"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


That's Eggzactly What I Said!

Chapter V of the Watchmen. I'm sure some of you have pounded their way through this fantastic story lately in anticipation of the film adaptation soon to be released. On the 5th of the 12 installments (now consolidated) we are brought along for a visit to Moloch the Mystic (MM) an old villain and a suspect in the killing of the Comedian. Our ANTI-HERO is Rorschach a composite inspired by such comic book heroes as The Question and The Spirit. Personally I think that Rorschach is the most interesting of the Watchmen characters. He is uncompromising in his belief system and poor as hell. The cover to the 5th Chapter however has many interesting icons on it. First we notice right away that we're immersed in the Aquirian Rains and the Mirrored RR that appear through out the graphic novel is reflected in the puddle as the Fedora of Rorschach enters the frame from above. A closer look on the bottom right corner uncovers another symbol that has a home on this blogg and should as well have a place in the Hearts of it's readers.
In fact, the Elephant is in the series almost constantly as it fly's through the air as an advertisement for the restaurant where many of the scenes take place.... The Gunga Diner.

This important chapter is oddly the 5th, the number 5 being something I have been thinking about lately. The fifth sephirot of The Tree of Life is Gevurah.
There are a lot of problems that arise out of the 5th.

To illustrate and not bore I shall list some curious facts about five.

We have five senses.... Some say that there are actually seven.

There are five days in a work week.... We're undecided on the other two and which is the sabbath.

The ancients knew of five planets..... They knew of two more just very little about them.

There are five glands that run the human body.... Actually seven but two of them, The Pineal and Pituitary gland are vague. We know some about the Pituitary gland but the Pineal has always been a mystery.

You can even go down to the spectrum and Sir Isaac having to demand seven colors. Adding Indigo and Violent.

Out of the seven Chakras two are practically unattainable in normal experience.

Five Vowels.... Well sometimes Y and W.

So if we have ten levels to the Kabbalah Tree of Life... Five being the middle or the division between the spirit and the material body. I love what happens now.

Number five is Alive. It is a great pleasure to figure the fact that Number Five kept books like Frankenstein around. This is how I've now come to see the category of Tin Man. Frankenstein is a dead body who is a product of technology and is induced by the lightning bolt of the ego to become, literally, animate.

Illustration is key at around 3 minutes and 30 seconds. This was however intentional because Lucas is head dead in film wars and understands the power of Myths. He has no qualms about reusing iconic imagery and borrowing to make his art more potent.... Very smart man. Anakin as Frankenstein.... Smart.

Of course you can say that all Tin Man imagery is a theme about preservation of the material body. Esoterically we have Two... Sometimes Three, but mainly Two bodies. One is the Materiel the Other the Spiritual. The spiritual controls the materiel. The materiel therefore becomes a vehicle. That's why you always see the Hindu gods on animals or some other chariot or vehicle. They need something to carry them into the physical realm. We fuse our self with technology to prolong the Physical body. Any relationship with Technology becomes a Tin Man and the Question of Compassion arises.
This however boils down to large structures as well like the machines in the Matrix Trilogy and things like Terminator or Matthew Brodericks WarGames. In fact we are all Tin Men, be it you sitting in Central Park reading this on your Cell Phone or Sitting in your computer chair covered in Krispy Kreme (perversion hinted).... It is a fusion of Man and Machine, so have a Heart!
The shattered Glass and the Shattered Earth.... Symbols of the Shattering of Ego as inferior to Machines. Oddly enough the Hebrew word Mochin.... Meaning Brain is what Machines are all about. They don't need brains, they need hearts. Mochin and Machines have a lot to do with Motion.... The movement or brain that animates. Everything has a Mochin. The Rocks, Trees, Dust. It all vibrates and has memory if in nothing else, then in you. Mochin is a movement... Think Emotion.

