"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


For The Dead or Dying pt 2

So if we return to the movie Stargate.
We see the symbol on said Stargate is a Pyramid with the sun above which is the icon for Earth. No lets invert that baby.
We have a Y. Or perhaps a persons head with a V emanating from it. I'm starting to see that the V on someones head is a Y anyway.... Same Same as it were. This is direct relationship to the Two Headed Initiate in Alchemy. Or the Two headed eagle as well. It's a Y get it. Thanks for the picture Jim. If the universe was one in the begining and then split in to two, there two opposites still spawn from the same source. The Alchemical man must combine the halves within himself. The Pathogarians used to spit when saying two and held the trinity as the highest. 1 is the beginning, 2 is the lie, three is the whole. Y! 1,2,3.
The Y also tends to the Trinity of past present future. Both past and future I see as spawning from the present. As we have already discussed above they themselves being reflective of the connection to the Land of the Dead. And yes the connection of our DNA or Ancestral Memory. We are connected to all that was, is, and shall be through our DNA. Marty McFlY(MM) with the help of Dr. EMMet Brown(Christopher LLoyd again) goes 88(H being the 8th letter then 88=HH also important) journey's into the past starting at the date 1985(1+9+8+5=23). To get back the car must be struck by Lightning.... Full circle baby.
Micheal J(MJ or M=13 J=10 M+J=23) is backed by Rays(RE) which will be important here in a minute. Steps out of the DOOR of light. Nike's on foot and sunglasses exaggerated. Check out the arrow in the title it points the way to self.

For some reason I always thought that the DeLorean was made by GMC so one day when I was taken a bunch of abbreviations and turning them into their number equivalents I got all excited that G=7 M=13 C=3, 7+13=3=23. Although I was wrong because DMC made this bastard even though it looks like a GMC with the G turned backwards. However this adds crazy significance to shit like the Transformers.
You can see it on the grill this would be D=4 M=13 C=3 which is only 20 and not quite as cool. Then I dug deeper and found that the car is actually called the DeLorean DMC-12. If we take DMC-12 and say 4+13+3+1+2=23.... And if your an asshole and start shit like.

"No you gotta add the 12 as 12 and not 1,2."

Well then go right ahead. 4+13+3+12=32 which is 23 backwards. 23 is 2+3=5 and has alot to do with our own senses which has to do with the letter X or a Cross but we'll get to that soon enough.Before I go on I gotta remember to tell ya that the first time traveler was Einstein, Doc Brown's DoG, and they did it in the Twin Pines MaLL of HiLL VaLLey. Twin Pines resonates with the Gods of the Dead, or the Immortal Mortals, the resurrected ones, like Christ, all of which are hand in hand with Evergreens(think the Christmas tree) because they themselves never die.... Ever Onward. So above we have Christopher LLoyd wearing sunglasses(like he did in My Favorite Martian), Rays, Door, Lighnting... And then.Poof, they are Gunslingers searching for the Nexus of time space. Stars get the exaggeration on this one, as does the train track, which sooner or latter I'll explain is a symbol of destiny(think of all the times you see trains in movies being destiny and you'll trip). Mary Steenburg ushered Powder in to the land of the dead by a lightning bolt also plays Emmett Brown's love interest Clara Clayton(KK phonically) and is shrouded in purple the entire flick.

Like the fact that we must combine our Past, Present, and Future in to One. We must also realize that according to Alchemy each of the 7 rays of light or colors, the 7 planets, and all of their Correspondences, meaning metals, plants etc. which equals to gods, such as Venus, Jupiter, etc. exert specific influences on man and make him a diversity of persons. The Peacock or Rainbow Bridge binds all of this into the One person we should be. This also works with Stars or clusters of stars such as Sirus, or the Pealides. We must make the Universe One inside of us. This is the meaning of the Sound-Of-One-Hand-Clapping Zen Koan and/or the less known Zen Koan "there are people, and yet there are not". We could see people as subjective to our own life or point of view. Meaning they exist strictly because we are conscious or we could see that they are not part of our point of view and exist independently.... Both are correct. Every single one of us upon closing our eyes for the last time destroys the Universe simply because we only see it through the equipment of our bodies.... It is the menu not the food. The esoteric belief of sacrifice is based on this, as is the death of Christ. A part of the person committing the sacrifice dies with the sacrifice itself. Jesus saw our sin, so when he died so to did our sins. This plays out in the Movie Highlander, as well as The One(there's that word again) with Jet Li. Hitler was accused of this purpose in his attempt to kill mass amounts of Jews. This is also in the Illumininutus Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson in which the Illuminati plan to become Clandestine by murdering thousands of concert goers in Bavaria VIA a resurrected army of undead Nazi Soldiers..... As a side note a band named Nirvana was going to play at that particular concert. This has everything to do with the joining of opposites that alchemy is so preoccupied with as is Taoism. And it has everything to do with the letter X.

The X is the Roman Numeral for 10 as we have had come up on our radar now a couple of times. The 10 to the Pathogorians and the alchemist was the achievement of perfection.... Here hold on look at this.Remember this when I said the sign is pointing to the elephants pineal, they don't ever forget, and I mentioned it had the numbers 1 2 3 9 and you thought I was crazy. Well here is the point if we sacrifice the 9 which in the alphabet would equal "I" then we get 1 2 3. So there goes another eye being poked out. In it's place we finish the pattern. 1,2,3 and then 4. The One, the lie, the truth, and sense we have to keep going the 4. Now let's add that together. 1+2+3+4=10. By sacrificing the "I" we reach perfection. And an X has 4 points now doesn't it... Don't forget! The 9 or "I" if looked at closely is even a 1 trying to bend itself into a 0. And that is why the 10 is considered to be full circle back to the origin of perfection.

