"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


When Lamed Strikes... Twice

The ancient alchemist had a long history of cryptology.... For multiple reasons including to conceal their art. The mystery of the practice however was the whole point. A practitioner could not out right be told the truth. He had to journey to the truth for it to have any meaning. And if you haven't noticed symbols do change. There is no man above you who uses symbols against you. There is only you who interpret the symbols. And the relationship you have with the symbol, any symbol, changes as you grow. Unlocking something so that we may call it our own is the focus that drives myth. Lamed is the L of the Hebrew Alpha-Beth.
In the slight majority of the Codes shown above Lamed is represented as a lightning bolt.The only exception is the code most commonly used by the upper degrees of Freemasonry today. It is represented by a J shape character and is suspected to spawn from the shape that the constellation Scorpio makes in the night sky. Both the Lightning Bolt and the constellation Scorpio are associated with the figure currently known as Lucifer. For he is the Back stabber and the one who fell to earth like a lightning strike.

The Ancient Hebrew Tree of Life shows the Lightning Bolt strike every level of consciousness on it's way from the top, or pure self, to the bottom, or total material physical being. It can be seen as an initiator or ignitor bring life or animation to the inanimate. The lightning is also used to animate Frankenstein in the mythos of the early 20th century or travel trough time in the cinematic mythos of the mid 1980's(Back to the Future, see the Sync Whole for continuing BTTF weirdness).
The design of Lamed resembles a Lightning Strike with a little imagination. It is actually the splicing of two different Hebrew letters. One is Kaph whose, numerical value is 20, and the other is Vav, whose value is 6. Lamed itself is designated as 30. Add them up and you get 56 or 5+6 which is 11. In numerology 11 is special and does not get added together. In truth the 11 is as magical as 7, and to that I might add that 7 is the English L turned upside down. Lamed is said to open "Hidden Doors" if meditated upon and is the middle of the 22 letter Hebrew Alpha-Beth. If you would excuse my insanity I'll take a moment to say that 11 is half of 22 making Lamed have two nice rounded links to the number. Lamed is also a symbol of the Ox Goad an ancient version of the modern cattle prod. It literally is the motivator. The kinship between the Lightning and cattle prod both being the driving force should be highlighted.

So Lamed is the Cattle Prod, but what of the two letters that it is made of.... Those of course being Vav and Kaph, as discussed above. Kaph has the symbolic attachment of the Palm of the hand..... It is the Palm open and up, as if offering to shake. Vav is the Nail. To the majority of the English speaking western world that is reading this right now, those who at least have a slight Christian back ground, the application of interpretation there is obvious. However there is more because Kaph the Palm is actually made of two Vav. And sense Lamed is made of Kaph(the palm) and Vav(the nail), and Kaph is made of two Vavs, then technically Lamed is made of three nails.... We now have a solid relationship between the almost perfect symbolism of Jesus(Three nails and a Palm), Lucifer(Scorpion, Lightning), and YHWH(the gnostic lightning god).
In Gregg Braden's book The God Code, that I just finished reading, Mr. Braden figures that the name of God is encoded in our very DNA. He dose this in an almost perfect Sycromystic formation. By Reducing the Atomic Mass of certain elements on the Periodic Table he deduces that Hydrogen is 1 as is 1 the Hebrew letter code for Y.... He then says Nitrogen is reduced to 5 as is the Hebrew Number code for H.... Then Oxygen is 6 as is Hebrw Number Code for V.... What's that spell "YHWH".... Which is common excepted name of God according to the Judia Christian tradition. H is used twice and if we translate that to the elements that means "God" is Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and then Nitrogen again... Or all non visible gasses, this is convincingly linked to the "breath of god" that animates Adam in the Bible. The DNA of the human body is actually made up of Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon. Carbon being the "Clay" that we are materially built of. He speaks of the hope that this should give to all beings on the planet that we are connected. Our DNA is YHWG ,the G is Gimel that can be linked through the reduced value of carbon, one letter off the name of "goD" no matter who you are.... This once again is in perfect alignment to the subjects above.

