man. Machine completely controlled by and unseen essence or spirit. Notice the PP on his towel.... Why does he have a towel?
Here we see his blue tint of pure spirit.... The red skin of HellBoy is the pushing of the material body. I mean really if you pay attention to color Hellboy gets weird, plus you have this weird X-Men sync going on with Hellboy being called red his partner is blue (The word blue is used alot during the flick). You See the Beast in there, then there's Nighcrawler(father forgive me). Frasier and Niles doing the voice for Abraham and the Beast.... Side Show Bob.... And the other guy, red hair blue hair..... Sorry I'm rambling..... Where did I put that floW.... Oh, here it is.Oz sign above Hellboys head.When faced with the Machines in Hellboy 2 Krauss releases the spirit and enters the machine.
He changes the machine red color to a blue.... And then proceeds to kick some red machine ass.
Once again making the spirit blue and machine red.... Think Terminator, and the Matrix(blue pill your still in the machine, red you are out of machine... Pushed away or against... War). Just for syncs and giggles think about your blood and how it is red while out of you and blue within.Arthur C Clarkes Odyssey series had the Spirit of David Bowman intertwine with Hal 9000 to become the Star Child. Notice the machine is depicted as a red pineal gland circle symbol. Below we have a 5 in side a red circle as well... On a Machine of course.
In fact the machine has become the new boundary between the spirit world and the material. Here is the Mach 5 from Speed Racer. 5 being Gaburah then we are perfectly sane in saying that the #5 is the connection of the machine injected with spirit.#5 injected with Spirit in Short Circuit.Pixars Cars featured little Lightning McQueen. A Car with a personality as if it were alive. The Lightning is also on his side going through the #5 or Guburah. However 9+5 is 14.... And 1+4 is 5.... See where I'm going with this.Speed in Speed Racer is instructed specifically not to think of the car as a dead piece of metal... It's a living breathing entity.The Movie even has cars making DNA symbols as if to imply that our bodies themselves are the high performance vehicles they are presenting as RacecaRs.If you think about the word speed then you notice that it has two E's in it. The E of course is the 5th letter of the Alpha-Beth, Making the word Speed Racer have all kinds of crazy implications, pure unintentional and quite beautiful.Keanu Reeves(EE), DeNNis HoPPer, Sandra BuLLock. Came out in 1994(1+9+9+4=23[2+3=5]) same as Dumb and Dumber both stared JeFF Daniels as well. get Ready for Rush hour makes a cross on Neo's head acknowledging the place where the machine would be plugged into him(penetrating like a penis), which just happens to look like a pineal gland as well(in the Matrix I mean). Also of importance if you make E the 5 you have the #5 look alike WaLL-E make a lot more sense. Wall-5?

If Target is the Pineal Gland and the Masculine pushing of Red. Then the store target is literally fucking you in the head.... NOw think about Neo's shit again.

In Libre 777 by Alister Crowley Geburah has the associations to the four fives of the Tarot, Red, Horus, Nephthys, Vishnu, Death, Thor, Aries, Hades, Mars, Christ Returning, Basilisk, Oak, Nettle, Ruby, Sword, Spear, Iron, Sulphur, and Tobacco. (Not a complete list)

In Speed the bus can not go below 50mph or it will explode.

JeFF Daniels plays "HaRRy Temple" in Speed and "HaRRy DuNNe" in Dumb and Dumber.

Love and Thanks


The Sneaky Little Unicorn

Ok it started with the interesting interview involving syrcronaut Rik Clay on Red Ice. I noticed that the England Coat of Arms that he mentioned being a pyramid with the all seeing eye on top had extra meaning that he did not mention, but I had recently learned about.

You can find the interview a Felipesparx29's youtube channel.
The original post is here at The Chaining of Imagination.

If your not bored enough to read the old post.... Lets review. The Lion is the Sun/England/Male/Attention aspect.... The Unicorn is Night/Moon/Scotland/Female/Imagination.... The Unicorn is Chained to earth..... Intentionally limiting the Scottish/female/imagination.... Because they(England) said it was dangerous.... Indeed.