It should also be noted before returning to Portalman that The Tin Man motif can be seen as the State..... Think Rage Against the Machine or Welcome to the Machine. Like Daath' Vader who is force to wear a uniform and become a figure head, the assimilation of the Dictatorial Machine can cause a loss of humanity.

Five follows our Sync Friend Natalie Portalman often....
While getting some house shoes at Wal-Mart our Isis or Cosmic Mother Novalee Nation receives the most dreaded amount in change back from the check out lady.
Right in the middle of ten dollars... This amount leads our MoM, as it were, on the adventure. She had expressed her hate for the number earlier in the movie and the exact words that she uses brings up an interesting personal sync.... She says "I don't like 5"

My first daughter (at the writing of this she is 6 yrs old) used to have to count and say her ABC's to us on a regular basis. When counting she would always skip her multiples of 5. She would say "1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,11.... Etc. ". We got frustrated with her a couple of times and would ask her. "Why do you always leave out 5 and 10. You know your numbers why not say them." She would always respond calmly by saying...... "I no like 5." It soon became a running joke in our family.... Ever onward.
On the fifth birthday of the child she is expressing her stress about the day to her friend Ashley Judd (who names her children after junk food). She comes to find out that the father of the child is in town on this particular day to complete the cycle of bad events surrounding the number 5. However the Kidnapping comment is in reference to something that had happened earlier in the child's life.

The child had been kidnapped by bible thumpers from Midnight Mississippi (MM) who declare the child an abomination.
Being born on July 5 puts the babe one day past America's Independence day. The baby also holds the name Americus Nation..... Ponder. Of course this comment was made on December 5th with the Axis Mundi of the Christmas tree in tow. Latter they find the child in the Manger, Manger of course is interesting because Manger is symbolic. Back in the time of Jesus' birth the people called the place where one slept while in another town the Heart.... Translating of course with these thought in mind the next few frames take on new context.
With the Axis Mundi of the Christmas Tree behind Portalman frees the Savior born in commerce, Americus Nation, from the Heart. She should rest at easy for five, which may forever burden the child, was not however dominate in it's birthing.
While the alchemically colored mustard and ketchup bottles surround our mother goddess labors along the rose line. She, looking up, notices what isle she is in.
The five is highlighted by the strike of a thunderbolt, the child shall be born in the rains of the Aquarius. Rain and stormy weather is a sign of tension. Perhaps some left over ancestral fear of the Deluge. But the Aquarian age shall no doubt cause an emotional upheaval of man's psyche. The gears of the heavenly bodies do in fact follow the mental workings of man, truly they are the mental workings of man.... How many of you see water in a fearful way in your dreams? Floods or tidal waves.... That sort of thing?

Portalman decides that her child should be on the higher level. She is shortly rescued by The local librarian and her future love.... A man named Forney (Ferny) played by James Frain who's work has become quite strange in the years past.... But That's another thread..... Ever onward.
The child being born without a father and then later raised by another creates a perfect messiah motif. The birther and later father with the name resonating plant consciousness bust through the shattering glass of the commerce temple to deliver the Americus Nation.
In Leon; The Professional Portalman stayed at the Hotel National while being trained in the heART of killing and justice by our masked god.
They stay behind door number 410=5. And latter she is taught again to kill, and the true meaning of freedom by V, in V for Vendetta, whose name spawns from the roman numeral for five the V... This number was on the door from which he himself was birthed.
Regardless of what she goes through she finally reaches her goal. Said goal being the Back Porch that she always wanted to set at while sipping a chocolate Milk.... This coming after her Friend was killed in a Tornado Axis Mundi DNA strand.... She has the inheritance used to build a new house. The porch surrounds the tree that was given to her and the reason she has a place to stay in the first place. An Octaganal umbrella shades our Star, as she sips the Mother's milk.
She was taught the import of the Milky Way by Leon of course.
And watches expectantly as John Hurt smashes a glass while being mocked about drinking Milk in a TV show in V for V.....
If you blur your eyes it looks like Hitler with is arm up on the screen.... Look at the pajamas.

