"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


Jimeny Christmas

Noel/Leon...... Love it!

LLoyd Christmas

Sync Christ Carey in Dumb and Dumber. LLoyd invoking the LL of the Serpent twins. The big JC and Christmas comes up again in 3arth girls are Masy.... The Hairy alien monkeys sustain themselves on the ornaments of a Christmas Tree... Underglass. I can not find this movie for the life of me.... Please forgive. The Christmas tree is the Axis Mundi again.... The World tree... But of course where dose it reside?
NoW.... It's time for a little reevaluation with our new bag of goodies.... The Axis Mundi can also be seen as the ladder in to heaven....
Jim Carey in 1999 stared in Man on the Moon....(MM). Also he has the letters NY in his hands. Almost as if they are in succession. NY = OZ as we have seen before. The next letter after N in the Alphabet is O.... After Y we have Z. And after aLL we see that he is holding them up exaggeratedly as if to say that is his destination. If we can assthe ladder with the Axis, and therefore the Twister to OZ, and therefore to DNA. The context changes dramaticaLLy. The MooN (Which shows up in all kinds of weirdness) is the Imagination in the ancient symbolism. If that be true, then OZ lies in the Imagination... Easy enough. Long story short The imagination is the Solor Ego Gods link to the Land of the Dead. WoW. We get information from our DNA in the form of Inspiration (The breath of god within/breath within/Light within) or our imagination.
"Imagination is more important than knowledge" -Albert Eisenstein

That was Albert Eisenstein secret wasn't it. He imagined the speed of LLight.

That's what Sync Christ CampbeLL was figuring out. These stories have to come out.... It's in our DNA... Hell the stories are our DNA. That's why Dionysus (birth date Dec 25th) was the the deity of the theater. These ancient stories aren't religions.... That's why they change... It was entertainment! It's like restarting the Batman or Hulk Franchise. LLook at how many movie's Carey has been involved with that involved the performing arts. The Majestic, Bruce Almighty. Remember he wins the award in the mask for playing a gunslinger....

Come to think about it.... Did Andy Koffman know this... Did he realize how to listen to his real self. His DNA the link to his ancestral knowledge to follow the path he was made for? HeLL does Sync Christ CaRRey know? Or does he just follow his bliss and watch the universe line up? Perhaps he did not. That would explain the most commON theme in his movies... Forgetting who he is.
HoLy MoM mother of WoW.... Direct hit... We have the Green Man on the solar deity holiday.
Big JC with Hermes Hound.... I mean HaPPy HoLLidays people. The Double Helix twisting K2 on it's way to the moon..... And he even is dangling a fragile egg shell ego.The dog (standing in front of the Axis Mundi of the Christmas tree that point to the K2 another Axis Mundi) is wearing antlers invoking the Stag another symbol of the LLuna imagination, or the unicorn. We see this Stag asscoiated with the Axis Mundi in Narnia... The LLion the 3itch and The Mordrobe. As they follow the wish granter to the Axis Mundi of lamp post. Not only does the post have an enlightened top but it mark the connection between our world and the OZ like Narnia...
Harry Potter who we've seen with his serpent DNA twin Vodermort and Luna Lovegood (LL) as a patronus

The stag shoots forth from his caduceus or spine.
Axis Mundi the link between worlds.
I got this from the Blobs post entitled Look for La Luna resonating (LL). Sync Christ Carey Lines up to view a news paper about he 1969 MoON landing. His imagination does not aLLow him to believe it's true. He says NO way. The Plumage in his hat is a straight shot to the feathered serpent twins. We use this in our Medicine and elder Symbolism. It is a sign of someone who is in contact with their DNA, who the truly are. The forest Radio.
"I am the lizard King I can do anything."-Jim MoRRisON.

Perhaps we are the draconian blood line. The reptiles, and in ourselves the Feathered Serpent. OZ the unseen world around us is communicating to us via our DNA. We read it as inspiration and act accordingly. The more in tuned the healthier you are. Become at one with that and you become a healer.

Thanks to Jaspal I know that the Healing blue light of Galactic centre is in he Blue god Vishnu because has soaked up the poison of the world. The Peacock eats venomous snakes... The Peacocks Plumage is in the head dress for the same reason that it is in Juan Flores' (from Jim Sanders blog Centreportal).

