"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


The Heart of the Matter

Sense the beginning, the argument has been which element is closest to the spirit. All have had their go, but the main argument has been between two.... Water or Fire. How could the polar opposites be confused for the same properties?

First water;

It is the life giver. It is highly accepted NOw as it was eons ago that life climbed out of the primordial slime. We swam across the world's oceans until we found a beach to climb out upon. Without water we can not survive.... Oh, we can go without food for sometime, but.... Without water we die. It is the milk that we suck from the tit of the verse. It is not the seat of the soul, however, but the food of the soul. The driving force behind our electromagnetic subtle bodies. The conductor. So if Water is not the seat of the soul.....

We next try fire;

Like the soul fire has no beginning or end. It simply is. You may find the source of water, or air, or earth. All of them mentioned can be measured..... But fire has no source, like the soul it simply springs or ignites into being when the conditions are right.... Fire is made of the same stuff as the soul.

The Heart is widely accepted in ancient Myths, Religions, Philosophies, and Traditions (just like fire) as being associated with the Spirit. If you understand that man is more than a body... That the body itself is simply a vehicle for consciousness. That the body is no more the creator of conciseness than the tree the creator of the Acorn from which it sprung. Then you realize that the Consciousness that is you reading this is more than just localized in your head. You are conscious of the temperature around you at the very least. Some of you will say that you can sense your family asleep upstairs. Some will say they can sense the creepy guy staring at you across the bus. We are actually a consciousness that follows the body. At the center of which is the Heart. It has been taught to me that.... Certain snake's hearts will continue to beat after being chopped into multiple pieces. The Pulse therefore is not a product of the Muscle called the Heart put that there is something like an electric pulse that causes the Muscle to Pulse. Simply that the Electromagnetic field of the consciousness receives a rhythm.... Which produces life, or the circulation of Blood/DNA.

The brain is not (as we here have decided) a producer of consciousness, but a tool of which produces intellect. The heart is not a producer (work with me here) of consciousness either, but a connection to it.

If we go Brain Dead then the Heart my still Beat.... If the Heart stops then the Brain stops more quickly. Then we can see that the Brain is a product of the Heart.

Think about what your doctor does when you go to see him.... First off he checks your heart beat. Then your Blood/DNA pressure. These things tell him a lot..... More than you could verbally to Him/Her(HH).

Your connection to well being spawns from the Heart Beat. And your Heart Beat spawns from the infinite. Listen close.... You'll here it.

