"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


Spawn Of Keel

My daughter, excuse me, second daughter, was born in the last quarter of 2007. I had been working with this one company for sometime, however my wife was just starting her career. I of course became Mr. Mom, as the saying goes. She went to work.

What to do if you're a stay home parent and have the Internet.... What to do? I had this idea though. Being a long time lover of UFO's I figured fuck my old stand by the Library, I can even investigate UFO's not just research them with a computer. And I did. I found a bunch of UFO sitings and report pages and was keeping a map of flaps. Then using clues in the descriptions of the sitings, I was finding out where the people lived and could even find their phone numbers in some cases. Now I only called the local sitings to be honest, not the ones in other states, but I used social networks like My Space to find witnesses or people around that area where the sitings were. I was keeping fucking tabs on some shit and having a blast doing it. I discovered a trend in the states of Illinois, and Indiana. And it was increasing in regularity. In fact, I was chatting with a ton of people who were spending their evenings in local park, parking lots, with cameras in their laps. Then the booms started.

On the 16th and 17th of April that year all of a sudden the Sonic Booms started to occur in the areas around the sitings epicenter. During of course lights were seen in the sky. The local Air Force bases were saying that they were running drills, of course, and the lights where high intensity flares. I've heard that shit before. The sonic booms were just them playing around. Then when they happened again on the 17th they were like "opps did it again sorry...". Interestingly enough I witnessed an on line local news paper post disappear and watched as the story was written and re written all while rocking my daughter during naps with my toes on her swing. On the morning of the 18th my My Space feed blew up as my Indiana friends were thanking god for no one getting hurt during a local Earthquake that night.

There was a lot of stigmata around the event, like the fact that Obama was in the area and other non sense. However I just liked how similar a lot of the reports were in different counties. Quite a few talked about the Sonic Boom rattling windows and hearing what sounded like debris or rocks hitting their roofs. Not many linked the Earthquake with the Booms and Lights right away I noticed.

I had been seeing sync by this time... But was probably only half way through Steve Willners cache and Kotze's blog. I went back to work at my job when paternity leave was done and soon was devoted to sync cause I felt it was the only thing that I could make head way in. I mean I get something out of sync, it gives me insight. UFO's, Conspiracy, and Paranormal though just kept me occupied with little to no pay off... Just more questions.

Sync lead me to Robert Anton Wilson, who lead me to Charles Fort. Fort is now my hero. It's weird I had never read Fort directly but had read writings about him before through my adventures in the library. Fort was hard to find I think that's the reason I hadn't read him. But Fort would have nodded when I might have told him about Lights, Booms, and falling Rocks. He had huge swaths of these occurrences documented. I sat there reading page after page of this shit dumb founded.

Wilson also lead me to Micheal Persinger.

Persinger came through in the 80's sometime and took Fort and other reports and feed that shit into a computer. He discovered that a lot of UFO, Sonic Booms, falling Rocks and other objects, happen right before.... Wait for it.... Earthquakes. The book, another hard to find gem,
Space-Time Transients and Unusual Events.

Direct hit. This explains what I witnessed in '08 in Indiana. In fact Persinger even focused on Indiana as it seemed to be some what of a "Hot Spot" through Fort's and others documentation so sayeth the computation..

Also to wake us up dead birds falling from the sky also happen before Earthquakes. Or that's what Persinger said directly in his book. In early 2011 Birds fell from the sky in Arkansas and everyone yelled "FUCK!"... You can check out all the Earthquakes that were building up in Arkansas area at the time of 2011's dead bird hype here.

Persinger basically said that he felt the Electro Magnetic build up of Platonics rubbing together could create Booms, floating objects, weird lights, I mean the whole shebang.

Later he studied Electro Magnetic Fields and their effect on consciousness. I've heard he interviewed some Nuns who slept with an alarm clock on their right side because they said it brought them closer to god. He made a helmet with magnets on it and has had as many as 80 percent of the subjects tested with it describe feelings of "others" being in the room with them, hearing voices, and all kinds of stuff. He specifically targets the right side of the brain and hypothesizes that this side has a connection to or can be tuned to a greater sort of planetary storage bank or global consciousness.
Kabbalah tree of life we can see that the left brain and right brain have been used as a way of "magic" for sometime now. 5 the left Red circle I feel translates to the left brain. Its called Gaburah and it represents Judgement. Chesed the 4 on the right, that is blue, is like the right brain. Following Persinger I feel the correspondence is sound. He says that activation of the right side opens a key into the same frequency as the resonance of the global "mind". Chesed's name is "Mercy" which resonates with him saying he has people describe union with everything as one, during experiments with the "God" Helmet. See videos above if you haven't.

So the Left Brain is Judgement. It is the language and math center and catalogs and divides everything. I would not go as far as calling it the ego because it is not. It is a necessary device we use to understand our personal niche in the universe.

