"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


Setting Presidence pt 1

Tyehimba Garvey Toure from the Patternist is interviewed by William Morgan from A Few Shots To Shaman.Together they discuss the difference between Sycromysticism as conspiracy theory and the opposing view as "all as one" that leading to their own conflict with each of those concepts. They then begin on into Toure's own work involving pop divas such as Beyonce Knowles and her relationship to Posthumanism and the sexualization of technology. These concepts are explored under the blanket theories of Marshall McLuhan and considered then as a natural progression of evolution. Topics such as the Global Village, the dissolving of the celebrity, using symbols in your own work, Tye's shying away from personal syncs, and the positive effect that sync has had on himself. Watch for the longer part 2 in which they explore race and the effect that the internet has had own their own bias.

Setting Presidence with Tyehimba Garvey Toure from the Patternist.

I remember the first time that Tye contacted me on youtube, shortly there after his blog started and took off like a skyrocket. I've always been kinda jealous of his clean presentation, and was even more in awe of his superior articulation compared to my own. All podcast are slightly embarrassing to me, perhaps because I practically live with them in my ear until they are done, this gives one the opportunity to pin point every single one of their own faults and annoyances. However this was not the reason that this podcast was nearly 2 months in it's completion. And although I was also embarrassed at how long it took me it seems that I couldn't have finished it in more perfect timing. Most of the weird synchronicities are cover in the post The Apotheosis of Washington (Dances with Atlantis floW) over at the Syncwhole including the correspondence of this cast coming out on black history month as well as George Washington's birthday. This was also the day that Jim Sanders let loose his new video of the same name as the post....

The following is a except of my own with slight reediting of that post inspired by my talk with Toure... And thanks Tye for your time, talk, inspiration, and patience.

It should also be noted that the use of the Jupiter Finger in the video above and the post below was coincided with no contact between Jim Sanders and myself.

I opened the mix with a excerpt from one of Malcom X's speeches.... Toure said he could envision the cast with a lot of excellent examples of Black Speech. His upcoming post having to deal a large amount with the voice. He told me this in his recent conversation with me, and so sense then I've been listening to some example of the likes of Denzel's inspiration for the above poster and Martin Luther King.... King being the key word here. I keep coming up to the fact that King Felix means King Luck and luck is associated to Jupiter of way of the Jupiter Mudras. Jupiter is also inline with Communication.
The Jupiter Mudras...

With the the two index fingers together, the power of Jupiter, or good luck and expansion is activated. Together they focus your energy to break through barriers.

  • This Mudra activates Jupiter inside you and brings abundance in your life.
  • It will expand your horizon and get wider views of life and you will become a good judge of the life’s events.
  • The teacher in you will be activated too.
  • Person who is mean minded and selfish will become broad minded and selfless.
  • This generates blue energy and thus activates throat Chakra.

As the petals of the throat chakra open...

You enter into the space of "your highest" truth and creativity.

The throat chakra is an instrument with which we communicate with

the angels, masters, guides, the spirit world and the physical world.

Its basic function is expression and communication...

at many levels and all the formats.

Thought forms, internal dialogues, verbal and non verbal expression, art,

desires, intentions...are all different forms of communication .

Communication brings the desired results.

Imbalance at the throat chakra creates distorted communication.

And distorted communication is the root cause of all the struggles in life.

Once this is understood, and some effort is directed towards

opening the throat chakra,

The Blue Throat Chakra is the Fifth Chakra and associated to the as seen above by the Jupiter Finger through the Jupiter Mudras or Yoga hand move.

I've been having issues with being Honest lately... There are so many times that it would be easier to lie for what ever reason. It's self advancing to notice that the occasion to be honest keeps arising and yet you still feel the urge to just "keep it simple".... Something perhaps is to complicated to explain, just make up something simple.

And yet the truth will set you free sayeth the lord.

Ok then I'll be honest. The finger phenomenon was wacky to me. It's your fucking index finger, man, it means little more than that I figured.

Then late one night I'm digging through the unpublished post in the archive at the Whole and I find a little present by Jim... Or Jake... Or some damn teacher around these parts.


The Index Finger is considered the Jupiter Finger. Observing how it is used in the world around us allows us to understand the force that Jupiter plays in our life.

We use the Jupiter Finger for many reasons. We can change channels on our remote with it as Adam Sandler is doing in the movie Click. Jupiter decides what we watch.

