"The World is not an echo. Man and everything man does is well considered." -Walt Whitman

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature." -Manly P Hall


Leo In Scorpios

Leo sitting in his throne, haloed by cinema in "The Aviator" as Howard Hughes. Howard Hughes is an enigmatic character whose life, at least his later life, is shrouded in mystery. Notice the TWA sign behind Leo. Hughes was the owner of the majority of the company's stocks at that time. It is a long standing debate among conspiracy theorist on whether or not Howard Hughes was kidnapped and replaced with a double during his "crazy" years. According to The Gemstone Files by Bruce Roberts, Howard Hughes stole a synthetic ruby designed by Roberts to use for laser research. Hughes was a "Tony Starks" type character for his generation. In fact Tony's dad's name is Howard so, really, it's easy; Iron Man is born of the myth of Hughes. Like Stark, Hughes was a war profiteer, a military contractor, and amassed great financial influence that he used to control modern-day politics. Later, Hughes, it is said,was kidnapped by his rivals who used the rumors of his insanity to control his empire and use it's influence for their own means behind closed doors. Roberts put his ears to the rails, so to speak, of the intelligence network and discovered a whole alternate reality. This became the Gemstone Files. The main argument, of course, is whether any of it is true.
Recently I mentioned to someone that The Heart of the Ocean (you know the gemstone the old lady chucks over the side of boat in "Titanic") and the Blood Diamond are the same thing. It was pretty impactful, the person was like "oh I get it". Another person who was there at the time mentioned that all gemstones are the same gemstone, as if to detract from the point I was trying to make. But see the fascinating thing is not the gemstone's reoccurring symbolism... not the commonality of the gemstone, no, but the role of Leo to said gemstones. Essentially he becomes Hughes stealing the synthetic ruby. If you mentally blur the themes, that is.What is even stranger is that The Heart of the Ocean in the storyline of the Titanic originally belonged to King Louis who Leo actually plays in "The Iron Man Mask"… I mean "The Man In The Iron Mask", 'scuse me. you can also see how "The Man In The Iron Mask" resonates with the kidnapping and doubling of Howard Hughes. Taking away the king, and shackling up the look-alike, which is TMITIM's main plot.

According to The Gemstone Files, Hughes was drugged by Nazi mind controllers and held captive on the Isle of Scorpios. In Sync's eyes this island is the same island as "Shutter Island", or the island from "The Beach". You can blur it just like the gemstone. In reality this isn't some made up island, but it is the private island of Greek shipping merchant Aristotle Onassis. Aristotle Onassis according to The Gemstone Files is the main super villain in all this. What I mean by all this, is the covert history of the modern Intelligence world for the past half-century. Aristotle Onassis kidnaps Hughes to gain control of his political influence, including individuals like Richard Nixon who rumored to be in Hughes's "pocket" by that time.
Believe it or not, this is blatantly expressed as a theme in the James Bond franchise. We'll get to that in a minute, but remember the writer of the Bond series, Ian Fleming, was a secret agent for the British Empire. Speculation on how much truth is betrayed in the series is a matter of argument. Nevertheless there is a good amount of obvious evidence suggesting the character above, one Ernst Stavro Blofeld, was inspired by Aristotle Onassis. I won't get in to the proof, just highlight the possibility. However Blofeld represents the ultimate Bond villain, appearing in multiple books, multiple films, and multiple parodies such as Austin Powers' Dr. Evil. Let me explain how this works.

In the movie "Diamonds Are Forever" we find the exact same scenario that we find in "Blood Diamond", just reversed. Bond is sent to track a diamond smuggling operation coming out of Sierra Leone. It's almost as if Bond is Leonardo in BD or even Hughes searching for his gemstone. More intriguing is the fact that Hughes is directly engaged in the subject matter covered by the Bond movie.

From Wikipedia:
Bond tells Felix Leiter to ship the real diamonds as he goes to Las Vegas.
There Bond goes to the Whyte House, a casino-hotel owned by the
reclusive billionaire Willard Whyte.
Willard Whyte is a reference to Howard Hughes if we note the alliteration so common with sync work. HH becomes WW. But don't take my word for it.

From Wikipedia:
The original plot had as a villain Auric Goldfinger's twin, seeking revenge for the death of his brother. The plot was later changed after Albert R. Broccoli had a dream, where his close friend Howard Hughes was replaced by an imposter. So the character of Willard Whyte was created, and Tom Mankiewicz was chosen to rework the script.
Bond basically discovers  that Aristotle Onassis a.k.a. Blofeld kidnaps Howard Hughes and doubles him using voice synthesizers to control HH's Empire. Sorry that was Sync Kung-Fu, but that's how I feel about it.

