"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


Holiday Spirit

This is the paper back cover of Secret Teachings of All Ages. A book that was given to me on Christmas 2001 by my MoM. For the last six or seven months I have been dragging this thing behind me like a security blanket. I have tried reading it in the past, straight through that is, with no success. My friend once told me, during a conversation on how books or movies seem different when you haven't seen them or read them in a while, that it wasn't the book/movie that changes.... But you that had changed. I guess my knowledge had to catch up to this one.... I had been using it for cross reference though. Regardless it took a good syncromystic kick in the ass for me to sit down and go all the way through this behemoth from cover to cover. I'm about 3 chapters out, then I'm done.

Anyway with all this DNA revelation that I'm head deep in it seems that I've become quite obsessive. It seems that all I see can be reinterpreted to DNA... I must admit a lot has influenced this surge. Reading Jeremy Narby's Cosmic Serpent, and Accidental Alchemist candy rants, but it seems that it is a pretty sound theory. I feel as of right now that DNA is a different entity than us.... Sorta of like the Black costume of Spider-Man. A symbiotic, our parasite like organism that strives for mutual gain. However it goes deeper than that, because DNA is us. And all that junk DNA is not dormant but a receiver/broadcaster. It picks up the DNA signals from all the other living things around us. You can call it OZ or Otherworld.... But it boils down to the Land of the Dead. Forgotten knowledge. DNA being the link to our ancestors is a given, but it stands to reason that an ability to understand what the plants around you know, what the electromagnetic fields around you are telling you... Could be drastically beneficial. Of course we already could be doing this and just calling it inspiration.

A Wrinkle in Time is a book by Madeleine L'Engle. I've read this fantastic read a few times trough at different stages in my life and have retrieved forgotten knowledge from it each one. First we can see now that it is published by Laurel-Leaf Newbery and there is a little picture of a leaf resonating Plant Konciousness and (LL) the serpent twins of DNA. Interesting points of interest are the fact that the main character is Meg Murry(MM), and that a portion of the tale takes place on planet Ureil which is the third planet in the spiral nebula Messier 101 in the constellation of Ursa Major. In the second book A Wind in the Door we find that (MM)'s brother Charles Wallace has gotten sick and the adventurers actually go into his DNA or Mitochondra to fix the problem.

I love this book as well and like the fact that it has a veiled dragon in it also called a cherub. NoW this is the only thing I could remeber when I saw Phantom Menace in 1999.... That is the film were George Lucas reveals his force theory and the Midicloriens.. The Midicloriens it seems are the link between the Jedi and the force and Anakin has the highest count That Liam Nesson has ever seen. Pondering these applications I look down at the STOAA cover and zero in on the left side...
We see on the cover the male and female chained to heaven. On the male side is the day, lion, phoenix aspect. The female shown here has the presence of the Aquila/Aeagle/ego... Then the Stagg composite god with the Axis Mudi spirit lights of the world tree (Think Christmas tree) in his antlers. The lady has the grapes covered in early Kotze in her hand and the moon passed by the stagg in the other. The Stagg holds his Three leaf clover symbolizing the trinity and his connection to the Saint Patrick green god or Osiris. What I focused on during defocalization is that the chain could stand for DNA. The connection between the Otherworld and this world and the link from the physical to heaven. This line of thinking brightens the meaning of the Moon and the Stagg and brings the importants of their symbolism to the imagination and it's connections to us understanding our DNA to the fore front.
Being the Christmas season it did not take me long to see this image of Sir Alec Guinness' portrait of Jacob Marley in Charles Dicken's the Christmas Carol. The chains immediately knocked me over. Here is a clear representation of the Knowledge from the land of the dead coming to enlighten the living NoW. The link of course being the Chain like structure of DNA receptors. Of course this is not the last time that Sir Guinness would have been seen like the ghostly father in Hamlet to teach the next plan of action....


Unknown said...

You evoked Heroes in my mind again, the battle between Peter and Gabriel.