The Jupiter Finger is also great to point at people with as a means to enlist them. One of the most famous Jupiter Finger images is the Army recruitment ad campaign that has an image of George Washington pointing and saying "We want you."

Will; Note: Yet another Adam Sandler 23?

However it is not till I get down to the unedited photos that I am taken aback. I've always been a fan of the stacking of .jpg's to underline a comicbook like message. Alot of blogers just pile the pictures in and then right the post to the pictures, editing pictures in and out until you get something beautiful.

You could feel the time it took for them to upload example after example... Even now it has a weird random/intentional feel to it that strikes your brain muscles quite a punch. That's not even all of them in that particular post that I stumbled upon that night... And there are numerous post just like this one. Its cool and I'll be honest even a guilty pleasure of mine to go looking in some of my sync brother's unpublished joyfest. There's just a primitive charm about it.
Mercy in the Tree of Life is number 4. Seen in this context as being related to the 5th Chakra(see I told you I sniffed something around that stinking number 5).Lincoln was known as "Honest Abe" and was renown for his communication skills. There's something to this... Abe had a fully functioning Throat Chakra. As did King, as did Malcom X, as does Obama. Hand of his heart.... But Tin Men always speak from the heart. Jupiter finger extended.... It's perfectly displayed. If the color blue is associated to Jupiter.... Then all Blue Men are Jupiter Men, highlighted all the way down from Avatar to Dr. Manhattan. It's an archetype for a higher consciousness above the norm. To align with Toure, if you look at the Chakras then the Jupiter Chakra springs from the Atlantean Chakra. The real life Abraham was a Jupiter man or Blue God. How perfectly timed that a Archetypical Personality type resignating perfectly to the tales of Hindu Gods held comander and chief during the most important Civil Rights battle in history.Like Jesus, Krishna is known for his truth.... Being called "The one who can't lie" or some derivative there of. In the Bible we have the "Truth will set you free" or the fact that one gospel(can't remeber which one, it's been a while) has Jesus starting every other sentence with "Truly, truly, I say this to you.

The Truth will Emancipate you. Now I'm gonna be honest here. I gonna tell you a personal experience from childhood. Please have the understanding that humans as a whole are fucked up and don't take what I say as offensive, just true. I grew up near Montgomery AL. The Capital of the enemy of Abe. By the ol country white folk in the suburbs of the city it was called by another name.... "Monkey Town". As a child I didn't get the meaning. The world was different on TV, my babysitter as it were, and I was raised to re runs of Sanford and Son, Archie Bunker, and The Jeffersons... I do a great Mr. Jefferson walk by the way. The point is I had seen the world through the eyes of America's growing pains over Civil Rights on the physiological level revealed through the media of PoP. America's nightly entertainment from the last 20 years of the 60's and 70's molded me.

"Why you call it Monkey Town?"

"Because there's so many of them there..."

I think hard trying not to show my confusion and shifting awkwardly because of the fact that I wasn't laughing like all those standing around were.

"You mean the ones in the Zoo." Montgomery has the best zoo, it's just fucking so damn hot there is the only down side. I love monkey's, always have. And when I was a kid they used to have these trash can lids that looked like the characters from the Wizard of Oz. Anyways I digress.

Someone pats me on the back during a gut laugh so deep that they'll be wiping tears later. Years go by before I realized the nightmare I was in at that time, and still was in. They called black people "Porch Monkeys". They were pissed because when freed the slaves went to the capital of the confederacy. I happen to love Montgomery because of it's history, the Confederate Capitol, it's White House, the slave market, and Martin Luther King Jr's church during Selma are all with in a football field of each other. Somewhere in the mist of all that is this place called Chris' Hot Dogs that has the best Chili Dog I've ever had in my life... More digression. But Abraham is a white dude in true pigment. So there is a change of roles. Black people where not Monkeys that were to be used as Beast of Burden. But White people were the Beast. For it is beastly to cage your own kind. Wither it be you who think they are your kind or not. The racial overtones where dipped in to my adolescent mind again with Sci Fi. This time race was unforgivably applied. Thanks Richard for the impact. Double Role Reversal. Beast caging Beast. I learned that we're all from the same source be us Jews, Juice, Toast, or Biscuit. It didn't matter. Lincoln was often referred to as a high school joke. All the white silver presidents turned their back on the brown Lincoln(reversed in picture above). But there is no racist Illuminati Subliminal plot here, as if they were pissed because they were disappointed in the actions of Lincoln.

