"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


Just My Luck (Siriusly Pt 1 and 2 with Richard Arrowsmith)

Siriusly pt1 Sounds of Sherwood Podcast...Siriusly pt2 Sounds of Sherwood Podcast...

Richard has the innate ability to make me laugh. What a wonderful mind this insightful gentlemen has! The world is certainly a better place with him here, at least I'm a better person for sure. I thank Richard greatly for taking the time off from work to sit and talk with me. It just so happened that I was asked to stay home from work the same day, so we had plenty of breathing room to dive into many topics.

Shortly afterward Richard described some weirdness that befell him after finishing our initial chat. Read more at the Sync Whole in a post called Lucky Cauldron.... Topics covered from Fairies to Ayahuasca, good stuff. In the post Richard tells of how he went down stairs drained from our conversation to turn on the boob tube.... And behold a commercial is playing that features a man being dipped into a Black Cauldron. More on Cauldrons at a post from Richard's Black Dog Star called Cat's-Eye of the Hubble Bubble...
The man in what appears to be his fate is meet with a pot of gold. Upon being lowered into the pot he faced death, now he finds riches beyond imagination. I then received a follow up E-mail from Richard explaining more on the post.... Behind the Scenes if you will. He say...

I noticed in the District 9 image you added to the post (the pic where you pointed out the alien holding the rabbit) that one of the aliens was holding crutches because of its wounded Peg Leg. I also recall that you recently highlighted the crutches which were standing alongside the wall mural of the jazz musician playing on his double bass (the photo that Jake took outside Stellas).

The point of bringing up the Peg Leg is that I had a dream a few weeks ago where I entered a dimly lit, dark shady room. I could hear someone in agony and when I looked for the source of the pain I saw you sitting on a bed holding your broken leg.
When I woke up in the morning that's the only thing I recall from the previous night. I wasn't going to say anything to you because it sounded a little ominous but all this Peg Leg stuff (like Tezcatlipocas broken leg) keeps reminding me of it.

After looking beyond the disturbing imagery of the dream and into the symbolism, the meaning of it finally dawned on me. What does it mean when you say to an actor: 'Break a Leg'?
It means Good Luck.

The Picture from District 9 that he mentions is this one below.The Alien on the right side of the frame is just holding a rabbit for no apparent reason. In the Podcast with Richard we discussed District 9, but the Rabbit kick(pun intended) that I'm on originally came from the work I did with Kevin Halcott.... His Podcast A Conspiracy of All Things dealt a great deal with the Phooka and it's relationship to aliens and other madness. The Phooka is a mythical human sized white rabbit that changed your perception of reality. It is akin to the Deamon(voice inside ones own head having knowledge unattainable by oneself), and Alister Crowley's Holy Guardian Angel, and is an early influence on the concept of god. That's why we have the Easter Bunny, which now to most of you actually having your attention brought to it, might look completely out of place for a Christian holiday. The Phooka or big Bunny is seen in such Hollywood epics such a Harvey.In 1950 Jimmy Stewart above made a movie about a man that actually saw a big fucking Easter Bunny that no one else saw. They even mention the Phooka in the movie so there's no confusion of intent. The Bunny is also seen in Donnie Darko, and Roger Rabbit(where we have a direct joining of the Cartoon Realm, as I call it, and OZ), but don't forget the most important of all being Alice in Wonderland. Now as much as I would love to go on about the Rabbit this and Rabbit that I must move our attention back to that broken leg. The Broken Peg Leg is seen in the left corner this time. Richard refers it back over to the crunch that I mentioned in another post.The attention was originally in the F Holes on the up right bass. Blue Worm is the name given to this sync pattern that Jake Kotze introduced the world to and combines the S like shape on the Bass to the Scepter or constellation of Quetzalcoatl. I focused in on the oddity of that random crutch being in the picture, but if we associate the Peg Leged alien with Quetzalcoatl we quickly find another link to the Plumed Serpent.The Black Heart of TezCATlipoca explains more about this character. His name is Tezcatlipoca and he is the nemesis of Quetzalcoatl and you can see that his right leg is a Peg Leg. He has gotten it bite off and it is often seen as a bone sticking out.
On October 22 Jake Kotze dropped a little tid bit of the mystery on his Facebook status. He says...

Dude broke his leg at work in the gym today. Funny, a rabbit showed up here last week with a broken leg and then died. Then there was the fire the week b4 that! "With so much drama at the R.O.C.C. it's kinda hard bein snoop d-o-double-g"

That Mr. Kotze, boy, I tell you.... He somehow someway keeps comin' up with funky ass shit like every single day. Ahem...

Ever Onward....

So here Mr. Kotze unannounced to the fact that I was coming home every night to a flock of rabbits in my yard and Mr. Arrowsmith's and I having the broken leg conversations.... Pin points both together seamlessly.My own experiences continue and I am inundated with friggin' Phookas... It's not until Jake mentions the rabbit that I notice my own wall paper actually featuring a Phooka's femur(it's fun to say but I'm not sure if Phookas have Fermur's).
This wallpaper has been up for months... And I didn't have Phooka's in mind when putting it up. Jake, I certainly hope you kept that rabbits broken leg.... Rabbit's feet are good luck you know.

