"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


Lego My Ego

This just in.... Ego kills DNA!
I just pulled fly larvae out of my lip. Let me sum up. Zeus is the Lightning Bolt. The Eagle. The Aeagle if your a learned Mason. The Ego. The fragile Egg. He's also Judas. The eagle is the scorpion. Scorpion's are called back biters..... They're sons a bitches is what they are. And their mark is a little tattoo of miniature lips. Now that's the kiss of death. OK.... I need to slow down.
The first time I saw an advertisement for this movie was going to see Hancock. I wonder about all this America Being a super hero bullshit. Will Smith is a super Hero named after a forefather. It's as simple as that. I just finished watching the Movie Where the Heart is straight trough again and I can tell you that the kids name being Americus is far from unintentional. For the Kids birthday is July 5th..... It's seen through out the movie as being the savior god. It's even seen in a manger. It being born in a Temple of Commerce (Wal-Mart) is just straight up irony.

The Bolt advertisement in this particular theater was a gigantic Bolt sticking in the floor. The monstrosity was 3-D and on the base was what looked like a little window in to a devastated heavenly body. On the middle of this cubical Bolt was the words Travolta and Cyrus.... A dianetics (k)nightmare is what my brain registered. I turned. And there staring me in the face was.
A short time latter I noticed a Blob that mentioned the same thing. But it added.
Now there is no escaping the Blob.... Once it's found you, your part of it. Shortly after seeing this post I start noticing that there are Bolts everywhere. I mean literally on every piece of electronics that I own. Hell, even every program I have has the Bolt. And the weird thing is the meaning is never the same. Not like a power on icon.... They're pretty much the same. But a Bolt symbol means charging in one thing, refresh in another, and capture in yet another.

If the Bolt is like a resonance of Zeus and his symbolism..... Who's Zeus and why does he come packing' a punch this year?

Zeus is the son of Kronos.... Stop me if you've heard this one. Kronos is like Saturn or death. And after Father Time is told that one of his children will succeed in killing him and taking his throne. He starts eaten the little bastards. He is taking them out pretty thoroughly until Zeus comes along. Long story short Zeus survives Time.... He's the only thing that does and this associates him with mind.... The personality. He is the ego.

So the story about Zeus is that consciousness survives Time.

Now if you categorizes myths then you can put Zeus in with YHVH. That's why the running joke is that you move away from someone who just said something that could be considered damn right blasphemis.... Because the big guy in the sky is about to chuck a lightning bolt. Unbeknownst to the majority of us we were given a big dose of thunderbolts this year. What about Hulk where the main villain is Thunderbolt Ross.

Thunderbolt Ross is the father of Betty Ross. The character of Betty Ross has been played by two major actresses within the last 10-12 years, they Being the Sync Christ Jennifer Connely and Eleven Liv Tyler who Stared in LOTR, Armageddon, and an Aerosmith video, just to name some points of interest. Thunderbolt has been covered by the tinder gunslinger Sam Elliot and William Hurt (who did great I might add).

The concept of Thunder Bolt Ross however needs to be looked at with a more anthropological eye. It's an old composite that spawns over decades.

Now in the 2008 movie The Incredible Hulk, there was also a strange scene that hasn't left my running monkey mind NoW for some time. It was the scene where the Hulk takes Betty to an outcropping. The Aquarian Rains are beating down and the Lighting Bolts are strobing in the background. Betty sleeps and Hulk gets pissed at the storm. He yells at the Lighting God and hurls a rock at him.

Now the context changes so immediately I'm paying attention. I was mulling this whole Hulk connection over for a couple of weeks when I came to a toy store and looked at a Hulk version of the popular board Game Operation.

NoW I couldn't take it all in at once and had to double take to make sure that I saw that right. Hulk on the table, and the little Gray-alien-baby-looking Spiderman looking on, I mean it has this weird reverse Roswell feel to it. We also see the alchemically colored (red, yellow) Iron Man, who was over heard saying "It's like Operation...." in the 2008 Iron Man, Character played by Robert Downey Jr. and also said in context. Of interest is the Heart in his chest a symbol of Galactic Centre and Compassion. THe Butterfly for Betty in his belly is a sight that makes me happy. The Butterfly is a concept that I first acquired from Steve Willner at Labyrinth of the Phyconaut. I tend to see it as a symbol of metamorphosis or Transmutation. But what, pray tell, is that on his hand..... And it's not the only one because I see another on the R in the title of the game. I flipped over the box to get a better look at the Lightning bolt tattooed on his hand.
We can see that the Game Board actually has the lighting Bolt in his Hand and not on his Hand... Sorry about the piss poor picture. This however reminds me of another green thunderbolt symbol.
The distinction between the Arrows and Lighting/Thunder Bolt gets blurred..
The United States Seal is adorned with the Eagle as well, bringing us back to Zeus and Yet I have one more Hulk reference that resides in the realm of the weird....
Tiny Lister as Zeus a pro wrestler back in the late 80's.... Of course his main opponent was Hulk Hogan(HH). The rivalry was spawned after the movie No Holds Barred.

