"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


Will The Real Life Lucifer Please Stand Up

Let me introduce you to number 23. His name is Micheal Jordan. I'm not sure what his relationship is to the Washington Wizards.... But, what ever it is I don't like it. All I know is that W is the 23rd letter in the Alphabetical order of things. Washington Wizards. What ever dude.
I fucking remeber seeing a couple of times on ESPN this piece of history here. Please watch and just chill. Don't think just enjoy.
The Chicago Bulls..... The Chicago mutha fuckn BuLLs. Whatever dude your joking right. Black Star number 23 on the fucking Taurus'. Whatever dude tell all these people who you really are. Go ahead. I dare you.
Crescents on Ian LunGolds shirt.... Just watch the shit already.

I asked people. Many people. We're not talking world populace survey here... But enough people out there know this game to say that when Jordan shrugs his shoulders(best seen at 6:42LOL) that that is "being in the ZOne". I call it "in the floW".... But what ever. 2+3=5.... Red Bullseye on the 5. Fuckyou I know one of you did it. It's gotta be one of us 5.... And it ain't me.

Ok take a pause.
So then you know what I did.... I started noticing that Crescent bullshit everywhere.
Under this Gal's foot. Vaginal Palms behind here. Cross on her chest.

That's the cross... Circle and Crescent together.... I mean this here is Mercury/Hermes/Caduceus. I'm thinking that perhaps we have the torch above goldenboy's head(or any where else mind you, Loki's torch, or any god associated with fire) as the blackstar Crescent(Eclisped Sun). When it's just starting to crest around the eclipsed part comes enlightenment.... Light With In.
W/E/3/M or the We3Spinner as it is lovingly called equals 23/5/3 and 13. W is the 23rd Letter, E the 5th and 3 is 3 or C. For some reason M is off by himself.
13 is 1+3 or 4.... Does that mean that circle four= circle M. Chased is circle 4/blue/mercy/drawing closer/coming together. Circle M equals Mercy?

The Patternist is a beautiful man Tankyou sir.

We'll see but one thing is for certain.... All the WE3 category are tridents in different directions. Three Pornged in other words. Now we need to discuss X's before moving on. Crosses can be X's as well.... Like in the.... Well here.QUETZALCOATL; Remember Jesus died and came back 3 days latter.... On Easter.... The beginning of Spring and real close to Fools Day.... Just sayin'. Notice the skull and bones X thingy is cutting off the DNA snakes head. I see the symbol of the cross as a depiction of the body... The Savior gods all basically hint at the fact that they symbolize the soul.... Them on the cross means the soul crucified on the body. Shiva underneath Kali.... Snake on him, palm in the air.Kali has got a Trident.... Crashing waters(trident?) on the last age and something to do with the Black star crescent on Shiva's head. So he is enlightenment and that envolves the DNA snake. I am seeing blood, snake, palm print, DNA all leading to a symbol of the identiy or thought of the individual. Like the savior gods a sacrifice is made.Like his granpa(The character from The Transformer's) used to say "NO Sacrifice, No reward"..... Please someone get me a close up of that kids shirt.
Thanks Richard for cropping this

I'm sitting there on Easter watching this shit. And someone tells me we can't play cards.... Because for some reason.... The cards ain't right.... What do you mean the cards ain't right.
I took this picture on Easter.... 22 red five of Hearts.... One black 5 of clubs is what was givin' to me... Latter that night I took a closer look of the pack.... I don't have a picture yet but it had actually more red 5's... I'll recount latter.... Also I found a 2'1/3 of hearts.... It was a Brand New Deck of cards because no one around here is annoying enough to fuck around with people with magic tricks.... What am I a Wizard like Micheal Jordan.

So what I want to know is which one of you asswholes is the transporting goat herder that planted this shit in my house.... This stuff doesn't happen.... It just dosen't.... It can drive a man insane like he was some kind of character in a story.... A story that is like fucking.... Old alright... Way friggin crescent tarot card old.... It was either Jon, Jake, Jim, or Richard.... Jesus it's like the books of the gospel when you say it out loud...... Be careful with your responses gentlemen....


More on double X's here.....

Here's your picture Mr. Jon Kidd.... If that is your real name! The joker has a deck of cards at his feet with the words "look in the box" in the top right corner. There was a listing of all the real cards that were supposed to be in the deck.... But, NO instructions on how to perform a card trick.

Blood Palm(print) DNA = Ways to IDentify individuals.......

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