ALL the serpent twins are listed here.
  • Dia-na-Glas; Dian-na-Glas; Dia-ny-Glas; Dian-y-Glas = Blue or Blue-Grey God (Welsh)
    He is visualized as silvery blue or sky blue.
    My teachers have spelled it all of the above ways.
    I'd love to know the correct Welsh form.
  • Malik Taus, Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel (Yezidi)
  • Sugaar, Wing'ed Serpent (Basque)
  • the Nine Spotted Serpent in the Well
  • Living Rainbow
  • Lord of the Painted Fan
  • The True Bird of Paradise
  • the Flower King
  • the Singer in the Wood
  • the Light of the World
  • Lucifer, the Light Bringer
  • El Shaitan, Self-Fire
  • Lemba; LembĂ©; the Green Boy, the Gentle One
  • Tammuz (Mesopotamian)
  • Okin Oba Aye (Yoruba)
  • Hyakinthos (Greek); the Blue Boy
  • Vishnu with his Cobra; Krishna (Hindu)
Krishna resonating Christ... Seen here with Peacock Plumage.

The colrs red and Blue of course need addressing. Red is the Chakra or Doing, Blue the Chakra of Being.
Easy enough... If you pay attention you'll see this balance every where. When explaining this to my friend years ago he said... There are both primary colors.... He thought he had disproved my theory, but in my eye's he solidified it.
However my favorite example of this is with Sync Christ Carey.
In Liar Liar (LL) resonating serpent twins and 77 which is OZ in Hebrew.... I think? (JC) tries to out smart the curse of telling the truth all the time by making himself say a blue felt tip pen is actually red....
As hard as he tries.... It's no good. Finally the hand turns in to a serpent and goes after him.
But he's no match for the cosmic serpent. It has it's way with him.

There are 23 chromosome in that make up or start our genetic make up.... The look like X's (Generation X, X-men) and the communicate by big R's and little R's. Think about it if you have Rr in your could you'll come out with blonde hair, if you have rR brown, or something like that.

In 1999 JC won an MTV movie award for Truman Show. He walked on to the stage invoking Dyonisus of way of Jim MoRRison. Complete with peacock shirt, green jacket, and blue tinted glass.



Ok if we have the LL being the 11 letter in the Hebrew alph... Then There of course is LOL. Then there is 101. Perhaps we can say HH is double helix..... HOH. H20.

The DNA axis Mundi of Taipei 101.... Taiwan.

I'll explain the sunglasses in a minute.... Love and Thanks.


Atareye said...

Well my fine multicolor feathered friend, I feel as if you wrote that just for me. I'm flattered. Anywho just to add highlighting to highlightning I will point out that Pan means aLL. No need to spew out anymore Pan equation here folks.....

"His imagination does not aLLow him to believe it's true. He says NO way." The pyramid mountains rest behind our Foolish JC.

sorry if this was already mentioned previously.

I can't help but think that the 'point of perspective' applies to all this. You can have a latter in 2d but with the 'POP' it adds the third dimension. Your interpretation adds a fourth dimension. blaw blaw blaw.....


Unknown said...

All I can say is WoW! I don't think you're in KanSiS anymore...

I got a few more things to bake your noodle.

I have just been watching Ong Bak, a Thai martial arts film with so many syncs, it links everything we've talked about! The movie even starts of with our hero climbing a tree to get a flag!! There are 7 days until the ancient festival of Ong Bak (Buddha) that only happens every 24 years, which will help bring a good harvest to the village. But someone cuts off and steals the head of their statue of Ong Bak, and our hero offers to go get it back.

He is given a letter by the father of someone who used to live in the village, but went to Bangkok for the material trappings of city life, he might be able to help our hero out. This guy turns out to be a con man and a low life, he throws away his fathers letter and dismisses the search for the head as nonsense. He steals all the hero's money that the villagers gave him, and bets it on a fight, and loses it all. (cue lots of fighting).

The other guy eventually starts to have a change of heart, and after initially throwing the letter from his father away, reads it again. His father tells him that he would like him to come back to the village, but won't force him to be a monk. He then decides to help our hero. The crime boss, who has the head, offers our hero a chance to get it back, but he must lose a fight (to a guy with a Red Dragon tattoo on his back!). He loses the fight but the crime boss reneges on the deal (cue more fighting).

