"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


Flight 23 pt 3; Spinning Out of Control

Ok... So I'll admit it. September Clues fucked me up. If you haven't seen it then grap some popcorn and press play above. See how far you can get.

See and now here's the trick. Some won't get far. Hell... I wasn't five minutes into it when I turned to my friend presenting it to me and said.... "I saw a fucking plane alright.... I know what I saw."

I've learned to question my anger.... Not so much being "Anti" Anger... But really ask myself where it comes from. Why would it be a problem for someone to believe there was NO plane?

It took me a couple of weeks after seeing it. I did my own investigation at Archive.org. I love that place now and spend a lot of time there. All kinds of good audio. But I went there originally to find the News Archive for network TV on 9/11/01. And like I said it took me a seconds to get it out of my system.This little segment is what did it. It was this, the "Matrix" segment, that had me questioning reality... Or just perhaps what I called reality. But nonetheless the hour, or so, after this point on the youtube vid above was just me holding my nose bridge goin... "What the fuck?"(Click pic for detail). And I'll tell you why. Because on some level.... I knew it didn't look right on that fucking day back in 01. I mean if I saw it say... Tomorrow, I mean in this day and age, I might have known why it looked "Weird" then. Now we're all skeptics on digital tomfoolery. But I just swept it under the rug so to speak. It was just too big.It was this one.... I mean this looks fake as hell. I remember thinking that on that day. The foreground just looks superimposed on the towers. See this was way before I knew anything about Photoshop.... Now a days I wouldn't trust a still like this... Not on your life. But of course this was a moving picture. And in 2001.... I had never seen shit like this. However now... 10 years latter. I've seen fake WTC's on movies like Munich, Watchmen, and that new movie with Tom Hanks. I know when something is "weird" looking now, but not then.You can see how it appears that the same camera angle seems to be used over and over with different foreground, and it freaked me out. I stood there for hours and hours, nose to the screen, trying to creep and crawl through film in search of proof. TO MYSELF, I need to stress. Not to discover something that others had yet to see, but to convince myself. As said... I ain't trying to convince ya. And I'll add I didn't even convince myself after all. What I did was adapt to this particular "Reality Tunnel" and file it among my available "Reality Tunnels" that I choose from when I wake up in the morning. Click to enlarge. And understand that I used the same attention that I investigated the scene above in Super Mario Brothers as I used in September Clues. I know I didn't discover this but still I had my nose to screen, so to speak. And during September Clues I realized that in some weird way I was looking at the same thing. Time lines converged and I was looking for Unidentified Flying Objects at the WTC. The question of why there would be a plane go in-between the towers during the dissolving scene in SMB(Super Mario Brothers) latched itself to my belief and made me stand up and point at the scene and exclaim "Fake Birds!".... Wait Im getting ahead of myself. Let me explain.

I saw a flock of Birds cross the WTC during a "Matrix" shot in the September Clues conspiracy theory video. I was convinced they were computer generated birds. Superimposed and faked for realism by some crazy government nefarious illuminati whatever. I crossed referenced the "Matrix" shots against each other in the archive footage to try and see this flock of birds that seemed to span the expanse of the city. Catch them being fake and random if you get me. I watched ABC's I watched NBC's. And then, while watching the CNN clips I noticed shadows pass by the top portion of a non "Matrix" shot and looking at the time code noticed it was at the same exact time the "flock" moved by on the "Matrix" shot.... I know it's complicated... But the point is that at the realization of the shadows being the flock of birds, seeing that they were real birds and they showed up on at least 2 camera angles of the towers that day.... Well I said fuck it and got the hell away from the computer. I was clearly obsessed.

I gained insight from SC(September Clues). I realized I couldn't trust media... I especially couldn't trust my own beliefs. If I was expecting proof of a plane I was going to find it. However if I expected to see alien space craft... By God I'd find that too. And then it struck me... What if thats the point? What if everything and anything happened that day? What if the day changes according to what your looking for, what you belief during viewing is? Regardless of the lofty validity of such suggestions, I knew one thing for sure. I couldn't even trust the makers of SC, let a lone Matt Lauer and the other News Anchors that day. And certainly my memory of anything on that day or sense was untrustworthy as well.

However the Syncster in me saw the relationship of the "no plane" meme to pop culture. As covered in Flight 23 part 1 and 2, there are plenty of 'plane meets time tunnel, goes back in time, and meets a dinosaur' story plots.See the thing is, September Clues presents "No Plane".... NO FUCKIN' PLANE! Meaning those of us who swear we saw a plane.... Imagined a plane. Ego enter stage right.

But if we saw a plane then on some alternate universe there was a plane. Right? Some where in time theres a fuckin plane. The potential at least for a plane.