Like the Blue God Krishna(Khrist) whose name meant "Black" or "Dark".... Lincoln was a brown man and therefore Black.... He's a Blue God. He's actually above the rest, as are the feminine(check out the Susan B above, she's faced away from the men). Remember this is a positive interpretation and holds many loopholes for multiple translations, possible negative ones as well.

All Black Stars(on the screen) in Syncro are considered by some as Black Stars(in the sky) and therefore resonate of Jupiter as well. That's important. I'm not saying that Blacks are more divine and better than Whites I'm saying at this time period they have higher resonates with this symbol key. Black people are resonate of Jupiter and it's flowering in 2010. Remember the Lincoln memorial is a replica of Zeus' Temple that meaning syncro like Lincoln would be Zeus. If you don't take the world as mundane then this fact is important.... No Zeus then no Lincoln... They wear the same mask, or hold the same symbol.Black Star Will Smith as the the new Zeus. Bolt of lightning. And the Eagle as well. Importantly noted that he is named after a forefather, not Lincoln(thank goodness) that would be unforgivable... But it seems that it holds similar connotations.... As if The United States earlier administration were god beings from long ago and boinked Chaleze Theron. If you excuse the vulgarity. However there is the hint in other Black Star resonator like Tupac. Juice being a mixture of the word Zues and Jupiter.

What's important for the next segment however is Will Smith's line of movies.... His Sycromystic Character Composite Identification if you will. He's here in Hancock and is also in I-Robot.... Where he faces Tin Men and is one himself. And 42 being the equivalent of the Astrological symbol of Jupiter and the Alchemical symbol of Tin makes this next image practical not for discussion. There is also I am Legend that deals with Vampire like beings in the year 2012. I see the evil android-take-over-robot, the zombie, the undead in general, clones, or even monkey men as the root chakra type being. Stage 1 or level 1 if you will. It is a non spiritual(without heart or blood) being that is rooted to the physical. It's main ideal is satisfying what Buddha called the thirst. Zombies here are a dead ringer, it is a shell that is displaying only the base line animal instinct to survive. All the monkey men are not slang for Black men or White men but mankind. More illustrations to come. First lets revisit Hank Azaria the voice for Abe Lincoln in Night At the Museum.He also played another Abraham within the same year(2009).... Year One.Most of this thread was covered at the Sync Whole and archived by Jim Sanders over at the CentrePortal. The point is that Abraham from the Bible(Father) and Abe Lincoln both resonate Jupiter and both were voiced by the same man. Abraham in the movie Year One is seen in the classic story from the Bible about to sacrifice his son Isaac. Normally a Ram would suffice as a sacrifice, however to test his loyalty God ask Abraham to use his son as beast instead. Yet another testament to the Beastly side of mankind. As a child I always marveled that when Abraham was about to kill Isaac the lord intervened and spared his child. It must be remembered that Abraham was unsuccessful in having children for the longest time and then asked by the almighty to take the life of his child... Later of course Abraham gave birth to the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim populace. God later sacrificed his only begotten son, as it were.... Get it. He made Abraham stop from killing his and we went on and killed his anyway. God knew(according to the story if read between the lines) that little Isaac's children would later lench Christ and let him live anyway. The form that god intervened was through the angel Zadkiel.
The angel gives the message that Abraham is not to harm his child and in the movie Year One as someone pointed out(can't remember who pointed it out to me but I'll give you your dues if you remind me in the comments I think it was Strange Eye) Zadkeil is played unintentionally by Jack Black(star).Ok really do I need to point out all of these Jupiter fingers... I mean just scroll up a little. Ok where was I.... Zadkiel the angel is associated to Jupiter because of this act of Mercy. Just type in Jupiter Angel to Google and a plethora of sites direct you to Zadkiel. Interestingly enough there is another Biblical episode in the movie Year One. There's many actually, but this one seems to be relevant.The story of Cain and Abel... David Cross, whose been in many sync movies but never had much attention paid to him, is Cain. I personally registered that Abel's name was close to Abe's especially after seeing this.
Click to enlarge

