"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


Now it's personal....

I have changed my perception of things almost on a daily level in the last six months. I have made decisions, mostly of a long term nature, based on a slight change in my view that I no longer found need to keep commitment on a short time after being made. I've been dealing with the nature of syncronicity for a long time(sense birth), but never have I seen it change my Belief System so frequently or drastically than sense I found Syncromystism (if that's what you can call it). It might be because I only had paid attention to coincidences that happened to me. When I was reading something, or really into a song, then I would find meaning in having that subject come up in everyday life. I remember getting frustrated with people when they didn't care to hear my excitement at such an instance. I never once stepped outside of my ego to view the world around me.

I like what Jake Kotze is doing... Always have. At first I felt like things were different about reading his blogg. Like he couldn't really prove he was listening to Black Star while going to see a movie. The Camera work that he and Jim Sanders are doing with their sync's is fascinating and ground breaking.... I love it. Before I said that I wasn't going to go that route. That I didn't want to copy them, or that exposing myself was a bad idea.

Fuck all that.

Things are personal. Humility... Which we are going to need, is going to hit all of us right in the face regardless of who we are and how big our ego is. So why do I have to be shut down and remain unexposed? I needed to get naked. I made a comment on Jake's Blogg, after seeing his Underwear sync..... It gave me a great joy, that I never expected, to see another man's undergarments, it was funny and enlightening. The comment was a Joke.... I just wanted to use the word Sync and Underpants in the same sentence, call me immature..... I'm inspired to see people that have the same experiences as me talk openly about them.

Now I have been having major problems with computers lately... While trying to highlight a word or two to make them bold on a post that I was working on, I accidentally highlighted the entire post and deleted it right when the computer auto saved... It slowed my computer down so I could slowly watch all that work disappear. I really don't have the ability to mark everyone down that have inspired me so I apologize for no links on the post and blog. Sooner or latter I'll sit down and work on the props that certain people out there deserve.... Now that you've heard my excuses.... Ever onward.

My wife is a teacher. 7th and 8th grade. The other day she came home from a conference in down town Denver, which was not far from our house, with the purty little feathers shown above.

My daughter was with her.

"Dad tell MoM about the peacock feathers" she said.

I haven't told my Wife or Daughters about Isis Incognito just because I think that they will find it when they are ready to see it. I'm not embarrassed about it, but that video doesn't even belong to me anymore so I can't necessarily be proud of it either. I don't show my wife all the UFO footage that I go through either manly because she wouldn't care. It's weird we are perfect together, but there are a lot of things we make fun of each other about, she calls me a UFO nerd, and well.... She watches The Hills. As a side note there are many weird sync's about us meeting that we love to talk about around here, but I digress. My daughter was referring to a little Mythology lesson that she and I were talking about the other day. She had walked in with a gift from one of her friends. It was a pack of playing cards called Bella Sara. These cards are devised of pictures of horses, on each is a moderately cheesy painting of a horse (Adobe Illustrator style), it's name, a inspirational saying that amounts to a run-of-the-mill fortune cookie fortune, and a code that you input on the Bella Sara web sight to acquire the horse. Onc3 acquired you are able to take care of the horse via; feed, brush, and clean it's stall..... Giga pet style. Now the thing that caught my eye was the name of the first HorsW that was in the pack....

Persephone. I know that name... Because in mythology there is the Rape of Persephone.

Here is a close of the famous statue. By Bernini. This is not porn... Please understand that I am (as a breeding man) very attracted to the image a first glance. But what is unbelievable is the work this man did with marble! Exquisite. Now the Rape is important because it's worshipers were one of the earliest and most influential secret societies in ancient history. They had sacred rites, and ritual, adepts, the whole shebang. The Eleusinian mysteries
We're going to focus on the mythos....

Pseudo-Apollodorus, Bibliotheca 1. 29 (trans. Aldrich) (Greek mythographer C2nd A.D.) : "Plouton [Haides] fell in love with Persephone, and with Zeus’ help secretly kidnapped her. Demeter roamed the earth over in search of her, by day and by night with torches. When she learned from the Hermionians that Plouton [Haides] had kidnapped her, enraged at the gods she left the sky, and in the likeness of a woman made her way to Eleusis . . . When Zeus commanded Plouton to send Kore [Persephone] back up, Plouton gave her a pomegranate seed to eat, as assurance that she would not remain long with her mother. With no foreknowledge of the outcome of her act, she consumed it. Askalaphos, the son of Akheron and Gorgyra, bore witness against her, in punishment for which Demeter pinned him down with a heavy rock in Haides’ realm. But Persephone was obliged to spend a third of each year with Plouton, and the remainder of the year among the gods."