In Hebrew the second figure is B. It is most often pronounced as Beth and basically means house or container. The basic idea is that for anything to exist it most be contained. Everything starts with A but B contains it. Without the blocking off there is no individual. I'm not going to try and drive this point home I'm just trying to lay down how Judgement is necessary. However Judgement is not the end of things. Not even close, it's only 5 out of the count down to 1 on the tree for instance. 4 or "Mercy" is next and it brings the understanding of connection to all things... Hence the word "Mercy". At least that's how I explain it to myself.

Some people are concerned about the idea of a governing elite often referred to as the god like Illuminati wanting us to all down load to some Borg like consciousness. Which is fine but conjures a certain kind of unclarity as saying that the Earth doesn't revolve around the Sun. You don't want to believe it.... You want to be special. You want to be egocentric. However neither the understanding that you are a part of a global hive mind or that you are circling the Sun cheapens you. We are both individuals and a collective. It is beneficial to plug into a source of un-experienced information and impossible for you to lose your individualism as a one at the same time. So kick fear to the curb I'm not trying to trick you on this... Fear nothing.

I've come to understand this frequency of the planetary mind as an Archetype. And even have a face for it. Or rather faces. Lets call it the Anima Mundi or World Soul.

The traditional name of God in the Torah, which is basically the source of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is YHVH. Now it is divided into four letters, two repetitive. There's a ton of baggage here, but I like the insight that it's divided into 2 pairs. YH and VH. Its a double marriage and really at the heart of Understanding most myths that come after. In here lies the secret of Osiris and Isis being brother and sister. And Husband and Wife. See Y is masculine. And V is as well. But H and H are feminine and are the same. But different. Female Intuition? They are all sisters? Cliche' I know. But here it is. We are presented with 2 half's of a whole. Like the Tree of Life, 2 polar opposites respectively Male and Female.

Jung used this to illustrate the same concept. A circle divided into four. 2 fourths masculine and 2 feminine. 2 rational and 2 irrational. Consciousness and Unconsciousness.

This circle and the X is also the symbol of Earth and best pictorially represents the Garden of Eden with its four converging rivers. You could go on all day about this Symbol. Jung of course saying whenever it turned up (which is often) you need to translate as the internal crisis in man. I'm paraphrasing.

I see (excuse me for jumping here) that consciousness is symbolized as a man mostly, the subconscious mostly as feminine. And the subconscious symbolized by the faces of the virgin and the harlot. Mary and Babylon. Eve and Lillith. These are the 2 halves of most mythology. It's simple and really a writer has very little choice but to use these. It's like the limitation one has to use to make everything work. Like the "B" I was talking about earlier. It's contained to be perfectly diverse.

That's why so many of these "contacts" with the "Virgin Mother" are associated with people in this line of thinking. I'm talking Robert Anton Wilson, Persinger, Philip K Dick, it's endless. They're spelunking into the universal unconsciousness to bring us back what we need to be, they all bring forth this mysteriously feminine feel. Because like Jung said its our contact with Aliens. Our Unconscious. It's a boob it's a breast it's the alchemical mother.

If Persinger is right. If Earthquakes are a gate into man reading the signs through vivid mental connections to our mother Earth. Fuck then Walter Cruttenden is right 2. Except that he thinks its a binary star and we see comet Elenine. Or just Mayan Sun Cycles.

Ok Switch gears.

Chesed is the Concretion of the Abstract as we have crossed the Abyss of the Supernals. Binah is more the potential of physical form, Chesed is more concrete as it provides the archetypal patterns, the blue-prints for manifestation,. This is the sphere of planning, the Divine Blueprints.

Chesed again has to do with planning and vision, seeing the subtle conditions, the archetypal patterns on which detail can be overlaid.

Chesed is the sphere of the formulation of the archetypal idea; the apprehension by consciousness of an abstract concept which is subsequently brought down the planes or levels of being and concretized.

All three statements above from this site on Wicca and Kabbalah.

The Gods that I've seen associated with Chesed the most are Jupiter and Athena. For those who dont know Athena I'll explain. As the picture above shows she is seen with a Helmet and Owl. Athena was emitted from the head of Zeus. He didn't even have union with anyone which is interesting. He ate the "mother" of Athena and got a headache. Athena springs forth fully clad in amour.... Hence the Helmet. You need to see it as a immaculate conception for full insight. And it's recommended that you understand the importance of she herself never having any children(in the ancient tales) in short she's a virgin. She of course is a symbol of wisdom... Hence the Owl. She as wisdom has no opposite and here in lies the reason she joins with no mate.
According to Persinger the effects of this Right Brain interference can explain religious experiences through time. Figures like Joan of Arc for example.

The Right Brain theory, in my opinion should not offend those who are steadfast in having faith. These events have changed the course of History and should be respected not cheapened by explaining them away. That is to say I'm not implying it was an effect and not god, but perhaps god uses the effect. Joan shown above through cinema is fully clad in Armour. Her sex is questioned both as a virgin and her tendency to dress like a boy. She has visions of Angels, hears voices, and resembles in general the characteristic of a Persinger subject. The movie was intentionally made to be inconclusive as to the explanation of Joan. It in fact is a melting pot of theories, one of the most hinted at being extraterrestrial. This is accomplished by the directer using quick UFO like lights pass over head during Joan's "vision".

