"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall



Geogre Clooney plays a member of the US Armed Forces involved in experiments resonating with Projects such as Star Gate(Remote Viewing) and MK Ultra(Mind Control) in the movie Men Who Stare at Goats.

Like Joseph McMoneagle meets Matt Damon(Borne Identity), right, if you catch my drift.

The Dudes will kill you, then spiritually contact your dead grandmother to apologize(from the depths of the Hereafter).

Ewan McGregor try's to become a Jedi, the self given name of Clooney's group, all of them clueless to the fact that McGregor himself is Obi Wan. Master Jedi. Only person to kick Vader's ass...

The Irony.


The movie is odd. Great attention to LSD, bringing an unmistakable link to MK Ultra.

The connection to Illuminati symbolism and LSD mind control worthy of note.If I create sort of a caricature of history in my mind. I see all the criminals,with their tommy guns, cigarette crutches, and fury cats in lap, fighting over green pieces of paper with this exaggerated flaunt of a symbol. The Pyramid with all seeing eye capstone has become more a sigil of The United States than Washington himself, whose on the front of the buck. (I like the way a dollar's called a buck... Like its this mystical stag we're all trying to catch so that our every wish will be granted. People will do anything for a buck, you know.) The Illuminati and United States become almost inseparable. Both starting, we are told, in 1776. America's independence followed by France's Revolution gave conspirators of the day something to write about. The Illuminati's mission statement their inspiration. "Down with Monarchy".
George has nestled himself snugly into a thread with the US, MK Ultra theme. Above, Armed. But its not really even covert. It's bright and vivid and humorous. With weird tangles of him being American(Illuminati).... See the All Seeing Eye staring over his shoulder? Project Monarch... Assassins. Triggered by symbols, carry out missions for the CIA. Also interesting is that Project Blue Bird is involved... Both spawning from Ultra. Both wrapped around Clooney.

The CIA decided to expand their efforts in the area of behavior modification, with the advent of Project BLUEBIRD, approved by director Allen Dulles in 1950.
(1) discover a means of conditioning personnel to prevent unauthorized extraction of information from them by known means
(2) investigate the possibility of control of an individual by application of special interrogation techniques
(3) investigate memory enhancement
(4) establish defensive means for preventing hostile control of agency personnelJeff Bridges and Spacey have a mirrored relationship highlighted with K-Pax (2001) and Men Who Stare At Goats. Sync Christ Carpenter cast Bridges as Star Man '84. Then Bridges contacts a man who travels Star Light(Spacey) in 2001. Men with Goats has them postured in direct opposition. (Project)Star Gate opposed to (MK)Ultra if you will.

Man In The Mirror (with commentary) from William Morgan on Vimeo.

In K- Pax further resonance is compounded with the search of the (Project)Blue Bird of Happiness. Who Spacey uses to reverse psychosis. Mind control of a healthy nature with hinted symbols. The Blue Butterfly and blue bird as some have undoubtedly noticed are related. Clooney has a weird interplay with 2 females in The American. One, another MK Ultra assassin(the one above), the other a hooker that he ends up falling for. The 2 signify some kind of weird physco break down that I just aint smart enough to handle. Light dark. Eve Lillith. Its nutz.Now it just seems silly to me. I mean this is 2011. And anybody whose got Google can get a hold of this shit. So really? Is this movie mind control, or just story telling? The symbolism is not hidden in any way, and seeing it, to me is not of any great ability or achievement. Its just there. As if the film director is holding your hand and saying.... "Yo he's a MK Ultra assassin and he's lost his edge. What do you think?" But the symbols are just subversive enough to be creepy. The Illuminati eye thing is cool though.Now at our increasing rate of symbol literate individuals, the single Illuminati eye is old hate.
Mixed with butterfly monarch MK Ultra(sounds like a skateboard trick) symbolism, and you have yourself one playful occult flipped pedophile ring sex kitten.

