"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


I Love Lucy

Here I am.... Dead in my basement. The Illuminati has sent one of their ninja assassins to stab me in the back as I try desperately to defuse the secrets of the universe before 2012....NOW however the context has changed. This is due to a simple symbol. The Z's emanating from the head convey the fact that I am not dead. In fact the Ninja assassins were nothing but a dream. Sleep has taken me on a late night of research.
If I lived in Japan sleep would be registered by a bubble forming out of my nose. This is how they came to solve the same problem, that being how to show that the body is moving while it is inanimate. Some times they would show bubbles coming from the cartoon in much the same way as the Z's do here in the western comics.
At first this might look strange to some, but honestly why the fuck to we accept Z's when they have no known source of relevance in the real world. The Bubbles and Z's then become quite strange in both cases. Just for Syncs and Giggles lets mix the two to create our own symbol.
Lets just go the whole nine yards and make this utterly realistic.
The importance of The Sequential Myth should be apparent to many sync-heads already. Nay Sayers perhaps would target the fact that Sync-Heads are a bunch of nerds having no life and therefore spend a lot of time doing nerd things like reading comics. I disagree, personally I think it is because comics format is rich to those who are Symbol Literate. However it should be noted what some people actually define a comic as. My favorite and most relative to this investigation is Scott McCloud's. Scott McCloud is most well known for making the ground breaking graphic novel Understanding Comics, but also did story comics like one called ZOt.

"juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence, intended to convey information and/or to produce an aesthetic response in the viewer"- Scott McCloud

The opportunity to use multi layers of symbols brings a high range of emotional impact to the viewer or reader of sequential art. If you have a story of linear progression involving a 2-D representation of a person, and then words, and then symbols..... Well, the audience will miss some info on a first glance.... This creates a greater impact on a subconscious level, and makes an "Aha" moment on second reads. AKA... "I didn't notice that last time."

The use of Sequential art to relay past knowledge to the next generation is the basis for written language. Most noted early civilizations used pictorial sequential language, most influential of which would be the Mayans and Egyptians.

This multi media to create multi meaning is related as well to the Pun, and is responsible for the symbol system of modern mystics and esoterics. The Druids are suspected to have spoken in complete an utter puns, as do the Peruvian Indigenous use the same words to describe two dissimilar(or not obviously similar objects). An example would be the word for Cougar being the same as the word for Basket, merely because they have the same weaving pattern(as pointed out by Terrance McKenna, And Jeremy Narby).

This however is how nature communicates. The Peruvians see a plant that looks like a snake crawling up a tree(Garden of Eden) to gain knowledge. It's really an almost childlike way of looking at the world, but it works, and is a major influence on modern medicine that borrow concoctions that the Indigenous say the plants told them how to make.Has something to do with...
Just on mere imagery alone.

You would do well to understand that this is how all Myth and religion works...
This creates a psyche that is multi level, and, in my opinion, healthy.
Lao Tzu has been translated thousands of times and some translations are completely dissimilar.

This is as well Hip-Hop (HH and first founded by DJ Kool Herc AKA Clive Campbell (KK))

The Rosicrucian infused Shakespearean Folio has over 3000 puns in it.

Even Jesus would talk in this manner. And then the disciples would pull him aside and ask...

"What the Hell was that all about?"

Jesus would say something like "Well, it could mean this. Or it could mean this. Some would think that it meant this. But, it really meant...."

The Ancient Hebrew language itself has multi layered meaning on different planes crossing between difference in grammar (changing of vowels) to the Numerical. For gods sake pick up a Dictionary... No word has only one meaning.

Less forget is the glosalalia frontiered by McKenna as well. It being the practice of communicating with non rational sounds to relay information based off a completely emotional reliance. This of course brings us to Afferrismoon's playground. It is funny to me how the modern symbols that we use are changing right before our eyes.

For Example

HELL boy becomes IM 77 if the letters are spun around.
Then there is the word Wolf (involving the mass amount off wolf symbolism that has been tracked down lately) which backwards becomes Flow.
And of course that rascally N that just keeps spinning into OZ.

Sycromystism is largely based off of this kind of thinking, it being an extension of Robert Anton Wilson's "Rabbit Po" creation. The crowning media explored in sycromystism would, of course, be cinema.... Which we can pretty much categorize using McClouds definition of comics....

"pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence, intended to convey information and/or to produce an aesthetic response in the viewer"- Scott McCloud
After removing the word Juxtaposed

If you ever had a movie that left you coming out of the theatre thinking you can do anything... Then you'll agree that you were a victim of an aesthetic response. The symbolism that you perhaps did not see in the beginning has inspired you some how.... Like a hypnotic suggestion that only last a few days. The combination of an Art form like comics, that is a direct continuation of the same thoughts and ideas that the Egyptian and Mayan Mythos had, and one of mass consumption like the movies, gives the universe the prime opportunity to give a massive dumping of programing to the modern audience. Remember the 1.5 meaning of things is what gives us that "aha" moment . We are not necessarily all one thought so we communicate abstract ideas through the copulation of two/or more different discernible forms into one to give it the 1.5 meaning. This gives us joy and is most commonly noted in humor..