Anyway I like Langoliers not for WTC significance, and I can't expect anyone to understand why I now compartmentalize it as such.

But in my mind....When I see them fly into a giant PINK V-Jay Jay.... I smirk.And I'm not imagining that its a vagina either. The comment is made that it is the birthplace of life itself. Where time begins. All of the references of pink to the number 23 that I've already investigated, and how that relates to the goddess motifs of Athena, Eris, etc. make this concept of giant penis fuselage flying through vaginal time rip absolutely bananas.
And let's not forget. This is yet another appearance of Stephen King, who we saw in the last post with Duma Key where a gigantic storm causes weird reality rifts to a house called big pink. Once again directly linking the Persephone, Eris themes together. For in Duma Key Big Pink and Persephone are tightly connected.

Enter Judy Woods. Judy Woods is a conspiracy theorist who after analyzing all of the photo evidence of 9/11 has concluded that it is the work of a shadow governments super technology, well... Maybe she didn't say that but that's what I freak out about when I listen to her. Even more astounding she says that on the day of 9/11/2001 there was a hurricane off the coast of New York City. Once again this is information that once heard is hard to process. How could we not remember a hurricane on September 11? Usually when you introduce this information to an individual they are in disbelief. Of course to understand Judy Woods one would have to understand about HAARP and Nikola Tesla and all kinds of other nutty concepts. I'm not trying to convince you of any theories, to me theories are just like myths, so all of that together gives me a picture.
Erin is directly off the coast of New York City on September 11, and then directly after the Twin Towers fall, turns away from the city back into the sea. Initially she originates off the coast of Bermuda. This once again goes back to part two post of Flight 23. The Bermuda Triangle shows its face once again in relation to time disturbance which we can also associate to alternate realities, so forth and so on. What's even nuttier is we can also take from that post the signature Crypto Syncs of Eris.

With this in mind Hurricane Erin becomes Hurricane Eris when the N is spun into an S. ERIN/ERIS.

St. Elmo's fire is a weather phenomenon, involving a gap in electrical charge (Happens in Hurricanes and I bet the Triangle too). It's like lightning but not quite. It's luminous discharge electricity extend into the atmosphere and some projecting or elevated object. It is usually observed during a snowstorm or dust storm, as jets extending from the tips of the ship's mass, or spar, a wing, propeller, or part of an aircraft, a mountain top, or even from blades of grass will warns of cattle. -I got this from a website about St. Elmo's fire you can find it by Googling Im sure.

I hope that that illustrates how we can lean both sailboats and airplanes as being very similar, this connects all of the themes that we are exploring into one batch. The color PINK, the turbulence from Bermuda, Eris the goddess of discord, and planes or sailboats that don't exist in time, all hanging around the WTC and 9/11.You can go back to the previous 23 post to see all of the similarities of sailboats and planes. Sailboats flying into the World Trade Center, and sailboats behind Adam Sandler with the 23 on his chest, I mean it's crazy. However it's the St. Elmo's fire the connects both to the human body. As if its sorta sexual energy in some weird Crowley, William Reicht Orgone Energy way.

And some mystery schools, such as Kabbalah, a lightning bolt is a symbol of the divine spark in the human body. Soul into matter. Sparked by Zeus. Frankenstein.

Jim Carrey in the movie The Truman Show is stuck on his island and is persuaded not to travel with images such as this, later in the movie while on his boat, the powers that be strike his sailboat with no less than three different lightning strikes. This mimicking what is sometimes known as the 777 lightning strike down the Kabbalah tree of life. But we will have to return to that later.
Let's talk about "No Plane". In this classic scene from Dumb and Dumber we find Sync Christ Carrey finding NO plane. I know corny right. But just hear me out. Notice also the numbers, we have three  sevens, and a two and a three. Now there are many ways to read this, for instance we have our triple sevens. Or we have our two three sevens(237) that were so prevalent in earlier post. Or since one of the sevens is mostly covered up we can say 23 and 77. Now here's the weird thing as far as WTC is concerned, or rather 9/11 is concerned, there are no flight 23's.
This is a schematic made by an individual who was on the show by Kevin Tinfoil, at the same time I was, years back. This shows the corresponding numbers to the planes that hit what. Flight 77 hits the Pentagon, 93 crash lands in Pennsylvania, 11 and 175 hit the towers. 175+11 equals 186 or 93 times two(if you read me 93 and 93 is 186). So 11 and 175 are of no esoteric significance unless added together and they equal 93 which according to Kabbalah is the combining sum of the 2 pillars (or towers). However 93 and 77 are numbers of significance already highlighted, and by chance the 2 planes with the least amount of evidence to ever have crashed into their designated targets.
Oddly enough the numbers 931 or 139(391 C I A) are on Sync Christ Carrey's sailboat in Truman, look close you can see the lightning damage. As I said before the presence of double numbers or an extra one and zero still equal to the flat number, so 123 is 23, or 139 is 93.
In Liar Liar, which is significant because of the LL which is important because LL is just 77 flipped upside down, Jim Carrey comes out of gate 123 on a luggage cart in pursuit of his child.
 He rolls off his luggage cart and does his Jim Carrey thing.
He looks up.
Sees that they flew out on Tower Air.
And that there is "no plane" at their gate 123. I know what you're saying "hey, you just Sync  cheated!". Yes because of the one we can say it's 23. But it's just sequential 123, right? However a reductionist comment such as that only makes it a stronger point in my mind, I'm not saying that the symbolism is intentional I'm saying that the symbolism is simple. Certain notes in sync such as double letters or alliteration, like double M's or double K's or double L's are used in movies because it is simply a childish tool. Easy to learn and easily understood, and therefore impactful to almost all that are conscious.
Remember this scene? Jim Carrey chases down the Tower Air flight from gate 123 on a ladder or motorized stair case.