We also looked at the film above(please watch all movies I post it's part of my mixed media goal for transferring these ideas). Early in his presentation he shows the exact same design on a Canadian Church(I've been sent many examples of weird church shit up in Canada sense). When the camera pans to the lion we see something quite interesting.
We notice that the Enlighten are behind the flag of Britain. There are Canadian Maple leaves to mask the flora of the Pine Cones(pineal gland) but the message is clear.... The Enlighten are in charge. TheSycromystic connotation is slightly more positive, it being that the Black Star(on the British flag 8 sided stripes of course) brings enlightenment.In the up coming film The Secret of Moonacre we see almost the exact same symbolism. Same placement of the Lion and same Placement of the Unicorn.

When 13 year old Maria Merryweather's father dies, leaving her orphaned and homeless, she is forced to leave her luxurious London life to go and live with Sir Benjamin, an eccentric uncle she didn't know she had, at the mysterious Moonacre Manor. Soon Maria finds herself in a crumbling moonlit world torn apart by the hatred of an ancient feud with the dark and sinister De Noir family. Maria discovers that she is the last Moon Princess and, guided by an unlikely mix of allies, she must overcome her family's pride in order to unearth the secrets of the past before the 5000th moon rises and Moonacre disappears into the sea forever.-IMDB

Maria Merryweather(MM) in Moonacre Manor(MM), Dog reflecting Lion, giant tidal wave I mean what the fuck is up with this. Also free assciation Moon Princess with Moon Child from The Never Ending Story or Alister Crowley, and also the 5000th moon with the McKenna lunar inspired prediction for the end of history in 2012. All this rumbling in my head and then one day at the job a fellow co-worker walks by wearing the hoodie below.
"What are you a freemason" I ask and then spent the next 20 min trying to explain what a freemason was, how it related to the hoodie, and why the hell I wanted to take a picture of him with my cell phone. After some negotiation in which I promised never to analyze his wardrobe again he left me smirking at his ignorance.... A little boost of ego at the fact that I could teach him something.... A couple of days latter I learned my lesson. It was while I was looking at myself in the miRRor. I was wearing the hoodie that I have on in my avatar(I'll link it here when I change my avatar) and enjoying joy when I noticed something weird behind the 77. I chose to use this avatar because the sweatshirt hadAMEAGLE on it as well as 77. Its made by a company caLLed American Eagle that started in 1977, because some of the material that I had been researching(eagle being the ego and 77 being the link to OZ or pan) I thought it appropriate. See if you can see what I missed for the 2 years + that I have owned this piece of fabric.
Not only is it disturbing that an American Eagle shirt be branded with the British Isle's Coat of Arms, but the fact that consciously I did not notice that I myself was branded with it when I was actually looking for it is down right humbling. Then last night comes... I'm at the studio doing my thing on the microphone feeling thefloW ,as it were(one who is not attached to the out come is free from karma), when I come out and notice the Marlbro Light box of my homie(I do not smoke cigarettes any longer). Now the PM in the middle of the Lion and Unicorn is for Phillip Morse and it being a London made company there is now real weirdness about them using this Coat of arms... What is amazing to me is that I never noticed it before. Naturally when you start looking with your sync glasses on you are force to ring out all meaning in an AHAmoMMent. I quickly noticed that the Arms rest in a pyramid making a nice and solid connection to Rik Clay's theory that the original design makes an all seeing eye.
My eyes had always seen the positive space of the Marlbro pack.... Seeing the tan covered part as a ribbon or banner, not the negative space as a pylarmount axis mundi. My friend kindly listen while I tried desperately to explain. When I had finished he kindly remarked that the "ribbon" looked like it was made of bricks further strengthening my suspicions in his eyes. He kindly(I need a thesaurus) directed me back to the booth. I would like to wrapp this up by stating that this makes two of the major cigarette brands highly drenched in Egyptian symbolism.


The duo of the Lion and Unicorn(in the form of a stagg, same meaning) appears on the cover of The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P Hall, which greatly influences this blogg.

Bigger post coming soon as I celebrate being and accumulate material thankyou for your patience.

Love and Thanks