YHWH can easily be fashioned into congruence with the other one-eyed god heads from other pantheons such as Zeus, Jupiter, or Odin. Yet there is someone else that these lighting hurlers have an effect on.
Dropping multiple symbols in my post that go unexplained is a favorite past time of mine. My point is that if you don't notice something that dose not make it not there or not observed by your subconscious. There are many little gems in the image above however I will only pay attention to the obvious(analysis in the comments is encouraged). In DC comics we discover that the older images of who most of us know as the super hero The Flash was modeled, without being even slightly veiled, after Hermes. Hermes was the messenger of the Gods. He was the one who delivered communication between the mortals and immortals. The golden age of comic books creators quickly made the association of this and speed, and not only was this connection made by DC. In Marvel, who as a side note had many super speed heroes, they had a character with similar powers, however less well known as DC's The Flash, his name was Quicksilver. Quicksilver is also the name in Alchemy grouped with Mercury and therefore Hermes as well. Both the DC and Marvel version highlighted the Lightning Bolt. I know, I know.... Your thinking that the coherence breaks down from having multiple attachment to the same symbol. Your also thinking that as quick as Lightning is the best way to explain the use of this symbol on their costumes. However you need to realize that there is an extra treat here in this Symbolism(most likely unintentional) if it is looked at by an ancient eye. That is the fact that the Greek and Roman depictions of Mercury and Hermes had no attributes of their own, they simply took on the attribute of the God that they were working for at the time. The images above are symbols of Hermes bringing a message from Zeus, Jupiter, Odin, YWHW..... Etc.
And like almost all other symbolism the root goes down to man himself. What I mean by this is that some how thousands of years ago Hermes was given a DNA strand as his staff. Although according to modern consensus there would have been no way of even imagining such a thing until the 1950's (don't forget that the entire Human Genome wasn't mapped until the very important year of 2001). Like the Arc of the Covenant, or the Ark of Noah, or the Pyramids themselves, Hermes is explaining to us that our own bodies are the connection to the divine... And the messages sent between the divine and us are instantaneous(as quick as lightning). We are made of both Heaven and earth.

So before we go on lets take this time for some random trivia. First is the fact that in the ancient languages the L is the the one that gets things going as the Ox Goad would imply. This is key in the name of the Arch Angels... Think Michea-L, Raphea-L, Gabriel-Le.

Also is the point that the letter in Hebrew known as Lamed is associated to the astrological symbol of Jupiter. Seen to the left here. This symbol is very important because of the work that some people have done on it representing the numbers 2 and 4. This give us a connection to Jupiter and or Tin(because it shares the same symbol in alchemy) any time we see 24 0r 42... And 42 is a number that haunts my every move these days. 42 is also used as the Answer to life in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, as pointed out by Sync Masters Jim Sanders, and Jake Kotze. In the modern Alpha-Beth Lamed or L is the 12th letter meaning that two L's makes 24, and around and around we go. So also in Hebrew it is the mid point of the Hebrew's 22 letter alphabet . Therefore in Hebrew two Lameds equal 11:11 and in English they equal 24...... It is also the 22 path in the Kabalah tree of life(between Tiphereth and the red Geburah).... Lameds path of 22 is 11+11 once again....

Holy (insert explicit here)....

The first time double L seemed important was in the post Jimeny Christmas, this post has much about Jim Carrey, Blue Gods, DNA, and LL... I might need to edit it soon so please forgive any gliches... It's a must read and I'll be back when you get here.