The symbolism here is more apparent with this knowledge in hand. The heart is placed in the middle for the reason of it being the center. It is a fire of the spirit and the origin of the Aureola, because the Halo only circles the head.
The Brian can be the center of Knowledge... But the Heart is the center of Truth and closest related to the Mysteries, and according to Jesus the way to god. In the Movie Howl's Magic Castle. Hayao Miyazaki takes on a fantastic journey into the life of Sophie, a hat maker.
She opens by stitching on pine cones to a new piece. Pine cones are a symbol of enlightenment of way of Bacchus and his whole get drunk party gig.
She works to crown the people of the city. Plant Konciousness ready and waiting. Peacock feathers standing by for the next shaman to come and atop their third eye with it's Luciferian plumage. The Pine cone is seen at the tip of Dionysus' staff. This is a similar sign of the spinal column with the pineal(pine cone) gland at the top. Much like Hermes' Caduceus. In fact like Dionysus there are two different types of Hermes (really much more, but...) one a younger Hermes with the Caduceus, the other is a older man. The older is seen with a staff, usually with a snake of some sort around it.
This is the same as seen on LOTR. Gandolf has a spinal column staff with the little enlightening crystal at the top. Crystals and Diamonds make a perfect match to the Philosophers stone a symbol of pure or crystalline thought. In passing it should be noted that after resurrection Gandolf's staff is topped with a DNA double helix.
Sometimes the Pine CONe is overly lush, giving it a over ripe appearance. This connotation strengthens it relation to the Pine Apple, which oddly starts with the same root.
Also it should be seen in the picture below that Dionysus is wearing a crown of hearts and has a "cats" skin around his neck. The large plump objects are the "Pineal" gland symbols.
Sophie is harassed by some soldiers that mark the introduction to Howl. Howl is a Wizard who lives in a Moving Castle that struts across the landscape, and is voiced by Christian Bale.
The Soldiers are marked with our ever present 77 linking this whole experience to Pan and the LL or connection to the land of OZ that I shall expand upon (or at least attempt to) in future post. Latter Sophie is turned into a old lady and has to deal with the love she has for Howl through her emotions to find herself back to her original state. She becomes the cleaning lady to Howl's castle and resides with the family of Howl's apprentice (a small boy named Markl), Howl's fire named Calcifer (Lucifer) voiced by Billy Crystal, a Scarecrow, and latter a dog and old witch. The fire and his relationship to Howl are what is of importance here. The fire must never go out, for if it does Howl shall die, and his castle collapse.
The Fire sits in a Hearth that stands in front of the sun. The little thingies (technical term) that hold the fire wood in place are in the kneeling position of praying. This is an act of acknowledging the spirit and makes the hearth a direct translation to an alter to sun worship. Lucifer/Calicifer is almost identical to the concept held in many religious sights throughout the world. The alter of many early religious confluences were fire's. This concept is again related to the Christmas tree where each candle alight stands for the heart and soul (literally) of each man, woman, and child past, present, or future. The temples would have a center fire burning, this is where perhaps you would sacrifice an offering and was called the Heart. It was considered that the church itself was the Heart of the city, and here they practiced their beliefs which were the Heart of their people. The torch was forbidden to go out and this was the ultimate unforgivable sin. As it is if you let your own light go out (according of course to these ancient beliefs) AKA suicide. In all, this is where we get the word Hearth because it is a mixture of Heart and Earth... The places where the fire of the spirit are burning. And is in direct cause to the Olympic torch. These fires are a symbol in themselves of the fire or spark of consciousness within each of us, the inner light, this is the way to easily see the connection being used to describe Lucifer (the light bringer) and Prometheus implied by Bi(LL)y Crystal's (philosophers stone) character.
The Hearth is an implied Octagon and if anything should happen to our little light bringer then the portal/door that is the entrance to Howl's "Temple" will cease to operate and everything will fall apart.
We then discover that Calcifer actually is part of Howl's Heart seen here with a closer look at the praying log holding man.
Howl (whose name is starting to take on this weird Dog Werewolf resonance the more I type it) strengthens Calcifer/Lucifer with his breath when things get dangerous.
The story of how the two (Calcifer and Howl) joined begins with a falling star. During a shower Howl (as a young boy) is outside walking in a field.
Many of the stars hit the ground running but quickly die out.
Finally one is spectacularly caught by Howl. The two soon make a deal to keep the Fallin' from burning out.
Howl ingest the Fallin' Angel/Light Bringer/Second Sun.
And produces Calicifer from the center of his chest.... Wrapped around his Heart.
In ET we see another fallin' angel whose Heart shines bright in the center of his chest (hey, he looks just like Jesus) after he is brought back from death. His chest glows as if on fire when the connection to his home is strong. His home being the sky, heaven, the OZ, land of the dead.
Earlier in ET we had seen the Fallin' show his connection to the Land of the Dead as a ghost... This is another Ackknowledgment to the Spirit, and we see a Hermes Hound nod to the Unicorn Sync wink on the trick or treat bag. The Unicorn being a symbol of imagination and a hint to it's connection to the land of forgotten knowledge.
During the scene where E(LL)iot is introduced to the talking version of ET (a scene that is important due to the fact that Elliot can NOw communicate with the Other aspect of himself) we are warned that enlightenment is coming by the lofty dirigible that invokes OZ behind his head.
ET starts to explain his plan to "Phone Home" as the concentric Bullseye (a symbol of the self, sol, gold, ego, and on and on) enters his field. This is a product of the subtle body an aspect of the Aureola investigated here.
You'll notice that as the interaction becomes more involved and as E(LL)iots view of the ET changes (internally) the bulleye moves closer and closer. It should also be spotted that E(LL)ioT is wearing an USA shirt, the fact that the USA is a landing point for Aliens in nearly every Hollywood presentation should be an interesting Coincidence to some and common sense to others.

