"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


For The Dead or Dying

Nausicaa of the VaLLey of the Wind by Hayao Miyazaki. In the picture above we are introduced to an Angel in white. We note the Heart Shaped Dionysian like Pineal Pleasure type thingies in the back ground. Also there is the two serpents intertwined in the bottom right in a red field.
This is communicated to us in the folk-art of a post-apocalyptic culture. Above we see, reading like a comic book, the construction of a giant man made artificial intelligent war machine. It's a tin man with a lot of attention drawn to the heart in the below left. In fact if you read it like a comic book the heart would come first. It would end in a haloed holy man sitting like Osiris in the right. Man thinking he's holy creates a heartless weapon, but perhaps deeper than that. We as a culture need to step out of our little PoP wave and realize that this is a very pivotal span of time in history and that we should step out side and look in(he's on the out side looking in) to what our culture would look like to the future if we no longer existed. Time continues, or will it cease to exists? This is only an easily discarded fear. Time will be redefined is probably a more accurate way of thinking. We ourselves at present in this time wave depict our creation as having attention to the heart, or in need of a heart.From destruction to blue angel. Lots of killer plants in upper left, again with a heart. Interesting the plant connotations lately as well. They cause deaths like in The Happening, The Ruins. But, the plants having the hearts representing their leaves is important. Patrick Stewart of Captain Picard and Conspiracy Theory fame does the voice of Lord Yuba, he's kind of this samurai dude whose crossing the "Waste Land" or "Toxic Jungle" to find the legendary one that will return and bring man back into balance with nature. Below he's got one of those Heart thingies coming out of his head.... Kinda merging the scene as 2 dimensional, which it is, but not supposed to be seen in that slant, and making foreground/background one readable image.The story is told on the art of tapestry behind him. And in the top corner we find the "one" who will return. The story goes that after a thousand years he comes clad in blue and emerging from a Field of gold.

Above Nausicaa is told about the man seen with a bird.... Peacock like on his shoulder.
The whole movie she is herself clad in blue and riding a rocket glider that she almost wears like and angel's wings. The Blue motif although may at first appear a strictly male archetype. It however has found quite a powerful cycle in modern myth.
Nasicaa saves, and then basically becomes involved with, a boy voiced by Shia LaBeouf. This forms a trinity of sorts. The Shia LaBeouf craziness was explored to creativity in Shi(v)a 'Two Pyramids' LeBouf..., but could become a life obsession if your not careful (because it goes forever deep with that kid). Shia is definitely being passed the torch so to speak by the deities of the last 15 or so years. Keanu ushers him into stardom in Constantine, and WiLL "the millennium" Smith in I Robot, and don't forget Indiana. He has become a figure head of sorts. An Icon or Archetype.

The Feathered Serpent motif spawns from any number of places but there are a small portion of people out there who believe that all gods are spins of Fairy Gods. The main fairy trinity is composed of The Star Goddess(Often seen with a black orb!), The Corn Maiden, And The Blue God of the Fairies/Elves.... Respectively called something like Dain-ny-Glas. He is refereed to by many different names depending on who your asking. Who is telling the story in other words. But, a few things are pretty consistent as far as his appearance goes.
He's Blue, he is heavily iconic with the peacock, and he is the snake. He lines up with a great many blue gods, and as said before can be considered THE Blue God. He is said to be the other half of his sister/mother/wife the Corn Maiden. They are to be like one Flame from two wicks.
This theme is mention to length in Jeremy Narby's book The Cosmic Serpent. He actually states an identical phrase as a myth derived from the Peruvian Shaman. They tell of the same plumed Winged Serpent Two Wicks One Flame theme. This he latter, under a certain amount of obsession, conclude was an exact match to the image of DNA splitting and becoming two strANDs.

The over all conclusion that Mr. Narby reached was that the shamanic world and the microbiological one were the same. The DNA was some kinda receiver and the same message was being sent to every man, women, and child.... Something was running from something else and hides in us. Living Consciousness through us humans.... It was our DNA.
Shi(v)a having already been claimed as part of this little trinity becomes more involved with weirdness when we see that his mother is Carrie-Anne Moss in Disturbia.
Carrie-Anne actually playing the role of Trinity in the Sync ocean known to most as the Matrix.
The sunglasses in the picture above marks her as a god, as does the halo... She shines as a star.
In Red Planet she takes a trip with Val Kilmer to Mars. She plays Commander Kate Bowman aboard the Osiris spacecraft. Osiris, although green, pairs a remarkable parallel to the blue gods for he himself is donned with his famous plumage.
His peacock like head dress marks him as well as a Feathered Serpent. His name actually meaning "Many Eyed". In the Bronze Tablets in the labyrinth at Meroe shows Osiris after resurrection mounting a chariot drawn by peacocks. Osiris is the dead god reborn motif. He is the god of the Dead. There is an almost direct link to this and the fairy gods. Seeing that fairy were actually seen as being the dead.


One common theme found among the Celtic nations describes a race of diminutive people who had been driven into hiding by invading humans. They came to be seen as another race, or possibly spirits, and were believed to live in an Otherworld that was variously described as existing underground, in hidden hills (many of which were ancient burial mounds), or across the Western Sea.[4]

In old Celtic faery lore the sidhe (fairy folk) are immortals living in the ancient barrows and cairns. The Tuatha de Danaan are associated with several Otherworld realms including Mag Mell (the Pleasant Plain), Emain Ablach (the Fortress of Apples or the Land of Promise or the Isle of Women), and the Tir na nÓg (the Land of Youth).[33]

Wiki about Mag Mell(MM) reveals that it's description is much like the description of OZ in the Frank Braum early 20th century mythos....

In Irish mythology, Mag Mell ("plain of joy") was a mythical realm achievable through death and/or glory (see also Tír na nÓg and Ablach). Unlike the underworld in some mythologies, Mag Mell was a pleasurable paradise, identified as either an island far to the west of Ireland or a kingdom beneath the ocean. In its island guise it was visited by various Irish heroes and monks forming the basis of the Adventure Myth or "echtrae" as defined by Myles Dillon in his book Early Irish Literature. This otherworld is a place where sickness and death do not exist. It is a place of eternal youth and beauty. Here, music, strength, life and all pleasurable pursuits come together in a single place. Here happiness lasts forever, no one wants for food or drink. It is the Irish equivalent of the Greek Elysium or the Valhalla of the Norse.

The over stretching effect is that it is another dimension that lies parallel to ours. Here is considered the Dead/Heaven/Hell. However this also encompasses teleportation and/or time travel. You can basically see these themes as literally OtherWorld.... Or World of the Others. To understand the concept of a wormhole/stargate we need to understand that Time is defined as the Measurement of an object through space. It would take such and such measurement of time for you to get to the moon. However if a stargate can transport one in instantaneous time to the moon, it does not neglect the fact that the moon was an entirely different world evolving parallel to ours and therefore out side of our time, consciousness, etc. It becomes the land of the dead, and therefore fairy land... Using this line of logic you can encapsulate themes such as Alien/Living Dead/Ghost/God/Angel/Time Traveler/Space Man etc. All as other or Fairies.