There's also buzz about these topics over at the Sync Whole, this site consist of sycromystic mash-ups involving Jake Kotze, Jon Kidd, Jim Sanders, Richard Arrowsmith(who is obsessed as well with DNA, and Blue things), and me your friendly neighborhood Shaman.... Please visit Man Moon...tHanks! (= Keys = 23) for more craziness.
Jim Carrey interacting with the LL as LLoyd(LL) Christmas his hand resting on the Hexagon door knob.
Along with Jeff Daniels they drive around like two boobs in a big Dog in 1994's Dumb and Dumber. 1+9+9+4=23. The Dog is also a Symbol of Hermes or Thoth the faithful, The Dog Faced Monkey. And like Hermes Jim and Jeff are to deliver a missing suitcase. In a slant they are Messengers.Suitcase resting on a Hexagon Coffee table.

Jim Carrey also starred in the movie Yes Man... or Liar Liar(LL) 2 you might say. Instead of being unable to tell a lie Carrey has made an oath to always say yes... This is a moral tell about always saying yes to the NOW... Whatever arises must be interpreted as relevant to your current mental process. This is one of the main symptoms of becoming aligned with Sycromyticism... You become ever aware of whats going on around you and the mundane of unimportant happenings evaporate in doing so.. (That and you begin to add up all the numbers on every License Plate in front of you.) Yes is the new OZ(NO flipped).... Carrey as Carl ALLen(LL) says Yes to learning to fly and becoming one with Ascension in the picture of the plane above, you can see it covered in 77(upside down L's) and powered by lightning bolts. I know that many have come to terms about the power of 77. O in Hebrew is 70 and Z in Hebrew is 7. OZ=77. In Libre 77 by Alister Crowley we can link this to pan. OZ=77=Pan. LL however is the mirror image of 77 and I link it to the serpent twins that bring us to OZ or reflect OZ. The serpent twins are a wide spreading concept through many ancient mythologies that supposedly created civilisations. They usually give the cultures what they need to begin I.E. Languages, Systems of Government, and of the like. Jeremy Narby on his trip(pun intended) to the Peruvian Jungles deduced afterwards that these Mythology's symbolise the Molecular world. Basically saying that the Phycadelic visions of the Shamans and DNA are one and the same. Modern science would have us believe that I am in my head and you yours. However have you ever experienced the common "I was just about to say that" cliche. Perhaps we are connected to each other through our DNA and we receive messages from other DNA around us that we interpret as flashes of thought or mental images.

This would explain why children learn languages so much faster that adults. They have an uncalcified Pineal Gland and the classic soft spot in their heads. The soft spot hardens after 3 years, which is also the exact amount of time that it usually takes a child to learn the language that they are submerged in. In fact many cultures hold the top of the heads as spiritually important. Some even leave the burial headdress open at that particular spot because the spirit is said to exit through there. Even the Chakras show ascension through the top of the head as a blooming lotus.

So what destroys this connection. Well in Lego My Ego I said, or tried to say, that it was the Ego. In fact the whole rise and fall of civilisation might be attributed to the Ego. At certain key points in history I see man working as one unit, and then ego becomes prevalent again and it becomes this is my house, this is my wife, this is my head, and the fall ensues.

Perhaps when we view ourselves as separate from the rest of the world around us we lose our connection between it and ourselves. The act of Lying is one way to do this. By lying we disrupt or ability to connect because we are sending mixed messages. This is played out in Carrey's Liar Lair(LL) and many of Natalie Portalman's films as well. Natalie Portman has a deep rooted tie to the serpent twins seeing as she gave birth to a pair in the form of Luke and Leia(LL) Skywalker. SkyWalker being one of the names for Loki in the Norse Mythos who was also called the Wizard of Lies. In the flick Where the Heart Is see finally comes to grip with who see truly loves to tell him that she had lied to him. In Garden State she realizes that her love makes her a better person by not lying while around him. And in Closer she flat out says that Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her cloths off.... "But it's better if you do.."... And in the newer The Other Boleyn Girl she wins the crown by deception. I understand that this is merely all of the top speculation but having an affinity for DNA like spiral staircases is certain in her career.