James Ratte of Sync Whole acclaim(I use that term loosely) put this word game up. The b in the word Abe can be flipped to make the p in Ape as well. However it was him mentioning that Abel can also be seen as Abe L.(incoln) that caught my eye. Once again is the story of mans violent nature. The story is known by most but is basically that Abel and Cain are brothers who give God an offering based in their field of farming(Cain) or cattle herding(Abel). God accepted Abel's but not Cain's. There are many interpretations to this including mans deep rooted fear of meat eating cats(god accepted cows but not Cain's vegan offering), as well as Cain being the son of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. The important thing that I focus on is the fact that Cain(Can't), and Abel(Can) are brothers and like Lincoln's Civil war came into conflict. Interestingly enough James Ratte also hinted to me that the movie Fight Club with Ed Norton and Brad Pitt feature each other quizzing themselves on which famous people dead or alive they would like to fight.... Brad Pitt during one of these sessions answers "Abraham Lincoln". Ed Norton and Mr. Pitt are the same person split... Much like Cain and Abel if thought through, and resonating with the United States during the Civil War. Abe Lincoln seen above in Night At The Museum is voiced as already pointed out by Hank Azaria. He gives the advice to the Jupiter Man Ben Stiller of "A house can not stand divided" in which he, Ben, uses to defeat the main villain's minions. A house can not stand divided is from the Bible and fitting seeing the conflict in which Lincoln was a part of himself. United States as divided house. Brad Pitt and Norton as divided house. Hank Azaria is also said villain illustrating this duality further. 42 looks on being the same as the symbol of Jupiter and Tin. 42 is also the badge number that Stiller sneaks into the Smithsonian under, highlighted again by the Black Star.
Hence why I called him a Blue Jupiter Man. It seems that Jupiter is on both sides of the conflict. Bingo direct hit. Jupiter Fingers pointing to two fighting monkeys. Ben Stiller tells them to quit fighting because they are the same type of rare monkey. In fact there is no real reason for this scene other than comic relief for in the film the monkey's are on the same "team". It's the two faces of Jupiter or the two faced Janus who himself is just another representation of Jupiter at the very least. Click to enlarge and see monkey's little name tag

Notice that one of the Monkey's name is even Able, a slight variation of Abel or Abe L. It's one of the first monkey's that went into space for the United States and is in preservation at the Smithsonian.

It must be remebered that back when we saw the other Monkey representation of Abe L.(incoln) the movie still was taken from sync head Tim Burton's remake of the Planet of the Apes that came out in 2001 oddly enough. That movie not only had Abe as Ape but a monkey in a space suit as well like the one above in the Museum movie. See the thread?
2001 once again... We have monkey's in space suits as well as ones who are fighting. It's funny that the Monolith is a symbol of evolution and yet teaches the Apes to do nothing more than bash each others heads in, over a watering hole. The second Monolith is explained to be on the moon so that only an "advanced" race capable of extra-planetary travel could find it. The stepping stones go from the earth and fighting to the Moon to Jupiter as I had explained to me be Jake recently. But to get there those damn fighting monkey's had to learn to fly. Jupiter beckoned to them from it's far home out in space. Note; Flying monkey's in OZ. Double Note; In 2001 at ground zero of the World Trade Center after which flying monkeys(man not Arab) crashed into the building, marking one of the most violent acts of mankind, the Millennium Hilton that was designed to look exactly like the Monolith of 2001 stood flush to the towers and was left unharmed.

Nicole Kidman the Ozzy was seen in the picture thread we saw earlier with attention drawn to the Jupiter Finger. The Stepford Wives. She is turned into a robot or Tin Women in the film. Sense Tin is the magic correspondence of Jupiter, hence why their symbol is the same, she is marked in perfect fashion. She doesn't start off as a robot, but turned into one via her husband in the film Matthew Brodereck.