Look, "Blood Diamond" is the same story. Leo is the diamond smuggler but this film reveals the same conspiracy, as far as diamonds being manipulated, market wise, by the very people who mine them. And of course "Blood Diamond" also features Jennifer "Jupiter" Connelly.
Jennifer Connelly is way interesting for a lot of reasons, but particularly to this case in

that she is in two different movies where she interacts with Howard Hughes. One, in “Blood Diamond”, with Leo DiCaprio. The other is “The Rocketeer”. In this movie Howard Hughes creates an Iron Man like rocket pack that falls into the hands of Jennifer Connelly's leading man. She gets wrapped up with all kinds of characters… Including the Errol Flynn-ish English actor Timothy Dalton (seen above) who you may also remember as an ex-James Bond.

In “Catch Me If You Can” Leo plays a real life con man who is inspired by James Bond.

He gets the idea from actor Christopher Walken who plays his father, seen above looking like a man in black. Remember that Christopher Walken was a Bond villain himself in “A View To A Kill” which I remember little of besides The Golden Gate Bridge and Duran Duran... Oh and Grace Jones, but moving on.

The idea that Walken plants in his son is this; appearance creates confidence, this leads Leo to his life of crime. Originally he impersonates an airline pilot...

And begins flying around the country for free. In the movie, featuring scenes filmed at JFK International Airport, home of the TWA Flight Ctr., Leo begins his journey on the very airline he created as Howard Hughes. Trans World Airlines!

When someone tells him that he is "the James Bond of the sky" Leo goes to the temple of cinema yet again to investigate.

Haloed by the projector, as before, Leo is introduced to Bond.

He Mirrors Bond.

This is probably the most interesting part of this whole mess. Leo tells people his name is Fleming, as in Ian Fleming. Since 2008 Leo's Appian Way production company has obtained rights for an Ian Fleming biopic and it has been reported that he was to play the writer, however nothing seems to be scheduled or at least it's not listed on IMDB. However the resonance is still there.

But to go further we must understand a bit more about The Gemstone Files and the alternate reality tunnel they propose. It has been suggested by some that Aristotle Onassis played a role in the death of JFK, with the help of the CIA... and others. Jackie Kennedy becomes Jackie O.... Get it? Very Mafia... Aristotle Onassis is rumored to have funded JFK through his relationship with John's father during The Prohibition. Remember, Onassis was a shipper, and apparently supplied liquor through this service to Joseph Kennedy, later helping fund JFK's campaign, or something like that, and then when JFK started doing his own thing Onassis had him killed by the CIA, which John had just started dismantling. Ian Fleming who died in 64 was supposedly killed because too much information was being secreted through his volumes of the James Bond adventures.

Ian Fleming is Bond. And whether or not all this is intentional is beyond the point. Perhaps the "powers that be" don't slip hints on our alternate reality into fiction, perhaps the "powers that be" have no choice in the matter. It seems that the "unconscious" reality, that is to say the reality we're unconscious of, comes through in "fiction" because they have the same source, meaning the "unconscious" reality and "fiction". Fiction is the realm of lies after all, so perhaps, fiction just might reveal the truth. If one knows how to look. How to read it. Some intention, some inspiration... All Sync.

This is what Carl Jung was talking about. The collective unconscious, if you believe in such a thing, hides lies ("unconscious" reality) and creates fiction. We can see that the Man In Black representation of bond is the shadow that Jung made so popular. James Bond is the most iconic M.an I.n B.lack, and Leo as our Sync Bond just happens to be surrounded by them. In fact they shadow him.

In “Catch Me If You Can” our James Bond resonating Leo is followed by the FBI, led by Tom Hanks. They look like a bunch of spooks.

In “The Man In The Iron Mask” the CIA, or at least a MIB, kidnaps our Howard Hughes-like King and hides him from his throne.

We also see MIB’s above, in their white gloves, pushing Howard/Leo over the edge in “The Aviator”.

In a previous project, I found another actor who not only shared similar themes with Leo (like his shadow), but also shared a touch of JFKness. Andras Jones (“Accidental Initiations” - https://www.createspace.com/3812565) was in the movie “A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master”, the highest grossing film of the Nightmare franchise. Most JFK enthusiast will recognize that the president was shot on Elm Street. And Leo actually meets Freddy Krueger in the depths of “Shutter Island”, well not the real Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) but the Bad News Bear (Jackie Earle Haley - Note the three names of the assassinator) who plays him in the failed re-boot (highlighted in the video above)... Anyways, Mr. Jones was also in an old TV show (Good Morning Miss Bliss/Saved By the Bell) that takes place in John F Kennedy Junior High School. And later, in the movie “The Attic Expeditions” Mr. Jones is told, when he wakes from MK-Ultra-style brain surgery that the date is November 23. As if he missed Kennedy by one day.