The legs being printed in cartoons signifies being rooted in the land of the unreal. You can see this leading to OZ because most critics actually compare the 1932 movie to a cartoon. Portman is also seen with a OZ like twister that resembles a DNA strand in Where the Heart Is. This is also a key to the DNA leading to OZ or connecting us to OZ over the rainbow.
This seen also pairs Portalman with Plant Konciousness which follows here throughout her Filmology to date.
She stars as MoLLy Mahoney resonating MM and LL in Mr. Magorium, seen here with Spiral staircase eminating from her back.And again here in closer as the mysterious Alice in frame with Jude Law himself being no stranger to the Sync Web. So having looked at the Portman connection lets move Ever Onward to another pop reference. In the TV show series Heroes we find the symbol refered to as "God Send".
This design is actaully made specifically for the show and from the only sources on the web(great article on WIKI) I could find is a mixture of two characters that create something like Bestowing Great ability... Sorta like Zues did Hermes. And is also very simalar to Lamed.
In the Hero Graphic Novel it is featured, although somewhat veiled, as a Feathered Sperpent during a story being told from the Haitian Father to son.
This lines up perfectly with with Mr. Narby's deductions on DNA's relation to the Winged Serpents remenesece of Quezalcoatatl, and his twin Xolotl, which are a mouth full of L's as well as they both being associated with..... Lightning, the Morning Star, and Fire.... Much like the Serpent twins Jesus and Lucifer.... But lets get back on track here. The Symbol becomes the basis for the Pinehearst logo latter on in the Heroes series.This being made of two Gods Send/Lamed/Double Helix DNA thingies. And Bring the connection of both the Pineal Gland and the Heart into the Fold.... Perhaps both the Heart through Compasion for others and the Pineal hide the secret between our Ego's and our own DNA.
Visit the Shaman Archives for an explaination of picture above.

Armed with all this info who are the Gods... Well we can say they are the Intangible... Spirit or the driving force of this world that we can not see. But, if we can not see them, if we can not tangibly connect to them, then any interpretation of them spawns from us alone. Any thought of god comes from you and therefore is not god.... Lets just say, and I'm not trying to get in a fight with no one here, that there are no Gods. If that be true then all Gods are a product of us. This also brings up the Question of who "They" are. If we are all one strand of connected DNA then who is the "They". There can't be a "They". The main theme of most any Jim Carrey's movies are the split of personality. When you self develop a "They" however you create a duality in your own physce. There is only "WE/ME" there is no "They". That's why the Pythagoreans spat on the ground when they said the number two. Granted that perhaps someone is out they trying to control others minds and rule the world.... But, they are just doing what is in our DNA. The trick is in your interpretation. Your are going to be just as successful in stopping Alpha Centari from going Super Nova as you are going to be successful in stopping the NWO by blogging on the Internet. We create a "They" to satisfy our ego's need for control. When it senses that something is going on that yanks the control that it once though it had, it wants to blame something.... Instead of realizing that it's interpretation was wrong to begin with. Blaming anything however destroys the trust you have in your own power. Seeing things differently has the power to change reality, and putting the blame on something that you can't see or ever influence takes that power away from yourself. Stand up to your ego, open your DNA, connect to everything, lose yourself, and discover who you are. You are perfect not when you think these things because thought, like interpretation, changes with time. I recently have had art work sent to me by a whole bunch of people telling me that they had done it long ago and just now understood the symbolism they had put into it, and previously had no idea why. They were sending a message to themselves from the past. But, how? Aren't you better now than you once were? Wrong.... You don't need Sycromystism or and other doctrines, or whatever, to make you better, you are perfect, and in perfect sync.... NOW. Only your interpretation by the Ego is misplaced. Everything that you do is in perfect timing.... Everything that you see is in perfect formation. There are no wrong turns. Welcome home.

Well there is more I wanted to say... I'll save it for latter.. That last rant kinda put the nail on the coffin so to speak. I spend most of my time posting at the Sync Whole these days so for more regular post head over there. The button at the top of the blog will link you.