This was Hulk Hogans(HH) attempt to break out in to the Movie Scene and on the movie poster itself we are winked at by the mirror image of the RR....

Back to the Eagle.... The word Eagle spawns from the same root as egg and ego. The Aeagle can be seen as the self.... The individual. The cosmic egg is seen in practically dozens of mythologies. It's basic meaning is the Auric Egg of energy that surrounds us. The Ego would be placed in the middle of that which would be encompassed by the material body. The body dies the Egg lives on. The creation gods sometimes crack the cosmic egg spilling it out into creation. A good example of this would be Earth Girls are Easy when three men dressed as colored monkey aliens spit out eggs into the increasingly weird Genna Davis' hands.... Go find it.

Robin Williams the Living Rainbow complete with Cosmic Egg.

Aquila is the constellation that is associated with Zeus' relationship with the Eagle. It is the Eagle that carries Ganymede AKA Aquarius.Now I was going to write more... But I definitively think it's time to drop this NOW.... But I think you'll understand latter.

The word Mini is a off shoot for the Gemini... Miniature actually meaning a smaller piece of a whole, like one of two twins. Think Minotaur.... Which is just a mixture of Taurus and Gemini.

The Secret Societies of old would have their initiations inside of a Labyrinth with each turn producing more of the Mystery to the adept. The Minotaur was the sacrificial twin in the middle. It's the part of yourself, a composite creature, that you leave dead behind to march out in to the world born again.
The lighting Bolt as a representation of the Lucifer and his fall to the material world. He Zig Zags his way across every sphere. I do remember a passage in the Bible with Jesus saying he saw Lucifer fall from heaven like a Lightning Bolt.
The snake however is the one who climbs back to the top to find the crown... I see this as the rising of the Divine Snake or Jesus out of the material. You could see as William Blake hints, that Jesus and Lucifer are twins. And of course reside in us. The initiate of the Secret Society would sacrifice the Jesus and let lose the inner light of Satan. We then would be told that we are born as Lucifer and die (or live) as Jesus.... Whatever.
The Rose Crucian symbolism of the snake on the cross hints at this. I see this as another Axis Mundi or the World Axis or the Axis of Knowledge. This is the contact spot between this world and the unreal cartoon world or OZ, also known as otherworld, the land of the dead, or the land of forgotten knowledge. It is often seen as a cross and guarded by a snake.
The caduceus is a product of this and then you Have Jeremy Narby and his theory of the Axis being the hallucinogenic communication with DNA. DNA could very well be our link with the land of the dead. Or it could be the way our bodies communicates with the DNA in every thing living around us.... Sort of like a antennae with the unseen OZ world around us. The Junk DNA works as a crystal that picks up Electro Magnetic frequencies and process information, spawning the assimilation of knowledge.

To deny that there is a source of knowledge out side of one self is to deny history. Some of the greatest minds of the human race have claimed to have communication to a disembodied voice that had knowledge greater than a imaginatied voice from their sub consciousness.... Among the people who experienced this would be Plato, Carlos Castaneda, Terrance Mckenna, Phillip K Dick, Robert Anton Wilson, and Jake Kotze. It can also be said that dreams and/or Peruvian Shaman trips also connect you to this invisible hive of knowledge, like a Wi Fi Blackberry... After having a succession of vivid dreams I was convinced that I needed to be in syncro, and recently Jake Kotze told that he had a Dream of reading my blog. In the Dream I was explaining the experience of having a Fly Larvae extracted from my upper lip which oddly enough is how I feel about my slow as typing sometimes.