The X is also a cross as discussed in my older post Will the Real Life Lucifer Plaese Stand Up.
Double X were discussed at around the same time over at The Blob. "What's all this Aboot, eh?": Strange Things Afoot At The Circle-M.
This is the ol' feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl crucified upon the X like cross. Echoing of course Christ. So lets take a closer look at the X's or ten's iconography.Two arrows converge. One going up and one going down. this imitates the Star of David. Which basically stands for the heaven's or spirit's descent into matter and matters ascent into spirit. This is also known as The Chalice and Blade... Which are ancient male Female icon... Simply a arrow up and arrow down. This turned on the side is the cross again.
The symbol for Jupiter above has been picked clean thoroughly by the Shaman Jim Sanders and the Father of Sycromystism Jake Kotze. Here we see a short explanation from some of their work.This is an example of the number 1 hidden inside the icon.
Now the number 2....
And finally the number 4. 142 or just 24, or just 42. In fact if you yourself haven't seen it all over the place by now, I'm suspecting that you shall soon. Most notably is the fact that it is given as the secret of life in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. However there are a few more interesting little tid bits I'd like to include before moving on. One is the fact that the corresponding metal to god Jupiter in magic is Tin. Tin of course being important to the OZ Land of the Dead metal man. Basically I could talk about how many Tin men walk across the movie screen from here to 2012, but the jest is that the Jupiter iconography and the symbol of a heartless Tin Man have alot in common. First is one of the most and first modern Tin men in movie is featured in 2001/2010 by Arthur C Clarke, Hal 9000. Mostly recognized by his single sacrificed red eye(9). He spending his time in hibernation in orbit around Jupiter for 9 years.... But the senerio plays out in other ways.
We're looking at I(9) Robot and discovering another perfect example of a Tin Man....
It also is the angle from which light passes through rain to make rainbows. I steal the next few frames from a Blob post that I've already referenced called Kate Winslet: Princess Arco Iris.Kate is seen here in Revoulutionary Road(RR).
Her fellow thespian sporting the 42 next to the Rainbow goddess.

Now another PoP relative example is seen on just about every other street corner, well at least here in the US.
McDonalds, Now open 24/7.... Interesting numbers. Now this is almost the exact type face of the Jupiter symbol interestingly enough, but more interesting is the fact that it is 24 in reference to time. 12 can be easily associated with Kronos/Saturn or Father Time.... Therefore death, like the picture we saw of Megatron earlier. 24 is the doubling of that, and Jupiter escapes death in the old mythos. The combination of the sun and moon is a representation of the alchemical marriage and all to important concept that I had to get out of the way if I was going to explain the cross. Notice the Sun and Moon combo under this context. The cross is the combination of opposites as said before and can also be seen in the symbol of Jupiter.
See it there where the 2 becomes the 4. The cross can also be found in almost every close net symbol found in the concepts of alchemy that most influence Earthly happenings including Earth's own symbol.
That there above is Earth.
And here we find it in our sister planet Venus. Which the Romans pinned as The Fallen Lucifer.
It's also seen above in Mercury(Hermes) symbol. This keys us in to the relationship of Venus and Mercury(Hermes) as well.... If we're keen. Cause look it's a Y.
And it can be found to some extent in the symbol of Saturn above. The cross is used to bring opposites together by joining opposites across the span that separates them. This is called a quaternio. And often seen as just an circle with a cross through the middle to form a circle divided in four. The original man or mystical Adam was thought of as a circle and the combining of opposites be it earthy/heavenly, tangible/non-tangible, male/female, life/death, up/down, subjective/objective was the cross that he lay in the middle of. However this is also the Garden of Eden with it's for conjoining rivers. Standing for the four elements those of cousre lining up with the Zodiac. Earth as Torus, Fire for Leo, Water for Scorpio, and believe it or not Air as Aquarius. The water that flowed from the Aquarian water vessel is thought to be an Electric gel. Air being the unseen of the elements then Aquarius brings unseen electric energy.... But, I digress.
The Zodiac itself lies on a cross, a combination of opposites. Man's point of view rest in the middle. The object is to pull them together making their influence One. Making yourself One. It is believed in some corners of modern Psychology that the Zodiac is in fact the archtypical personalities of man. It is not external, but internal in nature. This is amplified by the fact that ancient man, no matter where the civilization was all had similar Zodiacs, if perhaps not the same animal or gliph, but most certainly the same grouping of stars. As listed in the above text, the stars lie within us, not as unattainable attributes of the gods. The gods in fact are interpreted by us, showing that their existence as well is a tree falling that only we can hear. 12 Zodiacs surround the 13th man, or 12 disciples surround Christ, or 12 gods surround Odin, or 12 quest for Odysseus. This is not by mistake.12 is the number that fits around one in 3 dimensional space. So first we have 1 then in 2 dimensions we have 6 around 1 add them together we get 7(rays, angels, heavens). In 3D we have 12 around one or 13.
Looking a little like a Zodiac we have a quaternio above labeled with all of it's oppisites. And below we visit the Gunslinger again from the book The Waste Lands.
Hopefully if you click the picture it will enlarge making it easier for some to read it. Points of interest are the fact that X designate the individual gates on the edge of his world. Also there is the fact that the page number is 39 which equal 12 and directly after the 13th chapter separation starts.
Another way of looking at this is the Kabbalistic Cube of Space seen above. This is a tool to help one understand there mental orientation. It explains the quaternio in three dimensional space. And it also gives us a clue why we say certain phrases like "put the past behind me" or "looking forward to the future". Others in this particular outline are seen to come from above and are linked to the symbol for Saturn aka Death. The self is represented by the symbol for Jupiter. Perception is Mercury.... Which makes sense considering he stands for cosmic consciousness. And sensation is Venus. Holding the flag for love or Lucifer. All well and wisely put. Now if we return to Stargate we have some interesting fuel now.
James Spader waltz in and inspects the cap stone to the Stargate... We see the slight emanation of a rainbow coming from his head.
He re translates the hieroglyphics. Changing DOOR to Heaven into Stargate and at one point directly hints at a DNA shaped object on the board. Two more of those DNA thingys are seen in the word eternity behind him.
Latter he draws an explanation to the use of the DOOR to Heaven. But he also draws and explains the Cube of Space.
When asked about the 7th symbol needed.... 7th symbol needed.... 7th symbol needed!!! He points towards our Y shaped object with a blue pen.
He actually draws it on the board flanked by two funny guys with Luciferian crowns and says that it is a Pyramid with a line coming out. It to us looks now perfectly like an inverted Y. He then gets to see the Stargate. It's also fun to see that the two little red lines in the middle of the dry erase wall looks like the equal sign. The Cube = Spader's head.There are important scenes in movie that hold a certain amount of import. These are things that are important to both the audience that are viewing the scene and perhaps even important to the development of the story, but not always. I call these.... Important Scenes. In most Important Scene's crazy shit is happening. This is when symbols start coming out of the woodwork almost looking hella out of place or on purpose. This is the time Halos are obvious. Above is the first time that Spader and ourselves are introduced to the Stargate. You could probably pick the clock apart if you chose to, but I started to get curious to the fact that I kept seeing overly exaggerated Exit Signs in scenes of this nature. It seemed odd that they were there, because I could make no sense out of them for shit. So I asked Jake,.... He's kind of a mentor of mine, and has agreed to be my friend. He responded by giving me something that smoothed over my feeling of aloness in this case.

