"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


I looked, and there before me was a white horse....

Shree Veera Brahmendra Maha Swami, writing about 1,000 years ago in "Divya Maha Kala Jnana" (literally: "Divine Knowledge of the Time") claims that Kalki would arrive when the Moon, Sun, Venus and Jupiter have entered the same sign; such occurrences are not rare and the next is expected in the year 2012 or afterwards. - WikiKalki who the passage above is referring to is the 10th and presumably final Avatar of Vishnu... Not yet, it is said, to have walk the Earth. However like Jesus there have been many through recent, and not so recent, times claiming to be he. As mentioned Shree Veera Brahmendra Maha Swami claims that a certain alignment of the planets, including the ever present Jupiter, marks his return and expectantly at the possible date of 2012. Avatar the word can be taken back to the root of the meaning decent to mark that Kalki is Vishnu descending from heaven, however it has a deeper meaning. In means embodiment or icon of a greater whole, hence why we use it to describe the pictures of ourselves we use to represent us in computer forums.Vishnu is said to have 10 Avatars including Krishna, Rama, and Buddha. The final, as described already, is Kalki and shall end the last age called the Kali Yuga. He shall arrive atop a White Horse and shall banish evil from the world for all eternity. The new Avatar movie has many connotations to Blue Gods such as Krishna and Rama and their attraction to big Birds such as the Garuda.... In the new movie the main character takes to the sky's atop a huge bird like creature actually matching the description of the Garuda to a T, as well in the movie it is mentioned that only 5 before had ever accomplished the same feat. Meaning the connotation is almost undeniable. It's like an Avatar with in an Avatar. He is an Avatar of his human self, but also the representation of a Savior in Blue to the non human tribe in the movie.The actor in the Avatar movie, the lead as it where, is one Sam Worthington who plays Marcus Wright (a mish mosh WE3 spinner name if ever there were) in the movie Terminator Salvation. James Cameron the director/writer of Avatar sugested Worthington for the Terminator role, which is fitting seeing that he created that franchise as well. In the movie Worthington is a Tin Man... Straight up and down. The Tin Man concept hinges on the mechanical man with attention to the heart/compassion. For those that are un-familiar with this little enigma, I could go on, but won't. I do feel it would be more fun to think of some on your own. However, there's no argument that here it is obvious. He is a machine who holds in his chest a human heart.... And he fights the machine force, a symbol that can include the ideals of state. Seen above he is crucified and within the clasp of DNA like binding chains. He latter gives his heart so that Christian Bale AKA John Connor may live. Not only are the initials of the character correspondent to the initials of Jesus Christ but the actor's name has Christ with in it.... As well as other connotations, but lets keep this simple. The Machine Savior gives his heart to Christ hence the title of the movie... Salvation.
In the New Testament's Revelations white horses are mentioned twice. Once as one of the four horse men and then latter again as the mount of Christ himself. Although not winged like that of Kalki Christ dose "Descend" to earth on said horse from the sky. Same-same.

According to Jewish tradition the messiah will appear ridding a donkey, although the color is unspecified in the original source Zechariah 9:9, which states "your king is coming to you; righteous and having salvation is he, humble and mounted on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey," popular perception places the color of this donkey as white.-Wiki

Even in the Muslim tradition Mahdi is said to appear next to Jesus riding a White Horse to eliminate evil from the world in the end times. Mahdi is sort of a messiah prophet and of course many through the folds of time have claimed the title.Hinting back to 2012 I like to share a viewing I had recently. The Road to El Dorado by Disney. Many concepts can be thrown around from the name itself, not to mention Disney is notorious for sync. I sat spell bound as the colorful intro, worthy of viewing on any modest amount of mushrooms I might add, plays out Mayan myth to a perfect 10. Behold the creators of the world ushered on the mount of a serpent rope..... The Serpent Rope is a prophecy of the Mayan's. It is said that instead of a White Horse the savior will come to end all atop a Serpent Rope. Many have speculated on the meaning. Of course to one versed on Science Fiction Serpent Rope is a stones throw away from Worm Hole, and if you like Rik Clay then the Serpent Rope was given to Indiana Jones by his son Shia LaBeouf(Crystal Skull, remember... Indie's in the quick sand and Shia brings... Oh, never mind). However here we see the Gods a stride something that can be considered little else than a Serpent Rope.The Gods do the hand jive and then....Rainbows emanate out of their hands. Rainbows have so many possible interpretations, think Rainbow Bridge, but if your just pressed for time(like I am) think OZ.Most any creation myth you zero down on deals with the creation angels converging the 7 rays of light of the Rainbow.....To make Earth.The Plants then grow on this our Eden.... See what I mean about the Mushrooms.Then from the depths of Eden grow 3 Golden Pyramids. Topped of course with the sun. The Sun equals the eye.... It's simple and perfect really, symbolizing consciousness itself. This is the creation of El Dorado.... The city of gold.Long story short two guys find a map to said city. Kevin Klein(KK) who makes occasional sync blips Stars as the one in Blue. They find the place where El Dorado is supposed to be marked by a big slab of rock highlighting the two gods on the Serpent Rope.Their only companion is a White Horse.
And in perfect sync they are confused as the gods. White Horse equals Serpent Rope, nice and snug.At first you might consider the Horse Grey.... But latter it is shown to be irrefutably White. This scene takes place during a Mayan Ball Game. It has been argued that the Mayan Ball game is inspired by the Sun's Alignment with Galactic Center. Galactic Center is the Center of our Milky Way and at certain periods of time Aligns with Sol. This is thought by the Mayans to be of the utmost importance, the ball quite simply represents the Sun or our solar system, the hole is Galactic Center. The ritual was very sacred and the winner, although this has been disputed as well, was sacrificed.
I've seen many hoops for this game, and so have who ever made this movie because they all are tinged with the DNA like symbol seen above. The alignment of Galactic Center with us is almost always linked to our DNA, lots of theories on this... What's yours?