The luck insight has lead me to new sync patterns that I have yet to understand completely such as the Shamrock which I don't really want to go on and on about, but will touch on latter. First we have to analyze that damn Easter bunny a little but more.The connotation to fertility in the Easter tradition is obvious. Rabbit's fuck like crazy, and eggs... Well you know. Easter is in the spring, fairly close to the spring equinox and is celebrated as the resurrection of Christ, yet in spring winter dies so that all else may start to thrive. The egg however comes from the same root as the words Ego or Eagle. I usually associate that, at this point, as a symbol in pop culture to a symbol of the Ego or fragile egg shell perception we think as self. With Synchromysticism you can change the connotation of any thing you might be viewing by putting a different context on that media. As above where the rabbit becomes a concept of god... Attach Phooka to the inner self, or higher self we hear inside, and we see him shitting out little egos that eventually crack. In cracking they reveal many individual Christ... Which of course would be us, who wake up a scamper across the country side. In That's Eggzactly What I Said I go in depth about eggs throughout movies.... Good shit please view. The important part of that post that is necessary here is that I used the Movie Poster for the Knowing as an example. Scroll up and review the Easter Shitting Messiah picture then scroll down and see the same type shit in Knowing.I can't really blame the use of this poster on Jake Kotze although he did send it to me, because I got it from multiple sources... Everyone seemed to think that this movie held something, and yet I didn't get the opportunity to see it until recently. Knowing comes from the word Nosis(there are some variations of that word, but lets not bore ourselves). Nosis is a kind of concept containing cosmic consciousness. Simply put all knowledge is basically floating out there in like .... 3G or something. If you wanna "Pop and Lock".... Well you can because there is a cosmic storage of that knowledge out there, in fact actually in you. If you wanna decode Morse Code at an exhilarated rate.... It's there. This poster, as a testament(please don't let me lose you here) shows us that to attain that knowledge we must crack our egos. We truly are Amnesiac Gods. You have to get cracked to Know.

However we have other fish to fry here(yeah, Richard Arrowsmith, that was a pun). In the interview above Richard mentions the importance that particular movie... Knowing.... Held for him. Round the time period that Jake was posting about Broken Legged Rabbits on Facebook there was some talk about Knowing over at the Sync Whole. Knowing The World Ends Today! was up on the day that the world ends in the movie Knowing. When I had explained that I hadn't watched it Sir Kotze proclaimed me a Stupid Bitch and demanded that I do so.... So I did.I am convinced however that I wasn't supposed to see that movie until that day. I would not have understood everything that it held for me if I had. Mothman has entered my brain to stay. I read the book because it came up. What was there was more than I expected. I have absolute faith in telling you that who ever made Knowing has read that bitch too. Exhibit one.... Men In Black. The late John Keel author of the Mothman has most assuredly the most extensive investigation on Men in Black to date. The only problem with Knowing is that it brings one too many MIB's in to the fold. 3 is the magic number and in fact in latter books Keel associates that number to mystical visitors from the Bible as well. Abraham for example(that name is important) was visited by 3 individuals often explained as the Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost. Keel however gives the connotation a negative spin when giving examples as ancient tales of the devil... Not discarded as a side note by yours truly.

There are 4 MIB's in Knowing, sometimes more, but we are going to overlook that because it was on purpose.Exhibit two.... As Gizmo from Gremlins would say.
"Bright light, bright light."

In Mothman there are no less than 2 chapters explaining the strange occurrence of '66/'67....

OK first a little priming the pump. In Mothman nothing makes sense. Things keep getting nuttier and nuttier. John Keel would come up with random ass theories and no sooner than he dose he'd get a sighting or some weird incidence that totally proved his thought.... Sounds a lot like Sycro to me. The point is that he finally concluded that the phenomenon he was experiencing went far beyond conventional thoughts power to explain.