"Orange you glad I didn't say Banana?"

Like the Z's the wings seen here on Marvels Thor is an attempt to relay a multi level idea. This however can be seen as a "rip off" of the older images of Odin, who was often described and depicted with a winged helmet.

Odin of course sitting on a olden style caduceus. Flow/Wolf at his feet and the birds (symbols of thought and memory) fly high above in the head like dome of the sky. Flanked by dragons like the Throne of Wales.

"Old Style Caduceus" in early Conan movie

This is from NausicAA and the VaLLey of the Wind. Hayao Miyazaki again. Absolutely breathtaking. The sword symbolizes thought... Think Mithras or Excalibur.

The symbol of Mercury AKA Hermes holds a hint of the original Caduceus

The Caduceus is responsible for sleep, dreams, happiness, and health in ancient mythos. Now using the same child like sync vision we see that the Caduceus is another dead ringer for DNA. However there are multiple meanings(1.5) here. The Caduceus is also the human spine. At the top would be the pineal gland.... Perfect fit considering that that gland is considered the regulate of sleep and dreams.... But truly we have just scratched the surface of that little guy.

Like Odin's helmet the winged representation of the enlightened mind is the circle at the top. This also correlates to the Kabbalah Tree of Life(which believe it or not is a 2-d drawing of DNA) as most reading this have undoubtedly already seen. (The Tree of life also being called the ladder of light)

Like in the Chakras the Tree of Life even correlates to the parts of the human body.
The Chakra for brow is the same as the head of the Caduceus or the Egyptian Solar orb.Thor as the Tree of Life.... Literally with Sephiroth leading to the Winged Crown Chakra. The wings basically represent a Moving Conciousness or Cosmic Conciousness. Hermes(who had wings on his feet and head) is said to be the writer of thousands of books. Mainly he is considered to be the writer of all books. He himself and connect to the Dog Star Serious(yes I know how to spell it, but if you haven't knowdenced I leave my fucking typos, keep it raw remember) are symbols of Kosmic Konsciousness. Sense the Staff of Hermes is a representation of mans basic senses then all writings are a product of the sensational experience of man.... A product of his very being or selfhood, recorded through time by his DNA.Ok... What your dealing with here is Loki, Lucifer, and Prometheus are the same fucking dude. The eagle(ego) tearing the emotional liver of Prometheus. Notice the chains and the DNA staff. Hermes is just a spectator. It sees everything, but really just smiles the whole time. He's Kosmic Konciousness or DNA which is the link to OZ or the land of forgotten knowledge, the land of the dead(think green)... He's also just chillin' with the plant K as well(picture above).
Prometheus is a little sly guy who stole Fire(Spirit or enlightenment/and think ET connection to source) and gave it to man. He put the fire that he has stolen in a hoLLow rEEd which can have some connotation to the hoLLow material like man (ET ET ET) with fire inside. Zeus and Ganymede are drunk and just had gay sex. Ego Eye looks on. I find the whole eagle-gay-beer carrier-thing in the Budweiser shit seen below..... Well just baffling.This here came up once before and I'm not sure where it was in my first posts so.... Sorry... No link for you today. Everyone who reads this shit is deep arcana anyway. It has the same homosexual connotations. The Red is there again as well.

After reading that the first time my Brother mentioned that the day after I posted the first beer post he was with a freind who showed him a Beer Stein collection. He said a high percentage had eagles on them. Even though that they were way older than Budweiser. I listened to TeRRance McKenna shortly after taking about how Beer took the lead to Mushrooms due to possible climate change. So instead of the Tripp have an Orgy and not know who was the father(wasn't there an Orgy scene in Conan?). You would instead get drunk become egotistical.... And say this is my Beer... My Wife.... No sir you are high and may not fuck her.... This is my body. My life. I'm drunk and think that Beer boy is hot. That is why the Homo reference is there(please understand that I am NO biggit I am just talking in laymens here.... It's how I floW) because you are no longer lustful and humping every trick insight. Your manhood has become subdue by over compensation by the ego. No way in hell are you gonna here me say I think this was intentional(by Budweiser)or not.... What I mean is that I can't tell if Budweiser meant to have an ad that said get drunk and shield your manhood by becoming an egotistical fool. But, it seems reasonable.

Now Prometheus here is the light bringer like Lucifer.
Notice on this Milton inspired statue of Lucifer that the snake is present.... Now completely unintentional(as far as I can tell) is this picture of Loki below.
The only real difference is that there are wings on Lucy. Good old Manly P taught me whats up with all the wings. The key is the angels are aspect of knowledge our principles, if you will, that interact like humans but aren't as limited. It stands for a form of energy represented by the snake.... Mixed with the symbol of the wings, to mean that they were not limited by human ways of traveling or being in one place at a time. Therefore they were in all directions at once.
And were used on the Merkaba as well.
Now the main symbols here are the Wheels, the winged four headed angels, and the throne above which is the Mercy Seat or throne of god. The heads of the angels of course are the eagle, the taurus, the lion, and the man.Eight wings eight direction.... I mean I could go on about the sword being thought again and other nonsense but lets just keep this moving.
Pineal Gland cyclops.... Phoenix in Red.....