The name of the movie is "The Messenger" which actually more accurately describes Hermes/Thoth/Mercury. However in many tales depending on whose telling Hermes/Mercury and Athena/Menerva switch roles. Basically they are the same. We'll have to come back to this point.The Fourth Kind reflects the number of Chesed and once again extraterrestrial intelligence present and accounted for. Once again this movie is largely inconclusive but once again Milla Jovovich who played Joan of Arc in The Messenger is the lead. Interestingly enough when individuals are probed hypnotically for their contact with the visitors all that is seen in their head is an Owl... Very Athena I'ld say.

Persinger could explain other contact with UFO's as well. People like Richard Shaver for instance. Perhaps even David Icke. Both their stories sound similar.

Sooner or later you have to mention John Keel and Men in Black. Cause when the weird side of Alien Contact starts popping up he'll be there to sort it out, or perhaps make you more confused. See Keel seems to have been an inspiration to Perisnger. Persinger just takes Keel's habits of exaggeration and showman ship and refines them. He erases Keel's low brow interpretations and constructed something Scientific and arguably sound.

Red Ice Creations recently interviewed Rick Redfern about a new Men In Black book he's put together. Which is good cause Men In Black info is hard for me to come by besides Keel. The MIB's being an enormous sync node for me. And sense Keel frames a picture of a very elvish type character I see them as a liaison between our world and The World of The Dead. I consulted Kevin Halcott who always seems to have pieces I'm missing, and you can listen to that over a Archives.org here. He agreed.

Rick Redfern picks up on the MIB Pop Mythology AKA Sync and speaks on the fact that the purest representation of an MIB would have come from the movie Dark City.

Man In The Mirror (with commentary) from William Morgan on Vimeo.

I recently just dove into research. I tried to make a video and about half way through it I noticed Keanu Reeves plays a Man In Black over and over.

Here Comes The Men In Black

One of them being with Jennifer in The Day The Earth Stood Still. But see then Jennifer is with a MIB in Beautiful Mind as well. As her husband John Nash sees them in Ed Harris. So... I mean, the importance is there. Thats hit after hit for Jennifer and I cant ignore that. Starting with the insight Red Ice gave me with Dark City.

Please read Richard Arrowsmith's THE Overhang for more insight. It explains everything I dont have time to say but need to here...

Keanu is Man in Black in the Matrix and this is big flag just basically due to importance of the movie. In his 2009 post Horus Heresy Tyehimba Garvey Toure blurs the difference between Black and Blue and shows how Man In Black Obama ushered in the Age of Horus... I'm paraphrasing.

The man in black becomes the symbol of mans awakening. This period of time is pocked by the symbol and highlighted vividly by Keanu. Constantine. Man In Black and Keanu's character is Jesus just due to his initials in the movie. J.ohn C.onstantine. He's is a man who never departs from his black suit, and the Land of The Dead accounted for. The Day The Earth Stood Still in '08 has him appearing again. This time as a MIB from outer-space. The correlation's between Keanu and Jesus again seen as he walks on water. In the video I did above the correlation is also shown between Jeff Bridges and Keanu. In J.ohn C.arpenter's Star Man 1984 Bridges is represented as Christ. He resurrects the dead just like Reeves and both movies, Star Man, and The Day The Earth Stood are tagged with inferences on Sphere's. It's kabbalistically clear, the way to contact higher/alien intelligences is through Spheres.

Persinger would probably site Philip K Dick. He experienced information down load... Or at least say's he did. And has very similar stories to the like of Icke, Wilson, Crowley, Shaver.... Yada yada yada.

As you can see then Reeves' Neo is in a way K Dick. Seeing that The Matrix is almost obviously taken from Dick's personal belief on what happened to him. Reeves does this again as he plays K Dick's Autobiographical Character Bob Arctor in a Scanner Darkly. Removed from the Darkly movie, Dick talks of a Door in the Scanner book, that he magically sees and seems to reenforce the actual experience in the book VALIS... That door of course finding it's way into The Matrix as Neo's Door of light that he dreams of in part 2. Key word Dreams, a right brain process. In Dark City the power to make doors through mental.... Magic.... I guess you can say is the Talent of the Men In Black.Same for the Philip K Dick inspired Adjustment Bureau. Men in Black manipulate the city, doors are involved and the theme shines through. Like Chesed the Men In Black are the bringers of pattern and higher order. Just like Chesed in fact.

The Matrix. And Jennifer Connely's Labyrinth if you would, are the world.

James Hillman takes Jung and finishes the work. Saying the soul knows the person and who it's going to be at the end of it's life. You're planed in other words. Very Greek ideas that we seem to have lost in the eyes of Science.

If there is a soul. If we are all acting this out as a maze. As a play that we perform. Then it's very possible that these images of MIB's... Cause lets face it there is no difference between seeing a MIB in person or on the screen, the message is the same. I mean you experience the same gestalt. Something bigger than what you are aware of, is invested in your experience. You are not alone.

I link Athena to Doors in Flight 23 part 2.


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