So as the story goes during the crazy time period of '66-'67 a lot of UFO witnesses and abductees would have visits from MIB's. And the MIB's would take their pictures... For absolutely no reason at all. There are stories of the witness sitting on their front porch as a Black Cadillac would drive up, a MIB with wrap around sunglasses(always the sunglasses) would get out and take a photo that would have an irregularly bright flash. The Witness would have blurred vision and be momentarily blinded as the MIB's drove off. Imagine if you will coming home to find a MIB in your house sorting through your shit.... You stand staring at each other as he flashes your picture and in your discombobulation he darts passed you out the front door, never to be seen again. The use of lights by Men In Black is associated to hypNOSIS and in fact bright lights almost always accompany UFO sightings. Truly it seems that a large amount of people can't even make out an object until the lights they are seeing flash at them. Keel makes a point saying that UFO's are perhaps not what we commonly link them to at all, that perhaps they are the same phenomenon passed down in fairy tales just seem as UFO's nowadays as they hypnotize us into seeing what is more easily understood according to our current belief system. If we lived in a different time we would see perhaps something more fitting to that days urban legends. To some the idea of rewriting someones memories through the use of a bright flash of light would most certainly be.No stretch at all.... Someone did their research. As did the writers of Knowing. On following a MIB into the woods Nick Cage is confronted by one who turns and flashes him with a bright light, blinding him. When he is able to see again the MIB is gone.... Really this exchange serves no other purpose than to make this connection. However the MIB makes no attempt to take a picture his light emanates from a peculiar source. His mouth. You can just barley make out the nose up as the light emanates from his trap. Ride The Lightning part 1 and Ride The Lightning part 2 have more on the importance of the light coming from the mouth, as well as the symbolism of the open mouth and it's association to Kundalini.
Exhibit Three.... Mothman. As the movie comes to a close the MIB's change into Mothmen.... Straight up.... And we are givin' a reason why there are four of them which I'll come to in a second. First however I like to say that all pictures of them to a certain point resemble Butterfly wings. There is no giant leap from Butterflies to Moths and from either to Fairies.In the book Mothman the creature is often referred to by Keel as the Garuda. The Garuda is a Mythical bird man. In the western world he is not to well acknowledged outside of India. If however you decide to learn more and visit wiki as the link above will direct you you'll find many examples of it being used in Flags and other icons of country after country. He is the mount of Krishna and Vishnu and usually in line with bringing about the savior. This is a far cry from what modern UFOlogy considers the Mothman today(modern UFOlogy thinks Keel is an crack pot) which is the Draco or big winged lizard man of the David Icke Reptilian Sub-Terra blood sucking Illuminitus type bullshit. I'm seeing the Garuda everywhere now. Like in the picture above it can be a mount for a person to ride. This is Johnny Depp's Rango due out in 2011.Or it can be just a straight up winged man... Or Angel. Here is a movie soon to be released about Fallen Angels(entraining with the Draco Lizard concept) called Legion. And here is another featuring a winged man called The Tooth Fairy.... This one staring the Rock. Recently Jake pointed out to me that these movie shall be received on the same day. 1-22-10. He rearranged the number to un fold the date 2012 and of course 2012 is 20 + 1 + 2 or 23 which is a most ominous number that we shall see again shortly. WoW, two movies involving winged men in the poster... Not only in the same year, but the same day... What are the odds? And how important is it in your life? Only time will tell.The Tooth Fairy is something that I've been dealing with for a while. Be Weary The Tooth Fairy is a fairly short and not exactly insightful investigation I did on the subject some time ago. Often if one has dreams about losing his teeth(I'm sure some of you have), then it is a sign of financial problems, or at least a deep rooted anxiety of such. I find this perfect timing to see the Rock's new movie. I also noticed that the gentlemen in District 9 had this dream realized. Through DNA tampering he starts morphing into a alien, a theme that I see more and more these days, the first thing to go are his teeth. Prophetic to some degree is how I'm taking this, first comes the collapse of our corrupt currency system, then angel like Winged Tooth Fairies appear and turn us to aliens. Now that's a stretch I know, but if you keep on with the train of thought you'll see more and more evidence of such. The Teeth all fall out of our heads and our parents give us monetary compensation for the body parts..... Like the man being dipped into the cauldron, at first it's a bad thing, and then we have riches dumped upon us. Think about that at least. The Mothmen in Knowing are angels in fact as well.... When they take off for their ship the wings no longer resemble Butterfly wings but angel wings. I was talking to someone recently and they called it an Auora around the Aliens.... That struck me as perfect, what if the connotation of the winged angels throughout history was nothing more than an interpretation of a powerful Auora or energy field that surrounds the body of higher conscious beings. The wings in the picture above don't move as well as all witness accounts of Mothman in the book by Keel do not for the most part move either. Exhibit Four.... Prophecy. In the Mothman, Prophecies take the forefront. However if it is true about the connection between these things and Fairies then it should be noted that Fairies are known as tricksters and can not on a whole be trusted. Many of the Prophecies in the book are slightly miss leading. This is one of the few parts where the Movie for Mothman and the book are joined accurately. The "Ultra-Terrestrials" give half correct prophecies. In fact if you really dive deep in to the UFO phenomenon you'll find that a common story. On average the fortune tellings of Aliens can not be trusted. Perhaps they are just pulling our legs(pun intended).

Interestingly enough in the picture above we find Mr. Cage scrolling around on an internet web page about 911... I wonder if he realizes that he himself was a Police Officer who was buried in the rubble. Also there is a high level of attention on the Statue of Liberty... In fact the picture of the Statue of Liberty above seems to be doctored.... Below is the closest thing I could find to it
As said above both movies use disasters predicted to convince that the Aliens aren't playing around. In passing I'd also like to point out my obsession with Exit Signs. I see them sticking out like sore thumbs lately. The just seem out of place and distracting in some scenes, and I've decided that they are not really deep synchronicities but just straight up eye sores. I still don't understand why a director would not pay more attention to them in shots. Frames cost money after all. The interpretation that I like best is the one presented to me by Mr. Kotze.... The XI in the middle has to do with the roman numeral 11 and that leads us to 9 11 of way 9+1+1=11.... E and T flank it... So 911 is in between Extraterrestrials.... E11T. This is not completely sound however it plays with your perception when viewing in that context. Above is one.That makes 2.....
And 3.... Maybe the aliens knew of 911 because they did that shit.... OK I'm playing.... Back to reality, if there is such a thing.

Inspiration for the movie Knowing having definitely been established we shall move on to some other interesting concepts that have perfect timing with my personal experience. I have used this particular picture almost sense I started posting. It is of Ezekiel's vision and depicts what is commonly known to theologians as the Merkaba or mercy seat. In Knowing they use this concept as the space craft of the Aliens themselves. The Mercy seat that god would reside in is seen as the main ship itself. Almost looking like a man siting buddha lotus style at times if you ask me.
The Angels that Ezekiel sees are the MIB's that's why there are 4 not 3.... Their Angel like wings showing when they become Mothmen and the Wheels of Ezekiel become this weird spinning shuttle craft that leaves the main ship.
The debate on the meaning of Ezekiel's vision has spanned decades and the conclusion that it was a possible spacecraft is nothing new. Even accepted by NASA scientist at one time that spawning the book above. He chose to say that the 4 angels where landing gear and that the wings where helicopter like blades. Insane, but that would explain the Angel's 6 wings however. the seat of god would be towards the top. The meaning of the Angels and Wheels is actually pretty obvious. In the Bible the Angel are said to have 4 faces each, that of a Man, an Eagle, a Lion, and a Bull.This same scenario plays out in the traditional Tarot card for the Wheel of Fortune. We have a center wheel surrounded by 4 winged aspects. A Man, an Eagle, a Lion, and a Bull. Believe it or not this Card has a lot to do with luck.... But it also has a lot to do with the stars as well.It's the Zodiac. The Wheel itself is the path around our sky's, the Lion is Leo, the Man Aquarius, the Bull Taurus, and the Eagle the upper order of Scorpio. Luck is the interpretation of this Card coming up in a Divination reading for it indicates a big change.