I stare at the EXIT sign all day. E (XI) T or E (11) T or E (IX) T then E (9) T. 911 inside the ET, he he... There's a little house tilted on its side in the negative space between the E and X. It reminds me of the word TEXAS. Also TAXI which is TA (11 or 9) -Jake Kotze

I like that it has an X and an I but that's because I'm bat shit crazy.

Like mentioned before Christ and ol' Quetzalcoatl are seen crucified in this life upon the opposites. Signified by the quaternios. But also they are associated with ET's when ever Hollywood is running out of ideas. On facebook (which I don't spend to much time on) I got a little thingy asking me to take a quiz and find out which Transformer I was. It asked in one of the questions at the top which was my favorite Greek God.... I choice Dionysus.... Why not, right. Any way I got Optimus Prime.... Obvious when one realizes what happens to him in the new movie. Dionysus of course being the dieing god in alignment with Christ and the Feathered dude, and don't forget the peacock angel rested on one of these as well. ... Look at that it's an X!
Christ here with the spirit center of the Heart aglow.... See Heart of the Matter for more. There are quaternios haloing his head(just like Keanu and Trinity's) as well above his heart(the cross). I went to a Catholic church not to long ago (spend less time there than at facebook) and noticed that the crown of thorns around the heart looked like DNA.... Picture didn't come out though.
ET awakens from death in the same manner. Somehow this flew under my radar for most of my childhood... He almost looks like he has rays coming from him. I mean it's fricking Jesus right?
In the "Important Scene" above Drew Barrymore is dress like a Cowgirl or Gunslinger searching for the Nexus of Time Space. There are plenty of weird things happening at this point while ET points out the fact that he wish to Phone home... This is the first time that he is known to talk. He is dress like a girl showing his joining of 2 opposites. He is an hermaphrodite, a mixture of male and female, Hermes and Aphrodite. The same time I figured out the DMC-12 Back to the Future gig I deduced that ET was E=5 T=20 or ET=25. The 25th letter of the AlphaBeth is Y. ET is the split in our consciousness. ET is not us but from the same source. Toure also made a comment that 25 is 5+2 or 7 resonating the 7 colors of the Rainbow once again. ET shows the congruence of this by the trail his ship leaves behind.Also interesting is that X, and Y are both important here. Both being together in the alphabeth and both being associated with Male and Female as far as Chromosomes are concerned. The links between Micheal Jackson ET and Drew Barrymore where studied with precision over at the Sync Whole by.... I don't know any more because all those guys are brilliant and seem to be one mind anyway. But the post was called Michael and the Ark. I don't wanna go into to much detail, but to say that Micheal was married briefly to the King of The Elvis' daughter for a short time. However I would like to take a look at this picture before taking back off into Barrymore land.The Peacock, Elephant, and a star or pentagram all in close proximity to the King of PoP. Micheal can be accused of being a Peter Pan wanna be who chose never to grow up and lived in the Land of the Dead under the squise of Never Land. He even adjusted his face to be more elfish.
In the Movie Duplex with Drew which resonates a duality or split by the name and crack down the middle of the poster, not to mention the attention to the single DOOR. We also see that it is possible that the U could fall over.... Making a Red C. Actually parting the Red C, in some weird corner of the mind. Free association, you know Ink Blot style.... It looks like a Lightning Bolt.We find Ben Stiller and Barrymore shopping for decorations of their new DREAM home. They find the unlikely form of a....Peacock in which they take back to the house and decide it looks best in front of....Their spiral staircase.
The spiral staircase being a almost perfect representation of the DNA double helix is seen as well with two Elf twins in Hellboy 2 The Golden Army. The twins are a Male and a Female like in the old tales of Yore that started this expedition. The twins also have ties to the Luciferian crown that they seek in the movie. Also the word blue is associated with the female twin numerous times, involving her boyfriend, a book of love, and the fact that she looks great in a blue dress that she wears in part of the flick echoing Dorthy and Alice, Nausicaa etc.
Almost as an entrance to the Elves stronghold the staircases stand. The boy elf on entering draws our attention to it in a very unmistakable way.
We are supposed to see this one.
Latter however the sister has the staircase rise from her back in the shadows behind her.
And while on the run attention is payed to them again as she leans up against them for a breather. This forces us to revisit our Elvis Twins once more to find anything else they perhaps can shed light on.... And yes they do have something else in common.