The Beast can be seen as the Lion of Judea from Ezekiel and/or the Cowardly Lion. The Angel in the Ezekiel account of the merkaba can be seen as the Aquarius constellation and Reuben of the 12 Jewish tribes(get to that latter). Jake has given the Wheel chair new meaning calling it the Merkaba, or mercy seat, and bringing a whole new slant to the handicap sign. PS all the scene's with the Angel in X-men 3 get a little weird....
The Angel unleashes his wings behind to lights make concentric bulleyes, hinting at two solar symbols being paired..... Two sources of light.Weird stuff comes in scenes that are always loaded with symbols.... It's like the universe has something to show you so it has markers to tell you something important is coming. If you see an familiar sign follow it because there is a good chance more is just around the corner. The Angel bust out the window(shattering ego) and spreads his wings over the polarized court yard.

So basically no one can tell you what an angel is. An Angel could be seen like.... You have your individual idea of ego shattered and all of a sudden your enlightened to knowledge or capable of skills that you were not aware of a moment ago. To describe this interaction with knowledge greater that yourself you would simply draw another human with you.... Make them attractive as hell and then add wings to their body or head.
Edward from Twilight seen as higher than human.... Called "completely irresistible".

Captain America the Aryan looking pretty boy. This is another representation of America as Deity(think Americus Nation from Where the Heart Is). And in truth we have a weird reality synchronicity happening in the theater with the Avengers 2011 due date. The reason I say that is because Captain America's Unfreezing is going to be a major plot twist that will unfold in the Global Konciousness. Meanwhile we have the Unfoldment of (Hopefully) The real American Deity.... Which, lets face it, really has been in stasis sense World War II. Captain America being from the Americas, having scale type amour, and having the wings makes him a feathered serpent. He's also a Knight and having the Dark/Blue/Purple category a Dark Knight, or Blue God. He has the Pentacles(we Yankees call 'em stars) to assert his archetype(there true symbolism making each United State an archetype), his ego(think State again), but we shall also see some other weirdness with them soon. Also there is what Rik Clay taught us about the letter A bending into the All Seeing Eye.

I'm noticing that the leaves of Plant Konciousness are being used to show a living feild. It's just like the wings in that respect. An way to show an imperceptible living force. I mean how do plants unfold if not by some imperceptible effort. That is why the human body is correlated to all the trees symbolism. Egotistically you have nothing to do with your DNA. Even the cells in your body move with such plant like unfoldment(yes, I like that word) that your ego couldn't even began to regulate it if it wanted to. What we are discovering here is that that is what is happening to us, even on a moment to moment basis. Our ego thinks that it is in control, but it has things like DNA that effect it even though these things are as far away from it as Serius, the Peledias, Galactic Centre, or the Horse Head Nebula..... Why would these celestial things not effect the ego as well. The tree like you, your ego, and your body(and therefore the universe), unfold from a tiny seed like acorn.... The energy that made that tree came from a tiny speck that the finished individual, never knew. The ego is not bad.... It is just wrong in thinking that it is alone, it is surrounded by voices that tell it what to do, even if it doesn't know it's listening. Breaking that is using your DNA, and connecting to the rest of the world in a way that takes all the pressure from you to worry about anything. Relax and let it floW. And then the wings show.
The Sumerian Tree of Life shows the Plant Field as well as the winged mind at the top.
Closer inspection shows the Wings encase a Bowman(remember that word.... Bowman). The correlating Chakra's, syncs to the human body, are illustrated by the colors putting the bowman in the Blue scale of the spectrum.
The wings also flanked the ark of the covenant and some even say that the cherubs that topped it looked like Eziekiel's Seraphs (remeber the lion,bull,eagle headed thing... That's a Seraph... Another thing to remember is that that name... "Seraph" was used as the protector of the Oricale in the Matrix Trilogy).
The Ark is the mercy seat. The high Priest was said in some accounts to enter the Holiest of the Holies trough a Curtain (Remember that word.... Curtain). Some even said that he was naked when he entered. This was seen as piercing the veil of Isis. In the Holiest of Holies would be the Ark. Then a cloud of luminous would come down.... This would be the the presence of god. Called the Mercy seat once again. However like all else this is the head of the human body at the center of the cloud of god would be where his essence lived or stayed to communicate with the priest.... Wings once again flank the cloud. Smack dab in middle.... Is the pineal gland....
The mercy seat is a common symbol used in the middle ages. In fact King Arthur(resonating Thor) had a seat left open at his round table. It was called the mercy seat and was reserved for the presence of god..

I'd like to tell you a quick story about the knights(remember Captain America) of the round table. This is the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

The Green Knight burst in on New Years Eve. He demands that some brave Knight step forth and take his Challenge. If one of his Knights will except then the green knight shall exchange blows with him. The Green Knight gets hit first, then he gets to do the axe swinging a year latter. Sir Gawain(and yes there are some admitted homosexual connotations to this whole story) steps forward, swings the Green Knights axe and chops off his head.... The Green fucker picks it back up laughs it off and rides out....
"See ya next year, sucka...."