From Wiki-
  • Turning point; Opportunities; Possibilities
  • Destiny; Fate; Superior Forces; Movement
  • Development; Activity; Surprises; Expansion
  • Sudden Events; Speed; New Developments; Life Cycles

It's origins spawn from the idea of the Rota Fortunae which in turn came from the goddess who depicted the personification of luck, Fortuna. Really that's a crash course and I could go on and on, but need to return back to what that has to do with Knowing. The most obvious of symbols in the movie is the big tree on the new planet.... Ok let me explain, the world is going to end, nothing can be done, so the aliens take a selected few to another planet. This new "Garden of Eden" is only available to those who hear "Whispers" in their head.... Yet another Phooka in side the head.... The kids even take two Phooka Rabbits up in the Spaceship with them.
They lift off leaving the Kids by themselves in the Garden of Eden to hump like Rabbits....

Just sayin'.

And I'm am not crazy for seeing that they left them in a crop circle(look close above, left by the space craft)... Made to look like a real one. I mean fucking Blatant. This crop circle came up earlier this year in 2009... While of course I'm payin' close attention to Crop Circles and wheels and peacocks it just happens to pop up.. The Crop Circle above depicts a Rose Window... Straight up. A Rose Window like the one above are seen in Churches often.
Like this one in the Movie Corpse Bride by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp that I just saw... That movie made me want to watch What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams....Direct hit... Robin Williams is dead trying to convince his dead wife(corpse bride) that she too is dead. He trys to show her their wedding day complete with flamboyant Rose Window shown above.

The Rose Window belongs to the same origins as the Wheel of Fortune shown linked above. It also has the same shape manifest in other places however.This here is Muragan... Richard and I talked about him briefly and as a crash course in passing we'll say that he is believed to be the Pleiades.

Another heptad association with Murugan is the asterism of the Pleiades. One of Murugan’s names is Karttikeya, which is derived from Krittika, a Hindu name for the Pleiades.
According to legend, when Karttikeya was first born on Earth he possessed seven heads, one for each star of the Pleiades, but he lost one of them and so now he has six. Thus, more than simply reflecting the Pleiades, Murugan is the Pleiades.
-From the Yezidi Truth Orginaization

However he is standing on a Peacock.... Like Johnny Depp's Rango and Pixar's Up making him a Mothman Garuda rider.Not the hint at Dog Symbolism.... Peacock Peliades, Dog Sirius?

More on this significance.... Again from the Yezidi Truth Orginaization.

In metaphysics it is believed that our Solar System rotates around the Pleiades, and that the asterism is a special point of creation for our local galaxy. High frequency energy from a more refined universe is channeled through the Pleiades, specifically the star Alcyone, which then encodes it with a specific shape and destiny it will assume in our three dimensional universe. Because of its unique function of feeding and nurturing our galaxy, the Maya referred to the Pleiades as the “teats of the rattlesnake.” In agreement with many ancient cultures, the Maya maintained that the creator of the universe was a serpent, snake, or dragon which possessed a septenary nature. They therefore portrayed it with seven heads, tails, twists to its body, or teats (or all of the above). It was also represented as a rainbow (as it is among the Yezidis) or as a rainbow serpent (as it is among the Australian Aborigines) that encoded all energy with the seven colors, tones, etc. The Maya and others often referred to this septenary serpent as the Son of God who was born at the beginning of time from the union of the primal male/female principles manifesting as spiraling energy. From a geometrical perspective, this primal union created not only a spiral but a vesica pisces, the “eye” and “seed of life,” which became the “flower of life” and then kept multiplying to become eyes manifest all throughout the universe. These vesica pisces eyes represent the omniscience of the primal creator, such as Tawsi Melek. They were colored either green, or blue-green, the middle color that reflected the union of the male/female principles. Thus, the combination of the blue-green color produced a Son of God in the form of an all-seeing blue-green dragon (the word dragon is derived from all-seeing), a dragon-peacock, or simply a many-eyed peacock. He was the blue-green dragon creator of the Chinese and Quiche Maya, or he was the blue-green peacock of the Yezidis. But whatever his form, one of his principle homes was the seven stars Pleiades.