Love and Thanks

Forgot to say that there is one more link joining the ThunderBolt to Hermes. If Hermes is Thoth the Dog Faced Monkey.... The one that is Loyal (like a Dog) to the Osirian/Baccus/Christ rebirth motif. And he is a messenger to the goD to which he is delivering a message on behalf of... Then Dog with a Lightning Bolt is another.... Well here check it out.


Atareye said...

Thought provoking to say the least. I appreciate the help I get from this blog.

If you add up all the Sephiroth we get 11.

Hermes consistent aesthetic in differing mythology is more interesting knowing its an isolated incident.

As for the symbol of Jumpiter I also see 21 which is cool as well.

I'm inspired to write about Jehovah and Lucifer now.

wv in red 'pring' then in blue 'annyi'


ravenatthemoon said...

Welcome home indeed- been awhile Shaman- good to see you back-I read sync whole as well- but at times hard to follow for us simple folk- but finally you did it- symbolism has been around FOREVER and was at one time the means for written communicate- the kingdom of G-d is within-the power is within- the key to a good shaman is discernment-- to discern is to perceive- that would be the hebrew letter Ayin- the eye-to see-- tackle that one for me- for it all ties together--and you tied it together rather nicely- welcome home- SHEMA SHAMAN SHALOM-

Jake Kotze said...

Yo Bro

I wiLL explain how this magicly syncs UP with my new Blob post.

Might take a while.

Great connects and words.

See you on the other side.

aferrismoon said...

Looking at the crucifixion - JC gets the nail in his palm , and as u say kaph = palm while vav = nail
so perhaps at the point of nailing , a letting go, since your hands don't work no more.
One becomes YHVH.

3x26 [ 2 hands , 1 pair of feet] = 78
78 = all the Tarot cards


Cosmic Ti69er said...

wicked stuff and perfectly timed as i have been meditating on the letter L much lately.


Jim 2K

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

My main man Little... Thanks, I'm glad it helps... So hard to tell if it's worthty of consumption sometimes... I try to just focus on what I'm doing. Much love.

Pleasant as Always Raven... Any hints about Ayin would be cool, thankyou for everything.

What up Homie... Can't Wait.

aferris- Holy Fuck that is excellent.

Satoriallme gently nods to Jim

and I'm out...

Jake Kotze said...

Love the spiral staircase emanating from NP.


Eko Susanto said...

Pinehearst logo looks like a gator eye to me.
Eye slit resonate number eleven. 11:11

Deeply yours

aferrismoon said...

Ferris can rearrange to Sefir-r - Sefeer-ruh

In hebrew F can also = P , so Peris
with peri- = around in Greek
Also Peri seems to be a Persian mythical deity of superhuman qualities who started off as evil but then got a good PR team and its a good fairy/genie

Realting to Iran - will it go from bad to good


Ishmael said...

Beautiful. I loved this and have thought about it all day.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Thankyou Douglas...
The kind words are appreciated around here.

Unknown said...

Good post. Felt like coming home. I still have a long road to go since I cant really get loose. Im sometimes scared of letting it all out.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

RURIK... It gets easier. It's half way done once you start. Don't fool yourself into doing something that holds no pleasure for you however. If your into getting this shit out through different means then go for it.

Remixomitosis said...

Crap, man! I've been working on my own blogs for the past several weeks, but over the past couple days, they've gone completely full-blast...I've only read about a 1/8 of this post so far, and I'm having coincidences with almost every bit of it - some of it is even happening in real-time as I write this, from the TV in the living room, which has been messing with my head a lot lately...I gave up on keeping notes of my synchronicities, because they've recently become almost absolutely CONSTANT. But I'm still adding tons of more posts to my website, which you can see at


Excuse me if I've posted you about it already...I've been going nuts lately with sending messages to many different fellow synchers, trying to share my works with as many people as possible...There are so many connections between all of our works, it seems like we're all starting to slowly coalesce towards something BIG...