Or, that's how they put it.

I mean the internet is full of this stuff. But how are we to judge this? Is it obvious that our reality is actually not at all what we originally think we see, and how we interpret others perceive the world? Resounding yes of course.

But what is its effect on our ignorance when we are ignorant of it? Does it have an effect? Many would say yes. So what is being done to us? What are we doing to ourselves? And why?

(Note American flag on bracelet above).

Well, they teach you that shit in 2nd grade. I mean the OK symbol is 666. I remember clear as day some boy at lunch telling me that shit. I mean the rain outside and him there with his friend's hand out as he outlined each 6 in the guys fingers felt like an initiation. And wasn't it? I mean if he hadn't told me then I would have fallen for devil worshipers.
Like the Beatles.

Or that Micheal Jackson.. Crazy Kid. Such a rascal.

Newer media looks intentional as hell. Above is from Get Him To The Greek. It's almost slap stick with symbolism. The checker board is used a lot to symbolize the Illuminati or at least the Free Masons. Above a pop star, an occupation already accused of being run by Illuminati, makes gestures about anal penetration.

Jakie Q's hit song called Ring 'Round. She hypnotically sings "Ring 'Round my Poesy". We get the hint that she's being subversive.

Then she flat out tells you.... "No... Really. I'm talking about my Ass Whole."

This is Russell Brand who's just got an increasingly weird Sync web brewing. And he himself even is talking to people on related topics lately. The thing is that Russell plays the X of Jackie Q and has in a way mocked is own true identity. He is married in real time to Pop Star Katy Perry, often hinted with blatant symbol use in her work.

In a way, Perry resonates all other Pop Stars and seeing Brand looking at media on media gives a nice dream with in a dream feel. I've seen it used before by Adam Sandler.

So we have a villain. Parading in front of us. Using symbols. But what are they doing? Are we seeing conspiracies that aren't there? Is it for money? To make us docile? Are they spending millions just to trigger assassins in other countries?

Are they trying to turn us all gay? Bingo says many. "They are devil worshiping" it's screamed pitch fork raised. "They are hinney riders and they want to do it to us too."

I mean didn't you know? Robots are gay. See the ominous way Mrs Doubtfire is standing behind the Ass Whole robot?

And with the futuristic symbolism of the WTC being "connected" we can tell that... Well 9/11 was gay too.

Abraham Lincoln? Fucking Gay. No really it's true. Like every famous person he's had his accusers. There's a whole wiki page about it. Sexuality of Abraham Lincoln.

USA.... Gay. Illuminati? Gay. Devil Worshipers? Gay!

I sat opposite my Uncle, strumming his guitar, as he asked me what band was most influential to me.

"The Beatles." I said. "Without question."

"They were gay." He said, without hesitation. "No really they were."

What is this? Is it every great man in history is envied into being gay? Or is it that every gay Illuminati excels at life because of their beliefs? What makes men search out every evidence that another man is gay? As if the straw man attack on there sexual preference will some how detract from their mortal accomplishments. Hell smells like brimstone. Brimstone smells like a fart. Anal sex is of the devil. And homosexuals are the devil's playthings. But all sarcasm aside there is a point that they have here.

In the movie Get Him To The Greek Jonah Hill is put into Homosexual situation's no less than 3 times. Brand in search of drugs, above, probes Hill anally.

Hill is then penetrated anally by a female named Destiny with a dildo. Hill of course becoming known as the kid who drew penis' in Superbad.

Then Hill grabs Brands equipment in an attempt to win his girl back. Notice the Illuminati eye.

