"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


Psycho Cinematic Analysis

Where to begin? I guess first off I'll say that Mr. Jones is a very enigmatic man. For example his name is Andras Jones. Most people with some esoteric knowledge would note that his first name is the name of a Demon that was commanded by King Solomon. So Andras is named after a Demon. However his name's true origin is rooted in his father's mentor. Andras Angyal was an American psychiatrist who was a teacher of Andras' father Richard M. Jones. Mr. Angyal's beliefs were very holistic, or I should say on the holistic side of the psychiatric tree, so to speak. In fact his book Neurosis and Treatment: A Holistic Theory was edited by Richard M. Jones, while he was still a student, to show how close these two actually were. Of course the name is a Demon name, but as far as Andras' namesake's last name goes, Angyal means Angel, in Andras Angyal native Hungarian tongue. So Andras' name actually resonates a combination of both demonic and angelic energies. If we take into account Andras' obvious Jewish mysticism beliefs, we can see that there's also a symbolic representation of the balancing of the Tree of Life. So you can see what I mean, enigmatic is a perfect word to describe our present day Andras. Who is obviously a collection of dark and light concepts... But then again, aren't we all?

However one of the biggest payoffs for investigating Andras was that it forced me to learn more. It forced me to adopt others' lines of thinking. For instance I had to read Sigmund Freud. I mean who does that intentionally? Without, you know, someone telling you to. But, I mean, it seems boring to do so when we all know, basically, what he said. But regardless I did. And I read Carl Jung too. I had already read some of his work, but I was forced on this project to read more. I was forced because to understand Andras' Sync Web, I had to understand his relationship to his father. For it was early on that I realized that this relationship was at the heart of Mr. Jones' Sync. I had to figure it out, I had to put it together. I do not believe Andras is special as far as the Sync is involved, meaning that I think all actors experience this. That is to say, the personal involvement of their Sync. I believe there are many layers to this. There's a relationship to costars. There is a web of broader meaning. And there is the underlying influence of the individual's life itself.

This brings me to another point, and that is how the relationship between Mr. Jones and I has been very revealing as far as my own understanding of this art form. I think now that it is essential that there is a relationship between the Sync subject and the analyzer for true insight. While reading Andras' dad I was taught a very insightful way of understanding the argument between Freud and Jung. Freud was very static. He saw what the human psyche was and why and how it worked. His understanding of dreams for instance was that you could write a dream Encyclopedia to understand and analyze everyone's dreams, no matter who they were. Carl Jung however discovered that it wasn't how and why it worked, but what use the analyzing of the dreams was to the patient. This I feel is important with my current research. It's no longer what Sync I can find, it is what the use of the Sync is.

Now I'd like to explain the difficult part. The difficult part was narrowing down what to talk about as far as making a film was concerned. Andras only did like a dozen movies. But they were so symbolically thick that you had to pick and choose what was cool. I bet you think that I have a theory on why this is. Well, I've got one. It is of my opinion that the miracle of Sync pays attention to those who pay attention to it. And Andras has made a career out of paying attention to it. Sure his movies are obscure, and that makes his Sync obscure. This perhaps has something to do with his father as well. His father took dream interpretation even further than his predecessors, saying it didn't even have to be the individual who had the dream to interpret the dream for the dream to be useful. And I feel that Mr. Jones has confusing symbols for that reason. His catalog can mean a whole bunch of things to a whole bunch of people. But as I have stated, I wondered what use this was to this actor himself.

There are a lot of statements that I'm trying to make with this movie. Some of which I discover every time I watch it, meaning to say that I didn't even intend consciously to make them upon its construction. However that being said, I'd like to stress one point in particular, and that is Movies Are Dreams! I believe we should treat them like dreams. We should discuss them, we should realize (or at least wonder) what they mean. We should understand that there are prophetic movies. That there are reoccurring movies. That there are nightmarish movies. Movies are our collective dreams, and like our dreams which spawn from the depths of which we are unwilling to admit, they are integral for us to understand the conflict of our collective ego and our collective subconscious. We have in our heads a model of who we think we are, and we are unaware of the blueprint somewhere locked in us of what we're meant to be. I understand collective neurosis to be the conflict of these two identities. Dreams are meant to reveal this conflict in individuals. And I feel that movies do the same on a level that includes us all.