Jim Carrey as LLoyd Christmas in Dumb and Dumber(1994{1+9+9+4=23}) in alignment with the peacock.... Mr Carrey is almost pegged beyond a shadow of a doubt as being an Osiris Green Man resonator. He has even more interesting games being played however if you take in to account the number of movies dealing with an identity crisis in his work. And in The Truman Show he actually lived in an alternate reality built just for him and was parallel to another "real world" reality. This tells us that even divergence is a form of Dead Otherworld. Tampering with memory can be laterally linked to space travel.... Think Total Recall as in going to Mars(yet again) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind where his memory is erased and both having similar headgear for the task... The same is also demonstrated in the Riddler mind control roll he did in the Batman franchise. Getting your memory altered is in a way dieing. This was also connected to the movies like The Prestige and Southland Tales. Both of these movies see Time Travel and Teleportation as physically creating a clone of the one being transported. This does eventually create a teleportation from one point in time to another point in time, no matter how close the segment of said time. However it creates a split in experience therefore creating a death..... Think about it for awhile.... If you went in a wormhole.... How could you possibly know that anyone that resided in the place you left, would be alive anymore? You would trip.... Probably literally hallucinate, because you wouldn't believe reality.
Jim Carrey the Axis Mundi DNA strand like Mount Crumpit behind... Reaching to the moon. The Queen is the moon... Diana always on the hunt for the stag of intuition highlighted by the horned Max the DoG. The word imagine winks from the bottom left corner.
The latter to the sky... Narby is urged to tell us is a symbol of our DNA... Almost unarguably the consensus(if there is such a thing) around the sync whole. The most paramount letters held aloft are NY or OZ.... The silver disc of the moon strikes our imagination again. Jim grasp tightly to the letters that spell DNA in his hand. The letters are also arranged in order to say CANDY if we barrow the C. The single I hinting of Horus, of Odin, of the all seeing Zeus, and of the Red TiT of Jupiter... Falls to the clouds below. The single Cyclopic Eye of the Demiurge, a symbol of the ego, plays the role of the only ONE sacrificed. And don't get mad for me stating the obvious word in his hands is really little more than Andy the character that Sync Christ Carey is playing in the movie.
Scrooge McCaRRey is visited from the Fairies of Christmas.... The moon fulls the imagination. The Lamp post which served as a Conduit between worlds in Narnia makes an appearance and what of the LAMP held in Carrey's hand... What does that have to do with the dead.
It enlightens us that we are the Dead. And that the Others, no matter ghost, spirit, alien, or god.... Is us. But Ghost are not the only off shoot from the Fairy Family tree. If we return to the fairies whatever they are, the dead or not, they are attributed to creating many folklore that we enjoy today. They are the source for Elves. They are the source of the Reptoids. And they are the source of Vampires. The undead Vampires are enjoyed through every major culture on the planet. Mans deep rooted fear of his own body. They are truly the living dead living parallel to us much like the fairies themselves. If we take the most pop relevant Vampire story we can find we run head deep in to Dracula. And the ONE himself.
Winona Ryder embraces Keanu as he leaves to find the Lord of the Dragons....
But who is this Dracula?
Ah, yes.... The King of the Fairies/Elves......
The Couple is seen again in A Scanner Darkly. Keanu again announcing his trinity by donning a miRRor type halo behind his head almost exactly like his love's from The Matrix.
Also like the computer world in THe Matrix the Cartoon realm is also akin to OZ or Otherworld. In A Scanner Darkly Keanu is made into a cartoon he is also split in his head from a drug called Substance D.... D resonating 4 or Mercy in The Tree of Life. Due to Reeve's addiction he is "sacrificed" to bring the whole drug ring down. The drug being spawned from a Blue Flower. Blue also resonating with Mercy being the color of Chesed on The Tree of Life once again. Flower is associated with finding the Flow and comes up through and through as a way of understanding cosmic truth or the beautiful symbol for the world in general(Buddha's flower sermon). The movie begins with a simple W. W is the 23rd letter in the Alpha-Beth.
The word Independent in Red appears. Independent is a representation of one alone, or set apart from a whole.
A red road arrives in the almost curved shape of a C.
It is dotted as an i. I which is the 9th letter added to W's 23 is 32 or 23 backwards. The i can be also eye and even looks like a red eye or nipple. It is the all seeing single eye that looks everywhere of the Demiurge.... The ego on top of the pyramid..... Reeves gets his eye split. For he no longer sees the ego as trust worthy.

In fact his Left and Right Hemisphere's start to argue. They show REeves pictures and explain that his Precept and Cognitive systems should appear damaged if he is addicted to Substance D. He says that the image above is a Coke Bottle. The field that breaks the fixed pattern in the back ground. He is mildly corrected and it is identified as a PoP bottle.
Next they show him the card above.... Due to the amount of Substance D he has ingested(eating plant Consciousness) his perception of background identification is off, the right or blue side of his brain compensates for the left analytical red side and he sees a sheep instead of a DoG(like the dog in the Grinch poster). We can see the dog in the picture below where the doctor explains that there is no way you can get this wrong it is either a Dog or Sheep no room for interpretation, she is open palmed.
They show him a third test.
He gets agitated and avoid some. He starts to babble and complain about his difficulty with his girl (AKA Wynona) as if the Doctors are Psychiatrist that he needs advice from. The lady tells him to "buy her Flowers" which becomes a trigger for him to pick her a Blue Flower(Dorthy and Alice love Flowers as the picture of them earlier in the post show) latter in which to bring down the dug ring. Also note that the cards in the background are seen with blue wavy lines. This symbol can poetical remind you that we are entering the Age of Aquarius where all of our perception systems shall evolve into connection with the land of OZ, or the land of the dead.... The Card is a Pyramid. Side notes would include that Philip K Dick wrote this book called A Scanner Darkly in 1977 and it took place in the future of that time 1994(1+9+9+4=23).
As a quick prep before we see our Carrey Pyramid DNA trip we find Carrey as an elephant in Horton Hears a Who.... This title alone sets off many a sync buzzer because of the double letters. Double letters in my opinion sync because they are an easy way for more people to relate. Alliteration (I believe it's called) when you repeat the first letter in multiple words. It is proven to make it easier to read and remember. If it sticks in a lot of consciousness it makes this weird pull of attention that some how... Once again in my opinion.... Bends reality. Horton is once like A Scanner Darkly in that it is presented in the Cartoon eternal world of the unreal. Here we see Horton/Carrey surrounded by little insects that look like leaves off a tree.
If we continue with seeing the eyes of the insect as multiple eyes on green feathers we see Genash, rider of the peacock himself being part of a trinity and caring the same connotations as the King of the Fairies/Elves. In Spotless Mind Carrey and his Rainbow mistress watch as a parade of Elephants stomp by. The words being said during this talk of the fabric of memories and hint at the Elephants ability to never forget. Arrows appear often around Carrey pointing the way as this one points the numbers 1,2,3,9.(it will be important latter I promise) Synchrist Carrey rears his trunk desperately tring to become what he already is.
A great big, huge elephant...
The big Elephant in the skys demonstrates his power over the micro by shading the flower on which the entire race of the Who's dwell. This brings up the flower as being symbolic of the whole world once again and drives home the connection of Oz, Wonderland, and A Scanner Darkly's blue flowers. The Who's adapt to this quick by putting on and removing their sunglasses, the who's represent themselves by W shown on the bottom of the frame above. Basically we see Jim Carrey as Genesh talking to the people of the land of 23(W). I wonder if that flower we see above with that Who lady has another even smaller world in it. Anyway the separation of day and night(at at at night) turning into one has a high degree of resonates to Jung's theory on the symbolism of Day and Night in alchemy. Day is the Male/Red/Left/Judgmental/Analytical/Everything lite up and Apparent.Night is the Feminine/Blue/Right/Mercy/Imaginative/Everything dark and anything possible. These are the fundamentals of physiology, as well like the Keanu left right Scanner Darkly drug thing above, or the Two Wicks one flame Fairy thing as well. It should also be mentioned here that the Kabbalah Tree of Life actually has the Blue as a male aspect with female traits and visa versa.... So confusing.
Me, Myself, and I is sacrificed once again like the Eye in the Warner Brothers Independent logo. In fact Carrey is spliced down the middle here just like the W(23) was there in A Scanner Darkly. this creating sort of a division of the Hemisphere a loss of Identity and a Y like split.
Carrey also finds a Spiral Stair case DNA symbol at pYramid Tech in the movie Fun With Dick and Jane. Tring to beat his friend named OZ to the interview.Oz is a theme that I notice a great deal in Synchrist Carrey's work. He's seen her after being tagged in the rocks by OZ.This liking OZ, the DNA, and the Pyramid together nicely... However we also find water vessels in the form of Water Jugs tossed down the Spiraling Stair case by OZ.
The Waterboy Jug hints at the age of Aquarius as well as another Peacock donning Blue god named Krishna. Haloed in gold and many EYEs. The water is said in legend to be a electric gel.
A bunch of these themes play out in the 1985's TV show Otherworld. 1985(1+9+8+5=23) and is the same year Back To The Future takes place for those who are counting.(remember time travel and teleportation to another dimension=same same)
The title of the show clearly influenced by mythology equates the Otherworld to a land parallel to our own.
In the first episode.... Wait let me explain that there are only 13 episodes that were ever made... And ominous number by it's own right, however only 8 of those showed in the US before the gig was yanked. The last 5 episodes can never be viewed again for they have been lost to the folds of time, forever installed into our imaginations....