Let's talk Hurt for a second.

We'll start with him being the voice for Aragon son of Arathorn and rightful heir to the throne in Minas Tirith.... Ahem. In the 1978 (the year I was born) and cartoon realm of the unreal presentation of Lord of the Rings.

There is plenty more interesting shit before then.... But lets be conservative....

Directly after he was the belly from which the Alien was born in Alien(1979). For some reason I thought that movie was made way after that, regardless it's fantastic.

Gets me every time....

Did you see Bilbo?

There is plenty of shit after then for Hurt, but conservation is key.

I have received some good advice from AA. He mentioned that the Alien Movie poster looks like an Egg.
The eggs found hold the little face suckers that inject the Alien Larva into our bodies.. Teaching us that the aspect of Aliens that we fear is actually in us. The cracking of the Ego through Alien Contact.... He also mention the Green Glow... I'm starting to see this GO Green concept as a g8te way to the Land of the Dead, Oz, the cartoon realm of the unreal. The green glow marks the passage between the Land of the Dead in Pirates of the Caribbean. When the Lost Dutchmen passes it flashes Green. The theme will be covered coming up soon in the Harry Potter and The Half Blooded(DNA) Prince..... Member in the cave... Dumbledore freaking the fuck out.... ZOmbies..... Green light everywhere.....

Ever ONward...

I have received quite a few examples of the cracking egg phenomenon from e-mails. More than one person has mentioned the movie poster for the Nicholas Cage movie soon out called kNOwing.
From thier comments and the usaul Syncromystic blur I assume that this is a symbol of the world ego cracking. The cracking world gets one's attention quickly and is a very potent fear embed, remeber the Wargame poster.