I have come to consider this man my friend, however I do not agree with everything he does any more than you agree with everything that your friends may do. But I smirked when he called me laughing and saying "You and your damn redheads". I knew then that I was onto something. I knew then that I must trust my instincts. I could predict to a certain degree what I was going to find in his next movie upon watching it. And he knew before I did. If I mentioned something after seeing only two films he would remember other things in films I had no idea about. His excitement grew and with his mine. He was also very honest about my faults, that is to say, things that I did not consider in relating to my audience. I needed that. No one had ever had done that for me before. In this forum of the Internet not even your friends really teach you how to succeed. They judge your work, they weigh it, and they promote their own. Of course Andras in a way is promoting his own, nonetheless his honesty has taught me a lot. He has made me better at what I'm trying to do, for that I thank him.

Now, let's talk about Sync. Andras has 24's and 42's and 23's and every other nutty thing that we go on and on about around here. And like the train that crashes through movies like Hugo and Inception, Andras has his fair share of trains that chug their way from one movie to the next. And then there are the mirrors. My God the mirror's. One day I'll write about it, and how they appear in every movie he's done (well, almost every one), including the ones hiding in the names of directors and actors, but not today. Today I'll just say that this film has in it what it's supposed to have, just like every other movie he's been in. And his movies stink too, let me tell you, fuck, let him tell you. But this just goes to show that the old definition of what we do, of finding the mystical in the mundane, has never been more important to understand than here.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

It's interesting too,that two of the actors in Andras's movies are also out of "Twin Peaks".
The lady with the eye patch,and Andrew's supposed killer,who comes back for Jossie,but gets shoot by her instead.
Lynch's movies/TV shows are very much dreamlike,as well.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Too many o's in the word shot in the above comment...or was it a Freudian slip?

And to prove that I'm not a robot I have to type "42 Rtsale" to prove it.

Indras Net said...

Awsome work on many levels man, epic stuff. Thanks for sharing! Bless

Marc said...

can't believe how little a following you have considering how amazing and significant your work is.

I don't mean to be self-centered but I need some place to dump my emotions. Please read.
I was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease and I believe I might have had a near death experience from it, if not a certainly life altering physiologically traumatic episode.
Fortunately I was diagnosed with Lyme disease (many go years without being diagnosed), although it got to stage two if not tertiary neuro-lyme which can leave permanent damage.
I even recall having some schizophrenic moment(s) at one point where I would hear a voice in my head. I recalled learning about how schizophrenics hear what their subconscious think before the brain has the time to bring it into the forefront. That’s why playing video games could be a way to help their brains rewire itself properly, as it helps them work on their timing.
Schizophrenia is one of the symptoms of late lyme disease.
Ever since having lyme I've been far more anxious and prone to panic attacks.
I've been making significant progress as I've been taking care of myself. Although I feel limited in my search for a cure, adequate treatment. I find that my symptoms are more or less resurfacing/manifesting in new ways. In a way Lyme has also given me a greater appreciation for lyme and introduced me to holistic healing methods, natural remedies, healthy diet and yoga. I’ve also been learning how to handle fear and be more at peace.
There is a lot of controversy around lyme disease. If you watch the documentary Under Our Skin you'll get a taste for how stonewalled lyme patients are to get good medical treatment.
For myself as well I'm finding myself having to go out of my way to find doctors who can treat me properly.

One of the main issue is that the CDC (center for disease control) have drafted very terse and strict, (though inadequate) guidlelines to treat Lyme.
They have been the gate keepers sort to speak. Dismissing new research etc..
There are numerous studies that prove that lyme can remain alive after treatment. Yet they are all ignored it seems.
Anyways all this to say that I have never before felt more directly affected by the NWO.
Its easy to observe from afar. True we are all affected many moreso than me. But for me, personnaly being "at the front lines" sort to speak rekindles in me just how real all this is. I'm not just looking through the lens. I am directly affected.

Marc said...