However obvious this may appear, I have to continue to wonder. Why aren't I gay? I mean if that's the goal.... Then is it working? Being an avid reader of Wilson Brian Key I understand that putting the word FUCK on a teddy bear's arm, or a subversive dick sucker in an ad in Playboy, will attach an emotion imprint to whatever product is using subliminal advertising to get me to prefer whatever product due to the emotional imprint.... I know they even can get as much as 30-40% increase in sells. But can they make me gay? Well I'm not gay. But, however, I am not a judgmental bastard on those who have gay practices. No more than I care if you use a french tickler. Perhaps I've been de-synthesized. Then is that the goal? If so they have succeeded.... With flying colors. For I have noticed that even the soldier's who fight against the "gay" influence. These sword men of the pink canal, if you will, get a rise out of calling disbelievers gay.... Even making mocking fake homosexual advances when angered. Even presenting their material in a gay persona. So even the people who point this out use gay attackes to get their point across sometimes. They make funny gay skits furthering the influence.

I asked a friend at my work about this. We work in a warehouse see, mostly a payroll of males... As you can imagine the word "gay" is used generically as a sign of disapproval.

"Don't be gay."

"That was the gayest thing you ever said."

However there is an increasingly growing other side to this. The fake gay sexual advancement.

"We're the only ones in the isle... Give me a hug."

"Want to see me with my shirt off."

Even "I'll stick my penis in your butt..."

And why? Cause it's fucking funny. That's why. We ignore the media. We don't realize that we cuss more than our parents because we where brought up in a cinematic culture that produced the next cool movie that had to out do the movie before it. A movie I Love You Man had to wait it's turn and out do it's predecessors. And we all wanna be stars, so we out do the movies. To answer my question my friend said "It's more acceptable, now."

It's true.... We live in a post Will and Grace world.

Slowly the ranges of what's acceptable to show have been eroded away. However these things have always been there. These dick and fart jokes. There's nothing really new, it's just more available.

To say that it's part of a on going conspiracy involving nearly everyone in the entertainment industry sense it's inception, shows you know more about Bill Cooper than Neil Postman. Huxley would snicker and say "I told you so." We are not being bread to be gay. We are being de synthesized to sex in general. We are being made happy by getting whatever we want. What ever novelty is around. Some are just finding themselves. They are waking up. They are seeing the game of Peeka Bo.

Mr. Postman said that this would be the problem soonish cause the strictly visual nature of film it self. The strive always to visually push the envelope, to paraphrase the guy. However we have too much information and are getting confused. The Beatles being one of the most successful bands on the planet, and heavy laden with what would be called value degrading symbolism by fundamental Christians, is A-1 candidate for Illuminati status. Ok I'll admit it, it has a nice ring to it. However details would reveal Lennon actually going rounds with the establishment due to his anti war movements. Not even being allowed into America at one point and saying himself he had conspiracy theories about it. Hell it's even been brought forth and pondered upon that he was killed by the very Monarch Programing that he is supposedly using in the picture above. How does that work? That's just an example of details involved in one of these "elite" figures lives. And we can do it to more of them. Hell, haven't you ever looked at DVD Special Features? The problem isn't that we are being suppressed information. That it's secret and behind closed doors. The problem is that we are getting too much. And that we want more. All of a sudden there are no doors.

Recently as well I found another argument online about how Helen Keller was an occultist and hid satanic symbols inside the modern Sign Language. This was at my friends house, he being a very conspiracy minded individual and extremely politically active, is a member of a great many on line forums. Certain individuals were arguing that they couldn't understand how the world could be so gullible not to see that every time you said I Love You in sign language, the Illuminati had engineered it that you were saying it to Satan. They didnt understand at all who they were dealing with. I mean my friend's mother and father were both deaf, although he and his sister are not afflicted with the handicap. He had used sign language his whole life and was a member of local people of the same creed who helped with sign publically on a broader scale. He said he doubted Helen even made the sign. I said I doubted her affection to Emauuel Swedenborg had anything to do with Satan. (That guy seems more like Philip K Dick than say.... Aleister Crowley.) Ozzy Ozborne devil worship? maybe.... Helen Keller? I dont think so. Fuck she couldn't even see, she was both blind and deaf, you want to curse her to everlasting damnation too?

