"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


Whatever the reason, his Heart or his Shoes....

The Door to further understanding stands at the top of the Who's K2.... There are only a few reason's to climb mountains. One being to talk to gods, for very few myths and religion find the "others" elsewhere.

The Whos inch closer to their goal and we see the Sagittarian arrow which points the way to Galactic Center on the foot wear of one of our adventurous little devils.

Out of the door of perception we see a Disembodied monster mouth..... Galactic Center has come.

A fear beyond understanding.... But, hiding behind is the truth of Hermes.


This whole heart thing has got me on another tangent.... In fact I would say that the only symbol that one would need for the whole 911-2012 thing should be associated with a heart and not an American flag. America is important... Don't get me wrong, but the flag I see is a birthing cloth that ushered in the greatest concept of the Worlds His "story". That being that all men are created equal. The flag is also a jerking off rag.... Don't you for once get me wrong, because I my self can not take credit for using it as such. But there are some who have, among it's other uses are some of the most horrid things in mans arsenal of sin. A towel to wipe the blood off your hands, the blood of your best friend whose throat you just slit. It was the cloth used to fuse a Molatav Cocktail that was heaved into a nursery. It has been used from behind for matricide. It has cleaned the bowl of a many over wrought Narcissus that enjoy the sound of their own voice, such as myself. But the flag (which is admittedly glorious) is not worthy of all of us. There are some people with too much compassion, too much integrity. For them the flag is not enough. I give them the Heart.
Now this here is another symbol entirely.... This one is like a merit badge. Warfare in it's most simple form. It would do well for the most aware to understand, all form is symbol.

It has to be, if it wasn't then we could not understand reality in the slightest. Those among us who do have a problem with symbolism are, at their best, confused. However it must be said that we all have, and will, get our signals crossed... Occasionally.

The arrow however stands for pain..... It is the premise of that last thought. Sooner or latter... If you fuck around.... Your gonna wind up with an arrow in your ass.

But if your lucky it will be in your Heart.
Pain from love...... Love from pain..... It would even bring a tear to Tyler Durden's eye.
The imagery here is symbolism at it's purest form... The human race or at least perhaps 99.97% would know what this means. But if your told that the Heart is also a sign of our alignment with Galactic Center(11:11 Dec 21 2012 if I'm not mistaken), and that the arrow could easily be made into a representation of the Sagittarian Arrow which for the life of the world has pointed to said Galactic Center...... The meaning is broadened. Both make sense. Both are universal. Symbol is a way to both reveal and conceal....
Teaching of the language and meaning about the symbols is enlightenment itself. You are revealed what once was hidden. You are made aware of something that originally alluded you. Fear is a common first reaction.... It's natural, you feel naked and more vulnerable. But be aware that if your ignorance was going to be responsible for your demise, that you where once more ignorant than you are now, and yet you survived. And now you are more evolved and have even a better chance to survive for awhile longer.
Arrow between the E and X..... We3spinner plus X
The gradual move from the third pillar of Daath to the enlightenment of Generation X.
In my current way of thinking, arrows are synonymous with lighting bolts.
Zues with lightning bolts on the back of the one dollar bill....

The Arrow=Mars, Aries, War.
The Lightning Bolt is the weapon of the Demiurge.
The Lightning Bolt is also associated with the Aquarius symbol.

Now that we have established a system. Lets see what happens when we look at this.
The quote at the bottom, in my opinion, sums up a perfect description of this blogg.
Wait for laughter.....

Besides Natalie Portman is cute from behind..... Or did someone want me to think that.
Anyway this is a decent movie in my thoughts and syncs as well....
But honestly I wouldn't bore you.
The important thing is that you get a sudden rush of energy when you notice or perhaps are about to notice that Natalie Portman knows where galactic center is.

And yes she is Isis again, in some strange way.... But it's true. Fatherless child, Raised by another and there's even plant consciousness....
Oh wait I mean......
There that's better..... Novalee Nation. Mother of Americus Nation. Once again syncing with the United States being the Hero or Daath itself.....

At this point I'm not going to go into great detail.... The level of the material has change... All those that should be gone are so...
Daath or Darth has been born. He is the chosen one. He or She shall be of War.....
"All I had on me were two tickets to the new movie Frankenstein..."