Not to mention that Jehovah Witnesses consider god to live in the Pleiades. We could go on and on.
First back to Knowing where we also find the Pleiades entraining with Crop Circles. Resonating with Muragan the movie actually superimposes a Star in the Pleiades onto our Star/Sol to demonstrates how the world will end. All resonating soundly with Richard's interview.The Pleiades have another hit in the Movie although pretty veiled, and possibly to weak to hold as evidence... Still fun to mention. The circle above had been mentioned by Jim Kotze(that was on purpose) as being nipple like, it resembles a target. However it has five stars that seem to be an interesting tid bit in my opinion however for it to be associated to the seven sister, that being a name given to the Pleiades for the ancient amount of stars in the constellation, it needs two more stars. This also was discussed in the interview with Richard, he noticing that Walter Cruttenden states the missing seventh star of modern times as being possibly Sirius(remember UP's poster). We however now have two missing stars in the picture above... If you keep watching the movie you soon find the hidden stars, that is if you look real close and stretch your imagination a little.Shortly after the scene above we find the MIB standing at the edge of the woods with the two stars plastered on the trees near by.
This is another Crop Circle in the 09 season. Like the Rose Window Crop Circle above we see the shape of the 12 sided zodiac being hinted at. Also this slides into this part of the flow seeing that it appears to be made to represent Peacock feathers having a nice enough fit to the Murugan/ Peacock/Rose Window/Ferris Wheel thingie we looked at earlier.
I have no choice to say all of these Wheel of Fortune motifs like the Rose Window above have too much visual similarities to a Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel is also something I noticed a while back and slowly pieced together it's significance... At least for me. I have a couple of sources Here at the Sync Whole if you want to explore more. One of the most vibrant examples manifested itself right after I drew attention to it in a couple of movies that found there way into the Box Office also in '09. Adventureland above stars Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame as well as well as Jesse Eisenberg who was found in the other movie featuring attention to Ferris Wheels this year as well.... Zombieland.
Both movies with the Ferris Wheel, both with Jesse, both with the word Land highlighted.... I've explored this as said before at the sync whole so I've decide to just skim the surface here. Another actor that is highlighted with a Ferris Wheel that as well came out this year was Adam Sandler in Bedtime Stories.... It was an instant hit, sync wise, to say the least. We'll return to this scene here again in a minute, but will deviate slightly just to cover some more topic's discussed with Richard. Adam loves the number 23.... For what ever reason. He also has an uncanny attachment to the number 42 and all like derivatives. I wouldn't list all of them here, just touch on the obvious. He's seen above in Big Daddy wearing a number 32(23 backwards) jersey. In Anger Management Sandler is forced to lose his temper after being kicked out of his seat on an airplane within the first 15 min of the flick. His original seat was 26F, that of course seemingly unimportant at first... But F is the 6th letter of the English Alpha-Beth and 26+6 is 32, again 23 backwards.
Number 23 blatant in Mr. Deeds'. I see alot of sailboats too, just so you know.... Don't know why yet, just one of those things. Sorta like the frog in the Big Daddy picture above. Sometimes things just follow your ass around until all of a sudden it clicks(pun intended). Certain actors however will travel around with these little sync symbols teasing the shit out of you, forcing some enlightenment out of your ass if your ready or not. Your opinion on rather or not this 23 thing is intentional or not hinges on the movie Funny People out earlier in '09. Above Adam comes into the room to discuss the carnal knowledge of certain female individual with Seth Rogen. In the flick Adam mirrors him self in real life, being a stand up comedian who has an extensive library of comedy films.It cuts to the Film that Rogen is watching to show Adam's character in a previous movie with an ominous 23 floating above his head. On investigation however we find that Funny People was produced by a new Drama orientated division of Sandler's Production company Happy Madison. The new company has produced 2 films for Sandler those being Funny People of course and the earlier 911 infused Reign Over Me. The companies name is Mr. Madison 23. Much like Jim Carrey's Production company called JC23.... This doesn't detract from the importance for me myself, but instead deepens the relationship of these two comics sycromystically.
They travel by Taxi numbered 23 in Chuck and Larry... They are heading to the chapel as it where so it is what I would coin an Important scene, those are the places that syncs love to hide the most, but not always. However this 23 is fast and furious and way Philipkdickian.... But to be a little more obvious we have this from the same flick.Their fire house is numbered 223....This movie has actually three different examples seeing that Jessica Biel's, Sandler's straight love interest's, room number is 23 also..... Weird. I nearly pooped myself when I found this... Completely missing it on first viewing. I was looking for this.Penguins where discussed with Richard so I was looking for visual aids like the one above.... However before I got this or the Jessica B room 23 there was this that initially slowed me down. A Gay Man dressed as a Butterfly or Fairy(I not discriminating here) bum rushes(OK maybe a little) Mr. Sandler as he himself is dressed as a Vampire AKA Man In Black. The Gay Mothman so close to the MIB made my radar go nuts.The Mothman is Jessica B's gay Brother and she is dressed in a Black Cat costume. That itself having luck connotations, as well as something that Richard Arrowsmith would love.... Those who are familiar with his work as well as the Podcast by now will understand....
Again we see a Butterfly Mothman Crop Circle this year as well. This particular Circle is arguably fake, however that makes no difference to me.... Besides I've seen it from too different angles so far. Anyway we were talking about Penguins.Coming from behind Barrymore is a Penguin. Penguins where first brought to our attention when Sandler came out in Billy Madison, he would hallucinate a man in a giant Penguin suit. But, one must remember that the movie The Number 23 starring Sync Christ Carrey also showcased an unusual example of a Penguin. Fingerling at the Zoo was the book JC holds up in the movie to express his syncromystic connection to a character in a book. A very large and glorious Penguin graces the cover. This brings us back to Bedtime Stories, which isn't the end of our Penguin connects to Sandler but a place I want to move on from.... The Penguin stands staring at the back of Sandler's head, out of which springs a starfish. starfish are not strangers to Sandler neither are just plain fish for that matter. In Don't Mess With The Zohan Sandler is seen with a fish actually in his buttocks. However in Bedtime Stories we find a twin pair of them.... Oddly enough Richard also mentions this in the Interview I gave with him. He sighted his experience with a sync pattern involving fish and the gemini twins Castor and Polluck that you can actually read more about here. Before moving on I'd like to say that there is something extra special in the picture above.... Sandler is wearing a shirt with a dog on it. The Starfish is also coming from the Star of Sandler's head. Robert Anton Wilson's book The Cosmic Trigger inspired The Number 23 with JCarrey so we have another direct relationship between Penguins 23 and the Dogstar once again. Please read Richards RAW Eggs for a professional explanation. Sandler saves a man from choking on a fish in Bedtime Stories. He kicks the man in the stomach and a fish comes wiggling out, sure there's a lot of weirdness going on in the background, but why the reinforcement of the fish. There's one point where Sandler is damn near prying to a fish earlier in the movie. To add to the craziness of it all we have another 23 making itself heard. Before we saw Sandler in firehouse 223 in Chuck and Larry.... However in Bedtime he out runs a Fire Truck labeled 237. The 237 is also significant in so much as 2x3x7=42....
The angle of deviation between the incoming light rays from the sun and the refracted rays directed to the observer's eyes is approximately 42 degrees. So 42 is often used to express Rainbow and/or the Rainbow bridge in the Syncrosphere. Sandler of course has the Rainbow thing locked down.
In Zohan seen here on his Mariah Carey T-shirt. For more see Zohan Over the Rainbow. In Little Nicky he is seen here with Rainbows shooting out of his hands. And then the connotation of gays and Rainbows once again in Chuck and Larry.However sometimes it's just the number 42 that follows him... Above is the opening scene to Big Daddy. Check the clock...In Little Nicky a portal to hell opens in the Grand Central Station subway tunnel near 42nd street.42s dance trough out the scenes that take place there.... One stands behind Nicky on the wall between he and his friend. Also note the exit sign pointing to Sandler as he is dressed in Blue and Yellow.