I clearly cut and pasted. I read it in a couple of places and picked the shortest for your enjoyment. There's wiki if you want.... I'll be here if you rMturn.....

NOW you can clearly see that this is describing the changing of the seasons. Hades is the underworld, land of the dead and other beasties. Persphone makes a deal and comes back every year bringing life..... Got it.
Now this card perfectly represents someone who took some time to portray this ideal. You got a MiRRoR image one on top, one on bottom. Now the underworld is definitely hell like. It's the land of the dead. In Celtic knowledge the "otherworld" was a parallel world that ran aside ours. The dead communicated to the living world. This applies to the same symbolism as; another world, time, reality, or stargate theme in general. In fact I'm gonna use Otherworld as a blanket term from now on.... It is the land of the Other. Some say or rather speculate that this is the reasons the the Egyptians were so efficient in building the pyramids, that perhaps it was not their knowledge but the collective knowledge of their ancestors that helped them make such a perfect representation of universal clock work. This is a valid idea and still plays out in modern Mythos. After all how could Luke have done shit with out the Ghostly dead Obi Wan.

Now there's a couple of things you need to be aware of. First you have plant consciousness. The roots go down into the otherworld. Simple; from death comes life. The Blue horse is obviously not a perfect MiRRoR because of the phallic like staff (It's a boy). Subliminally pointing up (down) as a sign of potency. Don't fool yourself it's right there in front of your eyes. The picture not together however represents the roots as the dead tree. The top picture shows fertility and the 3 pillared structure with a purple/blue/dark flowered plant behind. The girl horse has one of the flowers in her mouth to off set the purple/blue/dark stone at the head of his (Hades')... Um, staff. Both resonate with galactic center seeing that, alchemically, the "Black Sun" emanated a healing blue light. Hell the staff is even a concentric bullseye. If you pay attention to the structure in the Hades part you will see that there is not a third pillar.... Only the ruin of two pillars are evident. The spiral stalactite/stalagmite cleverly keeps yours eye from consciously seeing that.

The second card.....
Do I really need to say anything here..... However I will... Plant Consciousness again.... Coming indirectly from the head of the peacock. It turns out that this Bella Sara junk continued to have interesting mixtures of worldly mythos... usually with some key from which people's the Myths came (like the roman columns behind Hera's head), be it Native American or whatever. Now this is when I unloaded all the information I could to my daughter on what I knew and what the symbols could mean to her (of course I kept it appropriate). Some however I was unable to explain because I didn't (and still don't) know from whence they came. Case in point the card below, which has to be from someones unconscious inspired imagination, and was the third card in the pack.
Now interestingly enough, when you put these cards into the website they give you a certain amount of.... What they call HorsE shoes, that's basically credits that allow you to buy little decorations for your stabl3s. Balto gave us more than the other cards, beside HecatE that is. 100 to everyone else's 25. My daughter took great interest in this. Anyways we of course have the purple/blue/dark healing light of galactic center, the peacock , and the appearance of him/her/it treading on top of a giant forest (plant consciousness) instead of the ground itself.

Of course we won't go into to much detail here. I mean this opens up a whole new can of wormholes, but if I recall Balto was a dog(Hermes Hound) that saved a whole bunch of people in Alaska by making it across the broken and icy straight of something or other with medicine or..... Yeah I researched it years ago (don't make me do it again).

So here I am trying to explain to my wife and daughters a paraphrase version to all this (minus Balto the HH) without going into great detail. This was accomplished (with great success I might add) over dinner which my wife brought home that night (along with the feathers from the conference) from the local dollar scope Chinese restaurant.

