"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


The Chaining of Imagination

Most recently I received a viewing recommendation from Youtuber FelipeSparx29...

This gentleman has been engaged in some ground breaking work with taking Red Ice Creation radio broadcast and putting them to pictures..... NOw I'm very aware of the new Live Shows they have, but this particular film was of the Rik Clay interview shortly before his death. The product was superbly educational.... Thankyou sir. I will not post all 2 hours of this trip, but would most definitely encourage anyone that reads this to be driven to view it as well. I do not feel that Rik Clay was a disturbed young man, and do not feel warranted to say much on the matter other than that.

Ever onward.
I have never had the pleasure of moving outside the United States of America's borders. I have never seen the picture above which is the Royal Coat of Arms for the UK (Please correct this country bumpkin if that is wrong).... Well I'm sure I have seen it, perhaps in passing, it is safe to say however that it is not a standard in my life. RiK Clay (KK) mentions that this is a pyramid with the crown as the Eye Capstone.....

Seeing that the Crown or Kether is the top of the Tree of Life and the Symbolism pretty much congruent.... I will not argue. The flowers down below are the official flowers of each division of the British Isle (if I am worthy of acting like I know this).... The Lion is for England.... The Unicorn for Scotland. The Unicorn is chained to the Earth, the reason being because the Unicorn is a dangerous animal that needs to be regulated (is what Wiki says)... So England becomes the masters of Scotland and says....

"Don't worry, we'll chain your symbol so you can feel powerful."

That's what it seems like....

The Unicorn, like the stag, is a symbol of the imagination. It is an aspect of the feminine power and this fact would have been known to any "man of symbols" that would be in the position to create such an important symbol.
A pyramid is visible as well on the cover of Manly Palmer Hall's (I just call him Manly P.) Secret Teachings of All Ages which has been covered. The Male aspect with his sun symbols, Lion, and Eagle/Phoenix (EGO) is on the left side. The Feminine persona is on the right. The Aquila (which is also an Eagle), Stag, and Moon accompany her. Their Link to heaven, which I am now very confident in calling a symbol of their DNA, are the chains that are attached to their wrist. There is a Triangle at the top of the sloping chains and makes a perfect capstone with an emanation of concentric circles.
Everything in this shit screams Acid trip..... And it is, in a way. It's random symbols that change the context if you happen to know the key. The key however works on a universal (at least with basic archetypes) level. We all have a basic language system that our brain works out by free association.

How should I define free association.

Remember the game where someone says a word and you immediately say the first word that comes to your mind. Well that's what our brains do. They link these words together unconsciously, then you go back and analysis why you would group those categories as one.

Stag.... Imagination.... Axis Mundi..... Spiral Staircase.... Unicorn Horn.... Third Eye.

All the elements are there and our brain makes these categorization instantly.... The more unnoticed (on a conscious level) the symbolism goes the more freedom our unconscious mind has, and the more it is effected by the image.

This is based of my own experience and the limited clinical research that I understand. Basically it is said that our brain registers what it see's completely and instantaneously. The percentage of what we are actually aware of is about 1/1000th of the info our brain gets at any given moment. So the Symbolism is feed to our subconscious through confusion and it works out the meaning through free association.

The over all effect can be translated into a couple of theories.

1. The Unicorn, like the star/tree/antlered Stag, is imagination or the... feminine aspect of infinite time and space. The ego/eye/pyramid/crown is around it's neck. It's link to earth (on which it is bound) is DNA.

2. Or the Unicorn is imagination.... Scotland's imagination. And seeing the lions in both the
Manly P ancient alchemy key to the Emerald(city) Tablet and the Coat of Arms is almost identical..... The Lion is the dominate male.... Godlike aspect, think solar deity. Then subconsciously Scotland is kept from their full potential.

The binding of Potentiality is somewhat disturbing in both scenarios.

Interpretation is open. But, this was definitely intentional and obviously malicious.


Thakyou Indras Net Live From the Logosphere..... Ripe find indeed..... Dude waste no time in finding it..... 1min 15sec. Love and thanks.


Indras Net said...

rik clays research was great, i still have no idea what could have happened there. But check out the Canadian State Capital? is it? Its a canadian government buildings symbolism exploring the Unicorn being chained, and on the opposite side the queens symbolism, lots of duality symbols,decent documentary for alex jones and his lack of occult and mystical interperatations. Keep up the great work man, be well

Indras Net said...


my bad heres the link

A Few Shots to Shaman said...


Cosmic Ti69er said...

nice. the unicorm rides again!
i will look to see if there are any unicorns in the manitoba legislature

fshrrex SS said...

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A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Thanks fshrrex SS I saw your dog post... Looking forward to seeing what else you got cooking.. Please forgive I'm away from a computer for awhile. Football has been on my mind lately because the players have that GU patch that my mind always turns to say GC. Plus lots of dismembered heads and other weirdness in the commercials. Can't forget about the Mayan Galactic Center game and them chopping the winners head off. Pleiads will be covered in the next video so feel free to kick down any snycs that you find on them.

Love and Thanks

Saint Santiago said...


Superb post! Today I finally got around to watching David Lynch's Eraserhead, a movie I've been meaning to watch for years. It was a disturbing movie to say the least but when I came out the other side, I was wiser for it.

Consider it as 500 ab crunches for the higher self...

This surrealist-horror film was Lynch's first feature film. I can't believe it was made in 1977 (77/Pan/OZ)!! Lynch himself admitted he has no recollection in drafting the script and screenplay, back when he was awarded a film grant in 1970. According to Wikipedia, Stanley Kubrick called Eraserhead one of his favorite films.

Interestingly enough, Eraserhead resonates Kubrick's 2001 as a vehicle that demonstrates the destruction of ego and the embracing of higher consciousness.

In addition, both Eraserhead and Cameron's Alien use the symbolism of the cracked/destroyed egg to annihilate the "real" cosmic wheel of karma.

Curiously, the "chestburster" that killed John (Baptist) Hurt in Alien eerily resembles the "alien/goat" baby in Eraserhead. Also, John (Baptist) Nance in Eraserhead kills the alien baby by piercing its heart (Sagittarius/2012/Milky Way) which in turn dissolves his world.

John Hurt is killed when the alien pierces HIS heart...

Eraserhead is full of plant consciousness with the dry, unpotted plant that sits next to the bed and is soon impregnated (panspermia) by the alien worm Nance's character (transdimensionally) receives in the mail.

A great film and terrifying one at the same time. It dissolved my ego a bit I'll say.

Keep up the great work.

Arrowsmith said...

I'd only skimmed over this post in the past so finally got round to reading it in full.
Couldn't believe you linked Scotland, my home country, with the DNA via the Unicorn. I've always thought that we're born and live in certain locations for a reason. We resonate with certain parts of the world because there's something that binds us, or 'chains' us, to that particular area.
I didn't even know about that Unicorn reference, but it makes sense that you've connected it's horn to the (PP) Pituitary and Pinneal glands of the Ajna chakra. Thanks for opening my eyes to that little tidbit (pun intended!).

Arrowsmith said...

One more thing just came to mind in regards to the Horn/Eye connection. In my original Heroes sync it's the character called 'The Man with the Horn Rimmed Glasses' who holds the Pair of Pentagrams while standing in front of the Paw Print. Horns, Glasses, and (3rd) Eyes seem to be connected in more ways than one. Also the spiral of the Unicorn horn reminds me of the Stairway, or DNA helix....just a thought.