"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


Like a Virgin

So while I wait for my little movies to render so that I may complete this new monstrosity of mine. I will give you some of the little mind bogglers that have hit my editing room floor. I love getting this stuff out because it helps me not sound like I have turrets in my normal everyday life.... I can imagine myself without an outlet expressing the 911 mega ritual symbolism in a box of cereal to the check out lady.
Natalie Portalman Haunts my dreams of late. I threw my self at her catalog after realizing that she is the mother of the serpent twins Luke and Leia. I'll try to explain that as my post progress, but lets just play around here shall we. In the Professional or rather Leon;The Professional Natalie is ushered into our Konsciousness under the protection of an Italian hit man after she is brutally orphaned. During a charades like game with the killer she acts like certain Icons of pop culture.... The Professional is to guess the character to pass the time. Natalie's first disguise is Madonna doing her eighties hit "Like a Virgin" (this is where I stand up off my couch screaming "Boom, Isis!" like a game show contestant). Her next is non other than.
Marilyn Monroe (MM)
Then it's on to
Charlie Chaplin (KK)
NoN of which are familiar to Leon, however the next is easy enough for him
Gene Kelly.... Singing in the Rain.
"Singing in the Rain!"..... and whats more Is the fact that Natalie is cursed with rain scenes. Some of the most Impact heavy symbolism surrounding her is seen in the scenes she has in the rain. I feel that the symbolism for the Age of Aquarius is solidly equal to rain and/or water, and then the import of the of scene. I personally might get confused with so many water scenes out there, but I am constantly amazed at how the context changes under different insight. Anyway enjoy.


Jenn said...

"Boom Isis!"-fell out of my chair! Hilarious, and great new pic! :D

Jake Kotze said...

She also protects and sets free the plant in this film.


Atareye said...

I'm making a video too. What program are you using? I'm rocking Adobe premier.

When I see a fucked up commercial. Or when watching random shows with the wife. I notice syncs during scenes with absolutely no rise in comedy or major plot changes and I get all excited. She turns to me and wonders wtf? I get a sentence or two out but then.... I stop trying to explain. I think she's starting to catch on.


Peices I mean uhhh...Peace

Jake Kotze said...

She also brings the nourishing milk of the Great Mother.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Hi, Jen!

Alchemist... Vegas.... Sony Vegas, but all these programs have their problems... Make that video good, man, and don't worry about me I'm working hard.... It will only teach... If it taught you.

Mr. Kotze you are correct, sir. There's a weird relationship between this movie and Where The Heart Is.... She's seen with another plant, Chocolate Milk being the big thing in that one... And the fact that some Bible Thumpers from Midnight Mississippi(MM) kidnap the babe and put in a manger.. Oh, and was I the only one who didn't know that they used to call mangers the Heart in Jesus' time? Creepy!

Much Love.....

Atareye said...

I was having problems with Vegas...Torrent problems that is ;)

Adobe is solid so far. Thanks for the Zen though...

Luke and Leia or 7uke and 7eia. 77. Surprised Aferrismoon didn't point that one out.

Eye Don't know if you checked out my post...

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I got some images in there your more than welcome to use pertaining to Madonna Isis.

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