Looking for the Green Knight's joint one year latter, Gawain comes across the castle of Bertilak de Hautdesert, a lord (who has gotta hot ass wife), on Christmas Eve. Long story short, the lord tells Gawain that he shall give him what ever the lord kills on hunt, if Gawain gives the lord what Gawain has received in the lord of the castles absence. Due to Lord Bertilak's hot wife being horny.... Well lets just saw that Gawain keeps his word and receives every days hunt by giving the lord of the castle kisses. One on the first day, two on the second, another three on the third, and hence showing his homosexual tendencies.

However the lady after her failed attempts gives Gawain a girdle that shall protect him from harms way as long as he wears it. He doesn't give that to the Lord and so commits his only sin. The Next thing that happens is that he finally gets to the Green Knights Castle. He puts his neck on the chopping block and the Green Knight strikes with the axe three times. Missing the first two and only cutting his neck on the third. He then de masked himself(scooby dooby doo) to show that he was actually the Lord Bertilak. Due to magic he tricked Gawain, and aside from the girdle(for which he got the cut on his neck) he passed the test.

Not Mentioned yet is the fact that Gawain had a Pentacle on his shield Just like the Feathered Serpent Captain America.

The pentangle on Gawain's shield is seen by many critics as signifying Gawain's perfection and power over evil.[42] The poem contains the only representation of such a symbol on Gawain's shield in the Gawain literature. What is more, the poet uses a total of 46 lines to describe the meaning of the pentangle. No other symbol in the poem receives as much attention or is described in such detail.[43] The poem describes the pentangle as a symbol of faithfulness and an "endless knot". In line 625, it is described as "a sign by Solomon". Solomon, the third king of Israel, in 10th century B.C. was said to have the mark of the pentagram on his ring, which he received from the archangel Michael. The pentagram seal on this ring was said to give Solomon power over demons.[44]

Along these lines, some academics link the Gawain pentangle to magical traditions. In Germany, the symbol was called a Drudenfu├č and was placed on household objects to keep out evil.[45] The symbol was also associated with magical charms which, if recited or written on a weapon, would call forth magical forces. However, concrete evidence tying the magical pentagram to Gawain's pentangle is scarce.[46][45]

Gawain’s pentangle also symbolises the “phenomenon of physically endless objects signifying a temporally endless quality.”[47] Many poets use the symbol of the circle to show infinity or endlessness, but Gawain’s poet insisted on using something more complex. In medieval number theory, the number five is considered a “circular number”, since it “reproduces itself in its last digit when raised to its powers”.[48] Furthermore, it replicates itself geometrically; that is, every pentangle has a smaller pentagon that allows a pentangle to be embedded in it and this “process may be repeated forever with decreasing pentangles”.[48] Thus, by reproducing the number five, which in medieval number symbolism signified incorruptibility, Gawain's pentangle represents his eternal incorruptibility.[49]

Key Points....1 He was green; Free Associate; Osiris, The Hulk, The Grinch, Shriek
It should be noted That The Blob has linked the Hulk to Christ or the Green Man, and that Wiki Links the Green Knight to the Osiris, Jack of the Green, and to Nature itself... Mixing the 2 together and we get a clear picture, but we need to be open about it still. Don't forget that Shriek travels with a Donkey furthering the Christ connection.

2 Tool place on Dec block to January 1st..... Christmas, Winter Solstice, Jesus
Deepening this weird way of thinking that all this has to do with Christ.
3 Headless.... Galactic Center Mayan Game, Sacrifice, Highlander

Now associating the Green Disembodied head makes me think of one thing..... The Wizard of OZ.... Or perhaps the Wizard of Oziris. Green the color that links us to the land of the dead. The Otherworld.
Oz in his Mercy Seat.
Pay no attention to the tabernacle priest behind the curtain. The Dog Star ToTo reveals.
This again makes the translation of the mercy seat residing in the head thicker. We are healthy in our previous assumptions. The fire in the picture above can be seen as the light within, that illuminates internally. There has to be an internal light, this accounts for dreams and the fact that we can day dream and imagine in coherent pictures in our heads.

In modern comics it is describe like below.
"What the hell is this guy talking about?"

"AHA, I get it."

The light bulb takes on the symbol as the torch in hand. When you can't figure something out. Say your learning to ride a bike, or learning a new language. At first everything looks hard and beyond your limitations. But, these limitations are not you. You soon learn the new Language, it becomes yours. A light has turned on inside your head and all of a sudden you see all the pieces. You went through no physical change, but now it is easy. And in the case of riding a Bike you never forget. This applies to playing a musical instrument, math, science, dancing, managing employees, acting, making love, building furniture, swimming, walking, running, hitting a baseball, dribbling a basket ball, fucking...... The point is that you were there the whole time and understanding anything relies on you admitting that you don't really have to do anything to know how. The ego has NO control because whatever you learn was already there, you just couldn't see it before.
Why do Brad Pit's movie posters have so many numbers on them?
Oh, because he resonates with Death/Saturn/Kronos.....

Another word for this is Epiphany.... And believe it or not there is a celebration actually called such. Guess when it's Held?