So as I was saying the first episode was entitled "Rules Of Attraction". It begins with our family in Eygpt due to the father's engineering job. The father tells them that shortly there will be an alignment of 6 planets that hasn't happened in over 10,000 years.
The family takes their last picture in this world and an Egyptian man snaggles into their way. He's seen right next to the daughter above wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses make a marker of the raise above normal experience, she become very important latter in the series.

Ones who are from elsewhere either need sunglasses, or people need sunglasses around them. They shade the truth so to speak. So sunglasses hide the truth from you, or they show the truth to you then hiding it from everyone else(think Big Daddy with Adam Sandler). It's like a tell tell and it works all the way down from Police Officers, to Poker Players(PP). Also the girl with sunglasses looks to have some kind of Egyptian Hood on her. Zebra stripped tailing off to her right.
He offers them a tour 10 dollars(roman numeral for 10 is X). US. He shows them a flyer of all that he has given a tour to. Among the stars mentioned he says he gave VIP tours to John Wayne and "The King" or Elvis Presley. Notable as well that he shows "Join The Famous Stars".... And a mysterious Y sync wink. aLL day Y. Day.... Whats that about? Join The Famous Stars makes your mind do backflips if you think that heroes of old are immortalized in the Stars after Death. Giving Stars and Death the same respect. If you know what I'm sayin?
Listen up folks I'm gonna show you what happens in the heart of the pyramid, yeah it will be cool, the planets will align.... And your gonna see some shit.
So this family gets double crossed. And the dude wants their money plus more to get back out.
Ok.... He's got a LAMP. Pay attention this is important is what the LAMP means. I especially like this part because it was the most vibrant part of the show's opener in my feeble childhood memory banks. The lamp shows us we're dead. Or at least connected to the dead. Off goes the light, because they are not going to fall for the old "pay or I'm leaving you trick". The family dies.
And are reborn in a big pool of water over looked by an enormous monolith topped with an eye. Perhaps this is where all the water went from Jim Carrey's water vessels above. Notice that this world they find themselves in has two Moon's.... Hinting again at the Moon's roll in this little mind trip. We're going to see multiple moons up and down this baby before we're done.
The monolith zaps them with a red beam essentially C-ing Red. The Monoliths cover this world and lead to the center city in which the family has to find in order to get back home.
The Eyes lead them to the province of Imar in this world, this world which is called Thel. Thel is divided into different territories called ZONes and no travel is allowed between these ZONes save ZONe TroPPers. Basically the world is sectioned off like OZ and the theme of finding the magical city that will send you home.
Although the last episodes reportedly played in other countries such as Spain and Turkey it is not known today if the family made it to Imar.... However they do show in the opening sequence the city and it may look familar to you NOW.
The image is presented in a negative format which mimics the 2001 Space Odyssey book by Arthur C Clarke for he first presents his worm hole as a back door negative to this reality. David Bowman goes through a sees all the stars turn black against a white field. Also we see the Suspension bridge often known Nowadays as the Rainbow Bridge. All the Bridges in New York seem to be represented as portals to other realms, IE; Hellboy, Kate and Leopold, etc. etc...
In one episode they live an adventure much like the Lotus Eater fiasco in the original Odyssey. Which is to say they find a group of people who are addicted to a substance called Chalk. Long story short they are befriended by a man who shows them a One Dollar bill. He explains that it was past down through his family and was the money used by the land his Grandfather came from. He likens the Monolith's that the family is following to Imar to the Pyramid on the back of the One Dollar Bill... Showing that there is a definite link between the worlds. This was the beginning of my fascination with topics of this nature. I could never understand the Dollar's Great Seal, and eventually lead me to Robert Anton Wilson.
The actor that plays this role is the unmistakable Vincent Schiavelli.... This man is most noted in his role in 1990's Ghost, where he played the Subway Ghost that teaches Patrick S how to move physical objects.
This is a vision from the land of the dead.... 42 looks on.
He is also seen on the left in the picture above from Buckaroo Bonzai(BB). Here he plays an alien marking his relationship once again with the category of other. He is joined on the far right by Christopher LLoyd also in alien garb, who also starred with him in The One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest showing the link between these themes and diseases of the Psyche as discussed above. Many "stars" AKA pentagrams are also in frame.
Christopher LLoyd as Judge Doom in Roger Rabbit. He was actually from cartoon world or The Land of The Dead. He appears in another Cartoon Realm as the voice for Rasputin who was also dead in Anastasia. And most notably as Dr EMMeTT Brown in Back to the Future traveling through time into multiple realities. Here above he sits in light shaded sunglasses.

Further involving Roger Rabbit(RR), before we return to the otherworld, we have film that resembles DNA. In the syncworld that connection has been a very fruitful association made by Jim Sanders. Here it is in the shape of a White Rabbit(down the rabbit whole) furthering the connection between this ourworld and the otherworld through our DNA.
In the last episode that can be found of Otherworld entitled "Princess Metra" we open inexplicably with the family flying in a hot air balloon. This lines up almost perfectly with OZ once again. Seeing over the Rainbow inside a dirigible as relevant we are reminded as well of the new Pixar movie UP.... It actually featuring a Peacock like bird as well.
The daughter is mistaken for the missing princess because she wears a JFK silver dollar around her neck just as the princess once did some 200 years earlier. She is forced to place her hand on an Octagonal control panel and answer a series of questions presented to her is by the voice of the old princess. Luckily all the question pertain to the United States PoP relevant info of the 1960's and she is crowned the missing Queen. She is then lead to a secret room where she has a psychedelic experience showing her the city of Imar.....
In the last stages of the Trip (they literally call it a trip) we are shown a picture of the cities skyline... It is New York complete with World Trade Center.... And extra tower is present making the modern syncheads brain do loopty loops. The implications of this picture perhaps could warrant it's on blog, most notably interesting for our topic here is that this creates a W shape and W is of course the 23rd letter.

No it must be noted here that one does not always have to either trip in a Pyramid during a planet alignment, die, or fly in a hot air balloon to find them self in the land of the dead.

The story tells of how the four children of the Queen (by some accounts Guinevere), Rowland, his two older brothers, and his sister, Burd Ellen, were playing ball near a church. Rowland kicked the ball over the church and Burd Ellen went to retrieve it, inadvertently circling the church "widdershins", or opposite the way of the sun, and disappeared. Rowland went to Merlin to ask what became of his sister and was told that she was taken to the Dark Tower by the King of Elfland, and only the boldest knight in Christendom could retrieve her.
The eldest brother decided he would make the journey, and was told what to do by Merlin. He did not return, and the middle brother followed, only to meet the same fate. Finally Childe Rowland went forth, having been given his father's sword, that never struck in vain, for protection. Merlin gave him his orders: he must chop off the head of anyone in
Elfland who speaks to him until he sees his sister, and he must not eat or drink anything while in that realm. Rowland obeyed the orders, dispatching a horseherd, a cowherd, and a henwife, who would not tell him where his sister was. The henwife would only say he had to circle a hill three times widdershins, and say each time "Open, door! open, door! And let me come in." Following the instructions, a door opened in the hill and Rowland entered a great hall, where sat Burd Ellen, under the spell of the King of Elfland. She told him he should not have entered Elfland, for misfortune befell all who did, including their brothers, who were prisoners in the Dark Tower, nearly dead.
Rowland, forgetting Merlin's words, was overcome with hunger and asked his sister for food. Unable to warn him, she complied. At the last moment, Merlin's words returned to Rowland and he threw down the food, upon which the King of Elfland burst into the hall. Rowland fought with the King, and with the aid of his father's sword beat him into submission. The King begged for mercy, and Rowland granted it, provided his siblings were released. They returned home together, and Burd Ellen never circled the church widdershins again.