They both play Gunslingers.... They both play the same Gunslinger... They both play the most famous Gunslinger in history. The story of which takes place in a little town called Tombstone resonating the source of where the dead lay. In the movie above poster seen in blue and gold is Kurt Russell's version where he is associated with the Angel of Death or more accurately the Pale Horseman from Revelations.... "You tell them I'm coming, and I'm bringing Hell with me."In the Kevin Costner Version I could never figure out what the fuck he was shooting at. I mean that's a weird god damn angle. Until I read a resent post called the Dead Man's Rope. Here is equated that the shooting or picture of an actor with a gun is literally a shooting star. This is no doubt what Costner is aiming at(pun intended). Also of interest is the fact that Wyatt Earp with his fancy 23 for the first letter in his name has a E for his last initial. E=5 plus the W is 28 or 10 which is X or J..... Ok now that we've caroled that one. Ever ONward.Val Kilmer plays Doc Holiday in the Russell version and Dennis Quad plays in the Costner. Both are relevant in this investigation, Kilmer has been seen in a couple of blips, but together they have something to tell us. Above is Real Genius.... Meet Chris Knight the Einstein of the 80's.... Really I'll let your imagination run all over that one because I have become quite long winded in this post. He has our tell tale V antennae, but what is interesting to me is the word Genius. Genius is a word that goes back to the story of the Daemon. the Daemon is an ancient spirit that supposedly gave the owner of it the ability to understand certain things unattainable by normal experience. Plato spoke of living with this phenomenon for most of his life. Now from what we can piece together from that mans history it is unbelievable to except that the man was a liar of just merely crazy. The Daemon was latter Demonized as a evil spirit with the coming of Christianity, but also excepted latter as the aspect of a guardian angel. Basically it was a disembodied voice that gave you advice or insight much like Jiminey Cricket did Pinocchio. More contemporary versions of this have been explained by Carlos Castanada, who said he aquired it through experiments in his dreams, Philip K Dick, who like Neo said it was a computer from the future, Robert Anton Wilson, who thought he was picking up transmissions from the dog star Sirus, Terrance McKenna, who said it helped him discover the Time Wave Zero, and Jake Kotze, who said it helped adjust the fact that he took too much Acid on Christmas day(silly rabbit).
This is also the possible source for the same motif in Islam... The Genie(Genius). It being a super natural "Other" that can grant wishes giving the hero unfair advantage.To get to the Genie one must rub a LAMP with ones PALM. Richard Arrowsmith once again is to thank for this little enlightenment. This lines up nicely with Jim Carrey's little LAMP in the Christmas Carol as well as Nicole Kidman's "Other" Lamp.In Disney Aladdin the Genie is voiced by Robin WiLLiams and is blue. IF we look at the list of Magical Correspondences below.We see that Jupiter with it's correspondence of the metal Tin is also linked to the color blue... So this picture if we look at it again is of....A heartless Tin Man. WiLLiams also played a Tin Man in BicenTinneal Man. I mixed the I and E up for effect but the feeling is strong on this one. The No Sign started with the movie Ghostbusters resonating with the dead but has also been linked to the word OZ via a post called.... Well called NO.The frame above demonstrates how the letter K in the Hebrew AlphaBeth Kaph is associated with the Palm as well as Jupiter. It is also the 21st letter in their 22 letter system, 21 is half of 42. The palm being in tow to the Lamp to bring forth the Tin man seems to be an unbelievably perfect fit. It's numerical value is 20 or XX interestingly enough.The LAMP is found in a cave in the shape of a Tiger's head. The Tiger is associated with the year 2010 in the Chinese Zodiac. In the movie 2010 Jupiter is turned into a new star named Lucifer.Also featured in the movie are a whole bunch of peacocks. Here Robin's Genie is in the guise of a female reporter watching a parade. He is a Hermaphrodite showing his ability to join the oppisites. WiLLiams is seen in this same force in the movie Mrs. Doubtfire.The Peacock can be found over and cracked egg shaped water fountain as well. The Egg is a sign of the ego or the perception of being separate from the rest of creation. See That's Eggzactly What I Said! for more. A Tiger stands near by as well. Black Dog Star brought up Aladin about the same time I downloaded it, but I believe the original post has been lost... Still always deserves a look over there. As an after thought Jazmine above is wearing blue like Alice, Dorthy, Nasicaa, and the Elf sister in Hellboy.