January 6th and it is considered the oldest of all Christmas Celebrations. In some regions, and not necessarily an ancient practice in this tradition is, they have a special Santa Claus' helper.
His name is Black Pete. At first he was described as Dark or Black. He was supposed to be covered in soot. He checked up on the bad kids and was responsible for the tradition of giving coal to them. Seeing the fact that no kid really ever gets coal for Christmas we have got to take a closer look at that coal. Coal is carbon and compacted carbon creates a Diamond. All diamonds in Myths and Media can be seen as the Lupis or Philosopher's stone. The Coal also is a long burning fuel that is used to illuminate. Symbolically this is Santa's shadow. Pete is the negative Blue/Black/Dark to Santa's Red/White/Light aspect. The coal then can be looked at as a mirror image of a good thing. It balances out the over lustfulness of Santa's/Satan's sweets. It is reality to Santa's fantasy. Therefore it could be the Pineal Gland Philosopher's stone or the Light Bringing Coal. Black Pete(what's up with all the Pete's.... Peter Parker, Peter Petrelli, Peter Pan) is an Illuminator.... Black Pete is Lucifer. Ever ONward.

We're in for some serious Lucifer shit here soon.

Daniel Craig will be Lucifer in I Lucifer out in 2010. In 2007 he played in The Invasion.
Seen here with the RoLLing Rock(RR) sign behind his head, I've got at least one other sync involving him with RR but it's gonna have to wait for another post.
He's married in the Movie to Nicole Kidman(also together in Golden Compass), who has some interesting blips in the sync web, and again I sure there's much more on her that can be uncoded. He reveals himself to be infected by an alien Body Snatcher. He tells her that it make's all one mind(Hive Mind), he explains that this is the way to true happiness and peace within the world. She however does not want to lose her identity and escapes in a fabulous car chase.With alien infected hive mind bastards all over her car she tries to get her son, who is immune to the infection, out of the city.She slams into a a car ejecting her passengers.
The fly through the air....And shatter the glass of a department store(shattering glass can be seen as another shattering ego symbol)....This ego shattering reveals the word Lucy!

And in fact again in 2010 by Arthur C Clarke(your saying "damn it I knew this fucker was gonna go there") showcases both Diamonds and Lucifers.

We see that contact is made with the Star Child. Alister Crowley style would be the Moon Child or Moon Baby. 2010 Jupiter ignites and in 2061 it is discovered that Jupiter Core was a giant Diamond. AKA Lupis or Philosopher's stone.

Connecting the Pineal Gland once again is the symbol the exploding planet makes during the movie. The concentric circle bullseye and connecting the connotation to the symbols of stars and pentagrams snug together with the self/ego, or pineal gland.
The second star illuminates the Washington Mall.

The Great Pyramids.....

And the Axis Mundi of the Eiffel Tower(it's actually used a lot). Also important is that the Ghost of David Bowman is the one who oversees this whole situation..... Remember the Bowman being the top of the Sumerian tree of life.
2010 of course came out Christmas and as I've noted before attention will be brought upon the eye of Jupiter(Pun intended). The Eye of Jupiter is a weird celestial synchronicity. I have no idea if this is on purpose or not, but it dose seem staggeringly beautiful. The single eye is seen as a symbol of the sun or self/mind/ego as well. The oddness of of having the planet bearing a gods name who has no real link to the one eyed concept other than the connections scholars have made on similar deities is fantastically of divine design. It's damn right Jovial. Child like. Pleasing. Others like Micheal Tsarion have taught us that the myth's of old could possibly point to a planet or sun that was once in the sky. Not to mention the fantastic modern work of the likes of Mr. ARRowsmith(resonating Bowman) pointing to the validity of such myth's, make one question of what he thinks of his modern history. As Ralph Ellis pointed out the orb in the Sumerian tales that was called Lucifer, or Shaytan(something like that), was a theory that 18th and 19th Astrologers played around with. They said it was a possible planet that was in between Mars and Jupiter.... They called it Kyrpton.The superman symbol actually looks like a Diamond as well. But the attention needs to be on the over all shape which is a downward pointing triangle.
Yet another star... The star of David. Two interlocked triangles one pointing up for the lower world rising. One pointing down for the higher world falling.
Alan Moore's Tom Strong.... Seen with his Thor like hammer, God like sunglasses, and Down Fallen Angel triangle.
The living Rainbow Robin WiLLiams as Mork form Mork and Mindy(MM). Williams also played the Green Man Fallen Angel Peter Pan, resonating Pan, and the Never Never land of the Dead, (second Star to the right and straight on till Morning) in Hook which is bond to come up again soon. Mork coming to earth in an Egg brings up the Ego and then the Eye again. As said before in my last couple of post. The single eye of Jupiter/Odin/Horus can be seen as the focusing of one mind. This symbolism is ancient and is seen in the Cyclops. The Cyclops has a very snug fit in this post as the giant in the Movie KruLL(LL).He can see his death and refuses to move past a point to help his friends in the quest to raid the magic castle that appears in a different place at every sunrise(long story short).At the last second he swoops down to assist his friends. He realizes that he is part of a whole... Terrible death or NO, he sacrifices himself so that the sun(or should I say suns) shall rise on his comrades.The ego is sacrificed at the coming of the second sun. Also related before I wrapp this up is the Movie X-Men 3. Cyclops is killed by the Phoenix. This never really made sense to me because being a comic geek I know that Jean Grey under NO circumstances kills Scott Summers(lot of double S's out there). Now I see the phoenix as another second sun rising motif.... Once again killing the ego. The one who survives the Phoenix is Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman... The boy from OZ. THe Cyclops(ego) perishes leaving only his sunglasses.....Hugh Jackmen survives his run in with the phoenix due to his healing factor, which of course echos the healing he undergoes in the fountain. Richard Arrowsmith from Black Dog Star, has done some incredible work to link Jackman to the dog star sirius.He follows a wolf to his origins.....
Do NOt...... NO.... ON.... OZ.....
The Wolf, Fox, and Dog can all be associated with the Dog Star/Hermes. This is a strand of film showing us to follow the Dog star connections to become the product of the King and Queen(Hermes)... Hermes Man.... Dog Man.... The solar attention and the imagination/intuition reflective feminine moon side of the mind.... The Consciousness and Sub Consciousness combine.
Creating the son of which is Kosmic Konciouness or Hermes..... The Wolf Man.... Or Flow Man....