Of course half way through my babbling and the sesame chicken, my daughter noticed the tail of this bird here on the box. I told her that that was most likely a phoenix. I mean we've all seen this right, it's pretty standard. The dragon of course shows up everywhere. It's part of the worlds oldest mythologies, a symbol of the unattainable in China (think Confucius' description of Lao Tzu.... That he was a Dragon that couldn't be caught by any net). And the year of the Dragon of course is 2012..... But whatever. Now please realize that this is only one instance of my crazy experience, but an important one. I decided after some thought that I was going to test this manipulation of interpretation publicly. I made an impactful scene on the Blob and wanted someone to give me a random symbol so I could perhaps record the experience of "bringing it to me". This is a law of attraction trick I first learned from a book that kept coming up in my life until I finally bought and read it.
The feather on the front was a lesson taught to the main character in the book. He's told to focus on the feather and bring it to him. The next day the Mornings breakfast milk (if I remember correctly) has a blue feather on it. Fantastic book, one of my favorites. I read six books at a time, I'm weird like that. And yes my wife has noticed most of the books strategically placed through out the house are mythology lately.

Any way I ended up choosing an elephant. That day I looked for Mlephants everywhere, but was unsuccessful. I thought about all the 3lephants that I could think of in pop culture (Lord of the Rings, The Watchmen always having a Flying Elephant in the back ground) but non where what I was looking for. Then that Saturday (the next day actually) I took my daughter to Target for what she calls "an adventure". We were looking at Wii games because we know someone is getting us a Eii for Christmas and we are getting excited about it. Nothing looked fantastic to us in the usaul video cabinet, but when we were at the check out counter we noticed Wii games on sale.... I saw a Ben Ten Alien Force game for fairly cheap and my daughter and I bent down to investigate.... Right next to it we found a Wii version of this......
Notice the purple/blue/dark stone positioned at Barbi3's third eye..... This is what I wanted to see. The relation ship of the Wlephant to something that I was already entangled with is unmistakably meant for me. Thankyou and Love to anyone who read this post. I'll end it for now but understand that more is coming very soon.


Jake Kotze said...


Loved the Scarlet Dragon playing with the Phoenix/Peacock.


Cosmic Ti69er said...

Great post! Sounds a lot like my home these days as well. I have a little girl too. Thats a peacock not a phoenix for sure. I have to show you the peacock art that was in my hotel room a month ago. Funny how it all goes. Just wait to I get the time the upload some crazy live video sync work jake and I did this summer. Crazy shit indeed. Later G8tor.

Atareye said...

Shaman your style is like kung fu blogging. Eu tang clan ;)

Losing the 2 week post!!! Fucking painful.

It sounds like the peacock is your obvious familiar....

Now... I must say, That is the sexiest statue I've ever seen(not relevant I know.)

Yeah... talking about this with the wife is tricky. She just smiles, nods, and listens politely when I try to explain Jake's posts. Then she averts her attention back to Dancing with the 'star's. Which no doubt contains a plethora of syncs I can't get into as of yet(to busy reading alla yall 'arc'hives.) But since getting with the syncromystic 'program' I can now sit through her 'chick' movies and gain insight where once their was only steady complaining.

9/9 Great stuff from outta 'now'here...


Jenn said...

Another great one, and i hope the next post works out a little easier!

Alex Robinson said...

Enjoyed the ramble & tie ins very much.

Remixomitosis said...

Nicely done!

I've had syncs with almost all of those symbols as well...Some pretty crazy ones with the peacock, involving a girl that had one for her last name. I rarely see her, but often I would see a peacock feather and it would make me recall her, and suddenly she would show up.

As for the horse and the 2nd black sun, I had a very relevant dream that put those two symbols together:

Me and my dad were in my backyard, and I looked up and saw that all the planets were lining up in the sky (I could somehow see them in broad daylight). But then I noticed that there was actually a SECOND sun (I have a post on my website going MUCH further into that subject). I thought to myself, Oh crap...A female friend of mine had been having dreams about a portal opening up in that exact spot in my backyard, this must be it!

A black portal opened up, and a black unicorn came running out...Although it actually looked more like a horse with a turd protruding from its head; The horn was rather blunt and rounded off. It ran at me quickly, and I tried to run away, but I ended up tripping over something near the edge of my house and bruising my face.

Next thing I know, I'm in the bathroom cleaning myself up in the mirror, and I realize that somehow the unicorn actually HEALED me. The meaning of the dream isn't really that hard to see; Perhaps dealing with upcoming changes on a large scale that will seem frightening at first, but ultimately prove beneficial.

Regarding the short section where you were talking about "undressing," I'll soon be writing an interesting blog about that subject, in a spiritual sense...Sort of. lol