It's not that my friend was wrong in thinking it was impossible that poor deaf and blind Helen Keller from middle of nowhere Alabama was Illuminati, who single handily(that's a pun not a cliche) inserted sataninc mind control hand singles in to a language, and taught them to deaf children so they can express love to their mammys. Hell with all the crazy shit I've seen doing this thing called sync, I say it is possible. And he probably thinks so too. The thing you have to understand is that that's not what that hand sign means to him. And in here lies the trick. Who is to say what it means? Satan to one might be the initials ILY to another. Asswhole to you might be something completely different to someone else.

The Vitarka mudrā ("mudrā of discussion") is the gesture of discussion and transmission of Buddhist teaching. -Wiki

I was listening to the Red Ice Show with Alan Abbedessa when I got this insight. The Swastika he said isnt the Nazis it's all of ours. Just like one group shouldn't take refracted light for it's symbol. A rainbow symbolizes humanity, not homosexual pride, but human pride. Everything symbolizes humanity. No matter what, things we know as evil, are apart of what we are. The harder we try to keep them away the more cracks there are for them to seep into. Homosexuality, lies, murder, rape, crooked government, crusades, wars, genocide, love, sex, a grand slam, the Olympic torch. These things are ours.... Well mine if you won't take them. And here's the point. The reason things like a FUCK on a teddy bear effect us is because we reject them. We try to hold them apart from our model of whats important.... Because of this submerging they effect us subconsciously. Sense we do see it, but wont admit that we do, it becomes part of our decision making. Because 80% of our decisions we make we aren't aware of they are influenced by the things we wont let in. Gay behavior in rejection to gay behavior is a product of this. The ones who suppress the most are effected the most.

We see now that we can fall into a trip of interpretation that can seem right but perhaps if detailed out isn't. Buddha isn't gay, well I'm sure someone would say that he is, but we are going to use the hand symbol not for that connotation. In doing this we change our reality. So what before was gay...

Now means something important is being discussed. Buddha teachings, or Buddha mind is translated as being one with everything... Or the realization of being United with everything. A Conscious state that you are part and joined by all opposites. In a way gay, because youre both male and female... But no lust involved aside from lust of life. A United State of Consciousness. A living machine part of the celestial gear working.

Making duality into one. Bringing together what once was separate. Bringing what was hidden into light.

The division of animate and inanimate. The civil war of material and spirit.

Made in the United State.

Contrast how the 2 interpretation made you feel. And remember that that which is not of the soul doesn't talk to the soul. That which makes you feel weighted and useless, tricked, inadequate, and powerless, makes you exactly that. That which inspires you is useful.

I just dont think every gay image in pop culture is of this intent. And I feel that every Gay person has not been duped. So where do you draw the line. A friend I grew up with in Alabama, smack in the middle of the Bible Belt, was picked on most of his life for seeming to be gay. He went to church and tried to become a pastor and even played a roll in my marring my wife here in Colorado. Recently he has been more open about his orientation and has "come out". Did pop culture make him gay? Was it the red necks that picked on him as a kid that convinced him he was? Perhaps he just is born who he is. Is the want for recognition and human rights a bad thing? Or perhaps humans are beginning to accept that which is different from them.

My goal is not to say that the gay node is incorrect. If it inspires you then it is true.... For you. And I also believe that there is enough evidence out there to assume that it is probable. That the eradication of our sexual defensives is being assaulted and probably on purpose.

Things like the Youtube vid above however can also be argued. It's Oprah for a kick off! I mean its the star of Half Baked for God's sake. I've listened to plenty of Conspiracy Theories stoned outta my goo goo knowing they were absolutely true and woke up the next morning going "What the fuck was I thinking".... However right as Im writing this Adam Sandler is doing a movie... Well you'll see.

Few have such a thick sync web as Sandler and twice as many interpretations about what it means abound. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are hinted at because Sandler himself is a Jewish entertainer and seems to be loading us down with all kinds of taboo... Fish in his butt, gay marriage, so forth and so on.