Hey Jake "AHA".... Ape Wolf.... I get it Now, good one.

More on the King and Queen here at Royal Parents.

If we can also see that the Rat symbol plays a main roll in this, mostly due to the slang term for them being Reservoir Dogs then the next movie takes on new meaning.The Rat is held up to a solar cross star gate symbol and the main actor in Ratatouille 2007 shows the Rat his Humble house.He holds him up to a second solar cross and then.....
To the Axis Mundi of the Eiffel Tower.
It seems in Paris all windows are solar crosses as we see here where he actually bobs the Rat in and out of the orb before combining himself with it. The Rat learns to control the man.... Like a puppet giving him abilities that he previously did not have.... Rat Man.... Reservoir Dog Man.... Dog Man.Eventually cracking his ego.

I've been watching alot of Adam Sandler lately and immediately paid attention to a cracked egg in Spanglish.....
It's always the exaggeration that I like to see... Of course Adam is a chief in this one as well so it kind of flows wouldn't you say. Being a chief and dealing with Restaurants gives the universe the prime opportunity to show us some stars, the whole movie is about 3 1/5 stars this 4 stars that.
...This one is interesting because at first I saw this....And thought it was 2 Stars.... I went back, if you count the star fish it's four. Of course this whole scene Adam is wearing an interesting shirt.And he's eating.....
WTF....There are a lot of Hearts, Hand Prints, and Smiley faces in this movie, but what pertains to our little trip here is the breaking of the language barrier, IE the illumination of learning a new language. Man, who wouldn't call that number to be enlightened? I suggest highly that you watch this movie.... It's just good.Now what else needs to be added with Adam is this little gem that I still haven't unraveled with out the blob, but need some inspiration to understand.

I was extraordinary interested in the song when I heard it. But what blew my mind was how fucking good it was. Now towards the end I start hearing this weird break in it saying something about Blue Moon that is not in the original song. I didn't hear it on the one I posted, but am happy to send anyone that wants a copy of mine.... To prove I'm not crazy, you know....

Now this goes down to the first time I heard of the WolfManHermesHound motif from Jake Kotze sending me to this video right here.

The song in the back ground is blue moon... I don't understand it yet.... But, am thoroughly fucked with, at this point.

Now lets wrapp this up back where we started from.The Tin Man, Osiris, The Tree of Life, and Hive Mind going up against Lucifer in 2011. Sometimes Loki from Marvel is seen as a feathered serpent. With the down fallen triangle on his pineal.
Sometimes with pan horns.... The Green Loki should, in my opinion, be played by Jim CaRRey... That is if the universe is taking request. If you'll allow me I'm gonna finish in a weird way because the horns also remind me of HellBoy.
Hellboy as seen with his full set of horns usually has a Crown of Fire atop them.His name from the ancients is Anung Un Rama Which means the beast of the Apocalypse. The invocation of Rama is interesting.Rama is described as "Dark, Black" or "The Dark One, The Black One" or"Darkness". And is often depicted as being blue. His name has been associated in meaning "The one whose shiny garments brings light to the darkness", meaning his a Lucifer. He also has been called "dirty" linking him to Black Pete. Regardless he's a Bowman, making him the top of the Sumerian tree of life. Which is fitting because even though Hellboy is a gunslinger and not a Bowman His crown links him to the Jewish Mystical Tree of Life. Besides all Kings are Lucifer.... They are the the second light on earth.

If you got this far Love and Thanks.


Like other deities in the Eddas, Loki is described with many names: Lie-Smith, Sly-God, Shape-Changer, Sly-One, Foxy-One, Lopt, Sky Traveler, Sky Walker and Wizard Of Lies among others.

Here we see Vulcan sent to deal with Prometheus. If Prometheus can be seen as inspiration or the fire with-in what would Vulcan represent. If we take what we know of him we can blend the connotation in to something that might make sense, and not be so boring in the typical mythos fashion. Vulcan is the god smithy, really he made armored devices and weapons and did other odd jobs and inventions for the gods. He was ruler over Volcanoes. Thinking Volcanoes leads us to pressure. The Armour plus the Volcanoes allows us to make the key association of something with in our own embodiment(which all myth stands for anyway). The one thing that we have that applies both protection(armor us from the world around) and pressure build up that shall erupt sooner or latter is our emotional body.