Ok so there is a good fit between the Daemon, the Genius, and the Genie. But, what does that mean for me? I'm not gonna find a magic LAMP anytime soon. So, how do I find the Land of the Dead, and communicate? To figure this out we have to visit the other Doc Holiday.It comes from the Inner Space. Quaid in this movie actually is a disembodied voice that talks to Martin Short while residing inside of Martin Short. He even acts as a sort of conscience. This poster has always puzzled me sense child hood because of the over exaggerated PALM. It does even look like it belongs to Quad. In the middle is his little craft that takes him through the internal system of Short, note how it glows like a LAMP. Quaid was also a psychic expert in the movie Dreamscape where he toured the Land of the Dead through the media of dreams. He latter ushered Shi(v)a La B's grandfather AKA Shawn Connery to the Land of the Dead as the Dragon in Dragon Heart(interesting title to some I'm sure) becomes the stars, to be more specific the constellation Draco resonating with the Draconian blood line or Eleves. He also talked to his son from the Dead via sunspot and a short wave radio in the movie Frequency.

Now Kevin Costner can literally be found shooting at stars in another source.... Let me explain.
Robin Hood.... The interpretation of this icon could run forever deep in some syncheads... But, we're only taking a few shots to become shamans tonight. Robin Hood is best known for splitting and arrow with another arrow, something that has become known actually as Robin Hooding an arrow. We can label him as an Archer or Bowman. Bowman have come up quite often if you haven't noticed. There is David Bowman who discover the Star Crate "My god it's full of stars" in 2001 the Space Odyssey just out side Jupiter. Carrie Anne Moss in The Red Planet was Commander Bowman if you remember. Hell even the top of the Sumerian Tree of Life is crowned by a little Archer.The Bowman seems to hint at evolution or ascension. But what is it that Bowman shoot most often at?Above is the description of the Egyptian Hieroglyph that most resembles a target. The words beneath are important but not necessary to this discussion. What is is the fact that the symbol stands for Sun, Light, and Time. All seem to have bearing on the current theme. I also have found references to a target being the pineal gland, as well as gold, and the abstract theme of self. The Sun however is a star and shooting at a target would represent a shooting star. The Bulleye in a target is most commonly found to be red as is the eye in the constellation of Taurus, a theme attributed to the seers who could see the future oddly enough. In 2010 David Bowman after death helps bring about the collapse of Jupiter into a second sun called Lucifer. The red eye of Jupiter is probably the most telling coincidence of this whole mess. The Jupiter god associated with the largest of the planets which just happens to have a gigantic red eye(Jupiter C-ing red) on it.... Not to mention that the god was pegged as all seeing and the Norse version of the god, Odin(whose name had alot to do with the color blue) was seen as one eyed. Is it the planets influence on us that made this so, or was it our consciousness that pushed that red spot into being. Regardless we have yet another eye lost, to produce multiples. We can soon go into the fact that a Sun is an eye, but first lets look at some more targets.The Kabbalah Tree of life is seen above, converted to concentric circle format. Many mandalas of ancient meditation ended up in this format, including the Muslim's seven heavens, and Dante's Purgatory. What is interesting is that Jupiter on this is seen second from the bottom, one of the largest spheres of influence and associated with Hesed or Chesed in some circles(pun intended).Chesed being the number 4 on the Tree of Life. It in fact is Mercy, the one that builds. 5 or Guburah also called Din in the Bulleye format is Mars, the one that tears apart. I see a pattern. Jupiter however is also a Bowman. If you go up the Right side of the tree.... You would go 10/7/4/2...This is a 16th century depiction of Jupiter. Bellow him is the constellations that are under his correspondence. Those being Pisces and Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a Bowman whose arrow points to Galactic Center in which our Sun will align with on Dec 2012. At that time our sun will be seen as blending with it's back ground much like the halos do to the actors that we've been looking at.... Ever Onward. Jupiter above is seen with star over his junk and Arrows in hand. Jupiter is usually seen with Lightning Bolts instead of Arrows. However some where along the way I started mentioning that Arrows and Lightning Bolts are synonymous.A little out of socket of the topic is Hank here from the 80's cartoon Dungeons and Dragons. He was a green bowman whose arrows resembled lightning.

The most noted place for this is the back of the dollar bill(eagles and pyramids) which features the eagle associated with Zeus grasping 13 arrows. This also shows 13 stars in the shape of the Star of David as well as the enigmatic E Pluribus Unum.... This is in alignment with letting one go so that many can see. Of many one is what it means. The Eagle Eyed Eagle on this picture was also said to purposely mimic the phoenix, lining it up to the many eyed peacock as well. In the Lord of The Ring's trilogy we find the peacock resting on the back of the Elves Bowman Legalas. This is an astounding match in my eyes(pun intended). In the new adaptation of the constellations during the 16th-17th century we find the Indus-Pavo system. These are actually two different constellations, but are often combined in to one. The Pavo comes from the root of the same as the olden word for Peacock and is related to the same root as Opium(which basically means to see). Indus is the silver loving Indian(feather not dot) grasping a hand full of arrows. That's paraphrased and not very well I might add, but I got a lot more to cover and I'm my fingers are getting tired... See here for more on the constellation.

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves resonates with Hermes because he was the God of Theives as was the Blue God Odin. Also Robin Hood is associated with his Merry Men. Merry is a synonym of happy, and happy is kinda one of Jovial. We say some one is Jovial when the are joking or acting childish.

Quick online definitions;

  1. (obsolete) Pertaining to Jove or Zeus; Jovian.

  2. Pertaining to the planet Jupiter.

  3. (astrology, obsolete) Under the influence of the planet Jupiter (considered a source of happiness).

  4. Merry; cheerful and good-humored.
Hell Merry is even listed in the definition in multiple places. So I'm gonna take a look at one of the most vivid "Important Scene's" of this movie and take a closer look at one of the Merry Men named Will Scarlet.Christian Slater plays Robin's brother seen here getting a lighting bolt straight through his PALM. Lightning is a force of nature and seen as giving life such as in Frankenstein or Short Circuit. In fact we ourselves need Electrolytes in our system to survive which is why we have lightning bolts on Gatorade. The next thing that is strange is the fact that the Sun and Eye is closely related. This might be obvious to some having already discussed Iris and her relationship to the eye. It is also noted that some esoterics believe that the sun is actually a optical unit itself, that it is in fact a sensory organism. The hand in magic was sometimes used to make a Pentagram or star. The hand was to be splayed out wide... This was called the five-pointed fingers. So once again the hand itself is a star or eye.He's got the whole world... In his hand.... He's got the whole world....
So does light make the eye, or does I make the light. Answer is the same with all opposites.... We must join the two, both are correct.