Above is the story of Childe Rowland.... Source of course is Wiki. Here we see the a classic Fariytale, this happening to attention in the form of a door. The hero Rowland must go around three times echoing the three days till the resurrection of christ, that itself echoing the "stall" of the sun during the winter solctice.
The synopsis of Childe Rowland is found in a Scandinavian medieval ballad. Although the hero and heroine appear under different names, and the elf-king is replaced by a mermaid, the story is essentially the same: The youngest brother rides out to rescue his sister, and succeeds. The sister in this ballad has lived under a different name, probably oblivious of her background until her brother revives her.
"Childe Rowland" is referenced briefly in
King Lear, by Gloucester's son, Edgar, disguised as mad Tom, in one of his mad ramblings:
Child Rowland to the Dark Tower came,
His word was still 'Fie, foh, and fum,
I smell the blood of a British man'
Robert Browning's 1855 poem Childe Rowland to the Dark Tower Came, takes its inspiration more from Shakespeare than the fairy tale, and has no real connection with the latter.
Stephen King has also written about the character Rowland (spelled Roland) in his Dark Tower series, though this explicitly references the Robert Browning 1855 poem. In this sci-fi/fantasy tale, Roland is the last gunslinger on a tireless mission to reach the Dark Tower, the nexus of all worlds. It is perhaps worth noting that, while King seems to have based the novels more on the Browning poem, there are some similarities between Roland's tale and "Childe Rowland," such as the sorcerer "Maerlyn" (an apparent pseudonym of Randall Flagg) and an antagonistic "king" figure (represented in the novel by the Crimson King).-Wiki
The seven book series of The Dark Tower is something that you could find yourself digging into for a good six months. There is no way around trying to discount the importance of the story. Seeing an opportunity for a detailed synopsis is not what I'm doing here. Above we are introduced to little Jake Chambers or JC. After dieing in our world he is transported to the land of the Gunslinger. Once again he dies there, and latter the Gunslinger who's name is Roland travels back in time VIA door that opens into the city of Manhattan... (In fact almost all the movement between worlds in the series is done by doors and most of the doors enter in to New York City at different points of it's history). Roland keeps the original death of JC from happening and therefore creates a split in both his and the child's memory. Both remember being in the company after JC's death and subsequent re-death and at the same time have no memory of the events at all. To avoid the insanity of the Y like split the group of Gunslinger's that Roland has accumulated from different time periods of Manhattan concoct a plan to bring JC back into the land of the dead. The picture above shows him finding himself in front of a single Rose growing form the ground that holds an entire universe with in itself. This resonates strongly with the flowers we have already found above. The Rose was found by following coincidences and hidden symbols in POP culture to the empty lot and latter the team takes it upon themselves to keep the flower from being destroyed or risk the destruction of the entire universe. Shown is JC bending down to pick up the Key that shall usher him into the next realm.
The icon of the door is used through out mythos for obvious reasons. It is the division between one space and another. Think Monster Inc. Two major modern epics in cinema today have used the door as well.
Neo using the backdoors to navigate through the Matrix.
Behind a door of light he finds the secret of his destiny.
In the Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix who's sync bones have damn near been picked clean by the likes of Richard Arrowsmith, not to mention Adam Star, we find Harry searching for the door behind which holds the secret to his destiny.
Now what lies behind is indeed literally Harry's fortune.
However it is interesting how much reliance is put on the dream in this two epics. Both characters dream of the door . And in fact a dream is a way to communicate with the land of the dead for both Alice and Dorthy were suspected of having nothing more that a dream. Sleep is often referred to as the little death and death as the big sleep, and the Rosicrucian infused Shakespearean folio has product such as A Midnight Summer's Dream, in which flights of fancy are the topic. But, if we keep and eye on Shake Spear we see another interesting product from his Hamlet(which in turn is about a ghost).

"...For in Death what Dreams may come."

From the famous Mortal Coil to be or not to be nonsense.
Well that could open up a can of worms couldn't it... Robin jumping in a field of cartoon flowers in the land of the dead, his DoG by his side. However what I want to extract from that is the way they present the land of the dead to be inside Robin Williams own mind... We shall see that theme again. But, what if we redirect towards another Door sync in the form of an actor who has already entered this web.
Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison makes his presence known again. Heading towards a Door of light.

"When the Doors of Perception are cleansed things will appear as they truly are."-Aldus Huxley(stolen of course from William Blake)

That quote is sited as the source of inspiration for the name of the original band. Interestingly enough in the movie Jim Morrison is said to be Dionysus.
Batman Forever.... Sync Christ Carrey shakes the hand of Kilmer, the man from the Red Planet. Dionysus and Osiris are in agreement... DNA emanates from Carrey's back(thanks Jake).
In my most favorite sync we find Jim Carrey parodying Val as Jim Morrison while winning a MTV movie award for the Truman Show some time ago. He even wears a funky Peacock shirt. So I guess this is a sign for us to take a closer look at the Peacock once again.

The peacock as Jim Sanders goes on and on about is tightly associated to Juno. It's also a kin to the savior motif and Jesus most certainly. It is a phoenix like bird, and therefore linked to the mortal immortals who die and come back. The Egyptians had an image of the phoenix that was very man like in appearance.
Notice the star that lies in front of this depiction of the phoenix. But also note the "Cow Lick" on top on the head. This is a symbol of the pineal gland being active in the phoenix and has a close relationship to the plumage atop a peacock's head.

We have the Pineal "Cow Licks" accounted for but also of interest is the use of the eye. The relation between the eye and the Peacock would I suppose be obvious to most. The eagle(ego) has one eye(I) that we have already seen sacrificed earlier in the post, but the peacock has many eyes. However there is a deeper relationship as well. There is apart of the eye called the Iris... Which I imagine has it's origin in the goddess of the rainbow of the same name. The rainbow being the separation of light and the way to the land of OZ as the Rainbow Bridge. A topic that I will not go into great detail here seeing that far wiser people than me have tackled it to great success.... Namely Indras Net from Live from the Logosphere.
Iris is the goddess who plays an almost symmetric role as Hermes. She is the messenger of the gods and even carries a Caduceus. This linking her with DNA. Mr. Kotze has brought up the fact that Kate Winslett(Sync Christ Carrey's girlfriend in Eternal Sunshine) has resonated with Iris for quite sometime. Her hair takes on a Rainbow like quality as she changes it through out Carrey's memory of her.
She can also be seen starring in the movie title Iris.
The Rainbow then pierces her field in the movie Finding Neverland.
Neverland of course being an all too important Land of the Dead where none ever grow up. OF course this was written by Johnny Depp's character... Johnny also starred in an interesting movie involving himself in the dead other that Pirates of the Caribbean in which he is rescued from the Land of the Dead that he created. Also noted is that he is split into multiple personalities in Pirates.....
Dead is about a Man(Johnny Depp) named WiLLiam Blake... Who shows his name in this post at least one more time. Any way I'm way not in the mood to type this shit my self so lets see what your mind does if I cut and paste a clip from IMDB.

Dead Man is the story of a young man's journey, both physically and spiritually, into very unfamiliar terrain. William Blake travels to the extreme western frontiers of America sometime in the 2nd half of the 19th century. Lost and badly wounded, he encounters a very odd, outcast Native American, named "Nobody," who believes Blake is actually the dead English poet of the same name. The story, with Nobody's help, leads William Blake through situations that are in turn comical and violent. Contrary to his nature, circumstances transform Blake into a hunted outlaw, a killer, and a man whose physical existence is slowly slipping away. Thrown into a world that is cruel and chaotic, his eyes are opened to the fragility that defines the realm of the living. It is as though he passes through the surface of a mirror, and emerges into a previously-unknown world that exists on the other side.

Ok wait, where was I. Oh, so the important visuals are the fact that he is a Gunslinger resonating with the Stephen KING search for the Nexus at all space time, and that he has lightning bolts painted under each eye. He is a Dead Man with the name of a Dead Man. As a side note WiLLiam Blake had once said that he witnessed a Fairy Wedding once upon a time.

Now is the time to realize that the peacock itself is the Rainbow for it symbolizes the seven different colors of the spectrum. It symbolized in alchemy the joining of all colors into one. Most adepts were told to stare in to the depths of one of their bottles which held the elixir of life and wait for the Peacock to spread his tail. The crucible talked about symbolized the adept body itself, and when they talk about the elixir changing all the colors of the rainbow while being drunk, we understand that this is the alchemist way of describing the assimilation of all opposites within himself. The Lupas or Philosophers Stone is meant to produce all colors and is often associative with Christ and the phoenix as well, linking it back to the peacock. Even the iridescent skin that appears on molten metal which is an alchemical choir to say the least was also multicolored.
Often called "Hermes Bird" the peacock was an iconic alchemical symbol beyond doubt. Above is a picture from Franlkk Albo's personal collection, or so I've been told by Jim Sanders of which I received it from. The bird stands between two pillars and is in a very phallic appearing bottle. It is kept from entering a vaginal like hole by a small golden chain. This chain has a great deal to do with the gold chain and crown that binds the Unicorn on the British Coat of Arms, and the gold chain that suspended between earth and the sky on Mount Olympus. This is once again pointing to the joining of the opposites, manly the opposite of male and female. This is the preoccupation of the alchemy and even the "Hermaphroditic Monster" was a mix of all colors. The Seven colors are a combining of all qualities.