Aka Inspector Gadget the Tin Man with Jupiter Finger exaggerated. Gunslingers are often seen as Tin Men mostly because a gun is an extension of the Jupiter Finger but also because of their Tin Badges, like the on above. Police Men are also "The men in Blue" making them Jupiter Resonators that also mediate conflict, or sometimes start it, whatever.... Gears are a symbol that has been coming up often(even on the ball drop in New York for New Years 2010) but I'm not satisfied with my interpretation just yet so back on track.Project X where in 1987 Inspector Tin Man taught monkey's to fly. In the movie Matthew Broderick wears a Blue Jumpsuit and some times a shirt marked with Bows and Arrows. Jupiter is a Bowman as well as the Blue God Rama and Bows and Arrows are seen as a symbol of hitting the mark, an analogy to hitting the divine or not sinning. I say the X stands for the last sphere in the Tree of Life that of Malkuth which is the Material world or Mother Earth itself. This is another hint that this story takes places on Earth and Monkeys are another symbol for Mankind. Jupiter it seems is screaming to teach us to fly. And remember everything Jupiter is considered Jovial another world for Joy.... Through Joy we fly.... We Fly. We don't have to take it out on each other, not anymore... There is no reason for sacrifice. Mercy has been granted. jUPiter points up. Time to take flight.So that's were I had gotten with the post and then finished the Podcast for Toure's show. I mean really is obnoxious how much entraining with these two gentlemen, Jim, and Tye I probably did in the last weeks... It's late now 11:42 and the snow is falling on Boulder and heading this way. I'm not sure if any of this is readable or even appropriate. But it's to late now so I'll just jump.I understand that all of this is RAW but really everything about it syncs down to the color of my pants. So here's the next part with reediting.

Project X also resonates with Malcom X.
The movie starts out with a small chimp getting blasted in a field of yellow flowers resonating with Jupiters Yellow Flowers of Joy. Jack Black Star shows his entrainment as he try to get Lucky under the Joyful Yellow Flowers in Year One. Luck of course an attribute to Jupiter as well there is the key of his legendary sexual activity. Then the monkey is sold at King Imports. Resonating with Martin Luther King as well as King Felix AKA King Jupiter. Note; Jack Blacks Blue 42 in King Kong. Blue 42 in Titans?I do however have 2 4's in the Moon Key movie. The plane he learns to fly in is always number 4... There are only 4 simulators in which the Chimps do this. And his cage of which there is 20 some odd other cages. 4 is for the Mercy Circle in the Tree of Life and deals with Communication of course. The Moon Key befriends Matthew B with his King Louie jacket seen here. King Louie is a Moon Key in Disney's Jungle Book and later flew Airplanes like the one on Broderick's back in Disney's Talespin cartoon that came out in the late 80's early 90's. Once again hinting at King. Also numerous Red Stars shine from his jack. The Moon Key knows sign Language and wants to fly. The Jovian aspects of communication help MB understand. The Basket Ball game of Alignment winks twice in the movie seeing as that at play time the moon key sets the clock to 4 twenty 2 to play the alignment game as the white horse of the savior looks on.4 22 on the planet.And the final Avatar of Vishnu rides horse(as does Jesus in Revelations) Bow and Arrow in hand.Broderick in Blue and Arrows. Tiger wink. 120th Fighters it says. Jupiter finger points up(behind his ear hinting at communication again)... Black Arrows point to pineal gland... And a reworking of Denzels name becomes Washing in Tons..
Have some faith. Denzel's known attribute to the Alignment. Even saying as much as the Father(Jupiter) the Son(Sun) and the Holy Game.
Matthew with Jupiter Finger aside Helen Hunt(HH) points the Jupiter Finger at the Monkey and therefore mankind telling him that "You" Need to go up.... You need to fly.Helen Hunt(HH) has double H's and H's are the 8th letter in the English alphabet. 88 miles an hour to get Back to the Future. Remembering as well that Lighting is also needed. Get Juiced. I'll Juice you up being the key frame that Sync Christ Carrey says to Matthew Broderick in Cable Guy. Juice being the combination of Zeus and Jupiter as said before as well as a term used to express the power of Zeus' lightning.

Returning back to the Inspector Tin Man poster we see how much the actions of the Jupiter Finger under exaggerative context resembles sign language. Jupiter undeniably points up. Jupiter points to Jupiter.

Love and Thanks


Ishmael said...

Have I told you that you are my favorite yet Will?
--I have been awfully gushy lately. Maybe it's time to chill out, but Jesus guys. Such incredible work coming out of the whole lately.

I can't believe this theme that has arisen lately. And because it has, you should totally read Dan Brown's *Lost Symbol*. It is silly, but you might find something in there. It will only take a couple of days, and I'm sure you Library has ten thousand copies available.

The podcast is great. Like I was saying. The art is the alchemy of the whole--and it speaks louder and more directly than any words could. Such great work. As I said to Jim, you are on the path, or to you, I would say on "The Beam". It is a beautiful thing to watch. everything you guys are doing seems "right". Very nice work. Or maybe the better word is "play". That's what this feels like when it is clicking. Not work, but play.