The next Alignment with Galactic Center, of course is sited as being on Dec 21, 2012 at 11:11 universal time.... The 11th letter in the Alphabet is K, hence the importance of Kevin Klein's involvement here. KK=11:11... The White Horse rides on 2012, nice and neat. A little more on DNA leads us back to Terminator where DNA is actually a symbol of the human race. DNA is easily associated to Snakes, and to straight up blood as well. In fact Blood is how the fake gods are discovered in El Dorado. The gods need blood sacrifices because they have no blood of the own. Their cover is hence blown when one of the men start to bleed during the Galactic Center game. The blood suddenly disappears from the shaman's hands bringing attention to his Palm, lots of ideas about Palms. And I'm sure we'll see more before this trip is done. Now for a side step tangent... I realize by the change in gears here that I might loose some. But, to me sync is a very personal thing, and some times whatever you seem to think of as a useless random idea morphs into something extremely strange, and so hard to explain. I personally have been playing with the idea of trains and their connotation to destiny in numerous films. I was encouraged to view Throw Momma From the Train by Jake Kotze. Danny Devito did this film that stared Billy Crystal, two cats that hang around sync often. Now the movie is cool and filled with weird syncs but nothing to blog about.... Yet. I did have White Horses in mind while seeing it and noticed a White Horse while Danny's character was hiding under his covers to write a story. This was only a small idea of my own and not very strong I might add.... Just a blip really. Look close above.Not more than five minutes later Danny is seen in front of a tapestry that could be construed as a depiction of Kalki. He is in Crystal's ex-wife's house, that just happens to be filled with eclectic artifacts from numerous religions. Dead on really and straight up spooky from my point of view. Oh look, his shirt is covered in Palms. That experience was tucked away until I found another movie by the ever present Disney called Hercules. Danny Devito dose the voice of a Pan like character. Pan is also ever present, as well as important. Some way-out-there-space-cowboy of a sync head once said that if you scramble the letters and invert the p that Pan becomes dna.... Just saying. Here we see Danny atop a Winged White Garuda Horse named Pegasus. Remember that Kalki's White Horse is also seen as winged more often times than not. Pegasus makes many appearances in mythos most of the time as being white. However very soon he will hit the big screen in what might very well be the color of black.... This will be in the movie Clash Of The Titan's which of course stars the Savior Avatar Tin Man Sam Worthington.... Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

I am a copy of a copy

Saint Santiago said...

I never saw The Road To El Dorado, so I added it to my Netflix queue. It's number #240 in the queue--Jupiter Joy strikes again.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Yeah, Ratte... I know, but the other one has already been buried.

Ishmael said...

excellent work, as always. seems like you and Kevin are both on the road to El Dorado together.
take care.

Smelly-Display said...

Loved the post. Just saw tRtED myself.
Only it's not Disney its Dreamworks
who also did Sinbad the legends of the seven seas with
flying boats and portals, other worlds etc.

fyi maybe u know this but Dreamworks is going to do
'The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn' (2011)
It will be directed by Steven Spielberg and the script is based on four of the stories; The >>>Crab<<< with the Golden Claws, The Shooting Star, The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham's Treasure.
The series of Tin Tin are VERY interesting too, 2 say the least.


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

You are so frickin right good sir... It is indeed Dreamworks... Oh, well I work fast and didn't check my self. Dreamworks really is just as prominent, and either will get crazier with whatever they put out right now. I am so watching for Tin-Tin for so many reasons... I've mentioned it before, but, for the life of me can't remember where...

It's going to have Peter Jackson on it, or at least they were talking about it. And, in 3D.

Anonymous said...

I'm just razing you ... what I've been sometimes that works good is just putting up a pic on the whole and hyperlinking it to my page, so most of the comments stay in one place

hit me up on the skype sometime WIll, I got all excited and bought a mic but have nothing to do with it

Unknown said...

All this talk about white horses makes me think of Mohammed and Barak.

Ishmael said...

I looked at this again today. I've been thinking about you a lot lately.
--"Reassemble, Stephanie."
That quote is turning into a meme in the synchroshpere me thinks, but I think I have some insight as to why, and now the context of this post is striking.
The Pale Horse is death. (condolences)
The White Horse is new life, or better, everlasting life.
The triumphant return is the illustration on The Sun card. The Fool has now become The Holy Fool.

The White Horse in Twin Peaks. . .?
maybe mrs. Palmer saw that right before Maddie was killed. I used to associate it w/ drugs for some reason.
Gandalf rode Shadowfax and brought death and life.
Maybe there really is only ONE white horse. Jesus is the reaper.
I dunno.
do be well.
Reading it this time, I really noticed a meditative depth and quality that I don't get if I blast through it. Very nice work sir. You're an asset to the team.

Atareye said...

Your banner is freakin' nuts, any penguins in Happy Gilmore?

Good to see you around homie. Hope all is well and stuff