Here the angle changes and the Bullseye surrounds Henry Thomas' head in a near perfect halo.
From then on the halo never leaves his field and ET moves towards the window.
...ET points out the window to his Home.
The Phallic like finger makes a shadow or reflective famine aspect mark on his pineal gland or third eye. The act is duplicated later in the film at the closing when ET tells E(LL)iot...
"I'll be right here."
This time however the Phallic finger shines in the bright father male aspect.


The Heart of our Galaxy....

Love and Thanks.


Unknown said...

The last comment I left on Jakes site yesterday was all about Captain planet and the planeteers, especially the little guy with the power of Hearth (Earth and Heart being the minimum needed to call CP). I also noted you mentioning The Spirit, which is what I was watching today! More life/death/cronus syncs, as well as the bad guy being an octopus stargate black star Nazi!

I have also been recalling a story a friend of mine told me, he had a car accident and his heart had stopped. He had one of those "near death" experiences at that point, where he met God/Infinite Consciousness and his gatekeepers. He said time felt like it just stood still, there was no past, present or future. Every question he asked of this being was answered. He was given the message that there are not many lights left in the world, so he had to send him back. My friend said he was very happy at this point and didn’t want to go back. I've been trying to work out what this means for a long time.

I see you've been influenced by Rik Clay, his interviews struck a chord with me too. When you speak of fire, don't forget to mention Pyre-amids!

My word verification is rednvi.

Stefan J said...

A great post.


Jake Kotze said...


I have been entraining with the pineapple for a while.
I think I love it.

When I see one it makes smile even though it generates very little or no thought.

Saw one last night on Lost and put it up at The Blob.

Couldn't help myself, dont think I have ever bought one in my life but this morning I purchased one while grocery shopping.

NOw this Shaman, NOw this...

ravenatthemoon said...

Very interesting- sophie-AKA sophia is wisdom. I loved that movie and have watch it numerous times-- as long as Calsifer is burning at the hearth of the home- no evil can enter- it is only when Calsifer, spirit is removed from the home that disharmony or chaos reigns. Shema, Shaman, Sholom

Atareye said...

I'm getting used to my life reflecting these posts or visa versa.

Specific subjects and terms being posted that can not be just 'accidental'.

For example you mentioned 'Blood/DNA pressure.' During these holidays I had a scare. I have been suffering from cluster headaches(rare for me unless alcohol induced) So I went to see Doctor(hermes). They checked my BP and told me it was to high for my age. So medicatiON and diet lectures followed.

Also FIRE(KKhaoic structure)
ICE(hexagonal structure) are terms embedded in my newest video.

- Pine=Pineal Apple=forbidden fruit?

- E llio T

Hayao Miyazaki did a version of the little mermaid. I cant find a decent torrent as of yet but I think the Aquarius theme mixed with his entrainment will be most righteous.

Great post shaman.

Eye respect your light...

Cosmic Ti69er said...

Love it. This I love first of all.

"The Brian can be the center of Knowledge... " Makes me think of Monty Python's Life of Brian.

You hit the nail of the head in relation to what I have been taught by some indigenous elders in regards to fire and the heart. The late Don Cardinal taught about 8 sacred fires, each with a unique way and time to light them. each stage of creation has its own fire. I think plants are three or two. humans are fire number 7, and the 8th fire is the fire of life and is lit in order to re-ignite an almost dying 7th fire of the human spirit.

sacred fires are known as doorways for spirit to enter ceremony.

hence the tobacco and food offerings to it.

i once took ayahuasca and spent the night observing the little spirits of the fire do their work.

i also remember once with ayahuasca having my consciousness, which i felt was in my head, fall into my heart. i felt like i was half the height, or that my eyes where in my chest and i was looking up at my head. weird stuff. everything was very red.

and then there is the pine

of course there are the studies that suggest the pineal is connected to our own natural DMT production, the molecule of our innerternet,
which can also be augmented by ingesting plant based infusions of it. its like that pic in your post, its like eating light and lighting up your heart.

something new i just learn't on my last trip south, is that in Peru they honour the Lord of The Miracle, which is named after a very esoteric old painting of christ (long story...)but that the plant that is related to the Lord of Miracles is the Pinon Morado. The Purple Pine. Pinocito. i don't know what that means, but it seems relevant.