The Rainbow also appears in the bible often. And context changes if we view the Peacock and the Rainbow as synonymous. There is Gods promise to Noah after the flood... But, more importantly perhaps is the Angel with a Rainbow over his head in Revelations. Iris is the messenger of god and the rainbow therefore symbolizes the coming of God.

Iris' family name is Junonia. And as we already know Juno is heavily associated with the Peacock. Juno renewed her virginity like the peacock renewed it's plumage. This link is one of the reasons that the peacock walks hand in hand with rejuvenation.

In the Gunslinger series we discover that there are a set of glass orbs that grant the owner of them certain powers. They are called Merlyn's Rainbow. There are way more than 7 however, actually 13, one for each of the guardian animals that lie at the 12 points around Roland's world and then the Black 13 that stands for the tower itself and can open pretty much any door, with the risk of driving you crazy to the brink of suicide of course. The import lies in the fact that the group learns about them while traveling through Topeka Kansas in an alternate realm that has been devastated by a super flu. They come upon a replica of Emerald City and fight the main bady named Randall Flag. Later in the series (remember it has 7 books) they discover the Black orb of the rainbow, and then... Well I'll let Wiki tell it.

Black Thirteen was given to Father Callahan by the man in black while Roland was chasing him. Callahan was transported to Calla Bryn Sturgis by it, and subsequently hid it away after settling down in the Calla. When Roland's ka-tet arrived in Wolves of the Calla, he offers it to Roland as incentive for their aid.

Mia steals it after the showdown with the Wolves and uses it to escape to the New York of 1999, where she planned to give birth to Mordred Deschain. Jake Chambers and Pére Callahan follow and retrieve Black Thirteen, then store it in a locker beneath the World Trade Center. It is not known precisely what happened to it afterwards, though the implication is that on September 11, 2001, the building it was stored in fell on top of it and destroyed it or that the tons of rubble and subsequent new building would have buried Black 13 underground, leaving it inaccessible forever.
This here is the mysterious Mother Goddess out front the Manitoba Legislative building in Winnipeg. She has been "pegged" as Juno by the likes of Jake Kotze and Jim Sanders to great degree. Odd is the fact that she hold Black 13 in her hands. The Black orb being 13 and therefore M(the 13th letter) is interesting in and of itself seeing the giant M that holds over the door.
Ok, to some it might seem that I'm just regurgitating stuff that others have already pointed out... So what. True I've never seen the Manitoba Legislative building (and probably never will at this point, as much as I would like to), but that stinking Black orb has ever puzzled the shit out of me. Why in GoDs name is that black bowling ball in her hand. However with the study of this Fairy Trinity we must remember what was said about the Star Goddess earlier....

She is seated on a throne of onyx with an egg in her lap.

Did the maker's of "Juno" upon the throne above know how close of a description they had made that statue to the Mother of the fairies AKA the dead? I have no idea, but around here we care little about such things. Around here we see that inspiration comes from a far deeper well than any dowsing rod can find. Round here we understand the fact that there is no running from what is. My interpretation, however abrasive to some is valid, and Juno is the Star Goddess.

Returning to the Peacock (I hope all understand the amount of tongue holding that goes on at this blog, I try not to give you an hour long read I promise) we see that it was also used by the like of Islam....
This here is Al-Buraq (Wiki says that it is pronounced Barack... You know like the President). The word itself literally meaning "Lightning Bolt". The description on Wiki keeps changing, but Manly P says that it had the body of a Mule/Donkey, the face of a Women, and the tail of a Peacock.... Or something like that, I'm pretty drunk now, and don't feel like marching off to my library. Ok... Where were we.... Oh, so this thing appears at night right after the Angel Gabriel and takes Muhammad to Jerusalem... Then to the seven heavens. Yep, you heard right 7! 7 books of the Dark Tower and 7 colors of the spectrum. Not to mention that I had my last post about the relation of Hermes/Iris, Lightning, and DNA.... Now we have a snug footing in saying that the Peacock is up in there as well.
Now the Hindu's have Murugan.... Richard Arrowsmith out of jest will sometimes refer to me as Mr. Murugan, however I think that is saying too much, for this Murugan seems to be very important to many. He is said to have been wed to the seven sisters of the Pleiades's. And yes I just said 7 again. In fact it is very possible that he is a symbol of the Pleiades's themselves. The Billy Myer's UFO files(Billy Myers claims to have been talking to alien from there for decades) say that we will experience a jump in our physical make up from energy from the star cluster). It is also possible that our connection to the Pleiades's and likes of light might be valid. However we have another all too important Peacock god who can add even deeper mystery to this whole cluster fuck.
The Peacock Angel is mainly associated to the Elohim or the Angels in the Bible that controversly created the world as we know it. Also remember what is under his feet we'll talk about that latter.

In Genesis 1. 26, God says, let 'us' make man in 'our' image according to 'our' likeness.

•"Then the Lord God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil; and now, lest he stretch out his hand, and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever," (Gen. 3:22, NASB).

The Yezidi people are a sect of Islamic tradition who still hold reverence to this deity. However the Christian tradition seeing the fact that no other deity besides YHWH can exist has demonized the Peacock Angel, commonly refereed to as Tawsi Melek into Lucifer AKA the Fallen.The connection to the Elohim is noted in the Bible Quotes above, the discussion is of course why god would have considered himself plural. The belief of the Yezidi echo this because they say that the GoD created Tawsi Melek to create the universe. In turn they created six Archangels to help him in this task. Tawsi Melek being the Umbrella that all the others were under. Including him there were seven, however like the rainbow he was all of them at the same time, encompassing a blending of all. The realization that this theme echos the gnostic belief that the GoD that created existence could not have been the true GoD, but a secondary god seeing that the true GoD could not create the evil that runs rampant on the Earth, being so related to the Peacock angel is shocking. Is it that the YHWH demiurge of the Gnostic's and the Peacock Angel are one an the same?

PoP blips that need mentioning for the floW of this post would be that the Illuminutus Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson holds a chapter called The Order of The Peacock Angel, and in addition your favorite Esoteric comic book author and mine.... Allan Moore used him in his un sung epic Top Ten resonating 10 or the roman numeral X once again... X and Y.... 24 and 25.
In the scene above a Pan like creature pokes a mechanical dinosaur(symbol of evolution) with a trident. The dinosaur recently beaten by King Peacock worshiper of Tawsi Melek.
Above is Jeff Smax another of the Top Ten heroes. Top Ten is a police precent that regulates crime in a interdimensional universe filled with super heroes/villains. Smax is a Blue invulnerable bad ass with a White hand print left by a child that he was unsuccessful in keeping alive from the attach of a giant dragon... All interesting themes considering the content you are reading now. Blue Gods.... Hand prints dragons... etc. Also of interest is the fact that his particular species is called a demi-orge resonating with the demi-urge once again.
Sergeant Kemlo "Hyperdog" Caesar
A super intelligent, talking doberman in a man-shaped robotic exoskeleton. Kemlo is a humorous and kind individual, hiding his feelings of inadequacy at being a dog in a human world. Although he quells an objection by Girl One with a claim that he is not attracted to humans, he eventually falls in love with a former prostitute called Neural 'Nette and the two become intimate despite the species difference. Five years after the Ultima incident, Hyperdog and his wife adopt a young Anubis-headed girl named Cynothia Cephali. He eventually replaces Major Cindercott as head of Precinct 10.