Returning to James Bond, it seems that the series likes to hover around this date as well. Most of the franchise past the Timothy Dalton era are slotted to compete in the Thanksgiving block, from October 31st to the beginning of December... On the movie poster above from the ominously titled “Die Another Day”, we actually see it was released on the anniversary of THE nightmare on Elm Street.

Above is “The Secret Life of Ian Fleming” with Jason Connery... Sean Connery's son. This movie highlights the inspiration for James Bond as the life of Ian Fleming.

In this representation of Ian Fleming's life David Warner plays John Henry Godfrey or Adm. Godfrey, who is referenced more than not as an inspiration for Fleming's character M. David Warner is noted in my “Psycho Cinematic Analysis” (the video above exploring Andras Jones' Sync Web) for Warner’s participation in the movie “Tripwire”. “Tripwire” is a very James Bond style action flick in which Warner kidnaps Jones and keeps him drugged (very Howard Hughes again) until Jones' father comes looking for him. It's also interesting that Warner appears as Leo's shadow on the Titanic, as he tries to retrieve the gemstone from our Bond resonator. M chasing Ian/Bond. PS. In “Titanic” his name is Lovejoy... Very cool.

Although I haven't seen it yet “J Edgar” starring Leo seems to be loaded. J Edgar Hoover is face deep in the whole JFK "thing". He also died of a heart attack, like Fleming, in 1972 (no autopsy). It's possible J Edgar Hoover was killed for his knowledge of the assassination... However, it's absolutely certain that Hoover was blackmailing everybody, including the Kennedys. What's terribly interesting though, is that Hoover's mom is played by Judi Dench seen above. That we can see for sure, no question. She was, until the recent movie Skyfall, James Bond's latest M (Mother?). And that's Jenga, bitches.

So the actress who takes the role of the character inspired by Fleming’s Adm. Godfrey is the mother to our Bond resonator, as he plays someone intimately linked to the Kennedys.

Fitting that she gives him a gemstone.


1. Leo plays Fleming or perhaps we see James Bond or Fleming mentioned in recent upcoming DiCaprio flicks.

2. Leo lands starring role with Ralph Fiennes, seeing as how Fiennes has taken over the role of M from Judi Dench.

3. At least one more TWA reference should be found in Leo's catalog.

4. Hopefully something about the Kennedys pops up in Leo's work.


Although I've been batting this around in my head nearly all year. It was “Skyfall” being released the day before Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday this year that pushed me into completing it. I was alerted to this fact by Jim Saunders a.k.a. @syncwinnipeg on twitter as he pays a lot more attention to birthdays than I do.

The Thanksgiving block is highlighted by the sign of Scorpio. Being within the date's of Oct. 23rd to November 22nd. We can see the relationship of the JFK assassination ending this zodiac time frame. Scorpio a.k.a. the backstabber is associated normally to the disciple Judas and his betrayal of Jesus. There's all kinds of esoteric significance here that boggles the mind. The CIA, within this reality tunnel, would represent Judas who betrays their King JFK. Leo being a Scorpio adds to the nuttiness.

Also facts like Scorpio being overseen by Pluto are significant. Pluto is God of the underworld a.k.a. Hades and oversees all that is hidden and highlights forgetfulness. In other words all things that can be associated to CIA intelligence operations and cover-ups. What's also astounding to me is that Ralph Fiennes who plays the new Adm. Godfrey character also plays Hades in Clash of the Titans.(big up to Kevin Halcott or @indradhanush42 for pointing this out to me)

Books and inspiration:

I paraphrased the hell out of this book. And didn't even come close to doing it justice. Tons of ah-ha's came from it. Besides I'm a really big fan of Ken Thomas, who is a conspiracy archivist who I highly recommend people dig into.

This book is essential for reference to anyone on anything that sync may be involved in. Most of us know RAW and how ahead of this time he was, this book is like an encyclopedia but sort of has links to related material that makes it endlessly useful. It's like youtube before youtube, no telling where you'll end up. Chose your own adventure or something. It even has websites listed for more info. And it's old as fuck. I have checked it out from the library so many times I'm sure I'm blacklisted. Someone should make a Sync website modeled off of this book. I don't have the time so don't look at me with your one eye.

ANDRAS JONES – He edited this for me while listening to The Rolling Stones’ 12-12-12 performance of “Jumping Jack Flash” in NYC over and over and over again. Not only did he bring an elegant sense of rhythm to the proceedings, and a grace to my language which was not hitherto evident, he also composed this paragraph of appreciation to himself so that I didn’t have to. What a pal!