Eventually our hero and the other guy end up at a mountain (axis mundi) where the crime boss is trying to decapitate the head of a very large Buddha (spirit of the forest, Princess Mononoke!) statue. Our hero defeats the Red Dragon but is shot by the crime boss, who is just about to sledge hammer (Peter Gabriel!) the head of Ong Bak. But the other guy throws himself onto the head and the crime boss hits him in the back (pure self sacrifice). At this point the head of the giant Buddha that was being decapitated falls onto the crime boss!

The guy appears to die, but in the next scene he is seen back in the village, watched by his parents, in monk robes, riding an elephant!! So the real heroes journey was his, turning from a con man obsessed with money in Bangkok, to a pious monk!

I also saw a Simpson’s episode earlier this week, the one where Homer has to climb the murderhorn! It is the one called “King of the Hill”. He eats Powersource bars: http://uloc.nerdtank.org/screenshots/5/5f16_powersauce.jpg - Notice the bolt of lighting through the O, and the tagline “Unleash the power of apples”. As he gets to the top and starts hallucinating through lack of oxygen, he imagines being helped along by a yeti. Now the yeti has many names, but in Indian mythology, that creature is known as Hanuman the monkey god! Hanuman is a reincarnation of Lord Shiva!

I have also just bought a pair of red shoes today (I will be playing Secret Santa/Satan at my companies Xmas party, and I’ve decided to go for a more contemporary look!). After I bought them the first thing I thought of was Dorothy's Ruby Slippers!

“We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz….”

Jenn said...

Love and thanks back to you! I'm reminded of Stephen Colbert making fun of Kanye 3est this week, and i'll have to check the vids later but he makes fun of the sunglasses in at least two episodes.

Now that Jim "Lizard King" Carrey clip is fantastic! I remember watching that originally air and i can tangibly retrieve the feeling that struck me as i saw this bit--an almost feeling of this being different and weird but not in a way i could fully understand yet.

"I decided right then and there that no matter what they tried to take away from me--I was gonna be who aye really am." <3 Yea Man!

Mrs. Nirvana Holey Coeur-tney Lo73 sure is throwing it at him! :D

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Kayne's new album last I saw has a Heart on the cover.... And Kurt Kobain is what I was thinking too.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

AA.... Perhaps it was for you, perhaps... It's no doubt that every one in this here comment box added to these rants that kept me up those two nights....

Jaspal... Fucking crazy. A few things that you said that I'm on as well... First is Princess Mononoke... I love everyone of that mans films, and Mononoke especially because my daughter says that she is the Wolf Princess and my MoM owns a Wolf... Also the Night walker(forest god) turns into a giant stagg... Howls Moving Castle is going to be very important in up coming post..

How did you know about Hanuman.... Actually I'm about 3 video's out from covering him... I see him as Hermes and remember my avatar used to be him. He's an orange monkey and I see him in Golden Compass, Space Chimps, and having this weird relationship with Matthew Brodrick (tin man Inspector Gadget).....

Thanks and Love!

Atareye said...

Great fucking post.
Jesus Christ I'm in holiday spirits.

Hahahahaha Madness abounds

Unknown said...

Crazy is one word for it, perhaps we are the sane ones in a crazy world?

Watching the last episode of Heroes, the brother of the Haitian mentioned to Nathan that he should be "careful" who he tells his name to. It reminded me of Spirited Away and how forgetting your name (who you are) traps you in that "other" world. The boy in Spirited Away was a river/aquarious/2012, always makes me think of Bruce Lee (be like water, when in a cup, the water becomes a cup).

As for Hanuman, he's been on my mind for months. After I saw "Forbidden Kingdom" and linked the Chinese Sun Wukong to him. I even had the far fetched theory that the “Han” Chinese are decedents of him. The word human comes from his name, and our spiritual journey of being immature, mischievous and rebellious is much like his Journey To The West (never about the end goal, only the journey itself which evolves your soul).

The only issues about linking him to Hermes is that the planet Mercury in Hindu mythology is governed by Vishnu, Shiva is Pluto. There is however his altercation with Indra (Indian Zeus) who throws a lighting bolt at him when he tries to reach up for the sun (eclipse maybe?). His naive nature is a lot like the "mind of a 10 year old" Hiro in Heroes at the moment (bend time/space like Doc Manhattan, his "nemesis" being the Hermes resonating Daphne).