Once again I use Wiki, which I normally don't do, to save time. Interestingly enough the picture above of "Hyperdog" features attention to glasses, turtles, and a circle M monogram commonly called a WE3 spinner. Again with the 13. Anyway that's my insanity talking.
Richard Arrowsmith has assisted me to no end on numerous projects due to my ability to render computers useless. The cropping of King Peacock, Smax, Hyperdog were done by him months ago while my Photo shop lay inoperative like a pile of binary shit. Thanks Richard. During which we were talking about the Peacock Angel and his interest was peeked. He sent me the picture above that shows Hyperdog in a shirt that says DoG. Dogs are a symbol of Hermes, often seen on talismans made for the deity. They also represent the dog star Sirius which seems to hold influence of some individuals such as Robert Anton Wilson and Philip K Dick. Both Hermes and Sirius in my opinion stand for Cosmic Consciousness as it were. They in point are interchangeable. Dog of course is God backwards. Also we now get a frontal view of King Peacock and the Third eye decoration on his forehead.
Above is a picture of Teal'c from the TV adaptation of Stargate. Stargate being the main contemporary source of the Land of the Dead motif. Although I have lots to say about it we'll leave most for latter. However I'd never forgive myself if I didn't point out the obvious likeness between the man above and King Peacock by Moore.
The Watchmen or just Watchmen for the unannotated. Another Alan Moore masterpiece. The frame above is from the newly made movie adaptation. Second from the left we see Mothman(MM) in the super hero group the Minute Men(MM). He is standing to a gentlemen with a large amount of stars on him. Mothman resonates either on purpose or not with the book the Mothman Prophecies by John Keel.
Mr. Keel is a long time friend of Robert Anton Wilson and in the year 1967(1+9+6+7=23) claims to have had some weird experience highlighted in the book. The book covers topics such as UFO's, Men in Black(resonating with the gunslinger series above), and interdimensional beings of terror. The things that are important here is that Keel's theories in the book(not covered in the Richard Grere film) state that Men in Black(we'll see them here again soon) and the interdimensional aliens were the source of our modern tells of the Draconian or Merovingian blood line. Of course David Icke picked up this baton and fucking ran with it. When the newest Indiana Jones came out, and we discovered that Shi(v)a La B. was the son of he and Mary, we found that screen writers could possibly be reading Jake's blog. They correlated the elongated heads that most the alternate history guys associate with the Egyptians to the Mayans. The one thing that most people went on and on about was the fact that the aliens were not interplanetary, but interdimensional like our mothman here. Personally as a side note I like the fact that they mentioned the aliens having a group or cosmic consciousness yet kept there individuality. Nobody really committed on this hive mind hint, which baffled me to no end. I really think that the things that go un noticed most are the ones that effect people the most. Actually however I relate the fact that there is no proof of aliens as of yet, as much as I would like there to be, to the fact that any concept of them is a concept of self. If we can assimilate the otherworld as the underworld and the underworld as the subconscious then aliens are the part of ourselves that we are least familiar with. And the traits of said aliens be it interdimensional or hive mind are a concept of ourselves that we can not relate to at this time. We project these things on to the pictures of gods when we are really describing ourselves the whole time. We are responsible for our development through these concepts that we now are disconnected from. This to some might sound like there is something wrong with us, however that is not true, we are completely on schedule. Also to some the urge to be pissed might arise from the thought of hive mind, however go down to your nearest interstate for fifteen minutes and tell me that we aren't already. Product of certain pop relative things such as fashion are a sure sign of this. When I was a kid certain fashions looked absolutely cool to me, latter I couldn't understand why. It was not pressure from piers because I grew up in the back woods of Alabama and saw very few piers that had adopted these fashions, however I had plugged into the hive mind at that time. Or that's the way I dissect it these days at least.Mothman in the Watchmen also sports a WE3 spinner M on his shirt tugging again at the number 13.Watchmen's only true super hero if you discount all the Batman wannabes is Dr. Manhattan(resonating the land of OZ again like the Gunslinger series) seen here with a sort of Halo above his head from the ceiling above. He is literally a blue god syncing nicely with all the others above. I was expectant in this movie to see him with either a peacock or DNA strand at some point in the movie because I had been mulling over all these aspects for sometime when it finally aired.
I was not disappointed. During the scene above with the halo still visible Manhattan transports in essence killing himself via time travel etc. In the left hand corner not far from his energy field is the all to familiar double helix of DNA.
V for Vendetta is also written by Alan Moore. As has been pointed out over at the Sync Whole the import here lies within the V. In this picture it is place directly over the mask of V. The mask of course is a way of separating Mortals from Immortals in Greek dramas. If the actor did not wear a mask then he/she was a human, if they did then they were a GoD. This also relates to Sunglasses seeing that they are the modern day mask that movies use.The Antenna or bunny ears is seen as a way of marking an alien or fallen angel. One whose experience is outside of the norm in other words. The new Disney movie above featuring the Zeus resonating John Trabolta and the Dreaming dead Mork and Mindy actor AKA the living rainbow Robin WiLLiams. Robin seen here with the DoG PAW on his shoulder is seen in Mork and Mindy almost always wearing multiple colors pegging him as the living rainbow and the many sun rays of the peacock.Mars being our closest relative is seen time and time again as being the source of contact. In the movie above we see the antenna being used once again on an actor that has been tagged as being alien and from the Cartoon realm of the dead gods.Christopher LLoyd and Jeff Daniels. Now Christopher LLoyd(LL) also played in taxi with Andy Coffman who has shown his face in this post under the scuise of Jim Carrey but also was in The One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest with Vincent Schiavelli who was with him in Buckaroo Bonzai. He is seen here with Elizabeth Hurley who was made in Weird Science and played the Devil/Lucifer/The Fallen in Bedazzled and Jeff Daniels being given the bunny ears by Lucy and played in Dumb and Dumber with Carrey. Attention to sunglasses.
Carrey himself donning the V like antennae in the Truman show. A flag behind is for Truman, but in Hebrew T is for the Morning Star, Lucifer, the Fallen.
Carrey's first contact with the Who... A visitor form above.... Showing his V hand gesture.
And as another "Green Man" making the gesture with his arms.... My, my, what a Mr. E.

V is voiced by Australian or OZy actor Hugo Weaving(resonating a web or basket). This was a fantastic part played by he and not often talked about. However the important thing to look at here is the Composite Character Identification of this individual. CCI is done when you take all or some of the rolls of a person and compile them into one big picture.He is probably best known for saying.... Oh.... Wait, wrong picture. Hold on a second.
For saying "Mr. Anderson"(say it a couple of times it feels cool). Here we have Agent Smith. First off we have the god like sunglasses making him a star. But, we also have the blatant Man In Black reference. That resonating nicely with the Gunslinger series and the Mothman Prophecies. In the Matrix trilogy if we go further we have the fact that all ghost, ghouls, vampires, and other creepies that go bump in the night are attributed to being nothing more than out lived programs within the system. Of course they are lead by the Merovingian.... Perfect fit! The 3 is seen right at his head and someone has already pin pointed this as meaning he as part of a Trinity, that being something that we've already been working with here. The SOL(my favorite beer actually) behind Reeves sets him as a Sun Deity and of course he gets his eye(another eye sacrificed) poked out just like the Horus Mythos..... He also played Elrond in the Lord Of the Rings Trilogy and hopefully will again come the Hobbit.
In the Hobbit it is described that Elrond had a sort of starry halo around his head. In fact all crowns are a product of being a Lucifer because they represented the light of the Sun emanating from the ruling person. They were the light of god on earth. Or the Morning Star. Perhaps we don't have to go that far though because the Eleves go to the west by sea to reach their Immortality according to Tolkien and we have a direct correlation to that and the Fairy tales of old saying that the west was the origin of the Fairy Folk. Tolkien would have know this and this was intentional. Elrond although is considered to be only half Elf but is Lord of Rivendall and I can't image anyone arguing that he is not the king of the Elves no matter how nerdy you be.

Elrond was Lord of Rivendell, one of the mighty rulers of old that remained in Middle-earth in its Third Age. His name means "Vault of Stars", "Star-dome", or "Elf of the Cave" (the exact meaning is uncertain, as Tolkien gave different derivations in different places).-Wiki

That little excerpt will come in handy here soon but is probably the main inspiration for the Cartoon land of the Unreal version of the Hobbit that came out some time in the 70's.
Hugo Weaving is also credited as the Voice of Megatron(Metatron is the only angel that may sit in the presents of GoD). This brings Shia back into the mix but during the writing of this I went to the new movie to see what insight it could bring to this thread.
Megaton lay on the bottom of the ocean. The exaggeration appears in the star fish that cover his face. This resonates soundly with the comment of Elrond mentioned briefly above, but also seems to have a deeper meaning than just Hugo's stardom. The heroes of old, in fact most legends, ended up as the stars after death more often times than not. The stars are truly the land of the dead.Kilmer is flanked by stars in the Wonderland movie poster. Wonderland a reference to the land of the dead beyond argument.
Stars are also around Dustin Hoffmans head here in Hook. In fact to get to Never Never Land one must head towards the second star to the right and keep on till morning. Bob Hoskin plays Smee and appears in the Sync Relevant Super Mario Brothers as Mario Mario(MM), he was Eddie Valiant in Roger Rabbit(RR), and wasn't he pan in A Midsummers Night Dream(that alone with a multitude of implications).
Stars kept coming up in the flick, to the point that I started to wonder if it was on purpose. Here in The Smithsonian while looking for an ancient Decepticon they are surrounded by all the star decal on the planes they run through. The Enola Gay sync winks from behind, it being the plane that dropped the first atomic bombs on Japan.