Vulcan=Emotion, which either erupts in destruction or shields us from true reality. Inspiration is regulated by emotion(the Ego/Eagle is in the dark upper left hand corner). The bidding of inspiration in chains(DNA) and the eating of the liver(the liver is the gland of emotions). Translation; Inspiration can be killed by ego if the emotions are allowed free reign. Hermes watches on, he being the ever watchful (Hermes as watchmen), ever recording Kosmic Konciousness.For more on the King Kong World Center Captain America Syncro at 'King' Kirby(KK)..... And I especially recommend The Kirby/Kong Konnection. And Richard ARRowSMITH(how many times were you going to let me call you the wrong name Richard, honestly) has been picking the Kong apart lately.


Anonymous said...

Yes I got that far and would have gone farther if you would have written more-- and yes I was anonymous on the last post- my bad just hit the wrong button. Excellent post by the way-liked the way you connected everything together--just a bit about what I have been experiencing lately after your last post- been a fan of myth and symbols for some time and I'm well read on numerous subjects--but the skull and crossbones have been occurring in my life on a regular bases--I own a wolf and my wolf/FLOW run together daily- right after your last post- two little boys fishing noticed me running with my wolf and wanted to pet her-- so I stopped my run to chat and let them have some time with a real wolf-- which she loved-- both of these young men were wearing skull and crossbone shirts and they were small crossbone all over their shirts which were green--later after my run I travel to the store to pick up wolf food and a few things for me and the lady that checked me out was wearing a pink skull and crossbones shirt-- thinking I was done with all that I headed for my car that contained my wolf and parked right next door was a huge truck with skull and crossbones all over it--okay enough of that--gotto get some more information-- so I took to my books at home about symbols--wolf stands for teacher -which by the way I work in the schools-and the skull and crossbones- I am still working on--but what it meant to me was for me to go within and look for symbols more in my life and what they were trying to tell me-
The hebrews say that the almighty speaks directly to us everyday- maybe not in words- but in symbols---many kings of old had someone near to help interpret their dreams and symbols--less we forget Brad Pit in Troy--if you remember the King of troy went to war against the greeks because his interpreters stated that they would win because they had seen an eagle carrying off a snake in its mouth-- hence why you need to interpret your own symbols- and not let anyone else do it for you. Let's also not forget that the original TORAH was written without vowels- just consonants--that allowed for different interpretations --kinda like you get what you need at the time you need it---thanks it is exactly what I needed at that time-- I will let you know how it goes or flows or wolfs as it may--gotto go run with the FLOW-- thanks Shaman- and as always SHEMA,SHAMAN,SHALOM

Arrowsmith said...

LOVED IT! Fantastic...possibly my favorite Shaman post so far. So many things in my (Arrow)head right now it's hard to narrow them down.

I'll have to come back to say something more constructive (when I've re-read it), but I think the 'Bowman' references might take on some additional levels of meaning if we look to Wikipedia, which states that:

'Several cultures also associated the star Sirius with a bow and arrows. The Ancient Chinese visualized a large bow and arrow across the southern sky, formed by the constellations of Puppis and Canis Major. In this, the arrow tip is pointed at the wolf Sirius. A similar association is depicted at the Temple of Hathor in Dendera, where the goddess Satet has drawn her arrow at Hathor (Sirius). Known as 'Tir,' the star was portrayed as the arrow itself in later Persian culture.'

In regards to Loki, Wiki tells us:

'In Scandinavia, the star has been known as Lokabrenna ("burning done by Loki," or "Loki's torch").'

Bowstar....Lokis Torch....why not add Juniper/Jupiter to the mix as Wiki also tells us that:

'Sirius was a Behenian fixed star, associated with beryl and juniper.'

I love Wiki. Love your post. Generally love the way all of this is amalgamating into one giant Head Fuck!

Great seeing some of your artwork. You're a gifted chap indeed, and I look forward to more.

The Arrowhead :)

Unknown said...

It's midnight and I've spent the last hour having a thoughly good read, I BOW (to bow down, Lil' Bow Wow, and a bow and arrow) to thee!

I need to sleep soon so I'll just dump all this information on you and you make of it what you will:

Reiniventing Comics book cover, looks like Visnhu with his hand in all the pies. Right hand is Isis $ mother, left hand is thunder hand Zeus father.

Scott McCloud, McCloud was the main character in Hignlander, and he was SCOTTish!

Excaliber - I saw two films with Excaliber resonence, Outlander with JC - he even played Jesus - J Caviezel. He plays an Alien visitor who has to defeat a creature he brought along with him, by creating a sword from his Alien ship. Hellboy is in this film too! And The Last Legion, about the last Roman Emporor Romulus 'I was raised by a Wolf' Augustus. Excaliber appears again as the sword of Kings, made out of a 'forign metal' (note sync wink to first film) and Romulus Augustus goes to England and becomes Pendragon, father of King Ar-thor!

Excalibur has also been known as Caliburn http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Excalibur
Cali and burn? Shiva!