I have no doubt about the relation ship between the DNA stand, the caduceus, the Axis Mundi, and the human spine. In addition this is the origin of the magic wand.
People have the wrong idea about Magic. They think of Magic as the manipulation of reality. In the Hermetic Philosophy (which is the origin of Magic anyway) reality is thought.... Therefore if Magic is the manipulation of reality... And reality is thought. Magic is the manipulation of thought, or consciousness.
The Kundalini energy rises up the spine like shaft of the wand and is ejected through the mind of the magician.
Harry Potter with his Lightning Bolt scar is the negative Twin of Vodemort.... Both have the Magic Wand with the Phoenix feather as it's core.
Vodemort of course is the Snake aspect of this. The snake has been a symbol of knowledge sense anceint times, but there are to cases where the symbolism changes or was changed, and the snake became a sign of a bad thing.... although the association with knowledge did not change.
The Garden of Eden complete with the Axis Mundi of the world tree, Snake, Dogs, and Peacock. The other example of the change is from Zeus who was a serpent god at first and then abruptly changed into a snake killer complete with Lightning Bolts.
The ego of the Emperor using Lightning Bolt trying to kill the Serpent/DNA twin Luke in Return of the Jedi.....

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Hermes because everything looks like a cartoon now.

One more thing before I try to finish this post that kept me up at night. I've been thinking about the Snitch in Harry Potter.....
And it's relation to the head of Hermes staff. The Gold Snitch is though... Or rather pure thought. Us being all seekers are in constant search of this commodity. Now like Harry Potter we don't won't Dumbledore to tell us whats going on we want to find it ourselves. This has got me remembering something that I read in a Kabbalah book some time ago. We are the image of God, and God being pure love gives.... We being him don't like to receive. We could have it all but instead of taking the ego wants to make.....

One more thing.... If L L = 77 = OZ the connection furthers. Serpent Twins = 77 = OZ. DNA is the link to OZ.
Hell it even looks like a Lightning Bolt!

The Hebrew letter for L....

Adam and Eve, male and female, are the prototype spiritual forces of giving and receiving. The marital union and gift of male to female relates to the secret of knowledge, as is said: "And Adam knew his wife Eve." For this reason Adam and Eve are often seen to represent teacher and pupil. The teacher contracts his intellect into a point (yud) in order to convey his teaching to his student, whereas the student nullifies his previous levels of conception to become a fitting vessel for the new, wondrous teachings of his teacher.

In particular, the form of the lamed represents the aspiration of the truly devoted pupil to learn from the mouth of the teacher. The literal meaning of the letter lamed is "to learn" (or "teach"). The seed of wisdom, alluded to by the letter yud, descends from the brain (Adam) to impregnate the full consciousness of the heart (Eve). The heart aspires (upwardly) to receive this point of insight from the brain. This is the secret of the form of the letter lamed, the heart ascending in aspiration to conceive and comprehend ("understand knowledge") the point of wisdom, the yud situated at the top of the letter lamed.

From http://www.inner.org/hebleter/lamed.htm

It's the whip that spurs the cattle onward.... It's also seen in the angels names.... Gabrielle, Raphael, Michelle..... YADA YADA YADA..... And my name just happens to be William. Love and Thanks!


Jenn said...

Brilliant! I guess i can't wait much longer to tell the story of my bolt scarred arm, and i really appreciate this context you've given me here. Much love to you, thanks! <3

Jenn said...

I'm back in a flash! Like a gift from the gods this memory came---since you mention "Americus", "RR", "HH" etc. i will tell you that i remember the first season of Road Rules (the mtv show). The wiki entry is incomplete, but it confirms my memory---

"Their next mission (7) is to visit Americus, Georgia, to participate in building a house for Habitat for Humanity."

The show was also born in July. Peace! :D

Unknown said...

Fantastic post! I've been writing a lot about Lucifer and have linked him to many people (my comments on Mr Kotze's latest post). One of them was Vulcan, you know the "lame" one? I also said Vulcan is Gabriel, which the book of revelations tells us is the fallen on, Lucifer. I also make the link through Heroes, Zachary Quinto (Sylar / Gabriel) will play Spock (Vulcan) in the new Star Trek.

And if you are fully up to date with Heroes, you will know what he did to the Electric Elle at the end of the episode!!

The cadicus is like Neo (conscience) and Smith (Ego) at the end of Matrix Revolutions, spinning around and meeting at the top. Only the illogical (Spock), unpredictable pure sacrifice of Neo completes the Heroes Journey (Joseph Campbell), and he brings gifts back to his people!