And then back to Bedtime where we find 42 on the train that he jumps through.... 4+2=6 and 4+5=9 so there is also a 69 or Zodiac Cancer sign reference here as well, be it veiled.The initial picture that started this whole Adam Sandler extravaganza was this one above featuring the Ferris Wheel Rose Window Zodiac Sign thingie. The children make the stories come true... That's how it plays out in Bedtime anyway. Long story short Adam walks under the Ferris Wheel, saves the fat dude from the fish, and then tries to kiss his love interest under the pier. The kids had told him that he would be interrupted by Abraham Lincoln, so looking down to advert such a terrible fate Sandler comes to find a penny, face up, on the ground. That is the connection he thinks.... So it came true but in a weird way that would make any sync head smile. However there are other connotations to this. Traditionally, at least here in the States, finding a penny heads up is a sign of luck.

This brings me to the Lincoln Enigma, as I have come to call it. As i have expressed before sometimes you'll just notice a certain subject keep repeating itself for no apparent reason. Sooner or latter you'll twist that away in your mind until suddenly you'll have this insight that makes your previous dumbfoundness seem damn near childlike. One of those that is following me at the time is Abraham Lincoln. It all started with the movie The Watchmen for me. I went with a friend who was very interested in my Sycro work to that point, and so as we dipped and dived through the streets of Denver to pick up another friend I tell him about the hidden 42 inside the Astrological sign for Jupiter.
24 or 42.... As I'm telling him this we start to see license plate after license plate drive by with big fat 42's on them. He was just about to go nutz, because the amount of them was unbelievable. To me this has become par for course, I can't explain it, explaining is done, although I have tons of theories, however for him it was sort of an eye opener. He called the other friend that we were to pick up on his cell phone and got directions to his house. I can't remember the street, but the address was something stupid like 442 or of the like. My original friend driving, we'll call him Doug, laughed, but said that he wouldn't find it weird unless the house was out of the ordinary. When we pulled up to friend number 2's house, we'll call him John, Doug's jaw dropped... In the front of his crib was a big slate like piece of rock that had 2 1/2 foot numbers carved in it for the address. They were huge and completely different than the tiny ass address numbers all the other houses had. So we sat looking at this big 42. Latter when we went to a club before the movie and the DJ was scratching shit in the back ground I struck up a conversation with John, he and Doug are friends, but I didn't know him to well, so I asked him what school he had gone to in High School... He said Lincoln. My phone rang, so I went outside to answer it. It was my cousin telling me we better hurry up and get to the theater because the place was getting packed. He asked what street we were on and I said looking up at the sign "Lincoln".... It must be added here that Abraham High School is not on, or even close, to Lincoln Street, they are however named after the same dude. Of course my friend Doug was interested that we went to a 24 Movie Complex to watch a movie involving a female named Sally Jupiter, he having never read the comic... But, my highlight came when the movie was almost done. New York lay in rubble and Richard Nixon comes on the TV to explain that the Cold War is over. Behind him is a bust of Abraham Lincoln.... I nearly feel out of my seat.

Sense then Abe seems to visit me a weird and unusual times. Recently he poked his head up at the Sync Whole.... This post called AyaPhone had to do with Telephones, Ayahusca, and Telephone Booths... I added a scene from Get Smart where a talking tree interacts with a man who then walks on water. Steve Carrel seen here is walking on water in a Christ like manner after talking to a Conscious Plant. He is right in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Directly after this I sampled the movie Mr. Magorium again, trying to prepare myself for making another video. I witness a scene that I had completely forgotten about. One of the main characters makes a life size replica of Abraham Lincoln completely out of Lincoln Logs. I could post all day about this movie if I wanted... So this had an extra special pop in the sync bone for me. Above we see Natalie Portalman in frame with Ferris Wheel and Penguin just for kicks. Do I see a Blue Worm as well?If we move back to subject we note that Lincoln Logs are a fantastic double L. Double letters are gold in sycro... Sorta like Mr. Magoium(MM) for instants.... Or Mr. Madison(MM) for that matter. I wrote about Double L's in a post called When Lamed Strikes Twice. Lots of cool things have Double L's, like Lady Luck for instance. And if we consider that thread we can note that LL becomes 77 upside down. 7 is a lucky number and 7's usually get you a win at a slot machine. Pot of Gold you see. Those damn Leprechaun's and their Shamrocks. I've been followed by Shamrocks ever sense Richard sent me that E-mail, I started taking pictures of some. I won't show all of them but... Adam is seen with them, and just recently.... I drove down to Durango to go on a train ride(funny how I was just talking about trains with Richard) called the Polar Express(funny how Richard mentions that too). You can see the train in the back ground, but as an example I always see these generic as hell Shamrocks, like the one on that green mini van.They always seem out of place, but to not get long winded I'll return to our lucky one.I see this on a fellow co worker as we are getting to go home through the snow filled evening. This would be a black gentlemen with an Irish last name.... He always kids and says it was his slave owners name. He catches me staring at his hoodie that is decorated with leprechauns and other lucky shit like horse shoes and dice. He wants to know why I'm enthralled about the clover and I tell him, and seeing that we have discussed weird shit before he gets the hint and says...

"Well, you know what it symbolizes don't you?"

Enthusiastically I say no and he says...

"Another plant with another certain amount of leafs...."