There's two stars in this one. The over all effect leads up to the Heroes stay in Egypt where all of a sudden Shi(v)a puts two and two together and starts ranting about stars, he runs out and starts lining up stars to discover where the next plan of action will be. It is not until this is seen that we realize he himself is covered in stars.
Seven(yes seven) stars with a crescent moon Within. I had already been suspecting that something was going on with this shirt because of the Crescent being associated with the Mythology of the olden Shiva. Kali and Shiva share a relationship that mirrors Sita and Rama(the bowman) as well, and this is mimicked(not without a fair bit of bad acting and horrible screen writing) with Fox and La B....In fact Fox is Haloed by the Egyptian Solar Orb at around the time that La B, remembers the stars. This is in recognition of her deity, however unlikely that it was intentional. Fox has a robot in her purse that she carries around Like a DoG and leases with a DNA chain. The robot having ONE eye that has been sacrificed.
One of my favorite part of the flick is when Weaving as Megatron brawl bets STARscream with his own arm.
They stand on the heilo pad with the number 12 under foot. 12 symbolizes the stroke of the clock, a count down. This can be rounded off easily enough to the angel of death through free association.
The Land of the dead is invoked in many ways through out the film. In one scene while entering the area of the Pyramids they come upon a small military individual at the gate. They even mention him as a Munchin and ask for passage by explaining that they are from New York which as we already know has a strong tie to OZ.
The search for the Matrix that they need for certain reasons that I will not mention in hopes of not ruining anything for those who haven't seen it leads them to almost the same kind of temple that Shi(v)a La B's dad Harrison(RR) Ford as Indiana Jones found the Holy Grail. Once again I sat there in my seat wondering if this was on purpose.The Matrix is dissolves in to powder, which is referred to as Pixie Dust oddly enough in the movie. To assemble it back into operating order Shi(v)a actually dies and visits the land of the dead. Here he is taught his destiny and sent back to the land of the living.The matrix then is found in it's full glory. Mission accomplished.
The Pyramid is scaled by The Fallen and Megatron as well as John Tuturra the famous Purple Jesus.
Then the cap stone is destroyed. This of course being the point of the structure where the eye would be. Again the eye is sacrificed.
Although I said before I didn't want to ruin anything, I must however add that the machine inside the pyramid is made to suck the energy of the sun making it a black sun. This falls inline with the Myan Prophecy which speaks of the coming blackening of the sun. The sun is supposed to be eclipsed for sometime and when it returns the new age starts as sort of a rebooting. This plays out on all kinds of levels in modern media including the TV shows Heroes, The Last Airbender, and of course the new 2012 movie. And again of course seemingly on purpose.In Monsters Vs. Alien(both others) we find another C-Red Robot get his Eye Decapitated by the Gold Gate Bridge.... That however is another post.
Now we come to perhaps the main PoP relevant icon of the King of the Elves. He being The King Elvis, where all we have to do is use our imagination and change a vowel. Elvis was found dead in the year 1977(same year Scanner Darkly and Mothman came out). 77 being OZ in Hebrew for the O is 70 and the Z is 7. This was quite a strange year for the world in general. You can go see if you want, but the focus here is the deity of Elvis himself. Don't forget that in the 80's TV show Otherworld Elvis was one of the VIPs that had gotten the tour to the middle of the Pyramid. Elvis with V sticking out of his head like Antennae.
The Jumpsuits worn by Elvis included the Aztec Calender, Thunderbirds, Phoenixes, and of Course the Peacock shown above. Stranger still is the Web of connects as far as actors who have dipped into this role.
Kevin Costner who talked to the dead in Feild Of Dreams and Dragonfly. Feild of Dreams resonating soundly with the connection of Dreams and the Dead. Also Dragonfly having the word Dragon in it, this movie featured Costner talking to his dead wife. A halo eminates from Costners crown resonating with the crown of lights around Elrond the King of the Elves that we saw earlier, also Costner has a belt buckle with the Scorpion on it, making a nice hint at a constellation. Kurt Russell has played Elvis a total of three times. One of his first movies was of Elvis and was the first movie that was mass published by Sync Christ John Carpenter. Carpenter and Russell came to work together many times afterwards, the movies that I've seen hold syncronistic richness. In Forrest Gump the voice of Elvis was done by Russell as well. Russell is most well known by his links to the Twin Towers in Escape form New York resonating OZ and directed of course by John Carpenter again. In that movie Russell plays Snake Pliskin that also resonates with the Fairy Gods connection to the snake and he wears an eye patch to cover his sacrificed eye. Russell is also featured as the first to go throught the Stargate in the movie Stargate. Now time for a video break.

This clip was great for me to go back and watch. I suggest you do the same. So often we decide that it's time to move on and not waste time, however your perception is not fixed and things will appear different on second veiwings.... Not because they have changed, but because you have.

Pyrimids Check
Kurt Rusell in Sunglasses Check
One sacrifed Eye(I or 9) Check
The motif of the two monoliths at the entrance of the Stargate is special to me personally because once I had my little spurt of weird dreams(that I'll try to explain sooner or latter) I began absorbing everything sycromystic, still however tring to find out why I was being pulled towards it. It was a trip down to Pueblo CO to see my wifes family that really made the relavance of this shit in my own life vivid as hell. Going through Colorado Springs home of the Air Force Academy as well as a short distance from the TV Stargate I see this. Attention to multiple moons.
I literally almost pooped myself. This here is America the Beatiful Park. Named after the song because it was here that the writer of that particular song was inspired to write it in the first place.... Purple Moutain Majestry.... You know what I'm saying?
It is a Water Gate pure and simple. Through which one sees Pikes Peak(PP) that was the Majesty that really got her going. Pikes in my head is like a Pyrimid or Mountain. A K2 resonater if you savy. Now the Monoliths are Jaquin and Boaz of course that flanked the entrance to Eygptian and Jewish temples. Basically you see the Pillars leading to a connection to god.... A Stargate. I wondered if this was telling me to create an Ark and head for the nearest 14ner around these parts, and wait for the shit to hit the fan. Then one day Aferrismoon hinted at his interest in water gateson a comment he made on Jakes blog around the time when I had just started posting . I was excited imediately and E-mailed him because then no one but perhaps Jake had really read my shit. So we had a little discussion that he ended up posting and for that I was very thankfull.... Word up U1 as we yanks say.
Here's his post if your interested it has pictures of other parks that I found with simalar themes.


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Thanks man... I can't believe you actually read that.

E. T. Hansen said...

:condensed to the essential, Self is rasing the awareness of the portal to the realm of the dead as the singular most important in the stargate epoch (Z0:01-Z0:12). It is the realm of ego=nothing personified in the "x" identity, as Self so eloquently put it the twin peaks oppositioned. Greatest pull before the revelation. Great stuff.

The blackening of the sun was 22/7

Clock is approaching 10. We are in the divine "9". Exit is the elf=eleven.

It doesn't matter if we man lifeboats or not. It matters to loose fear of everything and keeping the music playing. Loose fear of death. Man's lifeboat.

the magic is here

"Dead Man" Jarmusch new flick Limits of Control about the angel of death in the evil eye...

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Greetings Mr Morgan, not only has Mr Weaving played Mr Smith, and Elrond, and the guy in V for Vendetta in his far-spanning career as an actor in the cinema, but one of the main characters in this. Also, for a crash course in the F(a)eri(e) Tradition, go here… Gno then that THAT is an amalgam of Huna (Lemurian), Youruba (Nigerian), and Cymru (Welsh) Magical Traditions, an attempt to cultivate the beginning reservoir of the source of all luminal traditions.