The Brian of the Brain.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Captain planet he's our hero/ Gonna take pollution down to zero/ He's our powers magnified...... Wasn't one of them named Will...

Stefan, My pleasure.

Jake, sometimes I do things and don't know why.... Until I see one of your post, and then it clicks. Your a beautiful man Mr. Kotze. Thankyou.

Raven.... Good to see you again you were the first person to find my blog, and comment. Your absolutely correct and I kick myself for forgetting that. Someone kept reminding me that Sophie meant wisdom and I didn't listen.... Damn it I always forget something. Bad shaman!

AA I'm busy tryn' to collect all of Hayao Miyazaki.... I haven't seen that one. I love him. And I think the entrianing that we're all experiencing is only going to get more apparent.

Jim, Christ and the Pine are connected... Ultra Violent being the trigger for it, well then purple pine makes perfect sense... That's worthy of investigation... Thanks everyone.

aferrismoon said...

I read a couple or 3 years ago that some at the Max Planck Inst. felt that the mass of nerves at the solar plexus are was actually 'the brain' while the brain acted as processing unit/computer.

LOTR in Czech means 'a rogue'.

INSIDE THE COSMIC CUBE did a long post [ or 2] on the Calcifer and Howl animation.


ravenatthemoon said...

Now you got me to studying- did a little more research on you Sophie/Sophia known to the Gnostics as Pistis Sophia-"female divinity of gnosticism, univversal mother. mother of the living, revealer of the perfect mystery, Holy Dove of the Spirit, the wandering one or Elena/Selene, the Moon- envisaged as the Psyche of the world-the female aspect of the Logas-WORD. So she may be the Unicorn since moon is imagination and unicorn is is imagination--WOW. Shema, Shaman, Shalom

Unknown said...

LOL, i have found sanctuary in the city of angels with a huge ET fan while i wait for the post to bring me a little paperwork so we can drive in Mex. Obviously i'm not going to let the empire drug me in a cage :D Hopefully we can leave early next week...heading towards the Temple of Kukulcan for the spring equinox. The quest to understand prophecy becomes the fullfillment of prophecy. We've taken the cosmic wine icaro to the pueblo indian petroglyphs of NM and the Hopi mesas of AZ after we bolted from the Oz Arch.... joan73ark@gmail.com if you wanna email me during the next few days. I don't know when i'll find another computer after that, but when i do i'll look you up here and leave another message. Hope you are well, and i miss you (all you guys) dearly. <3Peace

Unknown said...

Tony HEart passed away today, a famous TV presenter and artist in the UK.

I also had a thought as to why the name Calcifer was chosen. The "Luc" was taken out, it has been pointed out to me that the world "luck" comes from the Luc in Lucifer, the "luck of the devil" indeed. Cal is Kal, Kali, the female aspect of Shiva, who we link to Lucifer because of their third eye that controls life and death.

Making deals with the Devil in exchange for luck, like Shylock, the Devil will demand his pound of flesh. A friend recommended I see The Devil and Daniel Webster. I found that there was a remake, with Anthony Hopkins in the star role as Daniel! IMDB says:

'Filming was completed in 2001 but the movie has been shelved for several years due to lack of funds to complete post-production. However, My Own Worst Enemy Productions acquired the rights to the title and is set to release it in 2007.'

Finished in 2001, the year of change. Shelved for 7 years...Hopkins in Meet Joe Black, making deals with the SeVen/Time/Death Brad Pitt.

And what’s really going to bake your noodle is who plays the devil in The Devil and Daniel Webster remake. Jennifer/Jenn/Gywn/Isis Love/Heart Hewitt!! The Queen of Hearts! The rabbit hole is quite deep.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Damn Jaspal you always blow my mind... But yet I see no Blog by you or even an E-mail address. If you ever want to just leave links for info that you've been dropping so I can look into the leads you send us, I'll be most appreciative.... The rabbit hole is deep indeed.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the kind words Shaman, you and Jake have been an inspiration and a revelation.