Oracle at Delphi, Know Thyself! What is Seraph really protecting?

Diamonds and Lucifers...Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!


Word verification: abled

Atareye said...

amazing brain food.

aferrismoon said...

for the first few Xmasses I remember getting a piece of coal and an orange in the bottom of the stocking

Wings - feathers > feather tend to be hollow tubes.
Also Moses got found in the 'reeds'
+ the Reeds were the family in Fantastic 4 + Walter Reed Hospital

Then JK did the post on Winslet - Oscar winner for the READER


Michael said...

Re: puns-when done esoterically (ala Fulcanelli, etc) it can be known as the language of the birds, cant, the spoken cabala, twilight language (michael hoffman) and green language.

Re: language-hieroglyphics and the like which blatantly combine pictures/symbols in the writing, very strongly link in the mind of young readers the right and left hemispheres (language is left brain activity, pictures is right brain), much greater than our straight forward alphabet (excluding deeper letter meanings) does. That said, I imagine living in those times, the language of symbols spoke loud and clear.

Re: your post-dig it

skrambo said...

Man, what a great read... Thanks for sharing! Really inspiring stuff.

toure said...

Holy Winged Hypnosis Batman!!

The synchro-verse really is Coming Together... I'm writing a blog right now that, once again, has some really eerie connections to what you have here. Great work.

Scott McCloud actually changed the way I looked at the world, much less movies and comics. His first book has a beautifully simple way of explaining the concept of meaning and perception.

I'll have to re-read this one after I finish my post (i always get distracted) and see what gels.

Speaking of seeing the world differently: I just got glasses for the first time in my life (a result of a lifetime of late-night internet browsing). The experience is... mind-boggling. Finding clarity where you didn't know there was unclarity...

Unknown said...

I enjoyed your aside about keeping your typos. Often times I write a completely different word (automatic writing?), and I've found that the arrangement of letters on the keyboard seem to facillitate the creation of accidental-words, though if I kept all the typos my posts might be completely unreadable.

Reading synchromystic stuff does lend one to using the 'language of the birds' and I think we are doing our own type of kabbalah & alchemy here which might soon become unreadable to those uninitiated in these patterns of thought.

Well anyways, a whole lot of ths post touched on tons of stuff I've been pondering, as usual, so I guess continue the great work of reading our collective synchro consciousness! :D

E. T. Hansen said...

Thanks for an enjoyable read. Many dazzling questions raised.
The last words of Thoraeu's Walden is "The Sun is but a morning star" (meaning perhaps hope and the evolution in spirit etc). Some thinking iniciated by that sentence, as following mythological tradition, one would take Venus for the morning star. The falling star, Venus, has fallen into a darkness, i.e. Lucifer emerging. The santa / satan / saturn (ego) congruence is pretty obvious, and his "dark" underground helper seems to be playing on the soot "ZOT/ NOT" connection. Midwinter, the death and resurrection of the sun becomes the modern feast of (ON) matter (on the mother) of saturn, reversing nature (Venus) instead of celebrating the return of the sun as universal lifebringer. And ON and ON..

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

I agree Raven.... It's all about interpretation. I think that is a lesson I'm still learning about sycromystism. Your interpretation changes in time. Even after I clip a picture and let it sit for a while... Then boom the meaning changes after I post and write about it. Then all of a sudden the symbol is every where, I can't get away from it. However this is all an internal process. Let me put it this way. Remember algebra when you would think something was hard. Then the teacher would move on.... And you would be pissed because you didn't have the last thing figured out yet. Then she would move on to the next and you would be two steps behind now. Then came the review and that first little thing is way easy.... Where was the change, people see what they see at the time. But, that is just an idea of what happened, therefore thoughts, perceptions, are not reality. Just interpretations of reality. All interpretations are correct. We don't climb the ladder of light, we just shift or transcend in our perception.

Thank you Arrowhead/Smith/Bowman. I like what we were talking about as far as the Avatar arrow pointing to the pineal. That's another connection to the sirius and the third eye. All this inevertanly leading to sirius is juat starting to become beatiful. Work was modest I hope. I took only a couple of minutes on skething out somestuff that wouldn't get out of my head. Thankyou.

Jaspal... I dig

Double A.... A pleasure as always.

Fucking weird.... Always knew you were problably a bad kid.

Winston thankyou and much love

Tommy tommy dig

Toure.... "When I was young I thought everyone saw the world that I saw... Then I turned ten and got glasses"- Sean Lennon, John Lennon's son(paraphrased).

Vil8tor... I agree... I always see afferrismoon as hard arcana pun making.... We have to be careful not to become a secret society ourselves.

RT... On and On is right you just baffled me... Thankyou. I wonder however if Venus was just a mistake for another older now gone star...

Thanks everyone and much love.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

The weird bad kid comment was for AfeRRismoon

A Few Shots to Shaman said...
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Tim Razo said...

thnx for the post! i'm new to this thought process, but like you said: "At first everything looks hard and beyond your limitations. But, these limitations are not you. You soon learn the new Language, it becomes yours. A light has turned on inside your head and all of a sudden you see all the pieces. You went through no physical change, but now it is easy." I look forward to learning more.

Michael Dvor said...

different to say the least.