"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


Natalie Portalman Pt. 1: Plant Konsciousness

The connection, on a mystic level, between man and plants has a vivid and undeniable history. Nearly every solar deity has been born from or reincarnated into an evergreen. The tree that Osiris was "Grown" into was the same that produces Myrrh of which was given to baby Jesus. Even Dionysus and Bacchus carried their thyrsus with a Pine Cone (Pineal Gland) atop. Eden is where we find the Tree of Knowledge. And there is the Christmas tree.... The World Tree which is a light with candles, one for every soul past, present, and future that roam the earth. Some will argue that the attention to the environment is the reason for all the horror coming out in movies lately that involve trees, I however would argue that these phenomenon are more brother and sister than parent and child.

I have committed myself to making my videos as simple and graspable for as large an audience as possible. In short I like to keep it raw.

"The greatest of art is an uncut block of wood."- Lao Tzu

I feel that every human being goes through periods of self doubt. It seems that everything in this vital machine of ours goes in rhythm. I'm am not sure however that I like this video. I hope that you do and appreciate that you have found yourself here. Going back and observing it I am dumbfounded that it has taken me so long to make. With computer problems, uneducation, family sickness and a slough of other excuses I can throw at you however, well.... I hope you comprehend that I have been working hard. I personally would roll my eyes at a video of this nature had I seen it a year ago... Now that I have changed (and change on a moment to moment basis still) I feel that someone out there shall get something out of it..... The whole of syncromystism is free association at it's purest form, and so the argument that one makes these connections happen is utterly valid. But, it shall be expressed that such an argument swings both ways.... The one who debates such a fact is also making the judgment based on his observations which are, in total, a reflection of his belief. You can not run from the fact that what you interpret is based on what you can understand. Simply put you see what you want to see. I have come to embrace this art, and feel that it does not show you what is not there, but is a study of what is there. I have also come to see that everything is valid.... Every nook and cranny. Every snow flake and crumb.... Every "primitive" man has as much to offer as any "scholar". Every religion or B-movie has great insight. Every thing gets five stars in Sycro.

"All is well and wisely put."- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I try to be an anthropologist who see's the world objectively.... As if it happened years ago and I have to figure out the reason for which...

The kaleidoscope of human history no matter how far fetched or horrible is thrown in to the pot of syncromystism. The world is but an ink blot and what ever you see.... No matter the connotation.... No matter a Bat or Butterfly.... It is yours!
Projection on the subject however disappears as soon as you look to someone and say.
"Do you see what I see"
And they respond

If you look the word Oz is everywhere.

In The Professional our hero only wears his sunglasses when he is "working". As if they give him special powers.
And tinted glasses of course hold more perception changing abilities..... Always look for the exaggeration.
Elton's hand lies near another Oz.

I'm seeing them as a mask on a super hero or the mask for the actors in Greek Dramas who played the Gods.


Natalie Portalman has been the obvious inspiration for this video and I'll continue with her through upcoming post and at least one video. Aside from playing Evey in V for Vendetta it should also be noted that she has expanded her talents recently. She is involved with actually writing and directing films. The first couple of which shall be most interesting to see.

And another as well that is not part of this investigation but is important looking....

As has been stated before I make no border between the characters in books and the actors who play them on screen. In the Alan Moore graphic novel V for Vendetta, V reads Evey the book The Magic Faraway Tree every night at bed time.
The Magic Faraway Tree is a very hard to find book that was written at the turn of the century by a woman named Enid Blyton. It is a story of some children who find a magic tree full of magical people in their back yard. At the top of the tree is a whole in the clouds through which is a magic land.... At the end of each day a new land comes and the old land "Moves On". Oddly enough our Gun Slinger in the Dark Tower series has a Land that has "Moved On". Anyway the Lands at the Magic Faraway Tree have titles such as "The Land of Take What You Want" and "The Land of Do As You Please".

Here is one of the Covers to the Magic Faraway Tree... Showing the Children and one of the Tree Folk; Moon Face. These books come highly recommended by my daughter.

My next video shall be entitled "Jesus in the Sky of Diamonds".. There is going to be a lot of material so sit tight.. To hold you over however I promise some pretty meaty post very soon...

Many thanks to all that have helped with leads in the comments of this blog.
Many thanks to Steve Willner and Jim Sanders for letting me bite their shit, as it were.
Thanks to Jake Kotze for his unending inspiration.
Thanks again to Steve Willner for technical assistants.
Thanks of course to my MoM for the constant bombardment of research material (where the hell do you find this stuff).
And to you reading this who, in truth, just heard the tree fall in the forest.

Love and Thanks.

Due to the length of the vid I have to put the music inspiration here in the post... I would skip it but some are to good too be true.

And there are some clips of Jim Sanders Kosmic Wine Icaro.....

Love and Thanks


Jake Kotze said...


Loved it.

Very exciting to see.

Jake Kotze said...

Kurt "Snake Plissken" Russel (Born March 17) KK helicopter wolf/Alien, what!?

A Few Shots to Shaman said...
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A Few Shots to Shaman said...

I am relieved to here you say that... After watching over and over while editing, the thrill had dissipated.

I was wondering if you had seen the syncs in 1982's The Thing or not. John Carpenter and Kurt Russel have quite the history together, not to mention the fact that everything I see of Carpenter's stuff is a trip in it self.

Did you know that Kurt Russel and Carpenter first worked together on a movie about Elvis. Kurt also was a Elvis impersonator in that 3000 Miles to Graceland movie with Scorpion sporting Kevin Costner (KK). Plissken was the uncredited voice for Elvis in (Forest) Gump as well. I was thinking about all this when one morning on VH1 they had a jumpsuit of Elvis' in the back ground while the VJ introduced the next Vid.... It had a giant Peacock on it.

Cosmic Ti69er said...

WOW MOM! I finally got a chance to watch it.
Great stuff. Pretty fucked up the stuff bubbling up inside all of us at the same friggin time. Tinman!!!!
Thats all I am thinking about and writing about right now is the tinman. Tin is Jupiter you know?
very exciting where this is all going. I see some great collaboration in the future. Love your voice.
boy i love plants. :)

later G8or


Unknown said...

Really good synchro stuff here, glad I stopped by! My favorite part was your "rant" paragraph - 'synched' perfectly with how I feel about it. We see what we know, through our own variously tinted glasses. I look forward to part two and more of your opinions on synchromysticism.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...


toure said...

Outstanding work. I just watched Natalie Portalman's guest lecture at Columbia (Isis/Eve) University on terrorism, torture and Israel prior to the release of V for Vendetta... i wonder how she feels about the current firebombing of Gaza (righteous divine burning Gommorrah?).

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Hey, give me a link to that I'd love to watch it...