(A Google search for cadicus took me here http://water.me.vccs.edu/concepts/oxcycle.jpg, breath in and breath out, red pill, blue pill!)

Unknown said...

A few more shots for ya, that Elle business makes me think of double LL Angel Lucy Liu, and Helen of Troy! Funny that the Greeks also call themselves the Hellenes, and the Greek name of the country is Hellas! Not to mention Hell as well!

Oh and a festive one for you as well, Leon is Noel backwards! I also drive a Yellow Seat Leon!!

Unknown said...

Just one more thing (I'm sounding like Columbo now) before I go to bed. It was my birthday on Dec 1st (the night that Jenn said she had that dream), my gf (also called Jen) gave me a birthday card which had a Blue Elephant on the front!

A lot of stuff on Blue Gods (Doc Manhattan, Lord Shiva) over on Jake's Blob. And the Elephant? Well that is Lord Ganesha, the one who puts/removes obstacles in your way.

Atareye said...

Brilliant context is right!

Ironman Alchemist eh?

To further your alchemical connections I suggest you take a gander at the show Full Metal Alchemist. I haven't tried watching an episode since discovering 'Jakechemy'. From what I remember its replete with symbolism(like everything these days.) Take a look at the main characters sidekick. Hes a robot who aesthetically resembles our Chaplin Tin man.(Downey Jr)


I gotta thank Aferrismoon for the L=7. He posted a comment on my last article teaching me that trick.

Peace and thanks.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Jaspal, this kicks ass....

And the LL's are everywhere...

Lancealot.... Luna Lovegood.... Wall-e..... I mean feel free to list them here in the comments! As many as you can think of, anybody who reads this!

Hey AA did you realize that they call Crauss in Hellboy 2 Tin Man!

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Oh almost forgot.... Lamed is the 11 letter in the Hebrew alphabet. 11 out of 22.... It's the Heart of the Hebrew alphabet. And that means it's da'ath!

Atareye said...

I gotta see that flick dammit!

He77boy Krauss eh????

Krau = The German word Kraut when standing alone in English is used most frequently as an ethnic slur against German people.

SS is the double 'lighting' 'bolt' of the Nazi Waffen-SS.

Johann Krauss wears a suit resonating the old style, deep diver type. This of course invokes water. And he's a fucking psychic as you probably know.

Over at the blob we were talking about the blob like forest creature and I think this Johann Krauss fits the grade with a quick wiki read.

This 77 thing is gonna ki77 my eggo craving.....awwwww shiiiit

Cosmic Ti69er said...

great post. i like where you are going. after thinking about dna and all that stuff for awhile, it seems clear to me that gnosis comes from the light emitted by our DNA. we just need to learn how to "listen" to it, trust it and let the light shine forth from it. i asked narby that and he as a scientist gave a nod to it, but said we have so much more research to to do to know for sure.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Does light pierce our body? Or is what we see inner made light? If the tree falls and nobody is watching? Does it need our inner light to fall? If so can the projection of light making the tree fall be controlled, or manipulated stopping the tree from falling? If so can we stop half of America from being wiped out as some sort of savior? Or would that be ego?

Cosmic Ti69er said...

I would say light comes from within and projects out. how we think and act determines the amount of light that shines through one's self. and yes light from one person can light up a whole nation. that is not ego. light will only shine from that person if it they are not driven by ego but by unconditional love and compassion for all. i am a firm believer that plants are the secret as they can teach us the ways to let the light in. they can make us humble and teach us what it means to forgive and to love unconditionally. not easy things to do on our own as humans, but plants they are very spiritual beings, heck they have the powers of photosynthesis. something that we will figure out in due time. :)

Unknown said...

Hey I was just skimming through your old posts and noticed you linked to a picture on my photobucket account - a picture which I recently moved, sorry :D By moving it, I messed up the link you are using (in "Lego My Ego"). Here's the new link for that image:

Adi said...

I don't subscribe to this demonization of the ego anymore or to Joseph Campbell. Only the unbalanced ego creates problems. The balanced ego is meant to protect your light and energy. Likewise, sacrificing the Twin? "So you think you can love me and leave me to die - oh baby, can't do this to me baby - just gotta get out, just gotta get right outta here!!!" (Bohemian Rhapsody). The Twin is the Soulmate, the purest love you can ever hope to find! Good luck sacrificing it, and pretending to talk about "unconditional love" afterwards. It's true, we don't like to receive, we prefer to "make", when we could have it all.