I just finished watching the remake of The Devil and Daniel Webster, and I'd certainly suggest you give it a look. Set in NY, it also has Dan “Alien Stepmother/Ghostbusters” Aykroyd in it! I haven’t been able to get hold of the original, but by a quirk of fate, it is out on DVD here in the UK next month!

It syncs with Bedazzled on two counts. The 7 years/7 wishes, and how the old version had the Devil as a male, yet the Devil is now a female. This can be seen in other films like The Devil Wears Prada and Seraphim Falls. Why is the Devil now taking on a feminine form?

I didn't quite understand what you meant about the links, but I'll be happy to help you in any way that I can.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Meerly that you can send me pictures or anything. satoriallme@yahoo.com

I'm just diging where this is going so anything like the wiki for something and other sources I'll just absorb it. For instane your refernces for Kali have been on my mind... I'm gonna google on that a second.

Love and Thanks

Unknown said...

In Elliot's room there's a product placement for Sunkist orange juice featuring an orange (which is sprouting like a tree?). Oranges are "golden apples."

Nice comaprison between ET's heart and Jesus' heart. Some cultures believe that the heart is the seat of consciousness. Recent experiments with having a person see out of the eyes of another body made them feel like their consciousness was in that other body. So seeing out of your head makes you feel that that's where your consciousness is, rather than where it really is - the heart.

Posts at the Cosmic Cube which cover Howl's Moving Castle:
Birdhouse in your soul 1
Birdhouse in your soul 2

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Thankyou.... I've been looking for that for like a week now. Osiris as the Scarecrow... How perfect is that!

fshrrex SS said...

YES, it is true the TREE can drop nuts whenever, where ever and however it wants; but if it (nut) does not constitute a seed of true or good intentions. The MOTHER Gaia (JUNO, Hera, Hekate, Persephone, Athena, Diana, Sophia, Dis, Demeter etc…) cannot nourish that which is LoveLESS. Plus, the nut must be cracked/broken for her (poetic license) to eat the carcass and allow the marrow to escape. Once this mixes w/ LOVE (Water) and pure illumination (FIRE-not always the Sunny Side of the Street) the blossom/Butterfly will RISE again. Then again, not all trees reproduce via nuts or pine cones, so my metaphor might be mute. Nonetheless, I prefer to
Live like a Liliputian (dwarf/elf) and think like Gulliver (Giant)
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS too, but most of my experience has been:

H – Hieratical (based)
E – Elitist
Y – Yahoos

Perhaps, as far as the spirit is concerned, the heart is the body, the mind is the backbone, the soul is the organs and the SPIRIT FIRE is the BREATH & BLOOD.

FEW2SHA, you mentioned we came out of the water into life, as we are today, in the physical sense – perfectly agreeable. However, this relates to our external life, perhaps we must MENTALLY dive back into that primordial depth (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurentian_Abyss )
Freud/Jung both considered water to represent the unconscious (pretty sure I read that). And journey thru those 10,000 leagues to find that volcanic EMBER of our true seed, bring it back and plant it in OUR ACTIONS here on Gaia. The IDEAL treasure of the mind is planted in the tears of your heart.

The pineapple incidentally, was used in South America as a TOPICAL anti-venom recipe. And it is a symbol of welcome in many cultures due to its prevalence in woodwork carving/etchings.

FEW, I owe you THANKS for the video on Eugenics (above) which helped greatly in a post on my blog.


KEEP ON working that PURPLE ONION!

my word: inatic (thank GOD it didn't say LUNATIC - then again i might like it)


Anonymous said...

What about your second set of DNA that you get from your mother?

earthstar said...

just a little note ...ps great blog!...keiarix

STEREO Hunts for Remains of an Ancient Planet near Earth

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April 9, 2009: NASA's twin STEREO probes are entering a mysterious region of space to look for remains of an ancient planet which once orbited the Sun not far from Earth. If they find anything, it could solve a major puzzle--the origin of the Moon.

"The name of the planet is Theia," says Mike Kaiser, STEREO project scientist at the Goddard Space Flight Center. "It's a hypothetical world. We've never actually seen it, but some researchers believe it existed 4.5 billion years ago—and that it collided with Earth to form the Moon."