Slow on the up take I get his joke.... He's talking about weed.... Marijuana. Every body in Denver has been talking about that subject lately seeing as we just got it Medically legal here and it's sorta unregulated at the moment.... In other words if your knee hurts go get a license and blaze all you want. For the time being that's true at least. It's even all over the magazine adds. Weed and Lincoln show themselves together just moments after my friend with the hoodie made the connection for me. The penny is heads up, oh so lucky... It's surrounded by five leafed clovers, if you know what I'm sayin'. The address is 424 Lincoln, which brings up something else that we were just talking about. That is the 42 and it's relationship to the Alchemical Symbol for Jupiter.It also corresponds to the 4th Sephiroth on the Kabbalah Tree of Life called Chesed. As you can see, on the left, the path that leads into the circle is associated with the Tarot card called The Wheel of Fortune. This Sephiroth is tagged with Mercy, as well as Luck, Abundance, Dolphins, Jupiter, the metal Tin, and the color Blue(like Krishna and Vishnu).... Most of which were covered by Kevin Halcott over at SOS.

This is the point where I bring up Philip K Dick and his book VALIS. I don't have time to give a complete synopsis now, however a brief description is unavoidable at this time. Sometime in Philip's past he accumulated a mass of knowledge trough what we might call Nosis as based on the description we had for that word above. VALIS is written as a fictional book but inspired by true things that happened to Mr. K Dick. In the knowledge that he was given he was lead to believe that a savior walked the Earth. The code name that he was given for this savior was King Felix. Now Philip started seeing this name on regular TV spliced between commercials of Grocery King and cartoons of Felix the cat, as well as other odd ball Sycromystic combination. Felix, the word, is derived from the Latin word meaning Luck, and Abundance. I'm forced to see a connection between what K Dick was experiencing and what we have as the main symbols of Syncro now.... Perhaps we are searching after the savior. However before we quit this tread Harry Potter enters the fold as he was seen with a Bottle of Felix Felicis earlier this year. In the movie Potter makes the grade in potion class and is awarded a fresh bottle of Felix Felicis that allows him to be lucky as hell for a short amount of time. Potions of course are made in cauldrons and the Felicis is gold in color, making it appear like something at the end of a Rainbow....

Ever Onward....
I driving down the road trying to process all this and the image above pops into my head... I had the Beaver remind me of it because everyone was excited that day about the connotations of the Beaver over at the Sync Whole in one of my new favorite post that I've read lately here floW in the sNOW. The image is of Abraham Lincoln riding a three seated bike with the front seat empty, Beaver in tow.

This is the advertisement from Rozerem. The jest is that Abe and the Beaver are odd enough images that one would dream about them and Rozerem helps you sleep, hence why the front seat of Abe's bike is empty, because he needs you to drive. He needs you to sleep so that you may dream of him. Come on take our drug, go to dream world, essentially(Scanner Darkly). Excited about this new lead I google the hell out of this trying to find more info. I found an advertising analysis with a blog, and found him breaking the Advertising gimmick of Rozerem down... He gave me some big pieces of the puzzle, but also showed some bafflement at the use of these images that Rozerem chooses. Abraham, he says can be lined up to honesty, hence Honest Abe and a very good fit for the use of Abe in the movie Watchmen behind Richard Nixon... Because lets face it Nixon is not associated with honesty, in fact in K Dick's VALIS Nixon is called Ferris F. Fremont, or FFF, or 666 seeing that we have already established that F is the 6th letter. Then the Advertisement dude mentioned the female Genitalia connotations to the Beaver... He even goes on to mention that using Beaver's in advertising is hella taboo because the symbolism is so blatantly obvious to any teenager. So why was this company going damn near bankrupt on spending to much money on an Advert that made no sense at all, unless your a pervert. And why is Lincoln seen with a friggin symbolic Ver-Jay-Jay... I wracked my noodle(pun intended) over this one for sometime, even going as far as to think that perhaps Lincolns top hat was a symbolic penis. So I return to the guys blog and read it again. Half way through it I notice a little interruption in the text about a related book. The book is on the strange advertising associated with sleeping drugs like Rozerem, and on the cover is a painting that I was familiar with. Here's a close up of the painting. It's by Pablo Picasso and is called simply The Dream.

I read another book about Subliminal Advertising not too long ago that reviewed the same picture.... But, for totally different reasons... Well, that's not true they we're both about Advertising, but the one I read was a little darker. Now grant it you can see pretty much what ever you want in any thing, yet another fact is that some things your mind sees can convince you so much that you would swear that it was actually the intention of the artist to begin with... Take for instance the painting in question by Pablo Picasso.

Le Rêve (The Dream in French) is a 1932 oil painting (130 × 97 cm) by Pablo Picasso, then 50 years old, portraying his 24-year-old mistress Marie-Thérèse Walter. It is said to have been painted in one afternoon, on January 24, 1932. It belongs to Picasso's period of distorted depictions, with its oversimplified outlines and contrasted colors resembling early Fauvism

Now she is obviously sleeping... And Picasso would always distort the perspective, cube it up if you read me. However tell me if you feel some sexual shit coming from the painting... Hell if I was thirteen I might get a boner just because her tit was showing... But what is she dreaming about, what's on her mind. I'll be damned if it isn't a dick.... Plus there's extra fingers so she is kinda playing with her self... Now would Picaso put some subterranean sick penis shit so no one would spot for decades? Some "that would teach em" type shit... I hope so.... Cause he was a genius, and most genius' are perverts.

More on painting analysis by Richard Here.
More on Picaso and 911 at Hip to be Square.... James Joycian style. What I found fun was that the same author that taught me that taught me how Abraham can be sexy. Behold the Five Dollar Bill... And be prepared because I'm thinking that you might see some 5 dollar bills doing weird things here soon for some reason.Close up on Honest Abe's beard."S"
And the "X" is distorted or else it wouldn't be Subliminal.... But, come on.... The design was on the Five Dollar Bill sense before your granddad was born... Those pesky Illuminati fuckers are that smart? Jesus we don't stand a chance.... We're gonna have to get some luck.

Stop. That's negative so lets just say that Sycromystically with the picture of Abraham with the Female Genitalia in the shape of a Beaver and the Sex connotation that's been in our subconscious sense the dawn of Commercial Capitalism and the hanging of Booth, that Abraham Lincoln has to do with sex.... But what dose it mean, where's the enlightenment and/or punfull connection. I don't..... I just don't know, maybe it has some kind of practical use.

Here try this.... all the single people out there.... Next time you go to the strip club, only be honest and use Five Dollar Bills... Use the Subliminal Messages on the opposite sex... Who knows you might just get lucky....

Oh Shit!

That's it....

Sex=Getting Lucky

Love and Thanks


Ishmael said...

I don't know how I missed this. Sorry Bro!
I've got some reading to do. Your dissertations always blow my mind, completely and utterly--It usually takes several sittings though, and I do need to sit w/ this stuff.
let you know what I think in a few days.
take care!

Indras Net said...

Holy shit! That was beutiful will! Man I love how your blog is quiet for like a month, i wonder whats popping and then you drop the bombs man, this is realy great work here, I actually read almost all of it, thanks so much man, im gonna finish this after class today. Aha you gave me chills with this one, muchas gracias. Peace in!

Unknown said...

All this Lincoln Logs stuff made me think of GangStar Lucky Luciano (involved with illegal gambling: 777). Cool stuff all around - a fantastic read! Wish I had something to add, but you pretty much covered it all. Plus you gave me a good idea of what to buy my cousin for his birthday - the Mothman book; considering he's had some trouble with white owls like in The Fourth Kind, which seemed to be a Mothman/Garuda type scenerio.

JSteveKane said...

I really interested in learning more about the bunny the pooka etc ive just pposted a blog about white rabbits can someone send me in the right direction ?

Unknown said...

After I listened to the second part of your chat with Richard, I saw Penguins everywhere! There was one right on my screen at the very moment you mentioned it. Then I check the TV guide and saw that Happy Feet is on at Xmas day, and then I turn on the TV and there was a show about Penguins!

And Lincoln, that's been following me too, combined with Easter! Get this, I get an urge to start listening to some old recordings of Bill Hicks, one of his jokes is about Easter and why we celebrate Easter by telling kids a giant bunny lays chocolate eggs. He then goes on to say 'Why those two things? If we are making stuff up, why not say a Goldfish left a Lincoln log in your sock drawer?'.

And then today I was watching The Island, Ewan McGregor’s character is called Lincoln Six Echo! I think Richard is right, we are all Islands….

Arrowsmith said...

Will, that was one of the best reads I've had in a long while. I've got to agree with everyone whose already commented. This post was superb.

I've read that Speilburg is in the process of setting up a movie called 'Lincoln' (based on Abe) which is due to be released in 2011: Chinese Year of the Rabbit.

Also, in National Treasure 2 Nic Cage enters The White House with a White Rabbit stuffed in the pocket of his jacket. It's funny how Rabbits are often kept inside a Cage. You can see the bunny ears sticking out of the Cage in this pic. He also looks at this syncnificant statue. National Treasure 2 also happens to star HARVEY (the Phooka) Keitel.

Keitel starred in the movie 'Bugsy' (Bunny?) and was of course Adam Sandlers horny father in Little Nicky. Come to think of it, Harvey also played the role of 'Mr. White' in Reservoir Dogs which would of course make him a White Rabbit!

It was an absolute pleasure doing the podcast with you. The spin off syncs which took place after our chat were simply icing on the cake. Keep up the good work Abe!

Jake Kotze said...


Luck is floW.

When we align with the Self we see the harmony (the symphony created by the notes of order and chaos) in the indivisible environment.

If we see ourselves as separate from the totality the 'individual' often interprets this harmony as synchronicity or luck.

Peace in kind sir.


While I was reading about Abraham Lincoln in your post the preacher on TV kept going on about Father Abraham.

Atareye said...

I read the fuck outta this post. And right now my wv in blue is


as in moonshine!

And no I'm not drunk. A little high but not drunk on moonshine.

Jesus, Rabbits, eggs, and ...brains? Yup, you furthered my latest thought portal. Your's Richard's and AFerrismoon's latest have opened a gate in my mental maze that is flooding with context. I'll try and keep it positive like you do. But god damn this shit gets serious quick.

Just to touch on the MIB MothMan shit abit...

-MIB men use red lazer aka Cing red flasher thing to erase memories.
-The MIB in the Matrix are in threes if I'm not mistaken.

And abit about the EXIT sign meme...

I posted on it waaaay back.

E and the X look like a house.

heres a picture.

If you mix the thought that you ENTER and EXIT the Matrix via phone then I imagine the EXIT sign as sayin
'ET phone home' Dig? Its a stretch I know...

That clover weed connect ties in nicely with Lucifer. As Ive told you I think ..I used to be an unbaptized Jehovah's witness. So I got a little bible meme in the membrane. When Adam and Eve sinned one of the specific mentions of earthly alterations was the introduction of weeds and plant enemies into our former Eden. Weeds came in with Satan's reign IMO. So a clover is pure luck where as the seven 'headed' weed leaf and its controversial effects on some people minds lead me to think that perhaps us smoking it evokes its demonic quality's. Maybe smoking it gives us power. I guess I'm gonna have to see if smoking a four leaf clover does anything....

I stole some of the 'Yezidi Truth Organization' stuff you posted. Its right inline with my thoughts on the pot leaf aka Satan.

Really great Flow Will. Glad your still spittin'