One thing that struck me in particular and why I don't necessarily attribute it to say just the off chance of being struck by some random disease but instead feel affected by a deliberate course of action/ agenda implemented by the "NWO".
Is the 1995 Illuminati Card Game by Steve Jackson
Having Lyme disease now and recalling there being a card about disease, I took another look at the cards and lo & behold the CDC, Center for Disease Control is among them. What a surprise.
It also made me realize just how much of an unwavering and plan/blueprint it is.
I remember first learning about the cards back when I learned all about conspiracy theory back when exposing 9/11 was in its infancy. Of course the card with the towers being struck was what gripped me at the time. Back then when I saw the other cards like biochemcial warfare and world war 3 I would shrug them off as just being a part of the game (particularly because I did not want to admit the possibility of something so distraughtful). I thought of them more as just being sort of like filler cards, I never imagined that each card were in fact blueprints.
I still hope I'm wrong of course despite it being in plain sight and nearly screaming at me in the face that so far each card have/or are being implemented.
One thing I find to scream at me, that I can’t dismiss, even though I would like to dismiss as just coincidence, is that the morning of 9/11 as my mother was driving me to school, when I was maybe 14 years old. It might have been 7:30 am. I had had such a vivid dream that night that I felt driven to tell my mother about it. I had dreamt of world war 3. And I remember recalling it to her the evening of 9/11 when it was all over the news. We both agreed that it was eerie that I had dreamt of World War 3.
There are other things that tell me just how plain it is. One in particular is Albert Pike’s blueprint for the world wars terminating with ww3. And they being so exact with what's developing in the world.

There's a lot more on my mind but I think i'll stop here. Just thought I'd share.

Marc said...

I wanted to add something. That it makes any difference or not beats me, I meant to add that I was at the top of the WTC tower on the month of august of 2001 and was also inside of it either late august or early september of that year i forget. Right before the school year started.
So i find perhaps that by having actually been there just prior to the event that it might have been more conducive to the possibility that that vivid dream was more sign/ificant.
Regarding Albert Pike's description of WW3. I cannot help but find parallels/or in line with with the recent wantonly riddled with symbols video Heliophant I, Goat Part II.
Im curious what you make of/draw from it?
I recall there being a couple of medias released just prior to 9/11 pretty much foretelling the events. One in particular and quite blantant, was the Lone Gunmen pilot episode.

So for me its not a stretch to think that the heliophant video is the same in nature.
Which reminds me and I forget where I heard this from, if you know of the source please dont hesistate to list it,... that freemasons give legitimacy to their actions so long as they make it readily available to the public in some very suggestive fashion. And they can only execute on it after a "public announcement" of sorts that they deem sufficient is made.

Lately I've been looking for a new book off the shelf that I could read and picked up the one I felt spoke to me most by its title from the selection (i know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover...) (but then i read the description and began reading the intro and it was exactly what i anticipated or hoped to read as i initially picked it up)... and I picked Heart of Darkness and the Secret Sharer by Joseph Conrad.
I was curious as to whether a movie of it had been made (like Lord Jim) so I popped a search into my verizon cable. Interestingly all there was was an episode of Merlin with the title Secret Sharer. The episode's description drew my attention as it talked of a mighty wizard that will unite the old and new world.
So letting myself be guided by intuition I recorded the episode for viewing the next day. It just so happened too that it was to play the next day (part of a merlin marathon) (this thursday on the syfy channel), quite convenient. Now maybe I am reading too much into this. It doesn't seem to have any connection with the book.

But anyways here is an excerpt and main part of that episode. For the druids legends are true: Merlin is Emrys, a man destined to greatness, a man who will one day unite the powers of the old world and the new, and bring about the time the poets speak of – the time of Albion.

Now it marks me that the freemasons are essentially modern day druids.

During this time of division and hostility, Kilgarah, the Great Dragon, prophesied that together, Merlin and Arthur would reunite the five kingdoms back into Albion, and revive the Old Religion to coexist in peace with the New Religion.

I'll stop here, i got most of what i wanted to get accross, i'm quite inclined to hear your opinion about all this. thanks for reading