Right: An artist's concept of one of the STEREO spacecraft. [Larger image]

The "Theia hypothesis" is a brainchild of Princeton theorists Edward Belbruno and Richard Gott. It starts with the popular Great Impact theory of the Moon's origin. Many astronomers hold that in the formative years of the solar system, a Mars-sized protoplanet crashed into Earth. Debris from the collision, a mixture of material from both bodies, spun out into Earth orbit and coalesced into the Moon. This scenario explains many aspects of lunar geology including the size of the Moon's core and the density and isotopic composition of moon rocks.

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It's a good theory, but it leaves one awkward question unanswered: Where did the enormous protoplanet come from?

Belbruno and Gott believe it came from a Sun-Earth Lagrange point.

Sun-Earth Lagrange points are regions of space where the pull of the Sun and Earth combine to form a "gravitational well." The flotsam of space tends to gather there much as water gathers at the bottom of a well on Earth. 18th-century mathematician Josef Lagrange proved that there are five such wells in the Sun-Earth system: L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5 located as shown in the diagram below.

When the solar system was young, Lagrange points were populated mainly by planetesimals, the asteroid-sized building blocks of planets. Belbruno and Gott suggest that in one of the Lagrange points, L4 or L5, the planetesimals assembled themselves into Theia, nicknamed after the mythological Greek Titan who gave birth to the Moon goddess Selene.

Above: Sun-Earth Lagrange points. The STEREO probes are about to pass through L4 and L5. Solar observatories often park themselves at L1 while deep space observatories prefer L2. [more]

"Their computer models show that Theia could have grown large enough to produce the Moon if it formed in the L4 or L5 regions, where the balance of forces allowed enough material to accumulate," says Kaiser. "Later, Theia would have been nudged out of L4 or L5 by the increasing gravity of other developing planets like Venus and sent on a collision course with Earth."

If this idea is correct, Theia itself is long gone, but some of the ancient planetesimals that failed to join Theia may still be lingering at L4 or L5.

"The STEREO probes are entering these regions of space now," says Kaiser. "This puts us in a good position to search for Theia's asteroid-sized leftovers."

Just call them "Theiasteroids."

Astronomers have looked for Theiasteroids before using telescopes on Earth, and found nothing, but their results only rule out kilometer-sized objects. By actually entering L4 and L5, STEREO will be able to hunt for much smaller bodies at relatively close range.

Right: This dynamical simulation shows how asteroids linger in the gravitational well of a Lagrange point of the Sun-Jupiter system. The principle of Sun-Earth Lagrange points is the same. Credit: Prof. Aldo Vitagliano/SOLEX.

"The search actually began last month when both spacecraft rolled 180 degrees so that they could take a series of 2-hour exposures of the general L4/L5 areas. In the first sets of images, amateur astronomers found some known asteroids and new comet Itagaki was imaged just a couple of days after the announcement of its discovery. No Theiasteroids however."

Hunting for Theiasteroids is not STEREO's primary mission, he points out. "STEREO is a solar observatory. The two probes are flanking the sun on opposite sides to gain a 3D view of solar activity. We just happen to be passing through the L4 and L5 Lagrange points en route. This is purely bonus science."

"We might not see anything," he continues, "but if we discover lots of asteroids around L4 or L5, it could lead to a mission to analyze the composition of these asteroids in detail. If that mission discovers the asteroids have the same composition as the Earth and Moon, it will support Belbruno and Gott's version of the giant impact theory."

The search will continue for many months to come. Lagrange points are not infinitesimal points in space; they are broad regions 50 million kilometers wide. The STEREO probes are only in the outskirts now. Closest approach to the bottoms of the gravitational wells comes in Sept-Oct. 2009. "We have a lot of observing ahead of us," notes Kaiser.

Readers, you may be able to help. The STEREO team is inviting the public to participate in the search by scrutinizing photos as they come in from the spacecraft. If you see a dot of light moving with respect to the stars, you may have found a Theiasteroid. Links to the data and further instructions may be found at sungrazer.nrl.navy.mil.

Let the hunt begin!

Nikolai said...

Ever read the Corpus Hermeticum?
It puts all matter, plus soul and spirit in their places. And fire is closer to both soul and spirit, according to it.
It's a sublime text!