"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


The Father of Synchromysticism and The Ayahuasquero of Solomon's Temple pt 1 and 2

Behold the Merry Men Project.... My initial idea came in the form of a dream. Dreams seem to be important in my development to Nosis, they actually brought me to the synchrosphere and have been an intricate part in my friendship to many. I have vivid dreams of many around these parts, most of all is Jim Sanders for reasons I can't really say. One night not too long ago I had a dream about Jake Kotze and I having a phone conversation... We were cut off and the phone rings with Afferismoon on the line ready to shoot the shit... Soon after I find myself on the phone to an undisclosed female sync-head before waking up. I thought about it for awhile and then the idea of an interview came to my mind. I used to make my step grandfather put on his recorder in the basement when I was a kid and record myself talking for hours at a time at a young age.... I called it "The Will Show". It's safe to say that I enjoy hearing my own voice even to this day. You can see that in my head this little experiment only makes sense. So why call it the Merry Men Project. I will not go into too many details only that there is a growing group of us who feel a common bound to building a synchrosphere based on no-fear. Keeping it Merry if you would. I also feel that anytime you dive into certain areas of thought that denounce your previous reality tunnel your ego kicks into high gear... Perhaps some of you have witnessed these tell-tale signs in your own experience, they might included forgetting certain synchronicities that are not remembered till much latter, the feeling that the AHA moments you have had are not all that important.... Or perhaps you go the other way, like thinking that your Syncs are the best Syncs, or that agitation of not being recognized, perhaps even hoping a fellow blogger's post will hurry up and be done so they don't happen upon anything you wanted to release on to consciousness yourself. I myself have experienced all of these....

There I said it, I feel better now...

I've even had a relationship with sync common to most junkies, I've stayed up to the wee hours of the morning trying to finish what I thought was a world changing post, only to post it that morning and fall into a steep depression that it was done.... This is normal, trust me, however I feel charged and steady now extending my talent's out to people of like mind to bring forth a common product. That is what the internet is after all. You have been fooled my friend, as we all have, there is no internet Etiquette. This place is way too young and non of us know how to use it yet.... We are evolving with it, and all the old misconceptions that we will grow up to find the magic pill that makes us an instant celebrity is not reality.... There are far too many of us who share it to be of any real tangible invocation. We must become together, we must evolve as one.... I hope that makes sense.

I first called it The Merry Men Podcast, but was reminded that women do roam the "Sphere"... Sounds From Sherwood will do just fine because The Merry Entities Podcast just sounds stupid. I will do some interviews myself for a while, but to bring up my good friend Jon Kidd, he came to me with the same idea of doing this at the same time I did, putting the proverbial nail to the coffin as it were, and solidifying my commitment, he has said that he had some ideas for it as well so hopefully this spawns many a great syncrombonations. The first show only made sense to ask Jake and Jim to participate.... Coming off Jim's wild month long Ayahuasca extravaganza in the Centre seemed a perfect opportunity to probe him for things that some of us where unable to attend.... And Jake, I feel just needs some time to get some things off his chest. Let Genius' roam, I always say. You can find the first installment here entitled...

The Father of Synchromysticism and The Ayahuasquero of Solomon's Temple pt 1

This next little excerpt comes from the Sync Whole.... It's really little more than a disclaimer I made due to an oversight.... I said in the interview that 2001 A Space Odyssey had the Monolith being discovered in 1997 lining it up with the Operation of Sky-Net in the Terminator franchise... Wrong! It actually was discovered in 1999 lining it up more with The Matrix.... I never claimed to be infallible.

