"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


One of us always tells the truth... The other one always lies.


Oh how we're surrounded by words!

Words can hurt. They can heal. They are a form of ESP aren't they. Somehow right now you know what I 'm thinking. And how?

Korzybski... I mean wow. Google it. He said our whole world is nothing but words. Our whole understanding of reality in general... Nothing but words.

I keep hearing this theme of words over and over. Every little rabbit whole traveled equates to the symbols I use to relate to.... Well anything other than what I would consider myself, I mean anything that I want to relate to that isn't me I have to use words.

I'm reading Korzybski now. He says we're fucked up because we think that us as a race believe one of the two facts that we are either machines, or part super nature and mechanical.... And both are wrong. Both are the wrong definition, the wrong words. What we really are are time binders... And what the fuck is that?

Well we bind time because we can pass down information from one generation to the next through..... Words.

I'm reading Philip K Dick too write now. Google it. And he sends this letter to a friend and it's recorded in this magnum opus called his Exegesis. He talks about how he has this epiphany. About how Satan is the lord of lies. Philip expresses his revelation that if you lie you're making yourself anti reality.... Wow..... Mind bomb.

Sync heads have this thing that happens to them. Shit happens in real time and they (while they keep an apparent unaffected look on their face) go through a mental list of perhaps hidden meaning inside said real time event. For example you might hear a Led Zeppelin song on the radio and you're trying to remember any relevant happenings in the day that might have anything to do with Led Zeppelin.

So long story short K Dick has me thinking about lies. My mind jumps to this long thread involving Jim Carrey. Lair Lair.

See in Lair Lair there's just this scene that is just easier to remember than the whole rest of the flick. He has this Blue pen and he's trying to make himself say that its red. Antics. Ends up with face covered in blue ink saying the name of its color. BLUE. BLUE. BLUE.

Esoterically blue holds the truth. Red does not. And sense they're primary colors the relation of the two resonates strongly. Archetypical, in fact, it would seem.

Kabblah, Chakras. Don't matter Blue is same. It's True Blue. Color of the sky. A mother fucking fact.

My brain would then go to the movie Truman(TRUE dat) show and then click over to Man on the Moon.... When he's trying to get healed and they have different colored crystals on his Chakra's and he looks up and says something like... "I'll take 3 blue ones and another pink one." and of course the Blue one is on his throat Chakra the one for honesty and in my head I go.... "Andy might not have died from cancer if he would have stopped lying. I'm mean quit bullshitting. Fuck the New Age... And just be straight up.".... My brain would do this cause that's what my brain does.

But then Id turn the shower off after the K Dick critique in my head. And I'd think about reading a story to my kid before bed. Make sure she gets a good dose of Words before bed, I mean. She has one ready for me in fact when I'm drying off coming into her bed room door. A Christmas book by Dr. Zeus. Read it a million times already at least.

I read this time in new context.

" He thought up a lie, and he thought it up quick."

"Then he went up the chimney, himself, the old liar."

The Grinch... Mind bullet.... Visual.... Carrey. My kid wonders as I reboot.

Happens again before the nights over. I read to my older child.... She has me reading The Book Thief. And my eyes linger, and the word "Words" every few seconds.