Peter being the one who shows love and empathy, through which he can gain the power/knowledge of others. Gabriel shows pride (like Arthurs Envy) and demands power, taking it by force.

This can be seen as tapping into the DNA of something, remember the festival of Dionysus/Jesus? You EAT the God to gain the powers of the God. Ancient people had animal totems, Jewish people had the pig, one wonders if the ban on eating Pork was to conserve the power of the Pig to the elite priest classes only. I don't know if you have heard of Credo Mutwa, but I suggest you look him up (watch his interview with David Icke., he mentions an alien invasion and called the leader Om Baba, which is another name for Shiva!). He also mentioned eating the flesh of a creature that gave you the power of that creature, "a tree now appeared as a rainbow".


Cosmic Ti69er said...

Great stuff. you are in the same ZONE as myself these days. In the Ashanincan worldview Yacumama is a big snake and lives in the water. Yacumama is the God underneath Sumi Runa or Lord of the Earth. Yacumama carries the messages to and from Sumi Runa and to the earth. sound like DNA as receptor and transmitter. perhaps the snake as DNA fits with the snake and our "fall". i always think its like snakes and ladders. we climb up via ladders to heaven and when we reincarnate again we slide back down in our new DNA or on the snakes.

biospheric tv as narby calls it. pluggin into the gnosis of nature.

juan describes ayahuasca in this manner. every day all the information from the biosphere is collected through the wind, water etc.. and the plants at the top, being the two plants used to make ayahuasca (the ayahuasca vine and the chacruna leaf) contain the newest daily downloads of info which by making the brew and ingesting it can act as an interface that allows one to get this download. therefore, the knowledge is infinited that one can learn in this way.. in due time after enough ayahuasca is ingested one can become well tuned to this biospheric gnosis.

and i do agree inspiration is projected through our DNA.

cool stuff

later g8or

Jake Kotze said...

Awesome work Shaman.

I really enjoy these posts, thanks.

I am re-watching Pollock.
When healing from his binge drinking he consumes lots of eggs and milk.

Haven't gotten to JC's part yet...

Unknown said...

Just saw the latest Heroes, the orange light of God himself! People like Sai Baba always wear Orange, even in the Matrix it is the divine colour. Also note the Green/Orange opposites in the India and Ireland flags, while the US and UK has Blue/Red. Interesting also to look at the word “catalyst”, as “beginning” or the “first action/movement”. Some nice Dove/Colombia syncs with Hiro's mother, and those being pure of heart and full of compassion having the most "power".

I mentioned Ram in of the last comments I left when I was going on about Bulletproof Monk. Lots of Ram in the news today, a big football (soccer) team, Real Madrid have just appointed a manager called Ramos(oz), an Indian women just became the oldest mother, her husband has Ram in his name! The baby was covered by a blanket which had a green crescent moon on it.

Ram is known as Rama Chandra (Chand is Moon). A crescent moon invokes Shiva and Islam, I had mentioned in some other Blog how the Taj Mahal used to be the temple of Shiva until Shah Jahan spent 22 years desecrating it. There is an Islamic city in Palestine called Ram-Allah (Allah is simply 'almighty' in Sanskrit, so it translates into Ram the Almighty), Muslims also celebrate Ramadan (Adan could be liked to Adoni/Adam).

I've been listening to a lot of Sting (Scorpio) lately and while at was at the gym, this remix of "walking on the moon" came on, following by "another brick in the wall". Scary! And more Scorpions in the news with that German band whose album cover got Wikipedia into trouble. A virgin and broken glass, Hiro's mother as the dove, and the female grail syncs! So many pieces of the puzzle….

Just one last thing to leave you with. It is strange how Ram is associated with Mars, War and the colour Red in the West, yet in the East, Ram literally means Peace and is associated with the colour Blue. Looking forward to seeing those videos...

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

I like how the Cheerleaders MoM is in love with dogs.... And Hiro is seen with a big K2 exaggerated style in that Get Smart movie he did.... Lotta hexagons and pyramids in season one around the little starg8r.