One more item, though. Malek Tâwûse, the Peacock Angel, and Dian-y-Glas, the Blue God, are NOT the same guy. The former is the primary deity of the Yezidis of Iraq, the second a deity of Feri by way of the Cymri. See you in Elphame!

Teaching, teaching, teaching,
Anadæ Effro (•:-)}

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Hey Doc Thanks... Loose fear of death is it in total. But, I will not pretend to be on top of what is happening... I just do what inspiration has given me. The ego is one of my favorite topics. You have a dizzying intellect.

Effro... Don't know if you remember, but I racked your brains for info once upon a time. I hear all your saying and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert looks interesting and damn right weird at the same time. However I don't think we should discount the link on the Peacock Angel and Dian-y-glas based on semantics. They have a connection through the peacock at least.... See you in the tree my friend.

Unknown said...

Hey if you're competing with me for having posts so long nobody wants to read them... you better watch out, buddy!

The "hearts" in Valey of the Wind are clearly magic mushrooms, made more clear by the blueness asociated with them. And even more clear in the association you made with the blue dress (Alice + shrooms, Dorothy + poppy flowers). Substances which allow access to the Other's World.

The two moons in Otherworld is interesting... That and the Darcula stuff.

The DNA coming out of JC's back reminds me of a story of an anthropologist who wanted to learn about a Central or South American religion, and the Shaman said he can't know what it is all about unless he drank the yage/ayahuasca. So he did, and spiraling serpents crawled out of his spine and projected in front of him a "movie" of the history of Mankind. Only later, after it's discovery (via LSD), did he become aware that the serpents were actually DNA strands.

In Doors of Perception, By Aldous Huxley, the complete quote by Blake is: "If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite." Also, the dedication page of the book simply says "For M" the old inverted W/23 PoPs UP again.

There's an alchemical maxim that goes something like "the work will be done when the seven are one." Oh wait, it's actually: "It is finished when seven are one." (But I like my version better) I have the book Alcemy and Mysticism which has that peacock pic. Below is the phrase "Completion is nigh" (Sounds like "The End Is Near!"). Here's the description that the authors put with it: "The arival of Venus in the sky brings snesual pleasure; a magnificent play of colours called the "peacocks tail" appears. Basil Valentine said that this phenomenon, like a rainbow, indicates "the in future the matter will come from the moist to the dry." (The picture is from: Salomon Trismosin Splendor solis, London, 16th Century) The golen chain which appears to be keeping the bottle from entering the hole might be seen as a chastety belt, or the thorns around a rose protecting the symbol of virginity; at least until the alchemical honey-moon!

The Virgin Mary's virginity was also restored (like Juno/peacock) after giving birth to JC.

"(I hope all understand the amount of tongue holding that goes on at this blog, I try not to give you an hour long read I promise)" Too late! But seriously, I know all too well. I'm going through a post right now trying to delete as much as I can so that people will actually be able to read it.

Ooh! I love that Peacock Angel picture, and it's cuneiform octagon!

I just found this: "Tawsi Melek became associated with the color blue."

"If we can assimilate the otherworld as the underworld and the underworld as the subconscious then aliens are the part of ourselves that we are least familiar with." I was just having this conversation with my brother-in-law, where I proposed that the evidence seems to be pointing to contact with the subconscious rather than interdimensional/planetary beings. Hive mind = collective subconscious and/or DNA memory?).

Have you seen S.Darko? There's blue peacock feathers which appear when contact with the otherworld/alternate-time is being made.

You should throw in a picture of Moses in with all those antenna pics.

Didn't Night At the Museum part 2 also feature the Smithsonian airplne museum? Night time, magical land where the dead live again...

Anyways, awesome stuff as usual. And once again you're riding similar brainwaves as me - plenty of this post fit right with stuff I had just recently been thinking about. (Last night, actually). I might as well jump right into part 2, or maybe I should get a snack first? :D

Unknown said...

Speaking of long posts... blogger wouldn't let me post my comment because it was too long! D:<

I had to cut this part out:

Enjoyed the short rant:
"it seems to me that everyone is running around these days trying to be the first and most intelligent.... Which this work(Synchromysticism) in itself should disprove as possible."

Though it seems odd coming from a contributer at the Synch Whole :D They seem to be pumping out old+new synchs (mostly old) at an alarming rate. If they're gonna be a one-stop-shop for synch-fodder, maybe they wont mind adding some items to the damn synchrowiki!

I gave up on trying to be the first when I realized that many of us seem to touch on similar themes at similar times. Now before every post, I go looking for people who talked about the same thing before me so I can include a link to their post for my readers. This post may be one of those links in my next article, due to a couple of small synchs with it here.

My word verification to post this comment is "hypsych," or as I thought I saw it: "hyp(hip) synch"

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

I fold on trying to bet you my friend... I just don't have the patience. You pound monster post on the reg. This took me 2 months of doing little else.

I hear you about editing...

I'm just happy that you yourself is here to put, so much meaty info into the mix. I admire your work so much... Still catching up on your recent post... Fucking mind blowing.

Hey no Sync Whole bashing... And yes I get the hint... I'll get my fingers moving on some wiki shit, there's just so many things i need to be working on.... For sanities sake.

All honesty about your work... Your stuff is just so completely accurate in my eyes. Thanks homie for everything.

Atareye said...

Part one down. Golden ranting.

Anonymous said...

I honestly can't possibly add anything to that except a simple
"WoW" and 'thanks' man...
Great stuff...!

Jake Kotze said...

Pretty sure you will see The Peg Leg soon.

Awesome read, half way through part 2...

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Jon.... Much Love and Thanks

Transcend Designs.... I want one of your T-Shirts!

Sir, I certainly hope so... Take your time, and thanks.

Ishmael said...

Incredible. Only Half done w/ part one. I'm amazed. We've been having the same moment together. I put up a mess today poking at the same spot you've been. I should have just read you instead. I'll have to come back later. It's time for bed. I look forward to more. I'm eager for more Dark Tower too.
Your work is humbling. You really know your stuff.

Jake Kotze said...

Love the Indiana Jones and Transformers sync of father and sun visiting the same ancient monument carved in rock.

This is the sight of Petra (meaning cleft in the rock).


Christopher Myers said...

Damn that's alot of shit to read, but i got the jest of it.Shila and the word gay on the same screen lol, priceless. You didn't get into any of the Elizabeth Herley/Bedazzeled/Devil thing and Brandon Fraiser/Caveman/Mummy, but that might have been too much lol. Good shit i am gonna have to come back when I have more time.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Mr. Bolles I looked at your stuff... Believe it or not I liked reading your note post. It's was somehow oddly insightful.

Mr. Kotze I wasn't sure if it was the exact same spot because I knew that there were multiples of those rock temples... Thanks for the link, that cleared it up in my head. I still can't believe they did that. Weird I tell ya!

"C" don't forget part 2 my man... If you think it takes a while to read... Shit, it took me a hellova of a lot of time just to upload 260 images, let alone my slow ass typing.

Anonymous said...

WOW- the neverending story about the neverending story- took awhile- had to right myself notes to remember where I was in this read- but very insightful- let's go back to watchman for a moment-which I WATCHED and re-WATCH 5 times- because of the amount of "CACA" ( granddaddy's word for shit)- that was imbedded in that movie- let's look at a thesaurus for the word "watch"- (note to the time pieces that were in there and that clock thing a mu doodle that Jon made on mars the "red" planet-- and the number of clocks that were stopping at "12"-)- oh my- back to the thersaurus for watch-to attend-observe -see also- VISION-- let go to vision-eyesight, seeing, light, perception regard, --see also-IMAGINATION-creative thought- the "mind eye" ( less we not forget about that mind's eye on JON- that blue dude)- and in Hamlet know as "the mind's internal heaven" wordsworth-(love that man's name- worth alot of words-and I do love the power of words- said that imagination was the "stuff that dreams are made on" and as an adjective- whimisical, dreamy, unreal, elfish, elfin, dairy, fairylike-- not me my shaman- but Roget's Thersaurus-boy you got it all there kiddo- nice work- or I would not have taken the time to read it- later- shema-shaman-shalom-

Indras Net said...

wheeeeeew!!! That was an amazing post man, beutiful demonstration of the mind in flow, i really enjoyed taking my time and absorbing that, and im only haflway through. i need some coffee! Im pumped to see more man. Im really looking forward to chatting soon too! Brilliant stuff Shaman, stay linked! Namaste