I've known about the Protocol from childhood. I never knew my dad's father and my grandmother had remarried before I was born. Her new husband was named Sam (A Freemason he was) and would rant about the Jew's running the banking system, waging war, and of course the pornography. We called him Uncle Sam as a weird side note. Now a days because of the internet I can see how this still has the ability to be true to those who come across it. And am aware that the Protocols are still very prominent in the world post Hitler.

Owellian Enemy of the state Osama Bin Laden waged war on the "Jews and Crusaders".

He called for Americans to "reject the immoral acts of fornication, homosexuality, intoxicants, gambling, and usury,"... -Wiki

I find his mention of Usury interesting because historically money lending is a Jewish occupation seeing that Christians weren't allowed to. And now we find ourselves in this disastrous money "occupy" shit for the same reason. The Crusaders of course Bin Laden was saying were the Americans.

Captain America is a perfect representation of Crusader. It's also the place where Stan Lee changed his name Lieber to sort of hide his Jewish ancestry. That's not a conspiracy it's just to show that it's never been popular to be Jewish. See in the tales of King Arthur's knights they sometimes had pentagrams on their shields.

The pentagram figured in a heavily symbolic Arthurian romance:[23] it appears on the shield of Sir Gawain in the 14th century poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. As the poet explains, the five points of the star each have five meanings: they represent the five senses, the five fingers, the five wounds of Christ,[24] the five joys that Mary had of Jesus (the Annunciation, the Nativity, the Resurrection, the Ascension, and the Assumption), and the five virtues of knighthood which Gawain hopes to embody: noble generosity, fellowship, purity, courtesy, and compassion. -Wiki

Captain America makes a fantastic candidate for the Illuminati as well seeing that the A on his forehead mimics the negative space of a Pyramid with Capstone.

I wrote about all of the Avenger and there up coming 2012 extravaganza and speculated what that meant sometime ago. Now I need to veer off on another member of that story line to wrap this up.

Thor embodies the concept of the new king. The old king being Odin and he the son figure. The sons of god like Hercules are tightly related to the Beast motif. The god, say Zeus or Odin have a child that is a human with god like attributes creating a sort of monster. This line follows Portman sense the beginning of her acting career. She is a representation of the Alchemical and the vehicle that the son of the Beast, also known as the savior, arrives. This is the thread that I call BIG love. The old king is impotent a trait the Beast has as well occasionally showing how the two are the same thing in a manner of speaking. Think King Kong, we all know he's horny, but really whats he gonna do with that blonde. Natalie's first role was in Leon and the directors cut of that particular movie shows more of a sexual relationship between LEOne(Lion's are a representation of the beast often) and Portman... Some would perhaps snap their finger pointing at what they're reading now proclaiming "Pedophile".... But that never happens. Instead Leon tells her that he would not make a good lover(impotence) during her advancements. Portman did this again in Beautiful girls as Timothy Hunton falls in love with her. And again in V for Vendetta. However this BIG Love motif is reversed as she robs the cradle, so to speak, in the Star Wars epic. She is the small loved by the BIG and then is the BIG as Anakin ask her if she is an angel.

The last little spread of images is from The Mask of God. We've been talking alot about Portman over at 42 Minutes lately. This illustrates how the character of Portman blurs together if one make free associative leaps of logic. What we call winks sometimes.

No Strings Attached sees Portman almost advocating casual sex. However I doubt that the tread of casual sex needs any co signer.

It should be noted that of course she is doing this with another Mr. Butterfly. Not only does Ashton show signs of missing memory, a tell tale for those MK Ultra sleuths out there, but he has strong savior overtones in this movie as well. During one of Ashton's time traveling stints he gives himself stigmata, wounds on the palms of his hands, creating another link in Portman's chain.