I don't know if I will add to the world's longest blog post toady. I need to do some writing. I have two beasts I'm chasing and I haven't even really begun tracking them. I have all my gear together and have begun, but not really. My heart rate isn't up yet.

Have you gotten your passport yet, brother? I paid for mine last week. It should arrive in about 6 weeks or so. $75 dollars to the State Dept. and then then $40 to the post master--$15 was for the picture. I think that could have been free if I did it at home, which one can. The Passcard is like half as much $20 & $25 & then the picture fee(rite aid does em too for about half as much).
--I don't know if anything will come of this, but then if the moment hits, I want to be ready. Could be an adventure.
--I bought a secret of the masons magazine that looks at Dan Brown's novel. I'm sure this becomes a movie in the future w/ Tom Hanks. It is funny they can't get these to work like the do on the page.
Take care. You podcasts are a thing of beauty. I think I'm going to put the old ones on my pod and give them another listen.

toure said...

the problem with having such strong alignment/resonance/sync with a fellow researcher is that it's harder to come up worthy comments for posts. so much of what i would say has been said here...

your "porch monkey" story gave me a nice chuckle :] i could tell where you were going before you got there. the monkey syncs here strengthen the pattern i'm trying to solidify of the dark father: humans evolved from monkey/ape-like humanoids, dark fathers. the denial of this by christians speaks to influence from the light father, jesus. the black jesus, obama, the country's father, is the coming together of these supposed dualities... lincoln was as well, come to think of it. i see him as the white horse, but he was the dark horse president at the time... the speechmaker, the father of the country, the liar [politician] who told the truth... he's even famous for his mad hatter top hat- a dark halo! i love it.

like i said, i'm still wading through the syncs here, so if you come across anything, dont hesitate to send it my way.

ps: secretly afraid that pt2 of the podcast wont be able to stand up the cool flow of pt1...

sfauthor said...

Nice posting. Do you know about these chakra books?


Atareye said...

Great as usual. Dedicated devotion to the art of mind. Memory recall at high speeds. You gotta check into a live podcast Will. Splatter some more of your brains out on this digital canvas. Expression of ideas and intelligence in real time with input from a live aud-ience.

I gotta disk with valis and 3 of your podcasts on it. Time too drop some new wax.

You courageous basterds

Jake Kotze said...

Love you

Arrowsmith said...

It's the flaws in the interview that I love the most. It's what makes the whole thing feel so personal, and real. If your podcast was scripted then it would lose all of that magic. I'm glad you guys decided to hook up and let us eavesdrop the conversation. You both deserve a medal.

Word Veri: scapple (in blue)

did I mention the blue apples/blueberries in the recent email? Here's another example for you. :)

Unknown said...

Great 'cast. Wow, part 2? Can't wait :D

P.S. I think that's Denzel's middle finger in the Malcom X poster. I can see his index-knuckle behind it..

Marc said...

This was by far my favorite post I've read since following these blogs for as long as i can remember.
Oh and i just found out that the Oscar-award trophies are made from tin, coated with gold.

I watched Australia today with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.

“Pride isn’t power” The antagonist Neil Fletcher (played by David Wenham) keeps saying this. While Nicole Kidman (Lady Ashley) values the pride of raising the half aboriginal as a “normal” child. Despite the standards of segregation and treatment of “half breeds”.
At the end the child's father is in fact Fletcher and he tries to kill the boy (though I don't think its for racist reasons, simply in spite) except the grandfather (the aborigines wizard) kills Fletcher just in time.
I think a lot of this movie syncs in with this.

Marc said...

Check out my pictures of Street Fighter it talks about the blue tin man and Abel... I'd love to see what your take on it is.
I'm willing to upload more if you're interested. I might also go ahead and purchase the sequel. Its funny I only bought the book because I liked the artwork. It was purely for eye candy, but after reading this blog I couldn't help but see the sync.

Dennis/87 said...

Synchnificant and thoughtfull, to distill the movies and literture into something cosmic is an art form. Dennis

James Kingsley - QPatriot said...

You are tuned in brother.. I feel we don't have much longer before we see ckearly what for so long has been hidden from us.. Life is a play and the script is written in symbols.. He who finds the symbols and understands is thus "CALLED".. so do what you are to do.. as am I;) BE LOVE! ~a~ witness (to the truth).