I must admit a slight miss calculation on my part... The Monolith in 2001 was discovered in 1999 not 1997. I welcome humility for poor math skills, however in a review of 2001 some interesting things came up that I shall post here soon.
Ok seems that I had the right idea, but was in the wrong reference. Although we can see a link in the fact that 1997 is a key turning date in the Mayan Prophecies and that it is largely associated for the time when the Y2K threat was at it's peak... Also the beginning of the "Dragon Axis". 2001's HAL 9000 seems to me to have alot more in common with the Matrix than Terminator. I would wager that the mass of the mythos could be considered one lump sum. However 1999 was the beginning of the new millennium that we now reside in and the point that humans latched on to as a period of change. In the Space Odyssey we find that this period was chosen to represent when man would be allowed to further evolve... The aliens or "what not" that left the Monolith left it in a location that only a civilization advanced enough for space travel could find..... The Moon, a symbol of the imagination, was said location. 1999 is also the evolution of Neo whose passport, as most know around here, was seen to expire on September 11 2001 in the movie. The turn of the Millennium was set by the Super Computer from the Future to stagnate the human race. The Hilton Millennium Building that syncronmystically morphs into the Monolith was actually intentional. The location is however serendipitous.The Monolith has made another blip on the sync-radar as the Monolith building in The Shadow with Tim Curry and Alec Baldwin. The mysterious building that through hypnosis lies just under our nose out of sight.The Monolith takes on the persona of a Gigantic Egyptian Terror that is seen here tearing through an airplane... This taking place in an old comic covered in a ancient Blob archive called The Living Monolith.There is also a little talked about addition to the plane stargate theme and that follows... The Kris Kristopherson(KK) Movie Millennium needs no real force to fit. It was the story of a desolate future who travels back in time VIA a "Gate" to repopulate the future with plane crash victims. It is supposed that people who shall die in the past cause no damage to the future although a living person ripped from the time line would collapse everything. All these things are perhaps standard fodder for a sync-head and the list of Matrix relations could go on for awhile however I felt a ping of inaccuracy to my supposed link of Terminator and 2001... So I went back to confirm seeing that I blurted it out in my exciting discussion on the evolution of consciousness with Mr. Kotze. I found a wink that others may have mentioned before but made me smile non the less.... The Hilton in 2001....

Ok and were back.... So now part two comes about.... Please enjoy.

The Father of Synchromysticism and The Ayahuasquero of Solomon's Temple pt 2

(I was going for 1980's corny generic album cover)

Now I mention in this one that the Blue Worm Sync pattern had been following me around due to a Crop Circle book I had come across seen below.

I guess you could call me a Fortean seeing that the majority of my life has been spent obsessed with the unexplainable.... In fact I was actually investigating local UFO sightings at the time I found Sychromysticism(don't tell my wife!), but I had only paid slight attention to crop circles sense high school when I was more interested in them... I picked this book at random and although the actual icon in the picture is not the wholesome Blue worm, it's connection to the F seemed obvious to me at the time.This is what Jake said about it in the original Blue Worm post...

The middle of the F-Hole is slightly different to the S as it has a slight diagonal bar like the lower right hand type F above. This kind of F also resembles two J's stuck together one on top of the other, the top one being upside down and flipped.

This is due to the Blue Worm's affinity to music as discussed in the Podcast... Here look at this.The F-Hole he is talking about is seen above on the Up Right bass.... I have no idea about the crutches so don't ask... This is a acoustic hole designed in some instruments for sound resonate reasons.... Shortly after the Crop Circle event I found another Blue Worm F.This one with Sync Christ Cusack in Confessions of a Shopaholic(which had other interesting stuff inside for those who are interested) ... Joan and her brother John have poped in to say hi in the sync of things from time to time.... They both having strong resonates to them. John being in the new 2012 movie soon as discussed again in the Podcast. Here we see the same twisted F actually placed on an apple. A place where many a worm go to hide. Joan's husband in the movie is John Goodman, he himself a Sync resonate actor to the extreme in some cases that we don't have time to go into here... Like always syncs seem to travel in pairs, and directly after Joan meets the blue worm Goodman points towards her with what we call the Jupiter Finger.... This a sync Marker of importance in itself, and if you ever get to watch the scene notice how out of context he commits this act....
Now if we travel back to the interview Jake discuses how the S of the Blue Worm is often seen with or on railing.... Strings, Strands & the Sound of Music by Richard Arrowsmith is a picture perfect representation of this context. Directly after the interview this concept hit me like a ton of bricks.... I turn the corner after putting all the computer stuff away and head into a example of this right at my front door, literally.

I stood there for a minute... How the hell did I miss that. Before that day I had only a few "pings" with the Blue Worm and had written it off as other people's work. Now I found myself swimming in them in my very house... There's quite a few examples here in this picture because as you can see below the Blue Worm can take many forms.
All vibrant in the frame work I saw.This is the railing that faces my couch.... A perfect Blue Worm and a DNA double helix says hello as well. Arrowsmith makes the connection to the Railroad, DNA, and Blue Worm abundantly clear in his post mentioned above, the Railroad being something that I had been fooling around with for sometime... Not really mentioning until now. I feel that a Railroad scene in a movie changes in context if you seen the Railroad as a symbol of an unavoidable destiny. Think about it, I have plenty of examples, but little time to elaborate. Check out Lost Just South of Zombie Adventureland for a little taste and check out this sound bite from Terrance McKenna, Rupert Shaledrake, and Ralph Abram that originally gave me the idea...