Night Walker…. Just finished watching Phantom Menace (funny how when you see a film with “enhanced” vision, how different it is). Sky Walker being the name of Horus, the 12 Hours/Horus our Sun walks the sky and his battle with Set on the Horus-izon! Osiris is Set, making Anakin (kin of Anne? An being the Sumerian Annunaki god of the sky? Immaculate conception?) Osiris, Darth Set and Luke Horus. Insidethecosmiccube (notice his last post has a stag on the front, and he mentions the Golden Compass and has the same Luna Lovegood picture as you!!) did a whole section on R2-D2 and how he is the most important part of the film series, being in all the episodes and being the only one to see everything. A machine that transcends and gains a high level of conciseness, always in the right place at the right time and maybe even gaining faith in the “force”. This is also essentially the story of the Matrix Trilogy, why the machines need humans, because we are “unreasonable” and “illogical” hence Neo is called the “anomaly” because he “chooses” to lay down his life for no reason apart from “choice”.

Wesley Snipes (and his Amen-Ra pictures) is also a Day Walker!

Does your mum have a Siberian Husky?

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

All good points....

Hanuman is a Phooka which is why he falls into the Thooth or Hermes category.... All of the myths blur and contort but being a trusty ally of the "solar one" puts him into the same as Hermes as well.Dogs, white rabbits, monkeys, black horses.... All phookas, all tricksters ,that rise your consciousness and put you into communication with OZ.

R2-D2=Tao.... Total flow and no ego. Love it good one.

Anakin = Da'ath potential for great good or great bad.

Gotta finish this damn video!

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Alaskan Husky mixed with Wolf.... One Blue eye, one brown/green... Beautiful dog.

A Hermes hound is a solar deities best friend....

Unknown said...

After writing my last post I went downstairs to watch a little TV. I see a random image of Ganesh on a wall and then the next thing on after that program is Bulletproof Monk-ey!

Why is it that everything we talk about something, the Universe seems to talk to me? Let me just go through Bulletproof Monk...

First thing I see in the film is a monkey! Then as the scroll is passed onto Chow Yun Fat the Nazi SS (thunder) arrive! He meets a Phooka (Sean William Scott) Kar! Our Phooka goes through a journey of transformation! Not to mention that as I was thinking how Kal (calling himself Karl) sounds an awful lot like akal when at the same time in the movie, both characters get into a Taxi with a Sikh driver who says "Sat (7) Sri (Sir/Title) Akal (immortals)" meaning 7 Immortals, just as I am thinking it and looking at a picture of the Sikh Guru's on my wall!!

The girl in the film is Jaime King! At work we've been doing this nativity scene and I drew up a list of alternative "Kings" and one of them was Jamie King! She also has the same birthday as my brother! There was an advert for Hellboy 2 during the break in the film, and that synced with the two who share the power in this movie, and Luke and Leia! And don't get me started on the whole "year of Ram" thing, when reading this article http://www.wylfing.net/essays/matrix_revolutions.html I learned that Neo goes through the avatars of Vishu and the 7th one/7th day is Ram!! And you know who Hanuman is the faithful servant of? RAM! Ram in Hindi/Punjabi means to "rest" and I need some sleep, I've had a cold all weekend and all this syncing is just too much for me right now!

Those Husky's are beautiful dogs, but a real handful.

aferrismoon said...

LL = a Welsh letter , which sounds like an S with a giant tongue dropped on it.
Don't know if there's a 'true' Welsh/Cymraig name Diana/

PAN can = 131 via Hebrew letter numbers but its not a hebrew word , as far as I know. I mean , they really didn't get off on Pan full stop, apparently a form of the religion was in 'competition' with Judaism at about the time of JC in The holy land.
O = 70 and Z = 7

Tooth - ousand Years , ready for a new set


Unknown said...

If Lloyd Christmas married his love interest, Mary Swanson, she would be named: Mary Christmas.

E. T. Hansen said...

Just reread this. All awsome stuff. A deadlink .. seems like Viacom censured:


Jan@VEDA said...

Melek Taus: Skanda
Dian Y Glas: Shiva
Star Goddess: Mahamaya

Jan@VEDA said...

Melek Taus: Skanda
Dian Y Glas: Shiva
Star Goddess: Mahamaya