It reminds me of the scene in The Truman Show when after he crashes his sailboat he ascends a staircase in the sky to the exit (exits a common visual in scenes that take place in the interior of airplanes).
Some of Jim Carrey's 23's are blatantly intentional. And others who have been infected with the 23 bug use blatant 23's in their shit too. For example above is a still from Lost showing one of their main characters (please forgive me because, believe it or not, I've only watched this first episode so I don't know his name) in seat 23. It's also later revealed (or so I've read) that the plane takes off from gate 23. And 23's are scattered through out the series. This of course takes place on some crazy island reminiscent of all our Bermuda Triangle syncs so far. Kinda like Truman's island. Or NYC?
Remember that one of the first syncs, even for Robert Anton Wilson, was from the first Airport movie, from '71 I believe, in which the bomber sat in seat  23. This movie takes place at Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport in Chicago.
Jim Carrey has a lot of problems with airports in Yes-Man. He gets arrested at Lincoln Airport in Nebraska by the CIA(391) or Homeland security. He also learns to fly on the plane above seen with a visible 77 and lightning bolts everywhere.

This goes back to the 777 in Kabbalah mentioned previously. The tree of life is often considered to be the human body and the lightning bolt or 777 is the spirit of God entering matter(Movie Con Air with Nick Cage has plane crash into Las Vegas strip slot jackpots on 777). This gets me thinking. For instance in Hindu mythology we have the Vahana or vehicles that each deity rides. Some say that the symbolic interpretation of these godly chariots are the human bodies that the deity and all of us uses to maneuver around the earthly plane.

 Although Genash's Vahana is usually considered a mouse or rodent looking thing, sometimes I find him on a Peacock.You can see this vehicle as the body of Christ, or spirit, or Jim Carrey as in Horton Hears a Who. Another alliteration or double letter movie title. HH.
 Dumb and Dumber another alliteration or double letter movie title. DD. Peacock right behind Lloyd Christmas, two LL's in Lloyd, and Christ implied cause he's born in Christmas. Lots of Plants. So that's Liar Liar, Dumb and Dumber, Horton Hears.
Yes-Man peacocks and Madonna visible. JC saves the day.
 He climbed the spiral staircase to save a jumper off the WTC… Okay maybe not but you get the idea. I'll put a link here for more information on DNA spiral staircases to the moon with Jim Carrey.

Like the Hindu gods we can see Mohammed riding a peacock vehicle, too. This is Barack... Well not Obama but they sounds the same with pretty close pronunciation. But the Buraq is what Mohammed rode on his journey in the night to the seven heavens. It had the head of a woman(Madonna) the body of a horse and the tail of a peacock.We can see now that hijackers would see the airplanes as this vehicle because they were in a Islamic means, lightning. Buraq actually meaning Lightning. So if there were planes and hitchhikers, not saying there were but, they perhaps imagined themselves failing the towers with bolts on top of their ride to the seven heavens. This symbolism shows itself in the Tarot Deck in the well known Tower card. It is said that Tarot comes from Torah or the first books of the Bible. These books are shared by Christian and Jewish traditions alike, and it must be remembered that the Muslim religion spawns from the same source, as it is said that the blood line split with Abraham. All of them Abrahamic Traditions so to speak.The bloodline from his wife became Jews, the bloodline from his chamber maid became Muslims. 
Another white steed named Pegasus also probably meant lightning as he brought the lightning bolts to Zeus it is said. You can learn more on that in Joe Alexander's Sync Vid below.

In When Lamed Strikes... Twice I explored the concept of LL meaning Lilith through its connection to the tree, the Apple, DNA, technology, the whole nine.
Nowadays you can hear them talk about this all the time on "Always Record" cause it's so painfully obvious. LiLith is the one who gets in the tree. The snake in the tree. A lightning bolt or spirit is put into matter. LOL Liar Liar… Li Lith.
Diagram Provided by Alan Abbadessa
Click pic for detail

It needs to be discussed that the human body and the plane are one, as in the Hindu symbolism of their vehicles. There are some implications of human sacrifice that can't be denied. And I wonder if all of this Stargate symbolism has to do more with the evolution of consciousness through this concept. Esoterically speaking the human sacrificial tactics of the Bible relate closely to the theories of individuals such as Hitler and what he tried to do during the Holocaust. Prompting for this post I actually wrote a piece called Spawn of Keel to illustrate possible scientific explanation for theories that would entail dumping large amounts of human consciousness into a world database so to speak. I'm not saying that that's what happened here, I'm just saying it's hell of interesting. Regardless even if it's not on purpose, what if a dumping into or collective unconsciousness is what happened anyway? What if the release of all these individuals did in fact create some time warp, or maybe just our consciousness of seeing them that day somehow created this hundredth monkey effect? I don't know, and now I'm just confusing myself.

You know actually come to think about it, in the book The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson they are trying to cause human sacrifice by resurrecting a German army during a mass Woodstock like concert. Same concept, that those who kill the large quantity of people will somehow absorbed the life force of those they kill. This is counter acted by sexual energy, as all the men have the opportunity to have sex with the goddess Eris. And perhaps all of this has to do with sex, for as we all know after major events of death and carnage, such as 9/11, we have an increase in birth. If all that man produces depends on sex, then events such as this actually benefit mankind. As said by others, what else is evolution but tons and tons of sex. But are we getting into shaky territory, if indeed on purpose, if indeed "no plane', does the statement of an event such as 9/11 being positive make it okay to intentionally kill thousands?
Flight 23 has crashed into the Bermuda Triangle, Airport 1977. Here we find Flight 23 and the number 77 or LL in close proximity. Perhaps this is it, if 23 is the number of death as said by William Burroughs, and LL or 77 a symbol of the sexual energy in the tree, then is this a representation of merely life-and-death.

The Lango Liers... Attention to LL once again.
We looked at this movie in the last post. And yes it's flight 35 not 23 or 77, however we have the time distortion and the marking of the turn of the Millennium. This title has two L's in it as well, but it also has two N's, so it seems perhaps noting L's is a stretch. However if you know that the Millenium Hilton that stood flush against Ground Zero on September 11, and actually how they spell it, you might change your mind of the movies relevance.

So this thing... The Millenium Hilton which was designed to look exactly like the black monolith in the movie 2001 stands flush to Ground Zero in 2001, real-time, and was highlighted by only having the double L's, not N's, in its name... Curious.. Why they misspell it? But non the less, L's are the highlight. Again we return to classic sync, for snakes on a plane is what one might consider old-school. And there's no 23's, and there's no double L's... Or is there? In my post When Lamed Strikes... Twice I make the point that the Hebrew version of L or Lamed once combined with another Hebrew L or Lamed looks like the double helix of DNA. But that is a stretch as well, for this poster at least. However Samual L. Jackson highlights two L's, one at the end of SamuaL and the other hanging out there by himself.
Change the spelling of his name and we have Samael who combines with Lilith to make Baphomet (often said to be from the word Mohammed) the hermaphroditic deity of such infamous societies like the Knights Templar. Implications of this I won't scream about, however I will make note of the double helix centered around the phallic symbol in the image on the right. This is a symbolic reference to the generation of man, to DNA spewing into being, we are baffled by the aspect of this being way before knowledge of the double helix formation of DNA. DNA it seems is symbolic imagery embedded in our very being. 

Stay tuned for the shocking conclusion of the Flight 23 Series. Flight 23 Pt 4: You're Now Free to Move About The Country


Alan Abbadessa-Green said...


Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

I found a video for Flight 33:

(this ep is important to me because of the subtle nods to JFK)

Now check this out: Wiki tells us that the episode before "Flight 33" was about a "Flight 22".


I've never seen the 22 one. Gonna try to track it down.

Dennis/87 said...

Lordy lordy synchs aplenty. Dennis

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Tower Air, more than jus' yer av'ge airline:


In the poster for the film TURBULENCE , in which their plane was used, the plane flies through two towers.

They filed for bankruptcy in 2000. '"Major artifacts from the World Trade Center are housed for safekeeping in the former Tower Air Hangar 17 at John F. Kennedy International Airport"

One of their former directors died in the LOckerbie crash.