He or She could also pick compassion......

In the book the Tin Woodman has a heart stuffed with saw dust..... The heart of his prey basically but I'm sure you get the nod of plant consciousness.

Now the Daath being the 11th Sephiroth ... The middle Pillar, The Abyss, the We3spinner itself. The 11th disappeared at the death of Christ.... It is balance, true potential, maximum potential for right or wrong.... Light or darkness....
And on 911 Isis Liberty sat and watched as her Messiah was born......

It can be about war or it can be about compassion..... It can be about violence or it can be about brotherhood under adversary....

And before every rain storm..... Thunder rolls........

And lets not forget Natalie plays a Galactic Senator...


The Rape on Ganymede and the Red Neck Demographic

Demographics (Demiurgraphics) is not my stronghold, but being from the deep south I can tell you that Budweiser has me baffled for using a ancient mythology with homosexual overtones as a marketing tool. They love "The King of Beer" down there and I can tell you right now that most of the "Good ole Boys" that do drink it are not fans of Will and Grace and/or The L Word.... Ok maybe The L Word.
As pointed out in my video Isis Incognito the Presence of the Star Gate illumination and crown

First lets dive into some basics of the mythology it self. It is said that this all started with the Etana ancient Mesopotamian tale of the Sumerian King riding the Eagle to gain the Plant Conscious needed to have the Messiah child. The Ganymede tale of the Phrygian boy who was raped by the Zues Eagle and made cupbearer can also be seen as the Scorpio bringing in the next messiah as the age of Aquarius draws near.
Raphael's depiction of the vision of Ezekiel

We also see the Eagle as Dan and the "Beautiful" youth as Rueben together again as the Cherub's of Ezekeil. These can be interpreted as the Zodiac signs for Scorpio and Aquarius once again.

Eagle (Dan) (Scorpio) Lion (Judah) (Leo) Bull (Ephriam) (Taruas) Man (Reuben) (Aquarius) from good ole boy Manly P's STOAA....

We see a baffiling sync rising with race cars now.....

DAN Gurney's EAGLE Race Cars... Notice the Number 9

There is heavy Race Car symbolism surrounding the child birth in the Movie Juno and although this deserves more research it will have to wait..... Any discussion on this point shall be welcome.
Cyberspaceorbit .com's Investigation into the astrological signs foretelling the birth of a new Messiah through the events that happened on 911.... And here. These links are astounding high lighting the astrological events right before 911. They mention the Age of Aquarius and strangely enough Synchromysticism.... This is crazy did anyone know of this man? Interesting enough they name the USA as the new messiah itself, this will become more relevant I think when I begin my next video in a week or two.

Notice the placement of the bottle strengthening Zeus and his "Beloved" cupbearer's original Mythos Homo-eroticism.

The Stygain Port Sycro blogg came up in my search for this video. This included some of the information shown here and an interesting inclusion with John McCain.
Relation to this post and McCain is solidified when you consider McCain meet his wife in Phoenix Arizona and that she is the Heiress to the Hensley & Co. Anheuser-Busch beer wholesaler and distributor headquartered in the West Phoenix area. In other worlds they sale Budweiser!

Isis Incognito

Here is the reason I only have one post. This is two months worth of work, and what an adventure it has been! The act of doing this creates a large amount of insight. There are many things hidden in the corners that I didn't notice until near completion. An example of which is that Karen Allen's Character in the new Indiana Jones is Marion, but her identity is "veiled" to Indy because her son calls her Mary.

Thank you however to Jake Kotze for his words of encouragement and the OK to use his voice and work on this project. Thanks as well goes to Steve Willner who gave technical support both by tangible and intangible means..... Get out of my head Steve!

Anyway another interesting thing that has happened along the way is that when finishing this video Jake posted his monster of a head joggler Scarlet Dragon,
low and behold I come face to face with Karen Allen (don't forget the crowns) once again upon reading said post. It's amazing how we are all becoming so intertwined. The phenomenon of Sycromystism is stepping out of the realm of a personal mind game and becoming a solid and measurable force that is driving us all. The fear that creeps up shall only linger for a minute and then give way to pure joy. Thanks and Love