Hey Jake it looks like you could spend months on Ed Harris! Holy shit.... The Abyss! I mean there's tons there.

Jim I think he's right, the science community is as bad as the religious monster. Juan makes sense.

His name is Flores right? You know where I'm going with this right?

A Few Shots to Shaman said...


Cosmic Ti69er said...

Johnny Flowers is what I call him in English. Ambassador of the Plants. Dammit I hope to get my own DNA post up tonight. Funny how everybody starts talking about DNA at the same time. Those little serpents must be up to something...

Atareye said...

This is better than cHurcH! Going back and reading with new context is key. I know you probably don't need recommendations for reading but....

"TechGnosis Myth Magic and MysticisM" Did you get that???? 4 We3 spinners!! I don't even know what the fuck that means;D

Author Erik Davis melted my mind back in 2003. I bought it, and a revisit is inevitable. I gotta lotta stuff to do first before reading it again. But it might give you some further incite on the DNA topic. It lead me here thats for sure. Anyhow, I'm not gonna spew my mambo here about it. Your welcome. MMwah haha :P

Peace Shaman

Curry said...

Hey great blog, I've really been enjoying it. Question: can you briefly explain the significance of the double letters thin? Like "HH" or "RR", etc. I have seen you reference MM alot like it has some significance but I am not familiar with it. I've seen that Jake Kotzke guy talk a lot about KK and tying it into the K2 mountain...just curious. Thanks!

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

It's hard to explain... But once you get it you see it's beyond words anyways.If you free associate everyone or thing you can think of that has a double letter in it you'll realize that these things have a power to them no matter what the conotation.... Or meaning you attach to the person or thing. Like MM

List them...
Marylin Manson
Marshall Mathers

Those are easy...
Mary Magdeline
Marylin Monroe

Now it got weird.

Also MeM, the Hebrew letter for the sound that our M makes, associated the number value (Hebrew is both a math and a language) of MeM to 13 which happens to be our number associated with M because it's the 13th letter in the alphabet. Actually some Mexican gangs have the 13 everywhere because it represents Mary Juana which begins with M. See, the number does have a power that you can track...

The most ancient versions of M were written as two M looking characters side by side that looked like water and actually was the symbol of water. Hebrew also says M means water of life or MoM.

Eminem and the other creepy guy were popular at the same time... And their peaks were around the 2000-2001 block. So you can associate all those things freely and pile them together in your head under the Millennium. And that word in and of itself begins and ends in M...

Your brain is like a computer it gets all this information in a given event instantaneously and completely. It is subliminally registered in your noggin and influences you to some degree or other (don't ask me how because this is you we're talking about, only you can answer such a thing). So basically you are becoming conscious of what has always been in your life sub-consciously...

Now together all Numbers(Letters) get weird. LL... RR... KK.... MM... 11. And this I guess can be labeled if you want with the twin phenomenon. I'm sure you understand about a water door or stargate... It zaps you from one form of realty to another.... Symbolically that is, which is what the Twin Towers did. There has been, I guarantee you, no other time in history where that many members of the human race were concentrated on one focal point besides maybe WW2, and definitely the Deluge. The next time that will happen will be in 2010... I'm guessing.

Now I hope that helps.

R on the other hand you can ponder about because it is Resh in Hebrew meaning the doer. It can take a word like save... And turn it into one who does... Like in SavioR, or SeekeR. It also does again.... like in the word Reevaluate.... And begins the word associated with the Chakra of doing.... Red!

I hope that helps... I'll have more later(working on it) and there is plenty about it in Jake's archives... Among others.

Thankyou that was fun to answer, hope you actually got this far and it wasn't too wordy or pretentious.

Love and Thanks

Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

Shaman - Having read many of your posts and attached comments, I thought I'd jump in here after reading your use of musical examples to describe the MM/2K chain.

By the way, Marylin Manson appears in E(m)ine(m)'s "Without Me" music video on the television and even did a live performance of "The Way I Am".


Redice Henrik posted an interesting article connecting Music to DNA back in May 2007. I thought you might be interested... Read it here: