"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


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"Star Gate"

One hexagon made from many small hexagons in Transformers
The Robots Cube of Life and Death

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The Hounds of Hermes

The fact that Jim Carrey has resonated with Osiris the Ancient Egyptian God of the Dead shall be old news to a considerably moderate group of enlightened individuals. In fact it is quite possible to shout such a truth from the roof tops, or perhaps air said information on the nightly news and only reach the true understanding of a handful. I myself took quite a few weeks with the possible notion that this could be true, until the concrete understanding struck me to the deepest subterranean corners of my constructed reality. Long story short.... I'm slow.

I heard one night during my late night obsessive tours through the internet about the fantastic possibility of an back engineered alien chair. Montauk, it was called. I saw this and immediately my mind reared. While searching for more information (could such an unbelievable thing be true) I discover this video.

Having just watched Project Camelot's video interview with David Wilcock I immediately recognized the first sample from that and then the inevitable over-your-head-tenacity of Mr. Willner catapulted me into a realm where modern actor's are synonymous with ancient Egyptian deities, where an actor's filmography can be proof of fake moon landings, and where a really bad movie can have great underling mystic overtones. Although I was unfamiliar with this play ground of the intellectually prone madman, I was at home. I will explain my comings to this art hopefully in future post but would like to (at first) have this blog focused on my personal trek as little as possible..... Ever onward.

Learning as much as I could in a short amount of time I started to wonder where Hermes might be in relation to Jim Carrey's Osiris. Hermes Thoth Trismegistus.... The master of the masters. As Thoth he was the loyal friend of Osiris. As Hermes he played his part in the resurrection of Dionysus. And just about every solar powered god, as it were, in one aspect or another. If JC (Jim Carrey) was Osiris then where is the Thoth?

Hermes (from Manly P Hall's now nessacary Secret Teachings of All Ages) here in all his splendor complete with Emerald tablet and Caduceus. The animals in the picture are the symbols of Thoth... The Ibis and the Dog. The Dog Faced Monkey is another name given to Hermes. Thoth the faithful.

The dogs are Hermes. So here we see the Thoth who in my interpretation is a key. It's a Phooka symbolizing to pay attention. It is a mischievous realty jerker to raise awareness. The mind twisting fact that one of these dogs share the same name as Carrey's kid in Liar Liar... Max (. Should not be written off as coincidence for Hermetic Philosophy itself says.
"Coincidence is just unrecognized Law."
This symbolism seems to be very pronounced in the entire career of JC......
Bruce kickin' it with Sam/Thoth the faithful toilet trained dog

The dogs usher JC over the threshold of enlightenment, like in The Number 23 by Joel Shitmaker as Ned the Guardian of the Dead (a nod to Osiris being the God of the Dead). And let's not forget the ever present "Cosmic Giggle".
Dumb and Dumber
Not to mention that Jeff Daniel's is wearing a dog costume for the first 15 minutes of this particular film...... Ever onward.

Not only does JC play a dog catcher in 23 he is a roommate of a dog groomer in Dumb and Dumber, and a Pet Detective in 2 other movies. The classic Tarot Fool card is heavily associated with this whole line of thinking because not only is it the zero of the deck but also in the Viking version of the Tarot..... Loki the God of Mischief was the character designated as The Fool.
"From Zero to Hero"
So here we have a symbol that we can follow associating Loki and the number zero together on the movie poster of The Mask. There is of course some augment on whether or not the Fool card is equivalent to which of the two Hebrew Letter/Numbers "Shin" or "Aleph". Basically where it belongs in the order of the deck, be it first or last, 1st or 22nd.... For in expansive history it has been both. The fact that the fool can be seen pointing towards the other cards and them towards it, as if it were on a journey through the other cards, has lead some to believe that is the first and therefore "Aleph". The history of the fool card has been said to be veiled on purpose, for at it's birth it was a symbol book of "Hermes" himself, his followers hid the true meaning of the separated leaves as a game so not to encourage prosecution. In fact it is said that if you knew the true symbolism behind the deck you would need no other source of cosmic truth, and the other cards are just echo's of the first. The zero could be to set it aside from the rest of the deck, on it's own, but still the one. Being the "Aleph" and so the 1 the card naturally developed into the Ace in the run of the mill Vegas deck we gamble and play Go Fish with today. So then it would stand to reason that this is JC standing in a Fool Card motif holding up an Ace (Business)Card.

The meaning of the phrase on the movie poster that says "He's the best there is (actually he's the only one there is)" changes in this context.

The ever expansive history is also responsible for the different variations of the Fool card. There are quite a few including ones from Egypt that show the Fool not only heading for a chasm like the one above but heading towards a Crocodile.

As in this one representation here. You can see the Crocodile hiding behind a log small and in the corner.

Even here in Crowley's own Tarot you can see a Croc under foot of a green man.

If anyone would like, feel free to send me any more of the Crocodile Fool cards that you can find....

This picture is also from Manly P. Halls STOA (if you don't mind the abbreviation). If you would, notice the croc laying in wait of his next pray as the Hermes phooka tries desperately to advert his friend from disaster. The Crocodile is a symbol of the "dark side" so to speak. It was largely accepted as a icon for Set and/or the corruptibility and evil of men. It was likely that this evolved from the dangers of all the little bastards that were swimming around in the Nile. It latter became a Dragon as it leaked it's way up into Europe. Remember the picture of Hermes.....

And then there is Serapis, another god linked with Osiris.... His name basically means "Solar" "Apis" (Solar Bull) . Apis is the Material aspect of Osiris. Serapis is also a womanish man like Dionysus/Bacchus, and sense the modern picture of Jesus that we now know and love did not surface till way passed Jesus' time it is suspected that Serapis was the inspiration..... Here is Serapis now atop a Crocodile.
Now this is St George the Dragon killer from medieval Europe.....
Now our hero JC with the same motif.....
Basically we see here Osiris conquering Set.

But, I digress, Back to the Hermes Hounds. I do not wish to pick on one actor with this analogy so lets see what recent pop culture sources we can also find this dog in.

Will Smith is seen here in I am Legend walking his Hermes and also on the Polarity board while "waiting out the storm" on the top right. He is also seen with another in Men in Black, this one as his part time partner....... But, hey it's just because dogs are cute right. You should also notice that a dog has a minor role in the newer Hancock.

It should also be considered that both Indiana Jones and his son Mutt Williams are named after dogs. In fact Indiana was George Lucas' real dog's name (nick named Chewbacca).

Here's Mutt again with his Mojo in Transformers.

This last picture is for the inspiration that I've received from
Jake Kotze

The zero card- Le Mat, the Fool- has been likened to the material universe, like the mortal body of man, is but a garment, a motley costume, well likened to cap and bells. Beneath the garments of the fool is the divine substance, however, of which the jester is but a shadow; this world is a Mardi Gras- a pageantry of divine sparks masked in the garb of fools. -Manly P. Hall

And a many thanks to Steve Willner