I like this poster cause of the fact that.... Well there's just alot going on. Get Lucky can be a reference to Jupiter the god of Luck, Ashton with his Jupiter finger highlighted toward Diaz who I've basically made Mary... Um virgin mother.

There's just something about her.

Any way once again this is a weird parody of real life cause Cameron was with Justin Timberlake for so long. There was a media paring of Mr. JT and Diaz and Kutcher and Demi Moore. A BIG Love theme, that we mentioned followed Portman around, because the girls were the elder of the relationship.

Also important to discuss would be that shortly after Natalie's casual sex movie her Black Swan co star follows suit... Of Mila above is known as Ashton's girlfriend on That 70's Show. Both her and Mr. JT, a pop star, above with hand mudras.

To wonder back on topic we see Portman in the movie Where The Heart is.

Natalie Hershlag[1][2] (Hebrew: נטלי הרשלג‎; born June 9, 1981), better known by her stage name Natalie Portman, is an actress with dual American and Israeli citizenship.

Portman was born in Jerusalem, Israel.[7][8][9] She is the only child of Shelley (née Stevens), an American homemaker who works as Portman's agent, and Avner Hershlag, an Israeli citizen who is a fertility specialist and gynecologist.

Her paternal ancestors were Jews who moved to Israel from Poland and Romania. Her paternal grandfather, whose parents died at Auschwitz, was an economics professor in Israel, and her Romanian-born great-grandmother was a spy for British Intelligence during World War II. -Wiki

How Jewish actors can become synonymous with Nazi mind control is beyond me. I'd like to point out how Portman's ancestry in this case makes a fine new interpretation for us as far as the movie above is concerned. I'm not saying that she is, Jewish Nazi Mind Control, I'm saying that the assertion that one might jump to here doesn't really make sense under detailed inspection.

She is mentored by actor Keith David. Who you may remember as one of the sunglasses donning individuals who attempt to foil the Illuminati like alien controllers who use subliminals in the J.ohn C.arpenter movie They Live. David also soils J.ennifer C.onnely in the movie Requiem for a Dream I covered in a post recently at the Whole. David here is named after the head Jewish Patriarch.

When Portman introduces herself the importance of the names involved draws attention. At this point we can't ignore the implications of his name and we see the serendipity of Portman's involvement.At his suggestion the baby is named Americus Nation and a representation of America's savior status. Born from a Jewish mother, fatherless, and in the temple of commerce.... Born in the all American symbol.... Wal Mart. Of course Wal Mart used to sale the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. So once reality is in the details.

Notes; I stole a whole bunch of pictures from other symbol sights. I'm not trying to battle or get under any skin here. Just working it out for myself and understand that this is little more than another gay ripp off post. Links will be added in the near future.

Mercury's Messenger sites links to an earlier post he did invovling Portman and Ultra in the comments below. See Natalie Portman, Maryland, Mind Control, and Kevin Bacon (sounds like one hell of a party).
I liked this picture cause it reminded me of her relationship to the number 5.

See That's Eggzactly What I Said... Jesus that was '09 and still I havent made a Portman video followup to the first one I did. I thank Merc's Messenger for inspiring me to put the first vid on Vimeo seeing thats its been blocked on Youtube.

Plant Konsciousness (rerelease) from William Morgan on Vimeo.

Also check out When Lamed Stikes Twice for Portman and DNA symbolism.

Three Queens from Jake Kotze on Vimeo.

Also here's a video by Jake Kotze featuring Portman's role as Queen.


Salama said...

Fantastic!.. can I suggest also:
The logo of the secret order V.F.D in the book series by Lemony Snicket,A Series of Unfortunate Events?

Horry Patter said...

do you think consuming too much popular culture is somehow damaging ? regardless of fancy conclusions we may draw from it ..

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Salama... Wow the V.F.D. is dead on. That's not how the movie is so that was unknown to me. Thanks.