Light is of the import here. The whole of existence and the secret to the peacock, rainbow, Elohim, and every other "other" depends on light it would seem. And when it boils down to it truly we understand light about as much as we understand gravity. Which is to say that we see light, we make light, we have even harnessed light to some success, but, we don't know what it is.
In True Romance Christian Slater gets an eye poked out by gunfire. Perhaps this makes your mind jump to the fact that the eye and hand have something to do with each other as it does mine.Harry Potter seen with the Lightning Bolts in his name and above his eye is shown here with the answer to his future in his PALM. Like Aladdin this gives him some kind of foresight or advantage. There are a large number of examples for this in other blogger terrain.In True Romance we see the Elvis sunglasses on Patrica Arquette here as Alabama Christian's newly found prostitutes wife. He himself is sort of an Elvis freak. And in fact he is seen through out the movie consulting the Dead King(pun intended) in the bathroom. You never get to see the King however it is credited as being played by Val Kilmer. Note: If you haven't seen True Romance your not a complete person.
The symbol above was designed by Elvis himself in the 70's. It was a little symbol that he had everywhere including the side of his jet. The TCB stood for Taking Care of Business. T=20 C=3 B=2... TCB=25 or Y once again.... 2+5=7 once again.Val Vilmer master of Disguise, as well Jim Morrison(J M =23 keep up). Showing his split personality ability once again, becoming one with the Y as it were, as well as his connection to divinity in the Saint. The Lightning Bolt mimics Elvis' due to the angle that it emanates from the Halo, Elvis' coming from a similar broken circle that surrounds Val.John Travolta often referred to as John TraBolta has had along career in Lightning Bolts. His is an extreme Zeus resonator which has been covered in John TraVOLTa (with bARK, and now biTTen). Above is the movie poster for Bolt obviously sporting his name. In the main portion of the poster is the sun like halo with in which is the bolt, however the bolt is completely with in the O of the word in the bottom right hand corner.Travolta dances upon the Lightning Bolts that flank the word Fever.And again during the song "Grease Lightning" in the movie Grease. Then Broken Arrow this time with Christian Slater sporting Bolts on the back of his shirt while getting his bell rung by TraBolta. The title of this movie resonates soundly with our theme here as dose the Identity Crisis movie known as Face/Off featuring TraBolta being named Sean Archer(Bowman).Now we jump to the biggest Merry Man of them all. Sean Connery, AKA Henry Jones SR or Shi(v)a La B's grand daddy. As a young man he actually played Robin Hood in Robin and Marion, then came back for a surprise cameo as King Richard the Lion Hearted in Prince of Thieves.
In the movie Highlander he arrives atop a white horse, resonating the last avatar of Vishnu, the one who hasn't come yet and shall bring the end of the last age, or perhaps the pale horsemen of Revelations. He is gaped completely in Peacock feathers. He teaches Christopher Lampert(who played the Lightning God Raiden in Mortal Combat mind you) how to kill those like him and disseminate their power as has been discussed above while we were talking about sacrifices. When any of the immortals are close together they experience something they call the Quickening. During Lamberts first experience with this he has massive pains...He is struck by Lightning open PALM, drawing down strong Jovial connotations in one fell swoop. The mountain behind looks pyramid like with eyes blurred. Professor X marks the spot, Jr., Jr., Dad I can just Reach it. Indiana. Let it go Indiana. Let he who Illuminate this Illuminate me. Wait... Where was I. Oh, Patrick Stewart steps forward again. Mainly because he plays Robin Hood in TV's Star Trek the Next Generation.Episode Qpid.... Season 4. So what I'm a nerd go suck it. Came out on April 22nd 1991. Do the math.He pulls a fast one on us and copy's Connery. I'm telling you this Mother Fucker played Scrooge here in Colorado down in Telluride for like 10 years in a row. It's good to be the King. From Robin Hood Men in Tights... By Mel Brooks.Fast forward to Dune... Wait actually rewind because this is 1984. Patrick played Gurney Halleck.
Long story short Patrick rides these big fucking worms and drinks this shit called spice that makes his eye's glow blue.The guy with his head turned is actor Kyle Maclachlan the character is Paul Ateides. In the movie he becomes a Messiah of sorts and takes control of the Pyramid scattered Kingdom of spice or something.The actor with the weird third I thingy is Dean Stockwell... Bad guy in this one. Stockwell is Al off of Quantum Leap. He basically time travels and talks to dead people in that particular TV series via a super computer from the future. I remember this one where he plays Satan. It was a Halloween special and featured Stephen King as a random memory. I loved Quantum Leap. K Dick would have liked it too.Paul Areides in this frame basically trips on this shit called spice. It makes him see weird stuff including his future in becoming the Kwisatz Haderach. Meaning he is the "Sleeper that has Awoken". He basically starts doing shit that only the females are supposed to do. He joins opposites.He has visuals... This hand above being one of them. He names himself Paul Muad'Dib. Muad'Dib after the Shadow of the second moon... The one above that looks like a Hand Print.He rolls around his family ring.... In his PALM. Like so many instances above, including the girl with her hand on the Octagon in Otherworld, the future depends on the PALM.They take the Kingdom back over with the big Sandworms I was telling you about.
A place beyond your Dreams. A movie beyond your Imagination. Strong Words. Now we see the hand printed moon. And we notice the landscape and remember different Sandworms.Beetlejuice resonating with the name of a Star. A movie about a haunted(dream) house that would make Drew Barrymore jealous. This movie has sync regulars like Genna Davis and a beheaded Alec Baldwin. Plus another Dark Knight.Winona Ryder dances in the air with a bunch of people from the land of the dead. She having proving herself interesting earlier as NEO's girlfriend. She's seen here suspended in the air wearing a Blue apron.
Hey we're in the land of the dead.... You seen a Pyramid around here. Yeah we can put dead people in it till the come back to life. It will be cool. They'll be dead like Vampires and shit.
We are now free to move back to NausicAA and the Valley of the Wind. Remember way up there at the top that Patrick Stewart played in. In the story there is a very similar creature to the Dune Sandworms, they are called the Ohms... Resonating the all powerful mantra sometimes referred to as the Key to the Universe. As if the Universe was a Door. The Ohms are in a fury above as one of there own has been kidnapped and tortured to use the other Ohms as a stampeding weapon. Like the Sandworms in Beetlejuice they see red(C-red). However like Dune we have a savior figure that has a special bond to the large caterpillar like beast. And in sacrificing her self the Ohm watch and change from seeing-red...
To seeing Blue.
They raise her high with their golden tentacles and heal her wounds. She is suspended in the air like the dead dancing Ryder.
She has her little critter... Called a squirrel monkey or some nonsense, that was given to her by Patrick Stewart AKA Lord Yuba.
The prophecy is complete. She walks clad and Blue in a field of gold like fractals from nature itself. This completes mans journey to being one in the way of things.
Notes; probably gonna add something sooner or latter....

Love and Thanks

and sorry about the spelling.

This fucker is so big that it slowed my computer and made editing a real pain.... I'll see if I can touch it up latter, but until then I'd have you respect the fact that I'm full of shit. I really should have cut some rants out all together, but believe in spontaneity and figure it must be humorous to someone. Thankyou for understanding and your a brave soul for finishing this rotten little thing.


E. T. Hansen said...

man.. lot of ground to cover. Very interesting themes mentioned. Good to have someone throwing up the balls in the air. Definitely the most important subjects right now ego, realm of the dead, connecting between the worlds, etc etc.

Peace to your style, though it would enhance with a little less blasphemies like "Hell merry".. if you get my drift. christ is a fella with two faces. Got an example in David Blaine coming up at my trench.

Unfold the magic

Unknown said...

I'll add another string to your bow and mention that the new Moon film was directed by the Sun of BOWie. One man divided into three (at the end of the movie), Sam means three in both Korean and Cantonese (wink to Arrowsmith the syncmaster and his Samsung with a lambda).

Transformers 2, the fallen can only be defeated by a Prime, that which can only be divided by itself and ONE.

Indras Net said...

really awsome work! what a bag of goodies here, thanks for sharing. keep up the great work, b well! Namaste

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...
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Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

If the shoe fits, wear it." So goes the old adage. My European shoe size is 42. The 42 you put in this STELLAR article proves to be the glyph for Jupiter. The red spot on the face of that gaseous celestial body, is claimed to be the birth wound from which Venus sprang, a slight variant of Athena springing fully armored from Zeus' head, with the help of Hephastos, the blacksmith god. See the writings of Immanuel Velikovsky for more on the link between mythology & planetary collisions.

ALSO, aside from the 13 stars, the 13 arrows, the 13 leaves on the olive branch (a tree symbolising peace), and the 13 original Olympians, when one includes Artemis (brilliant avant garde chanteuse & pianist Diamanda Galas does a magnificent song sung in French, "La Trezième Revient" …The 13th Returns… all about the Huntress goddess on her "The Saint of the Pit" Lp), there's the "forgotten" 13th sign of the Zodiac, Ophiuchus, the Serpent-handler.

I'd forgotten my(s)elf to make men-shun yesterday of how, when I was in Ireland in May, I'd visited one of the Emerald Isle's most ancient structures, Newgrange. Its age is far older than the Pyramids of Egypt and IT, my scholarly friend, is most definitely a Star Gate itself. I see galactic travelers filing out of it from offworld civilisations, races indigenous to Earth entering it to sojourn elsewhere in the Cosmos. Ya GOTSTA See(r) it for your(s)elf one o' these days, ya jus' GOTSTA!

Incredible IN-sights here once again, Professor!
Anadæ the Effro (•:-)}

Unknown said...

The idea of a V on someones head just reminded me of the Mark of Cain which one person's theory has it as the Hebrew letter V/Vau/#6. Roman numeral V=5=2+3.

It already looks like I'll be linking to this for a future post I've already started working on, and I'm only a few paragraphs in! I have the comment box page open in another tab of my browser so I can write down my thoughts right away before forgetting them by the time I get to the end. Good trick to use for long posts :D

Interesting note on Einstien the dog/god being the first time traveler: It is thought that he actually did have a successful time travel experiment, using mice I believe, where the mouse appeared before the experiment was started already showing that it would work, and that the mouse would indeed go back in time. Also, something about Einstien being brought in to help with the Philadelphia Experiment which resulted in time travel into year 1984 from 1943.

The "#42" robot/tinman in I, Robot is palmed by Detective Spooner/Will Smith. Spoon bending, shaped like the number 9.

"The Zodiac itself lies on a cross, a combination of opposites. Man's point of view rest in the middle. The object is to pull them together making their influence One." The Zodiac was a giant man in the sky, bent around into a loop/circle with his head at Aires and his feet at Pisces.

Looking at your Tree of Life diagram I just had a sudden bolt of inspiration. So after a minute in photoshop I have an interesting picture for my next post :D So thanks for the inspiration.

Oh yeah True Romance, good film. Christian Slater resonates Jesus through Horus (sans the left Eye of Thoth), and marriage to a prostitute who represents Mary M.

I've been collecting notes on Bowmen synchs for a while since I realized there were so many in movies/TV. I think I mention a few in a past post: John Travolta plays Sean Archer, etc. HAHA! I just got to where you said that. Umm, there was also Jim Carrey as Fletcher Reede in Liar Liar (maker of arrows, and a type of arrow).

Loved all the Land of the Dead, (Other's World, Afterlife, etc.) stuff. I bow to your bow (& arrow) synchs :D Overall, lots and lots of great stuff in here and realy gets my mental juices flowing. There's a few things in both parts of this which synch to future topics of mine so look for that (if I ever finish the damn things!). Keep up the optimus opus.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Blasphemies... Bullocks "hell merries" are for repentance! Come on Doc cut me some slack.

Knodding gently to Jaspal.

Effro... Got a book of angels recently that has Jupiter as a possible correspondence to the Roman Lucifer. Then 2010, then your little Immanuel Vel. shit... Good stuff me says.

Welcome to Newgrange please step to the left to allow other alien species to arrive... Thankyou.

Thanks Effro, your a brilliant person.... Sorry if I use to much of your stuff.

V you the man... Fletcher Reede... Damn that's great.. Great I tell ya.. Great.

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Naut a'tall, lad, naut a'tall … here … have my very latest playlist to celebrate being a fellow galactic traveler ~ (•:-)}

Ishmael said...

Holy Christ that is a big post! I'm going to try and give a a good read tonight. I'm curious because I gave it a skim and saw the Dark Tower stuff. I've been thinking about *the work* a lot lately.
-I sometimes wonder if maybe the breakers were the good guys somehow. The Dark Tower is the Galactic center, is the Gunslinger, is the Rose. It is the void at the center of everything, but it's also THE TOWER. The Tower must come down, and so the breakers break.
-I think we are the breakers.
Anyway I'll give it a read tonight and see how much damage you do.

Unknown said...

So much cool stuff in this one, just had to come back and skim thru it again. :D

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Hey V come back anytime... Still working on your V post... Perfect by the way. Pristine.

Atareye said...

Well... I can't believe I read that. I mean its not so 'bad' when you split it up in four ;P

So much cool shit in there I'm glad its imprinted here as long as Blogger holds flux in this electronic realm. I might ask to have access to your archives one day(password) so as to copy and paste in a quick manner. Rather than copy pasting all your images and text. I think it would be really cool if Blogger offered an option to pay and have blogs printed to hard cover. I mean it would cost allot, I would guess, but god dammit I would have some original text sitting on the book shelf.

Once again its good to see the Shaman dropping the finest intentional consciousness material a dumb guy like me can absorb.....Well I absorb what I can. My sponge be more porous than some.

I hope your life continues to allow such great art. Cause, as you age time seems to take the reigns. For some...


P.s. Great fucking comments

Ishmael said...

Well I made it.
I think you'll be earning your PhD for this in
both astrosynchrophysics as well as synchrophysics. So do you like the sound of being our first synchrophysicist?
-I actually had an idea for a little novel comprised of an intro, an essay, a short story, and a PhD dissertation all telling the same synchromystic story. I couldn't fathom writing a dissertation on synchromysticism, but now thanks to you, I suppose I can.

this is a remarkable post, very nice job.

I probably shouldn't, but here is a chunk of the intro because you inspired me:

As my terrorist hijacked plane headed up the bay toward the golden gate bridge on 7/11/07, the beat of my heart thudded like the rhino in the painting pictured in the New Yorker that I was looking at on my journey to my father who also was having problems with his heart. The plane was to land in Oakland but obviously was hijacked as we skimmed only mere feet above the bay and I could do nothing but awe at all the water. My heart was exploding and the sweat surfaced in sheets, yet the others were so unconscious that they were clueless to the fact we all were about to die in a flaming plane crash! Come on people wake up! Look with wonder at this big blue world that we are about to exit. Everyone was dull and brainless staring blankly completely unaware of our certain fate. I wasn’t ready to die. I knew it was time. I tried to accept this fate. What did it all mean? I knew why. I got too close to the answer. I had learned too much. I had found the truth and had the POWER to expose those with the real power.

This was not actually really true. The facts are solid, but not completely real. This is how I remembered this occasion though as I lied in the bathtub preparing a lecture for my class the following day. I was to recount for my class my classic set of synchronicities that got me into grad-school, brought me a small amount of fame and eventually earned me a PhD and made me very famous. It was this dissertation that brought sychronicity out of the realm of mysticism and alchemy and into the respected halls of science. For in my journey was also embedded the journey of the field of Scynchrophysics which I studied and developed as a young creative writing student in the early part of the 21st century.

I don’t know how many thousands of times I’ve told this story. It is a loop that I consciously find myself repeating. This story is at the heart of my journey. And yet as much as I tried to begin to spin these tired and well-worn syncs, I couldn’t focus as my mind kept returning to a single thought--an image of a taffy-pull endlessly looping, and all I could do was watch as the candy spun round and around forever.

Ishmael said...

I've still got this amazing post in my head. Great work.

This link over at McSweeney's clicked a bit w/ you.

Also-the 42 in *Revolutionary Road* has a reason. The play at the beginning of the film that Kate Winslet stars in is called *The Petrified Forest*. The play is from 1935 and they made it into a film in 1936 with Humpfrey Boggart and Bettie Davis.

The play must be specific about the number on the jersey because there is a line about it. The character is referred to as "number 42" at one point. So it's inclusion in the 2008 film revolutionary road has a big reason.

The book (rev road) is so good. It is doing everything right. I'm loving it.

There might be Boggie syncs. check em out! I didn't finish *The Petrified Forest* but I was liking it.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Mr. Bolles astrosynchrophysics made me laugh.. That's priceless. I actually tried to write a book a few years back. Didn't have a computer and didn't know about sychromystism even though I was all about synchronicity at the time. Went to library every morning for about 4 months.... The story erased itself and then I found Joseph Campbell and discovered all my original ideas were old myths. I even had a part in the book where the old teacher witchdoctor dude is telling everyone the importance of double letters in peoples names... Damn right perfect actually. I dig what you said about RR and 42 because in my mind that just leads to the understanding of how complex some of these synchronicities are.... This great big spider web of perfection.

Anonymous said...

WELL donr Shaman- I love reading this stuff that dreams are made on- but you above all the rest seem to put it together nicely for us simple folks- to see it is one thing- to understand it is another- and to be able to relate it to others as a way to a brighter light of being is a gift- so you may be a few shots to shaman but I think of you as a giftbringer- right on or maybe I should say write on- great work- even though it was a long read- shema,shaman,shalom

Indras Net said...

Such a good compilation here, Strongly synching with themes im playing with for sure. The lightning theme is great, Im glad you mentioned Kaph and palm of the Hand, also interesting is that you connected the Hand with the Lamp as the Hebrew Letter Attributed to the Hermit Tarot card is Yod meaning Hand, and on this card the Hermit bears a Lamp. Yod is the Secret fire in some senses. It also rules over September-Virgo. The Arrow through the palm is also interesting, I just read that the Rainbow Bridge between Malkuth and Kether is also known as The Path of the Arrow, definatly ties in with the Art or Temperence Tarot Trump and its Saggitarius(jupiter) atribution, if you look close you can see the Rainbow Bridge and a Mini Arrow in the center of the Double Headed Dianas plexus. The Arrow pointed toward the heavens definatly resonates with KKonsciousness and the G8. We should start calling Synch Wholers the Bow-Men hehe. Looking forward to our chat bro! Be very well. Namaste

Anonymous said...

You're delusional.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

'Preciate the diagnosis.