Mckenna one -

So if I may continue I was just storing all this info and going about my business until today. I had to actually draw a little Blue Worm for the art work of the new Podcast and when I did I had to pull some library books of my daughters off the scanner.... Upon one of then was a interesting group of pictures...Black Holes and other science oddities have caught my daughter's eye of late but on the back of the Science and Nature book is a line up of baffling pictures. One being the Violin complete with Blue Worm F-holes.Right above it is a Yellow Sun Flower.... Odd that in the interview talking of the Blue Worm leads us right into the topic of the Flowers relationship to the sun and stars.The Sunflower lies just north of the polarity sync animal the Zebra. This gave yet another AHA moment to me because I now can't separate the relationship of the Flower, Blue Worm, and Stars. Even the Railing on my front door that favors the Blue Worm is obviously Floral.I then made the connection to the Crop Circle Blue Worm and it's close proximity to plant life... Hell Sync Christ Cusack played in the movie Chicken Little that involved Crop Circles...Chicken Little seen here in his Ego Cracking Egg, he's even wearing sunglasses, a marker to pay attention for the gods wish for you to see something. But, perhaps some might figure that the Egg being an ancient symbol of the sun with it's yellow life giving center is a stretch... We can still see the suns strong connection in the crop circle that I originally mentioned.I mean do I really even have to ask you to look at the Pentagram here.... But the Blue Worm was not done with me for the day.... It made another appearance that I fell absolutely delighted to share with you.
I walk into the breakroom of work to find a magazine on the first table opened to this page today... I immediately pin pointed the F's and associated them to the Blue Worm... The story is about a local 29 year deaf and blind gentlemen, but other than his smiley t-shirt(the smiley face another of my sync markers that I haven't gotten around to talking about, it symbolizing all of us) there was no real message or connection that I could make out.... So I wanted to see the cover of the magazine.(post note: this little post starts with me and Jake being Cut Off in a phone conversation in my dream and the words on the page are "Cut OFF")Low and Behold the man from the story is seen holding a Yellow Sun Flower staring at a sun he can not see... Perhaps, just maybe, we are all deaf and blind to what really connects us.... Perhaps we do need each other to see whats right in front of our face... Perhaps.

Notes: My views on what the Merry Men are are my own.... There are no rules here.

Love and Thanks.


Ishmael said...

Bang up job. I look forward to another installment.
Getting at the people behind the syncs in fascinating. Who are we, and why are we doing this?
So who's next? And who's going to interview you?
be well

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Well... I already interviewed Kevin Halcott AKA Indras Net from Live at the Logosphere.... And as far as interviewing me... Hell you can.

Ishmael said...

I may take you up on that.
I haven't done anything w/ digital audio for years.
I'll see if this takes root over the next week, and if it sparks I'll be in touch.
take care

aferrismoon said...

Just been watching a prog about Viktor Schauberger - a natural scientist , esp. into WATER.
He used egg-shaped containers to hold water [ aswell as a vast array of other inventions based on his observations].
Water = 75% of the planet and us.
In genesis , the Hebrew, 'heaven' gets translated from the word HShMYM - HaShamayeem.
The MYM-Mayeem bit means water, so I wondered if in fact water = Heaven, not an airy place.
Water = Mater , the All-Mother [ and no not some floozy goddess politicisation].
Then I thought about The Lord's Prayer:
'Our Father who art in Heaven'

So 'father' extends out from Mater.

Also this synchs with the Stargate [movie] as watery. Perhaps dimensions within water may be 'opened' to allow communication with other dimensions.

Schauberger showed that water at its densest [ 3-4degreesC] can carry logs that are denser than the water, that would normally sink, instead they 'synch' with the natural vortex and the temp.

Drinking this water aids health therefore thinking processes, also the hexagonal structuring of the molecules which when assimilated by the human-water body will decrease conflict between humans.

All hale

Unknown said...

Oh my god, interview Aferrismoon!!! Anyways, listening to part 1 now. :D

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Dude... I fucking wanted to. But he says he doesn't have a computer to do it... I want to interview you too, so you need to find some body to loan you one for an hour or three!

aferrismoon said...

lately watched
Once upon a Time in the West - the story of the railroad coming into the west , the lives changing to accommodate and/or resist.
Its eventual destination - The Pacific

Also saw Red Sun - the protagonists 'move away' from the train , though have to 'return' to it in 7 days


Cosmic Ti69er said...

water equals spirit. i like the water is heaven. at least its the gate to heaven.

wv: floob (as in a boob that floods.