Horry... Hard to answer. We can complain that TV is ruining the world, however it's not going anywhere. I would think that the ignorance of how the visual way we take in these mediums and how that type of presentation dictates the conclusions we draw, is the damaging aspect. For instance we haven't had a fat or bald President in the US sense television. Not trying to really understand the implications of that is detrimental. Running around saying "they did this to me" I feel is ignoring the nature of the media it self. And our nature of adoring the media, after all it looks good, that's why we like it.

Salama said...

You're welcome.
What a "coincidence" that I was listening to the Audiobook of aSoUE (narrated by Tim Curry) just hours ago?!

Salama said...

For a moment I thought the picture you posted was Rose Byrne in "Marie Antoinette" not "Get him to the Greek" ! .. Same costume.


Christopher Myers said...

Hey seems like you could use some info from one of my old blog posts to tie up some of your loose ends.... feel free to use anything there.... PEACE "C" aka Mercury's Messenger....

'Natalie Portman, Maryland, Mind Control & Kevin Bacon'

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Thanks Quark. Funny when we would play 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon we would never use JFK cause everyone and their mother is in it. It was a rule of ours. I also remember reading that article about Portman making her dolls have sex pre Sync. All the girls I hung out with at the time laughed cause they all did the same. Girls are perverted I swear.

Eleleth ר ק D said...

Working for a buck, chasing the Stag . . . perfect alchemical metaphor either way. I suppose the only logical conclusion from this symbolism is that Lady Gaga is God.

It is said that the soul (psyche, lit. "butterfly") is feminine. The patriarchal Jewish God, representing the ignorant masculine ego (the Old King, the mask of Darth Vader, etc.--the Mind [of] Control), veils the interior feminine, represented by Natalie Portman (the Shekinah). (And of course Portman has a degree in Psyche-ology.)

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

El... You my friend are a mind reader. The Butterfly is something I was inches away from discussing and actually edited out. I like the way the Blue Butterfly shows up in movies like Corpse Bride and The Last Unicorn as well as Tangled.

Shekinah... Well. I'm just gonna grin.

Dennis/87 said...

Longish essay Shaman with a few shots. All spot on. The Buddah pics are brilliant. Shineforth brave souls. Dennis

MK Ultrasound said...

Peer Amid, Cum On Peephole

Anonymous said...

"How Jewish actors can become synonymous with Nazi mind control is beyond me."

The above sentence is a good reason why I think this whole subject is actually still BEYOND YOU. Perhaps you should go back to Jungian shadow issues 101.

But you make a good poing with the Buddhas - for years now I have said the same about SYMBOLS: Nazis don't own the swastika anymore than these actors own the mudras. I have friends who like swastikas who get harassed for being Nazis, that's how deep the association goes. The Nazis did a great job convincing everyone that they own that symbol.

So when the entertainment goons like JayZ throw aroud a lot of occult symbolism and words, I know they are using them to manipulate in many instances. They use them to influence and ENTRAIN weak minds, and the MK ultra stuff goes far deeper than some repeated symbols (though that is part of it).

If you were involved in THEIR CULTURE behind the scenes you would understand a lot more than what they show to the public is nothing but hypnotic suggestion. Many of these actors, esp. the bigger ones, have to go a lot further and participate in rituals, sex and sacrafice to get where they are and some of them are forced (a fact which has been outed by more than a few whisleblowers, even the reluctant ones like Cory Feldman!).

DEEBZ said...

Hi. sorry im trying to get arowsmith's attention @ the black dog star page so im not talking to myself. i will delete this after word.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Have you read the book
"The Men Who Stare at Goats"
by Jon Ronson,that the movie was
(very loosely) based on?
It is not fiction like the movie is,it was actually based on interviews with these nut-case five star generals and high ranking military men who were actually trying to kill goats by staring at them.I think you would be quite intrigued by the book.

And as for the goat thing,you might want to read this little parable?


I've only read the top part of this post...I'll read the rest later,when I have more time,before I make any judgements about this post.