In Posters above.... The Movie poster for Knowing and the one for Core... Well it would seem South America is up shits creak.... As the saying goes. NOw I have to give a shout out to my Homie JC(JK).... Think you for bringing these to my attention. This gentleman has been very instrumental in being a source of media for this blogg.... Both tangible and intangible.... So just so everybody knows I am officially thinking him right here.... Thankyou Mr. Kotze.... NOw I shall continue to rip him off.
Isis is implied both as a icon and name in Columbia Pictures Movie....The crown of the "No Ghost" sign forms a Halo over the saints head invoking the relation of spirit and church (I'm full of shit). In a little trivia fact it should also be said that the red slash that we see in "No Smoking" signs world wide had it's origins in this movie. This then would be a farly new adaption to the symbolism stored in the collective counciousness. I find it odd that a movie that had so much to do with life after death, at least on a comidic level, has it's logo turned into a symbol for the pervention of death.... Don't smoke or you'll become a ghost of white smoke.
Bill Murray soon shows his face trying to find the connection between our individual ego's through experiments in telekinesis (look to the DNA homie). He is tring to find out if electric shock, giving a small thunderbolt of electricity, can change an unsuccessful clairvoyant in to a successful one. Due to attraction to the opposite sex it goes unnoticed that the experiment works. The gentlemen he's testing does get one correct....
"A bunch of wavy lines"
Resonating the age of Aquarius.
Cut to the guardian Hermes Hound over looking the checker cab chariots of the gods. Hermes Hounds(Dog Gargoyle) represent the cosmic conscious influence of the dog star serious.
Sigourney Weaver hops out of a Checkered Polarity Chariot... Wink wink from the double sevens on the door. The chaos of Pan is about to be set in order.
The ego cracks at the coming of enlightenment.
Which comes in the form of an Illuminati Pyllarmount. Complete with all seeing eye at the top.
Sigourney closes the Star Door Gate. A devil invoking Hermes Hound archs it's head and utters a single word.... ZOhl.
It then is weird that Sigourney is the voice for the Hal 9000 like Co-Pilot in Wall-E. We also see an egg as the Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator or EVE robot becomes one when she absorbs Plant Konciousness.
Notice the Red connection between Eve's Herat and Head. Hal of course another nod to the Tin Man or heartless mochin.
In He(LL)Boy II we see Konciousness of Plants in an egg as well. The movie also came out in 2008 and could problably be picked over continuously syncromystically by multiple sync-heads and still not have all it's mysteries revealed. The esoteric knowledge of both the writer of the graphic novel and the director point to highly intentional nods as well to just plain serendipity, both I believe are valid. The serpent twin prince of the elves Prine Nuala is seen constructing an egg... Very symbolic of the ego when told that his hinchman Wink(sync?) has been killed.
He confronts our heroes... One of course named Blue the other Red among others. Behind them we see the words OZ a pregnant mother and the Other part of mother.
He displays his newly constructed ego proudly... Out of which is born.
A little green booger.... Sorry tension release.... Had to be done. Actually it's a seed and from it grows a God. His ego shelled a God. An ancient Plant Konciousness God.
Go back and watch this whole scene and I promise you'll see something different every time.
In the Mummy 3 we see a whole host of open interpretation.
Only one of pure heart/blood/DNA can release the special goodies to animate the supernatural Mummy.
The egg begins to have a inner red glow. Red is the chakra of doing. It gets us excited, makes us think of sex. Adrenaline pumps. As highlighted in the first Natalie Portalman video about Plant Konciousness the fat future changes from Blue to Red (Red is the new Blue, Blue the new Red). The whole scene is about regeneration. I just don't understand in a movie about junking up the planet why they would have the humans touch, turn Horney Red, while DNA strands are in the sky above(Wally and EVE getting it on space age style, the witch writes Dorthy's name in broom smoke)..... Lets have more babies? Ever ONward.....
The DNA snakes awaken back at the Mummy 3, and Now would be a good time to show you this and let your imagination do the rest.In the Mayan galactic center/centre ball game where. The winner is sacrificed after the game. He is beheaded whcich is one of the sources for the syncronicity between galactic center and disembodied heads, they symbolise a sacrifice to the alignment. There are other sources spanning continents and centuries that correlate this relationship of the headless and the proccession. Free association would be.... "Don't lose your head".
Chichen Itza.
Death is certain... Or atleast insanity is. Fear is hidden because this is the winner, this was an honor.
The ego finnally blooms in a DNA estravagansa and becomes a Diamond with the healing blue light of galactic center (alchemically speacking of course). This symbolism is the Lupus, The philosopheries stone. Pure crystalline thought is thought to be the only thing that means. An idea that I've been toying with is that Jupiter explodes in 2010. During this a Diamond is ejected from it's center, the Diamond is roughly the size of Texas or something I can't remember. This is based off of scientific theroy saying that the pressure on Jupiter is so great that it compress a large amount of carbon in to a humungous Diamond. Sycromysticaly in 2010 "The Year we make Contact" Jupiter will turn to Lucifer the second sun and produce the crystiline thought of the philosophers stone for humanity to bask in.
In The Spirit (Ethral Body) 2008 Sammy L is The Octopus..... Pause.... The implications are staggering. The theme of this movie, of course, is that the Octagonal-Black-Star-Nazi-Suit-Lightningbolt-Eyebrow-Wearing-Plant-Konciousness-ON-His-CoLLar-Bad-Mutha-Fucka needs DNA form the Blood of Hercules to become Imortal. I give this movie a Sycromystic 5 stars.
"Mines the Lightsaber(lightningbolt?) that says Bad Mutha Fucka on it."
Even Scarlet Jo is wearing a Nazi uniform and Lightningbolt earings. The movie is a moving comic book... It is meant to be treated like a Frank Miller comic and not be much other than a seaitive story in visual splender.
SamueL L Jackson amittidly however does not like egg on his face.

Notice how he cracks the egg and sends (MM) fumbling to pick up the pieces. Think Humpty Dumpty. The Cracking of our egos approaches. And all the king's horses and all the king's men.... NO fear.